Nervous Getaway

Arriving in an unfamiliar network, the nervous navi looked around as the steams began to fog up his visor. "Finny, w-where is this place again?...F-Finny? I-I can't see!" Wiping off his visor, the navi saw her operator (through the holo-screen) wearing a pink yukata along with her usual orange pigtailed hair let down all the way to her chest. "Welcome to Yoka! I always heard that there are neat hot springs here, so I decided to take a stop over here~" Cambiare was dumbfounded by the sudden change of scenery...But that said, he did blank out from his unfortunate encounter in Electown till now.

Looking around, Cambiare did find himself standing nearby few hot springs, but all of them occupied by other navis looking to have a good time. "T-this seems nice...But can I go to somewhere i-isolated?" said the nervous navi as he wiped his visor once more. "I would usually say no, but hey, you were a nervous wreck back there and you need all the rest you need to get you back on your feet!" Cambiare smiled and nodded his head, making his way to find his perfect getaway...

Splash, splash, splash. Cambiare finds himself in waist high water before he knows it, probably due to his visor fogging up again and him blundering into the water. But in the center of this shallow pond, that stretches to the far bank where trees could be seen dimly in the mists, sat a large island made of sizzling coal. This hotbed of steam-generation was also covered by a trio of viruses, who were sunbathing on the warm coals.

The sudden splashing woke them up from their peaceful reverie, causing the red, fish-like viruses to inflate in anger and rise up above their bed of coals. They were not happy to be disturbed and wished to take it out upon the poor Navi.

Puffy-FA: 100HP [Coal]
Puffy-FB: 100HP [Coal]
Puffy-FC: 100HP [Coal]

80% Onsen
20% Coal [Island in the center of the Onsen]

Cambiare.EXE: 140HP [Onsen]

—Battle 1, Start!!—
"I-It's so hot...And wet...I-I must be drenching in my o-own sweat, yuk."

Whether Cambiare was simply out of it due to the heat and humidity, the navi still didn't realize that he was treading over the waist-high hot spring. Finny decided keep her mouth shut, watching her navi aimlessly moved through the network while laid down on the straw-knit floor and ate some snacks. "Finny...F-Finny! Where am I going! I-I can't see anything!" the navi cried for help as he stretched both his arms out to find direction. "Just...*munch munch*...keep moving straight." Cambiare nervously nodded his head and kept on moving forward. "I re-really hope there isn't any viruses in the way. I just want a place to r-relax..."

Of course, things just wouldn't go as the navi hoped when the three viruses suddenly appeared...But Cambiare still didn't take notice of the enemies standing before him. "*Munch munch*...Clean up your visor, dumbo." The navi stood silently for a good second before he did as he told, immediately shocked by the presence of the viruses as he nearly fell flat into the hot spring. "V-vir-viruses?! And I was in w-water all this time?? I'm really not l-liking th-these steams, Finny!" The mischievous girl giggled, popping another bite of her snack into her mouth. "Oh, what's the big deal! Just take care of them, think of it like a pre-relaxation warmup!"

Even though the concept of "pre-relaxation warmup" didn't really connect through with Cambi, the navi didn't have much choice in dealing with the viruses or not. He courageously clenched his hands into fists and readied himself against the Puffys. "A-alright, Finny, if you s-s-say so!" Finny grunted as she rolled across the floor to reach her jean that was tossed on the other end of the floor, rummaging through her pocket to pull out few chips and a program drive. "I'm gonna have to work hard too, and I want to rest! Let's make this quick!" With a swipe of her hand, the operator had set in the drive into the PET along with the first battlechip.

Cambiare underwent a change in his body as a pillar of red light covered him and revealed him in his red Brio form. The navi's visor projected a reticule for the navi to see, calculating the distance, size, and possible weakpoints of the viruses it had sight on, but in the end, what really helped out was that it was filtering through the steam from the onsen. "Let it rip, Cambi!" Finny added yet another chip into the PET as Cambiare's right bracelet began to shine and transform into a double barreled machinegun. The navi had no fond memory with this chip, especially when all he wanted was to rest, but he couldn't argue with how effective it was.

