Short Exploration

A small pillar of light appeared on an entry portal, its ground flashing blue to indicate usage. The pillar of light re-shaped itself to form a human-like shape. Light receded, revealing the water elemental Navi, Eternalis.EXE. Stretching his arms and back a bit, he walked out of the portal to allow other people to use it, and began to explore the Yoka network.

[Battle 1 - Ready]
[Eternalis.EXE - 140HP]
Eternalis barely had time to exit the portal, before being encountered by viruses. Looked like a few Swordy had gathered to battle whatever unlucky sap entered the network next, and in perfect 90 degree angles, no less. In this case, that was Eternalis. But who was the unlucky sap now? Probably not Eternalis. Even though the warp point was disabled due to safety protocols against the viruses, providing no easy avenue of escape.

Swordy-AA: 80 HP (ahead of Eternalis)
Swordy-AB: 80 HP (to the right of Eternalis)
Swordy-AC: 80 HP (to the left of Eternalis)
Swordy-AD: 80 HP (behind Eternalis)

Terrain: 100% Normal (Well, Eternalis didn't exactly get very far...)

Eternalis: 140 HP


Eternalis laughed quietly at the appearance of the four Swordy before him. "Really now, fellow Aquas. Ambush, what a cowardly way of attacking. Let's give a proper lesson on how to attack, shall we?" he said, before assuming a proper battle stance.

"Harke. Zaprings, Skully, Waterline. Make it quick."

A few familiar sounds of chips being slotted in, and the operator replied, "Okay. Battlechips loaded, get to work."

Arms stretched out, Eternalis got to work. The arm-outputs flipped around and transformed themselves, glowing yellow as they did so. The armor was changed in an instant into twin cannons, their barrels sparking with static. The cannons charged with a yellow glow as Eternalis pointed them at two Swordy. With the close range, he didn't need to aim much, so he simply initiated the attack without any accuracy checks. The cannons crackled with orange, yellow and white as they were loaded to full capacity. They burst forth after the charge, releasing two long beams of shining yellow towards the knights of dishonor.

The firearms died down after their burst of energy, reforming back into their original configuration. The watery hands appeared once again, and with a solid calcified bone in one hand. The Skully was whirled around with surprising dexterity, and held on defense. Two remained, he observed. Nothing I can't handle, he mused as he threw the Skully bone at another Swordy. The bone whirled in a strange arc, which, if he calculated correctly, would hit the blue knight, but would also swerve back if it missed.

As he released the bone, his other hand was glowing blue, receiving battlechip data. The fist was opened into a palm, and a blue sphere of energy gathered its strength in the outstretched hand. Then, the ball of blue was quickly thrust into the ground with a resounding crash, cracking the ground around the teleporter pad. At first, nothing happened, but then, the cracks filled with a blue light, and water came crashing forward through the paneling. Without an apparent source, the springs blasted forth in a straight line headed straight for the last Swordy in the lineup.

Activating his recovery processes to full blast, he allowed himself confidence that he would be able to take on the viruses head-on.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(1) ZapRing1: Swordy-AA (Elec 40, x2 Elemental, Stun1)
(2) ZapRing1: Swordy-AB (Elec 40, x2 Elemental, Stun1)
(3) Skully1: Swordy-AC (Null 100, Homing, Confusion)
(4) WaterLine1: Swordy-AD (Aqua 80, Ground, Line)
(*) Influx Aegis: Self (Heal 15 x5)
The two zaprings pegged the Swordys right against their metal chest, electrocuting them into deletion. While Eternalis was focused on his attack, he wasn't able to foresee the attacks made from the remaining Swordys...But like he would care. With the swing of his bone, one more virus was deleted and left the last one a bit desperate. It tried to attack once more, succeeding in cutting Eternalis' torso, but it was all for a naught when all of the navi's wounds was instantly healed and promptly deleted the last Swordy.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Eternalis: 140 HP

Che, nothing but cannon fodder, Eternalis mused as he picked up a paltry amount of zenny from the reward data dropped. Walking off with his hands behind his head, he assumed a relaxed state of mind as he explored further into the Yoka networks.

[Battle 2 - Ready]
[Eternalis.EXE - 140HP]
Eternalis' next challenge came quickly, as he began walking through a wide area of ankle-deep water. Two Walla viruses were sitting ahead of the aquatic Navi, just asking to be attacked. Moving to get within range, Eternalis quietly stepped forward through the shallow water only to hear a sinister buzzing sound coming from behind him. The loud and annoying sound was evidence enough that the Navi needed to be moving, so he dodged to his right as an Elebee swooped by with its stinger primed and ready. He soon found himself diving back again as a second bee launched another attack. The Wallas were now fully aware of Eternalis' presence.

