Yoka Net busting

Voltman appeared in Yoka, sparks crackling across the terrain and through the air as his electricity reacted with the copious amounts of steam. He inhaled deeply, sent a charge through the net, and began trekking across the watery ground.

(Battle 1, Ammah litt'l rusteh, 200 HP)
As the electric battler walks through Yoka, soon, he finds himself on a patch of normal panneling as sea covered everything around it. Soon after, several Piranha viruses appear from the water, shooing spears at the electric warrior. Voltman dodged easily. It seems those were warning shots...time to fight.

PiranhaA: 60
PiranhaB: 60
PiranhaC: 60
PiranhaD: 60
PiranhaE: 60

Voltman: 200

Terrain: 20% Normal (you're here) 80% Sea (viruses are here)

Battle 1...START!
Voltman grinned. A familiar thrill ran up his spine as shots flew past him. Arrows. He swiftly scanned the area with his visor, from which five objects were outlined in red in the display. Piranha viruses, each with 60 HP.
Too easy. A bolt of lightning shot between the rods on his shoulders as he started to charge up an attack. Shigeru's screen appeared next to Voltman.
They're simple. So let's do this without taking a hit. Sending the chips now! Shigeru grabbed a handful from the table and slotted them into his PET. Powerbolt, Powerblast, and two Zaprings. That should do the trick. Take 'em out, Volt! The two lightningrods on Voltman's shoulders started sparking off more agitated bolts of electricity, even as his hands disappeared to be replaced by two curved prongs.
Gladly. The sparks formed on the lightning rods spread down his armor, coating it in a small glowing barrier. Time to fight.

Two miniature cracks of thunder rent the air as rings of lightning appeared between the prongs, crackling with energy. He paced around the edge of the terrain, looking for the telltale signs of the viruses' movement. Spotting a pair of orange fins in the water, Voltman drew back his arms. Sharp whines pierced the air as the Zapring prongs began to channel electricity at a faster rate, the rings themselves beginning to spin disconcertingly. Whipping his arm around, Voltman sent the rings to the end of the prongs, where they received a final boost of power and shot towards the enemies. They flew off in opposite directions, leaving trails of light behind where they had flown. The normally circular rings began to turn oblong from the speed at which they traveled, and curved backwards towards their intended targets. Plumes of water marked where the battlechips hit the water.

A chuckle, as the miniature explosions went off a fair distance away. Aw, come on now, guys... Voltman remarked to the watery field around him, looking for the remaining three viruses. ...they're in a better place, after all. And it's not like you'll be long in following them, anyways. Another orange fin grazed the surface. Gotcha. Voltman held his arm out, palm up, where a blue ball of light gathered. He tossed the orb of energy playfully from hand to hand, behind his back, over his head, and stabbed it with a spear. The head of the spear remained lodged in the orb for a moment, before absorbing the energy. The spearhead reacted, turning the same color the orb had been, just as Voltman turned it over and plunged it into the ground. The field shook, as the ground around the spear cracked. The cracks spread, heading in the general direction of the orange fin seen earlier. But instead of slowing down the farther from the epicenter they reached, the jagged fractures sped up. Finally, the rumble faded, just as a pillar of blue light blew a hole in the sea where Voltman had seen the third enemy.

He clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. Pity, pity. And I almost expected a challenge. Voltman stiffened, hearing a splash somewhere nearby. He hadn't seen an enemy. He turned carefully, looking around for the source. No doubt they'd gotten wise by now. They weren't about to give up without a fight. So, while the lightning rods on his shoulders began to glow blue, Voltman waited. Suddenly, a sound from nearby. More than just a splash. Voltman dropped to the ground, turning immediately to where he had heard the sound come from. BIG mistake. Now, it's my turn. The rods on his shoulders, now pointed horizontally in the direction of the enemy, let loose two blasts of energy that combined to form one massive sphere of destruction. The Powerblast didn't need to hit the water to detonate, like the Zaprings had, instead detonating as it neared the enemy. Waves of air and water flew outwards from the point of the attack, giving Voltman the distraction he needed to jump to his feet.