As he aimed the gun at the middle Puffy, the visor's reticule locked on to the target and began to give detailed information on it and directions to follow. "L-Little to the left?...Bring it down by an inch...T-take one step back?" As strange and obscure as the instructions were, Cambiare quickly followed every bit of it till he was at the "perfect" spot and finally fired the machinegun towards the viruses. The bullets flew all over the place, but at the very least, it was at least heading towards the viruses direction more so than usual. Things were quickly getting heated up for the navi, his body was heating up from the waters, the loud gunshots were ringing in his ears, and not to mention the stress he was suffering from fighting; it was simply too much.


Even as the gunfire died down and the machinegun disappeared from Cambiare's arm, but navi was just out of it. "This is just k-k-killing me!...I don't mean that l-literally, but all of this..." Finny, finally getting to the last bite of her snack, nonchalantly slid the last chip she had on her hand. "Then I think this will help you...*munch munch*." A giant Windbox appeared before Cambiare in a blink of an eye, and the navi was quite pleased with what he saw. "A-Aww, you really didn't have to do this, Finny. I think I can manage the heat a little m-more!" But at the back of his mind, the navi really wouldn't have minded the cool wind to blow away the heat and the steam. "Wind, engage!!" The fan began to slowly spin till it picked up speed, shooting a constant stream of gust towards...The Puffys. Cambiare stood silently as beads of sweats rolled down his exposed part of his face, staring down at the wind box. "I told you it'll help you, the viruses won't be in your way for a while!" The navi was still silent. "...Oh cheer up! Pre-relaxation exercise isn't always easy!"

Change: Brio Form
1. Staccato [Accuracy Enhancement | 1 TCD]
2. MachineGun [30+[b]20[/b] x 9 Shots | Spray Fire] {D} @ Puffy-FB
3. Attack+20 [+20 Damage to each hit | Stackable] {S}
4. Wind [Push | Reduce Accuracy | To-All-Clause (Enemies) | Wind | 100 HP] {S}

Staccato: USED
With nothing to do but to fight the enemies in front of him, Cambiare unleashed a hail of bullets, enhanced by some arbitrary targeting system from his visor. With his improved positioning and offensive enhancements, he managed to pick off every single one of the viruses handily with his machine gun, though he was a bit out of it.


80% Onsen
20% Coal [Island in the center of the Onsen]

Cambiare.EXE: 140HP [Onsen]

Battle 1, Victory!
Rewards: 450z
From the dizziness Cambiare was suffering, plus the loud noise the Windbox was making, the navi was swaying left and right as he made his way back to where he started. "Coals...H-Hot...B-b-bad for feet..." Swishing and splashing his way through the Onsen he came from, Cambiare was already exhausted after a single fight. "You really need to cool yourself off." said Finny as she opened another bag of snacks. "Opening your pores is nice for your skin, but you can get heat strokes if you stay in a place like that for too long!"

Since when did Navis have to care about skins? Or even have something like pores systematically installed in them? All of this question was NOWHERE near Cambiare's current thought process as he only moved forward like a mindless zombie. At least, the word "cool" stuck with him as he sought after a place to do so...Right after he cleared his visor of fog once more.

And so there was searching, even as the area became uncharacteristically devoid of water and steam. Ahead was an odd sight: two Heavy were stamping down the ground, as a pair of Dharma directed them. They'd probably been doing it for a while, since most of the area was now at a slightly lower altitude. There were still some leftover chunks of unsmashed floor, around 5 feet in height compared to what had been lowered. But naturally, some jerkwad was here to put a stop to their fun, so the viruses assumed battle positions; the dumbbells took each side, and the puck dispensers were straight ahead.