So much for a surprise.

WallaA: 100HP (in front)
WallaB: 100HP (in front)
ElebeeA: 90HP (in front)
ElebeeB: 90HP (beehind Eternalis)

Terrain: 90% Sea, 10% Normal (a ways back where Eternalis came from)

Eternalis: 140HP

Battle 2 Start!
Looking at the two Elebees flanking him on two sides, Eternalis shook his head in disappointment. Still standing up straight, he didn't bother to even put on his usual battle-ready stance. Crossing his arms, he twisted his head-output, so that it faced behind him. Looking at the Elebee positioned there, he commented, "Another ambush... Really. It's so pathetic. Useless. Unproductive."

The request for support came quickly. "Harke, DashAttack. WindRacket."

"Will do," came the reply.

The request was received well, as chip data was loaded into his process queue, ready for action. Still in his straight-as-an-arrow standing position, he crouched slightly, and activated his vapor process. The blue liquid body began to emit a stream of mist everywhere as he focused. After a short while, he executed a backflip into the air, and promptly disappeared in a haze of superheated steam. Phasing through the Elebee behind him effortlessly, he rematerialized, completing the bait and switch.

Activating the DashAttack chip data in his queue, the data began to change his armor, changing it to a more streamlined and spiked form. Before long, he appeared to be wearing a Fishy's metal carapace over his armor, its spiky form designed to cut through enemies with ease. His boots emitted a low hum as their newly-formed silent thrusters carried him into a hover. He then jumped into a horizontal position, and let the Fishy-transformation carry him into a speedy blitzkrieg, his body slicing through the air and anything that crossed its path.

After the chip's power had worn off, deactivation came in, and Eternalis landed with a whir on the ground, the boots' retro-thrusters bringing him to a slow descent. The Fishy-armor disappeared in a dim flash of light, returning his former armor to his watery body. Not one to waste time, Eternalis kicked off into a quick sprint, using the earlier retro-thrusters from the DashAttack as an early boost. His right hand fluctuated in its shape, before turning into a slushy mass and slipping into the arm-output.

The armor began to shift once again, this time to accommodate the WindRacket data. Large translucent fins emerged from the armored limb, and a whirring sound could be heard as air began to gather inside a chamber. The sound produced could be likened to a vacuum cleaner starting up, its loud blare blowing in the Navi's audio receptors. Before long, he had reached the Walla's position, and the compressed air had reached its pressure limits. Waving the arm in a wide arc, Eternalis released the winds stored in the chamber in a massive burst of force.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(1) Vapor Reassimilation: Behind ElebeeB (Teleport, Accuracy+, Dodge)
(2) DashAttack: ElebeeB/A (Null 90, Line, Impact) (+Accuracy)
(3) Movement to Wallas to Melee Range
(4) WindRacket: WallaA/B (Null 100, Wide, Microburst, Gust)
(*) Influx Aegis: Self (Heal 15 x5)
Not concerned in the least, Eternalis flipped into the air and escaped the Elebees' weak attempt at a pincer move. Instead the viruses' positions made it simple for the Navi to cleave one in half with a DashAttack while the other made a dodge far to the side before Eternalis got close. He then sprinted towards the Walla viruses further down the battlefield.

His next targets were large and slow, so Eternalis brought out a WindRacket to deal with them. Both Wallas began to move back at a snail's pace while trying to attack, but they were too slow for the Navi as he swung the racket at them and propelled them both into the air. Far into the air. Both landed with a splash that could barely be heard, and both fragmented into junk data soon after. The only remaining virus was the missed Elebee.

Said virus hovered threateningly above Eternalis as he turned around to look for it. As threateningly as a diminutive bee virus can, at least.

ElebeeA: 90HP

Terrain: 90% Sea, 10% Normal (a ways back where Eternalis came from)

Eternalis: 140HP
Eternalis looked at the lone Elebee above him, trying to look threatening. He stayed silent, his round yellow eyes dimming their lights and looking uninterested.

"Skully," came the chip.