And then there was one... here, fish fish fish... heeere, fish... Voltman's emblem began to glow bright white as the excess energy he'd been creating reached full charge. He siphoned the energy into his shoulder spikes, where null element bolts of energy began to shoot from tip to tip. His backup plan. But sometimes... the main plan's the only one you'll need. The black portions of the armor on his arms suddenly lit with a weave of light, as one of Voltman's core programs activated. Curving his fingers and drawing his hands near each other, he drew sparks between the tips of each finger, eventually spreading his hands to leave five lasting chains of lightning between his hands. Without any signal from Voltman himself, the chains began to weave around one another, feeding off of the lines of energy in Voltman's armor to form a sphere of energy at the median point between his palms. A final splash. Throwing the sphere into the air, Voltman whipped his leg outwards and spun, the back of his heel connecting with the sphere and sending it flying towards the final energy, where the force of the blast practically formed a miniature sun for a few moments.

The energy from the lighting rods on Voltman's shoulders spun over his armor, eventually coming to rest in his hands as he surveyed the battlefield. Just enough power, if one of them had managed to survive. Not bad, Voltman. Not bad at all.
The electric navi grinned. Save the praise for later. These punks are just a warm up.

<Passive: Siphon (20 HP Barrier)>
1. Zapring1 to PiranhaA (40, +20 Elemental Bonus, Stun, x2 due to weakness, +100% base damage due to Sea terrain, Elec)
2. Zapring1 to PiranhaB (40, +20 Elemental Bonus, Stun, x2 due to weakness, +100% base damage due to Sea terrain, Elec) (Bugger me, 140 damage per Zapring1? o.0?!)
3. Powerbolt to PiranhaC (70, Piercing)
4. Dodge
5. Counter: Powerblast to PiranhaD (90, Breaking)
6. Electric Blaze to PiranhaE (70, +100% base damage due to element, Elec)
<Passive: Jolt [x2] to anything left (30)[x2]>
<Passive: Dynamo (Recov20)>

(Damn, it feels good to RP again.)

To say the least, Voltman completely obliterates the Piranha viruses with all but the easiest of things, a small spear floats it's way on the waves as it touches with the normal panels. Chip data and Zenny. Not bad.


Rewards: Triarrow1+300z
Voltman glanced at the chip and zenny he had found, and sighed. So little added to the zenny they needed. But the chip... the chip could be useful. He pocketed it and continued on.

As Voltman goes even farther into the net, he wanders upon several Kettles and Shrimps, each looking at each other like crazy, as if in a staring at each other in a blinking contest. They then turn to Voltman and get pissed. IT'S GO TIME!

ShrimpyA: 100
ShrimpyB: 100
ShrimpyC: 100
ShrimpyD: 100
ShrimpyE: 100
KettleA: 0 degrees
KettleB: 0 degrees
KettleC: 0 degrees

Voltman.EXE: 200

Battle 2...START!
A small splash of water rippled through the shallows constantly occupying this section of the net as Voltman took another step. No enemies for a bit, yet. It's alright, if they wanted to face him, he'd find them. Seeing something off to his left, past a small data column, he turned around, a small shiver of anticipation sending a current of electricity to the water. A mere 20 feet away, a group of viruses were doing... what?
Maybe when the viruses heard "face", they actually thought... Shigeru suggested as an explanation for the behavior. Voltman chuckled. However, this seemed to be too much noise between the operator and navi, as the viruses turned towards Voltman, their staring contest abandoned in light of an opponent to fight. A small bolt of lightning from above struck the spikes on Voltman's shoulders, sending its charge over his armor and bringing forth a coating of energy as a defense.