DharmaA: 90 HP (between two rear raised areas)
DharmaB: 90 HP (between two rear raised areas)
HeavyA: 75 HP (between two right hand raised areas)
HeavyB: 75 HP (between two left hand raised areas)

75% Normal
25% Normal (five 5% chunks, each a good distance apart; they're positioned like a 5 on normal dice)

Cambiare: 140 HP (between two front raised areas)

- GO
While Cambiare was able to get out of the heat of the hotspring waters, he was still limping forward lifelessly. As his visor began to clear up by itself, the navi stopped and stared down at the downward road leading to the viruses up ahead. "...You're seriously out of it, Cambi. I'm not sure if you can fight them right now." said Finny, who was looking out for her navi for once without tease. "Hehtawha? Viruses? Eh? I don't...Uhh..." 'Out of it' wasn't enough to describe Cambiare's current state as the navi was swaying left and right as his head was flailing all over the place. "Oh geez, I think the viruses already took notice of you...Cambi! Hold out your hands!"

With no time to waste, Finny scrambled through her things and picked out the chips and the program drive, all the while Cambi slowly raised his hand without thinking too much of it. "I guess we can thank those idiots for lowering the field like this!" With a single swipe of her hand, the operator had placed the green program drive along with battlechips into her PET, changing the empty-minded navi's body to the defensive Tenuto form. Cambi, still raising his arms up and forward, didn't even realize the change he underwent and began to mutter something to himself. "idontwhycantwejustrestthereoverlikenowwheniwillneverhasthosethings..." Luckily, his functions as a netnavi was still kicking and knew that a battlechip was loaded into its body as his giant gauntlets opened a hole from its palms and began to charge something up.

"Now, Cambi! Fire!!" Finny screamed into her PET's mic. Cambiare shook as the scream pierced his ears and launched the battlechip as a reaction. Two spheres plopped out from the gauntlet, one illuminating in a yellow light while the other was green with spikes. Both of them rolled down the hill and somehow began to make their way at the viruses at the bottom of it, picking up speed along the way.

There was one more thing that came out from Cambiare's gauntlet, an orange-red egg that was rattling side to side. The nervous navi was able to take notice of the strange thing that was shaking before his feet, but before he could get a closer look, the egg hatched explosively and revealed a red, burning snake! "A-a—aa—h-Ahhhhh!!" The surprise shocked Cambiare out of his strange trance and immediately leapt backwards away from the snake. "Hey, that did the trick!" Finny crackled and smiled. "Whw-a-whah?! F-F-Finny, please e-e-explain!" The navi quickly turned back to his usual, nervous ways as he cautiously watched the snake. "A new chip that I got off some promotion, so don't worry, it won't bite ya~" Just as Finny explained it, the fiery snake made its way down to the viruses and slithered towards one of the Heavy viruses. Cambiare let out a sigh of relief and looked down at the viruses once more.

"...W-When were these viruses here?" Finny sighed in annoyance. "Like foreeever! Now stand up straight and get ready to defend!" The navi nodded his head frantically and bashed his gauntlet against one another, causing them to reverberate and create a sound barrier around him. "Now that you're finally focused...I'm sure those viruses will have an...Uphill battle ahead of them!!AHA!"


Change: Tenuto Form
1. Thunder [40+[b]17[/b] | Homing | Stun | Buffed] {C} @ Heavy A
2. CactBall [20 x 2-4 Hits | Random # Hits | Ground] {C} @ @ DharmaA
2. WyrmEgg [110 | Ground | Phasing | Homing] {C} @ Heavy B
3. Andante [30 HP Barrier | 30 HP Casing | 2 TCD]

Andante: USED
With stunning quickness, the Heavy to the right of the Navi instantly vanished, reappearing next to Cambiare, though it still had the blank look on its...face, that probably was? He got a good opportunity to look at it (if he could in fact look at it), as it rammed right into his side (-15) before returning to its original spot. The good news was, in the process, it also went right into the electrical ball, as evidenced by the sparks covering its body. The CactusBall had less success, as it bounced harmlessly off the side of the middle area of raised terrain.