Eternalis' right arm quickly reconfigured itself, the fins and chamber that made up the compressor sliding back into the arm-output with a low hiss. His hand came back into view, and in its tight grip, a long bone, white and hard. Tossing it in his hand a bit to test it, he calculated the direction in which the Elebee was most likely to fly away in escape, for a little security. Then, a simple flick of his hand and the chip was activated, flying towards the bee virus.

Meanwhile, Harke readied a couple of chips in reserve, just in case, both of them with Larks on their displays.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(1) Take Aim
(2) Skully1: ElebeeA (Null 100, Homing, Confusion)
[the splicing of turn begins here, for precautionary measures]
Oh god, what is that? A bone? Did he just throw a bone at me? Oh no, I need to get away. Left! Right! Up! Left again! Is it gone? OH MAI GAW! IT'S STILL CHASING ME! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CRAZY BONE? BONES DON'T DO THAT. NOOOOOO I DON'T WANNA GET KILLED BY A STUPID BO-[VIRUS DELETED]


Terrain: 90% Sea, 10% Normal (a ways back where Eternalis came from)

Eternalis: 140HP

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 500z
Eternalis picked up the reward data, transferring the zenny packets back to the PET to be stored. Somehow, he felt a bit down, though. It felt like something was missing, nagging at the back of his thought processes. In any case, he looked around one last time for any ambushers. Fruitless, anyway, since the battle routine had ended some time ago, but he did it anyway.

He felt something weighing down on his shoulders, like a responsibility of some sort. ...Or it could be Aurora, who draped her legs over his shoulder armor. She had poked her head out, bending down to meet the Navi's eyes. She greeted him as usual, without any trace of sadness, just her habitual cheer.

"Hey, Elly!"

"Aurora... you're back," A tone of endearment.

"Yep! Harke got me all fixed up again, so I thought I should jump over!" She looked around, then got off Eternalis' shoulders, her Navi gingerly letting her down on her own feet. After a bit of dusting-off, she proceeded to walk next to Eternalis.

"Where are we, Elly?" she inquired, scoping out her surroundings. There was water, practically everywhere she looked.

"We're in Yoka. We'll probably not be going to Sharo in a while, if that's what you're thinking."

"Oooh, Yoka. What's it like?"

"Harke said it's basically hot spring land. Water everywhere."

"Sounds like a lot of fun!"

"It will be," Eternalis replied, a playful wink.

[Battle 3 - Ready]
[Eternalis.EXE - 140HP]
[Aurora.SP - 40HP]
Water? Check. Enemies? Check. Yep, a ho-hum Yoka Area battle. At least the water was nice and warm this time.

HandyA: 80 HP
HandyB: 80 HP
MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP
Puffy: 100 HP

Eternalis: 140 HP
Aurora: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Onsen

Eternalis and Aurora walked along on the watery surface, trekking through the Yoka networks. The water began to become quite warm, that steam began to rise from the water. Aurora's visor became fogged, but she didn't mind one bit, as it was a simple matter to de-fog them. She hugged herself in the steam-filled air, and walked a bit closer to Eternalis, almost leaning on him.

"This is much better than Sharo, I like it," Aurora commented.

"Yes, it's much easier to walk on than the frozen ground on Sharo for you. I don't mind both, really," Eternalis replied, turning towards her. His head was turned a bit down, and so was his tone, downcast. He was fidgeting with his hands, turning them into various forms. His latest practice with swords and the like had been very building, and he was getting better at changing his form. With his hands, at least, he was already an adept.

"Aurora. I'm... sorry about what happened on the last battle. I wasn't good enough to protect you."

Aurora raised an eyebrow at the confession, and her face softened. She shook her head. "You're still worried about that?" Aurora got closer still, speaking almost to his face. "Elly, you're the best I can ever get. You don't worry about silly old me. Those viruses won't bust themselves if you're this soft. C'mon, lift that head." Her hand went to his head-output, touching his face. Her own face smiled warmly, endearment clearly reflected off her eyes. Eternalis' face turned to that of his human form briefly, and his own hand went to Aurora's hair, brushing it lightly in reciprocation.

"You're right, Aurora. Thanks." He lifted his head, now its usual formless self, and Aurora's hand went back to her side, satisfied with a smile. The scene ended, nothing to indicate that it had happened. Aurora's beaming face was still there, and Eternalis' stride was unbroken. That is, until they were stopped by the gaggle of viruses. Eternalis quickly addressed Harke, alerting him on the situation.