Alright. It's go time! Send me a couple of swords, Shigeru! Voltman stated, running the battle routine and sealing the combatants inside. Shigeru calmly slotted in five battlechips, sending each to his navi's battle processors for future use. Voltman surveyed the group quickly, making his selection and downloading the battlechips. Aqua viruses again. Well, say your prayers, guys! A spear appeared in Voltman's hand. Gripping the weapon, Voltman struck the base against the ground, prompting a trio of bolts from above to strike the head of the spear. The reaction was immediate, dull gray fading to be replaced by flickering yellow, as the head of the spear became a yellow gemstone, crackling electricity emanating from its edge. Voltman grinned, tossed the spear lightly to his left hand, calmly saluted the viruses, and vanished into the sky amidst a bolt of lightning, no sign as to where he would appear, save for a lone spark behind the Shrimpy viruses.

A crash of thunder sounded from the sky as lightning crackled in what clouds had materialized mere moments before with Voltman's disappearance. Small bolts of lightning struck around the arena, before a massive bolt descended to behind the Shrimpy viruses. From roughly five feet above the ground, Voltman leapt out of the wide bolt, spear in hand. Landing beside the first three Shrimpy viruses, he swung his arm around in a wide arc, bolts of electricity shooting out of the gemstone spearhead to strike the area around his slash.

Fear the lightning! Voltman yelled out, rolling to the side towards the other group of viruses. Shoving the bottom of the staff into the ground, Voltman vaulted out of the roll, flipping through the air beside the last two Shrimpies and thrusting the spear into the gap between them. The lightning within the stone suddenly grew more frantic, and cracks appeared around the tip just before the entire spearhead exploded. A blast of electricity spread outward, just as Voltman leapt into the air, using the force of the blast to propel himself away from the site of the attack.

Stylish. 'Fraid you don't get any extra points for destroying your own weapons, though. Shigeru commented. Voltman shrugged, and took a gasping breath. That maneuver had taken a lot out of him.
Why don't they ever just stay still?! The electric navi asked between two breaths. Shigeru shrugged. Voltman shook his head, and downloaded another two chips to finish off the battle. A clear gem formed around the head of his spear, this time, before a small bubbling and a rush of clear water signaled its next elemental manifestation. Gripping the very back end of the spear, Voltman drew three wavering circles in the air with the crystalline blue spearhead. Where he drew, small lines of water appeared, spreading thin sheets of liquid towards the other edges of the circle. Bringing the spear around amidst a rush of air, Voltman struck the three impeccably thin sheets of water, to which they suddenly expanded into spheres and went flying.

The spear disintegrated, its battlechip spent, just as Voltman summoned his penultimate battlechip, a white-blue glowing blade of energy. Now, stay STILL! The Bubblestar chip approached the enemies just as Voltman began his charge, crossing his sword-bearing arm in front of his chest as he prepared to strike. The three bubbles stopped moving, either having reached their targets or run out of momentum. Either way, he wasn't about to hesitate in his attacks. Reaching the bubbles, he let out a slash with the blade, the head of the weapon extending as it reached either side to strike further than a normal sword. Three bubbles popped, but whether or not the enemies had survived was still in question.

So, eh... what now? Voltman asked, tossing a small blade into the air and catching it by its hilt before waving it lazily around in the air in front of him. Twin orbs of energy circled the knife, bolts of lightning occasionally turning their gray forms yellow, orange, or white for a moment before they reverted to normal. Shigeru watched the display with mild interest, giving silence as his only answer. Voltman just looked around the battlefield for survivors.

<Passive: Siphon (20 HP Barrier)>
1. Areagrab to behind Shrimpies (Teleport)
2. Elecsword to ShrimpyA/B/C (80, x2 due to weakness, +20 elemental bonus, +Accuracy from Areagrab, can hit up to three, Elec)
3. Elecsword to ShrimpyC/D/E (80, x2 due to weakness, +20 elemental bonus, can hit up to three, Elec)
<Skill: Swordplay (Dodge)>
4. Bubblestar1 to KettleA/B/C (20, Trap, Aqua)
5. Widesword to KettleA/B/C (80, can hit up to three)
6. Elecknife to anything remaining (60, +20 elemental bonus, Elec)
<Passive: Jolt [x2] to anything left (30)[x2])
<Passive: Dynamo (Recover 20 HP)>
Voltman shock slashes the ENTIRE group of shrimpy and then traps all three Kettles in bubbles. The three Kettles then delete, not much they could have done, now could they? The rewards are within the remains of several viruses, all scattered about because Voltman deleted them so hard.