To add injury to insult, the other Heavy engaged in the exact same act as its twin, and while it barely managed to connect, Cambiare still felt it (-15). The snake he unwittingly created, however, managed to slowly but surely track the aggressor down, even as it climbed up and down the raised area that got in its way en route to it. That was one down, at least. Now there was that other Heavy to deal with, and...wait, what about the Dharma?

As the Navi raised his defenses, the hockey puck dispensers were busy, as they tried to envision how their pucks would bounce off everything. They couldn't just directly go for the Navi from their positions, either, lest their attacks end up like that CactusBall. As such, each one turned to the raised area at their side, decided on an angle, and let the pucks fly as they would...the right one did about as well as one would expect from such an endeavor, but the one to the left showed a surprising knack for applying trigonometry in the heat of battle, and managed to smack the Navi...'s barrier (-15 to barrier).

DharmaA: 90 HP (between two rear raised areas)
DharmaB: 90 HP (between two rear raised areas)
HeavyA: 18 HP (between two right hand raised areas) (Stun)

75% Normal
25% Normal (five 5% chunks, each a good distance apart; they're positioned like a 5 on normal dice)

Cambiare: 110 HP (between two front raised areas) (15 HP Barrier, 30 HP Casing)
The navi was hit by a handful of attacks from the viruses before he raised his defense, leaving the navi in a state of unsteadiness after being smacked by two giant dumbbells. The barrier was able to withstand the blunt hit from the hockey puck, but it wasn't going to last any longer at this pace. "Cambi! First, let's get you changed!" As Finny swapped out the program drives, the navi changed into his blue and yellow suit along with the speedy boots, but the navi was perplexed by the change. "I-I-I was fine with being defensive! Seriously, I was o-okay!" But before the poor navi could yell out more claims, a Windbox appeared before him as it blew harsh wind towards the viruses. "Get with the program and get on that thing!" Finny yelled out a request out of the blue, but Cambiare silently stared at the Windbox with a confused expression. "*Sigh*...Get on the box so you can avoid those pucks for the time being, and we'll take care of the viruses one by one!" The navi took a second before he nodded his head and quickly got on the Windbox with a single jump.

"...Wh-What now, Finny?" said Cambiare as he stood awkwardly. Once more, he didn't get a proper reply from his operator, but a bunch of battlechip data was shoved into system all at once. "...Hmm? What else! Shoot them down one by one; you're practically unreachable from up there!" The navi's arms were enveloped in a bright blue energy as the chip data processed through his body, quickly forming into a cylinder shape similar to a gun barrel. The navi looked down at his arm, looked up at the viruses, and looked down once more, not knowing how to work out his energy-gun-arm for the moment. "Okay, C-Cambiare. Just point and shoot, just p-point and sh-OOT!!" As soon as he pointed one of the cylinders at the Heavy, a loud boom echoed throughout the field as an AirShot was instantly shot towards the virus. The surprise shot nearly knocked Cambiare off the Windbox, but the navi barely kept his footing on the edge of the box.

"Th-th-tha-that was uncalled for!" Cambiare yelled at his own doing.

Continuing with his attack, the navi aimed both his gun-arms towards the two Dharma viruses with the intent of deleting them on the site. However, the cylindrical shapes began to change its form once more as his right arm's energy became almost twice as bigger than before while the other arm's energy became sleeker and longer. "You f-first!" Preparing the larger of the arm first, Cambiare pulled the mental trigger to shoot the cannon as a powerful stream of blue energy fired off like some laser towards the first Dharma. "Pretty sweet shot, Cambi! Now do it again!!" Left with one more shot, the navi aimed the slender gun to the other Dharma and tried to steady the shot. Unlike the previous attack where it was pure brute force damage, Cambiare made sure to make this shot count with more precision and accuracy than the last one. As soon as things lined up, the navi fired a quick and simple shot at the virus with the hope that it would be finished once and for all.