"Mmn." Simple acknowledgement. Without missing a beat, he grabbed his folder, and took out three chips. "ZapRing the Puffy. WindRacket the Magneakers. DashAttack the Handy." The appropriate chips were slotted in, knowing that Eternalis would only approve, and he did. He did some operation briefly, then sat back to enjoy his beach time.

As the three chips arrived in packets, Aurora chimed in, once again. "Can I do something?"

Eternalis turned towards his SP, unsure. He could use some backup, but the fact that Aurora was still much too weak for battle stood taller than the first reasoning. "...No, Aurora. Take cover underneath the water. You should be safe there, for a while, at least." The Navi pressed on his emblem a bit, and began to form in his hand what seemed like a couple of strange curved objects. The blue objects, after a bit, he took and put on Aurora's neck, which latched on quickly. She fingered them curiously, as Eternalis explained.

"That should help you breathe underwater for a bit. It only works with warm temperatures, though, which is why I haven't used it before. Harke programmed it for me."

Aurora's smile faltered a bit, then returned. She couldn't object, as she was still very weak. Soon, after a while, she'd get stronger, she told herself. Her worry was still all over her face, no mistaking about it. Before she let the water take her, she touched his face once again. "Please stay safe, Elly." Then, after that, the warm waters engulfed her, and took the SP out of his sight.

With a final shake of his head, he turned towards the viruses, cracked a chuckle, and assumed his usual battle posture. One fell swoop would be enough. Don't want to drag it out, he thought. Loading the ZapRing into his right hand, the watery fist fluctuated, a thread of free-floating water forming a rough ring around it. The thread was soon thickened, and the water washed away. The ring, yellow and buzzing with yellow energy, lay in his grip, until he flung it quickly at the immense blob of a Puffy.

His attention now directed at the Magneakers, Eternalis prepared to let them attack for a bit, then, at the last moment, he activated his vapor process. Liquid body turned to immaterial steam as he passed through the air effortlessly, reappearing above the viruses with a savage cry. His hand stretched out, he balled it into a fist and slammed down into the water, creating a blast of heated water and strong winds in his wake. The force nearly threw him off his feet for a while, but he stayed strong, and activated the last chip.

His boots were reconfigured, quickly forming the thruster equipments that lifted him off the ground, above the water. The blast of the green-energy thrusters created ripples as his right arm-output was held up. Sharp, bladed fins began to emerge from a central point above his fist, until it formed the form of the pseudo-viral Fishy. Satisfied with the results, Eternalis lowered the hand, and pointed it at the Handy viruses. A silent command, and the Fishy's eyes shone red. A small whirring sound was heard of the Fishy charging its systems, before it blasted forward in a mad dash, utilizing its sharp body in a savage attack.

In all the commotion and adrenaline, however, Eternalis still managed to adjust his recovery processes, setting the priority queue for Aurora, then himself. Viruses do the unexpected sometimes, and I'll have to expect them if I want to keep Aurora alive, he mused.

= Eternalis.EXE =
Aurora: Full Submerge
(1) ZapRing1: Puffy (Elec 40, Stun1) (x3 Elemental)
(2) Vapor Reassimilation: Above Magneakers (Teleport, Dodge, Accuracy+)
(3) WindRacket: MagneakerA/B (Null 100, Microburst, Gust, Wide)
(4) DashAttack: HandyA/B (Null 90, Line Max 5, Impact) (Accuracy+)
(*) Influx Aegis: Any if necessary (Heal 15 x5)
- Priority: Aurora, Self
In a bout of incredibly good timing combined with a lot of luck, the entire wave of viruses was wiped out...

...Just as planned.

MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED

Eternalis: 140 HP
Aurora: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Onsen

[Battle 3 - Victory!]

Get: 600z + 21 bugfrags + Countbomb1
The Fishy disappeared in a flash of light, and the thrusters on Eternalis' boots slowly letting him down on the water's surface. Immediately, he dove into the warmth of the waters, his eyes darting around for Aurora. He caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye, drifting in the calm pool. She spotted him soon enough, and he reached out for her, pulling her up. Soon after, they were dried, and walking again, seeking more viruses to decimate.

[Battle 4 - Ready]
[Eternalis.EXE - 140HP]
[Aurora.SP - 40HP]
A large group of viruses seems to be trying to recreate their own little private onsen with some sea and coal. The air is thick with mist and it's certainly warm enough, but none of the viruses seem to be enjoying themselves. Two kettles are sitting close to the coal patch while two Mistys hover just over it. Judging by the periscopes jutting from the surface of the water, there are some viruses partially submerged in the sea terrain as well. The Kettles look at Eternalis lazily and decide to go back to tending their hot rocks.

MarinaA: 120 HP [sea submerged]
MarinaB: 120 HP [sea submerged]
MarinaC: 120 HP [sea submerged]
MistyA: 100 HP [coal]
MistyB: 100 HP [coal]
KettleA: 100 HP [normal]
KettleB: 100 HP [normal]

Terrain: 60% Sea, 30% Coal, 10% Normal

Eternalis.EXE: 140HP [sea]
Aurora.SP: 40HP [sea]

[Battle 4 - Begin!]
Eternalis' feet rippled along the water that they were walking along in, savoring its warmth. After a while, though, the air became a bit too thick with humidity for comfort. Aurora breathed somewhat heavily, though aided by the blue devices given to her not very long ago. He was just about to leap in the water to ward away the stifling air when Aurora held him by a hand. Her face was stern, and her translucent visor could be seen to rocket a motherlode of information by her eyes.

"Viruses," she simply said, turning to him.

Eternalis nodded, then prompted Harke for chips. The operator was quick to oblige, slotting in a couple of chips he deemed were appropriate for the battle. Eternalis examined the data, then raised question marks at the sight of the Champu chip, one which he hadn't used for quite a long time. By his reckoning, the chip wasn't nearly enough to take out the viruses that were laid out before him, not by a long shot. Fire-aligned, it dealt only sixty units of damage.

"Hey, Harke, what's with this FireHit? I don't think it's enough for this battle."

"Just use it on the Kettles. I have a hunch about something. Don't worry about those periscope things just yet, we'll deal with them later. Windracket those Misty, I don't like the look of them. Aurora, take cover somewhere safe."

Both Navi and SP nodded in agreement as the operator delegated his strategies. Aurora went off to find a place to hide, and scampered away from sight. Eternalis was left, his hands balled into fists and his right side turned towards the viruses in an offensive stance. Checking his automatic recovery processes, he satisfied himself with an affirmative, and focused on the Kettles, looking over their appearances. Strange, these viruses. Their faces look like someone dropped them too hard or something, and they look pretty harmless. Still... he ended his thoughts, and brought his fists near his shoulders. His hands roared to life as a cool flame engulfed them.

"Kettle, kettle, teakettle, a strange thing wrought of nothing but mettle," Eternalis chanted for no other reason that it simply sounded funny in his head.

The fists flew fast and furious, one at each Kettle virus. Shapes of fists molded in fire flew towards the Kettles as swift as could be. He then began to run towards the virus group, but disappeared into the bundles of mist that clouded the area. The steamy surroundings made it a bit hard for him to phase through, and the viruses he was looking for were clouds of mist themselves. Still, he eventually found them, off-colored blue clouds as they were.

Planting his feet on solid ground (but hopefully not on the hot coals) Eternalis' right arm transformed into a large white fan of sorts. The fan whirred as it sucked up a good deal of the misty air. Then, he swept the fan across his sight, sending out a monstrous burst of wind towards the Misty. Even if they weren't deleted outright, they would still be blown a bit back, and prevent him from being on the receiving end of whatever their attack was.

= Eternalis.EXE =
Aurora: Dodge
(1) FireHit1: KettleA (Fire 60, Impact, Double Attack)
(2) FireHit1: KettleB (Fire 60, Impact, Double Attack)
(3) Vapor Reassimilation: Near Misty (Teleport, Dodge, Accuracy+)
- Avoid Coal Terrain
(4) WindRacket: MistyA/B (Null 100, Microburst, Gust, Wide) (Accuracy+)
(*) Influx Aegis: Any if necessary (Heal 15 x5)
- Priority Set: Aurora, Self
The two Kettles were struck with attacks too weak to delete them but for some reason, they began to boil over. Aurora ran around in tiny circles as Eternalis whisked over to where the Kettles were and swatted at the Misties with his racket. Not wanting to step on the coals, he found that only one of the viruses was in range and deleted it with a sweep of his fan, sending the other flying back. Just then, three bubblewrapped anchors surfaced from the periscope group. The misty's scalding body had just enough strength to pop all three, releasing the anchors from within. They all shot at Eternalis in a rapid and painful volley before he was forced to recover from the damage.

Meanwhile, Aurora continued to run around in circles.