Change: Grazioso Form
1. Wind [Push | Reduce Accuracy | To-All-Clause (Enemies) | Wind | 100 HP] {S}
* Allegro [Movement] On top of the Windbox
2. AirShot [20 | Microburst | Wind] {A} @ HeavyA
3. TankCannon [[b]80+17[/b] /or/ 80+Blast2 | Alt-Mode] {A | C} @ DharmaA
4. MarkCannon [70 | Seeking | Lock-On] {A} @ DharmaB

Andante: 2 TCD
From his position on the Windbox, Cambiare attacked with precision. The Heavy and one of the Dharmas were deleted and the last Dharma heavily wounded. The constant stream of wind from the Windbox caused the last Dharma's puck to go all over the place, missing anything of note.

DharmaB: 20 HP (between two rear raised areas)

75% Normal
25% Normal (five 5% chunks, each a good distance apart; they're positioned like a 5 on normal dice)

Cambiare: 110 HP (on top of Wind) (15 HP Barrier, 30 HP Casing)
Wind: 100 HP (between two front raised areas) (Anchored) (2 Turns Remaining)
"Alright! Keep it up, keep it up!"

As Finny cheered on, the nervous navi looked down at the viruses with surprise in his expression. "T-...That went p-p-pretty well!" With a boost in his confidence, Cambiare pumped his fist in excitement and readied the next attacks. The navi took aim with his energized arm once more while Finny inserted a trio of chips into the PET. One by one, the arms undergone slight alteration to match the chip's power, starting with the cannon chip.

Rather than taking the form of a barrel like before, the energies that took the shape of the cylinder had now collapsed to form a single ball of energy hovering over Cambiare's palm. Cambiare steadied his feet and threw the ball right at the surviving Dharma, immediately preparing his other arm for the attack. The shotgun chip altered the energies in a similar manner just as the cannon chip did, but this time, the balls were smaller and numerous. "Am I s-suppose to t-t-throw this as well?" said the navi as he looked down at his hand. Luckily, when he aimed his arm towards the Dharma and tried to pull it back for a throw, the balls fired off on its own all at once!

"...A-anything else, Finny?" Cambiare's question was replied by silence and the navi began to fidget with his fingers. "Well...Stay still for now. I'll patch you up for the time being~" Finny pressed a button on her PET to prompt the third chip she prepared before, quickly applying the Recover data over the navi to heal his battered wounds in a blink of an eye. The navi smiled with relief and shook his head in thanks. "...N-Now what."


1. Cannon [40 | Knockback] {A} @ DharmaB
2. Shotgun [50 | Spread1] {A} @ DharmaB
3. Recovery30 [Heals 30 HP] {S}

Andante: 1 TCD
The Cannon tags the Dharma and deletes it before it can act. Cambiare heals with a battlechip. The battle ends with rewards.


75% Normal
25% Normal (five 5% chunks, each a good distance apart; they're positioned like a 5 on normal dice)

Cambiare: 140 HP (on top of Wind) (15 HP Barrier, 30 HP Casing)
Wind: 100 HP (between two front raised areas) (Anchored) (1 Turn Remaining)

The navi let out a relieved sigh as he hopped off the Windbox just as it disintegrated into fragments of data. "Th-This is far from b-being a comfortable getaway..." Cambiare rubbed over his shoulder that was still sore from the Heavy's tackle, even if it was completely mended by the Recovery. "Oh stop your mumbling. I'm sure you can find a place to rest somewhere in here." Finny replied as she chomped down on her crunchy snacks. "W-W-What's wrong with r-resting inside my P-PET?" The navi silently stood waiting for an answer, but all that he heard was more of Finny chewing into her snacks.

"..." As pathetic it may be, the navi quickly accepted his harsh treatment and moved forward...

Cambiare.EXE: 140 HP
A few pillow-blob viruses were sleeping soundly as Cambiare came upon them. But then a hole appeared in the ground between the Navi and the viruses, and a yapping dog poked its head out, waking the viruses. So much for sneaking by the now irritated viruses.

SnoozyA: 60 HP
SnoozyB: 60 HP
SnoozyC: 60 HP
Rush: 4 HP

100% Normal

Cambiare: 140 HP

~Battle 3: Start!!~