MarinaA: 120 HP [sea submerged]
MarinaB: 120 HP [sea submerged]
MarinaC: 120 HP [sea submerged]
MistyA: 100 HP [sea]

Terrain: 60% Sea, 30% Coal, 10% Normal

Eternalis.EXE: 125 HP [normal]
Aurora.SP: 40 HP [sea]
Eternalis surveyed the fruits of the assault. Watching the Kettles' faces grow red with heat (or anger, or both) he felt satisfied as the metal viruses blew up in a blast of steam, leaving him unharmed. Whistling, he acknowledged Harke's foresight. "Nice thinking there, Harke. Looks like they're weak to fire for some reason. They boil over."

Harke couldn't help but stifle a grin. However, he wasn't that cocky, not yet. He swiped one of the chips from his folder, and slotted it in, saying, "You didn't hit one of the Misty over the pool. Sending in a Skully."

Eternalis merely nodded, not really being that concerned about the survivor. It'll die anyway, he thought, as the Skully chip came into his queue. Some of the wounds from earlier, he merely fuelled a bit of extra recovery energy to allow them to sink back into nonexistence. He poked the spot where the wound was, and chuckled in amusement. He made sure the priority was still set right (you had to be careful with this kind of thing) and then, set to work.

Loading the Skully into his right hand, the bone appeared in it, gripped tightly by the end. He whirled it around with a bit of playful dexterity, alternating between fingers. For a moment, he wondered where he got the ability, then let it be. While he was playing with the calcified stick, his eyes glowed green, a crosshair of sorts appearing on the Misty. Then, the whirling bone was abruptly stopped, and he flicked it with minimal effort. The bone leapt gladly from his hand, whirling around the virus in circles until it was destined to hit it.

"Elly, I'm detecting high-strength viruses in the pool. Might want to do something about them," Aurora chimed in through his ears. She was still trying to be as inconspicuous to the viruses as possible. She didn't realize that all she was doing was being silly and running around in circles, but in the thick of the mist, nobody saw her antics.

Acknowledgement first came in a nod, then he realized that that was pretty useless, seeing that they were only communicating by audio link. "Mm. HeatDragon," he requested quickly, the results coming in within short notice. He felt warmth coming into him as the chip came into the process queue without delay.

A sudden courage came into him, confidence filling his mental processes to the brim. He would have cracked a smile, but his eyes widening would have to stand in for now. Holding out his hand towards the water, the arm-output tensed with shivers, almost seeming to glow red for an instant. Then, the hand was suddenly balled into a fist, and thrown up into the air. The display was not for show, as the water in the pool began to boil, many bubbles testifying to this fact. It began to glow with a light, as if something shined below the surface, and the flow stopped. Then, it churned into a small localized whirlpool, creating a pit into the shining light.

Thus, did a magnificent serpentine dragon emerge from the pit, with scales that glittered as rubies, and eyes that flashed as fires. Its whiskers floated about, as if testing the air around it. Looking around, it didn't take long for it to spot Eternalis, and meet his gaze. Some message was sent across the eye contact, for the dragon turned towards the periscopes and bellowed with a mighty roar. Diving into the water, it turned the relatively clear water into bubbling red, its searing heat radiating even to the Navi as he stood cross-armed, watching the dragon do his bidding.

= Eternalis.EXE =
Aurora: Dodge
(*) Influx Aegis: Self (Heal 15)
(1) Take Aim
(2) Skully1: MistyA (Null 100, Homing, Confusion)
(3) Take Aim
(4) HeatDragon: Marina Group (Fire 150, Ground, Lava to 25%)
(*) Influx Aegis: Any if necessary (Heal 15 x4)
- Priority Set: Aurora, Self
The skully flew towards the Misty in an arc, ready to delete the virus...but with an ungodly luck residing with the Misty, the virus was able to evade the attack twice and retaliate with a crushing punch! Eternalis simply shrugged the attack and continued his attack with the HeatDragon. It flew over the Marinas, deleting two of them when they came up to the surface to attack while the other was forced out of the water when the terrain changed. The two bubbles fired by the deceased Marinas bursted and threw more anchors, hitting both Aurora and Eternalis...But that didn't matter so when their wounds was healed the very next moment.

MarinaB: 60 HP [Lava]
MistyA: 100 HP [sea]

Terrain: 40% Sea, 25% Coal, 10% Normal, 25% Lava

Eternalis.EXE: 120 HP [Normal]
Aurora.SP: 40 HP [Sea]