ALL the viruses: OWNED

Voltman.EXE: 200


Rewards: 800z
What did I say, eh? Water viruses. Piece of cake. Voltman swiped the cash and headed further into the net. Just a bit more, and he'd be able to get the upgrade. He just hoped he'd be able to do so before the tournament... Only a few hours left.

(ONWARD! Battle 3, 200 HP)
A single Spooky virus stopped Voltman from progressing further. Then another two Spooky viruses appeared behind it, followed by two Windboxes that were spaced far apart. Then an EarthDragon came into view behind the Spookys... And another one... And another one.

Just when Voltman thought that was it, a pair of Handys crawled out of the ground.

...Suddenly a large group of Shellgeeks appeared, but the Earthdragons thought that was enough and ate them.

SpookyA: 30 HP
SpookyB: 30 HP
SpookyC: 30 HP
HandyA: 90 HP
HandyB: 90 HP
WindboxA: 100 HP
EarthDragonA: 200 HP
EarthDragonB: 200 HP
EarthDragonC: 200 HP
WindboxB: 100 HP

Voltman: 200 HP
Voltman trudged onwards, yawning. It had been forever since he had found the last group of viruses. Shigeru mirrored his navi, yawning and pulling up the time display on his PET. He jerked upwards from his slumped position immediately, opening a channel to Voltman. Yo, Volt! We've spent too long on the net! The tourney's in... 30 minutes! Voltman stopped, turning around to face his op.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?! Jacking out now! A bolt of lightning engulfed Voltman, which flew into the sky, bounced off an invisible barrier, and crashed back to the ground. Voltman groaned, getting to one knee from where he was sprawled out from the impact. Jack out barrier...? But why? He looked upwards, only to see a single purple enemy in front of him, wearing a foolish grin and missing a lower body. Sighing, he charged up a small amount of energy, preparing to throw it at the ghost, who promptly warped an appreciable distance away, two other ghosts appearing at its sides. Windboxes rose from the tiles that formed the floor in this part of the network, while three strange dragonlike viruses appeared, flanked by two Handy viruses.

Shigeru swore under his breath, searching for his battlechips before giving up and pulling up the battlechip data stored on the PET. Why now...? Just when we needed to go, too... Highlighting a group of chips, Shigeru sent the data to Voltman. Take care of 'em quickly!
Voltman grinned. With pleasure He took a few steps forward, before encountering a wall of air pushing against him. He stopped, frowning, and staring at the two Windbox viruses. They'd be a problem, if he was going to use his normal strategy. Reaching up to the side of his helmet, Voltman sealed his visor, and activated the Areagrab battlechip. Nothing happened to Voltman, but dark clouds gathered above him, electricity lighting their depths. A bolt of lightning shot down from above, engulfing Voltman, before disappearing, taking the navi with it. The clouds spread, soon covering the entire battlefield, lightning striking in many locations around the field, but none returning Voltman to the fray. A disembodied laugh sounded from above, and at that moment, the largest bolt yet descended behind one of the Windbox viruses, vanishing to show Voltman with a sparking magnet in one of his hands, and a semi-transparent layer of energy covering his armor. With a yell, he thrust his hand forward, sending a massive charge through the Magbolt towards the Windbox.
Alright, now for the other... The magnet in Voltman's hand disappeared, another mass of data appearing in his hand, solidifying into a gray bone. Grabbing one of the joints, Voltman wound backwards and sent the Skully chip spinning at the second Windbox.

Voltman looked around at the remaining viruses. Plenty to fight, and it would be a fight, this time... Alright, let's see just how well these bastards conduct electricity... A spear materialized at Voltman's side, which he promptly grabbed. Raising it above his head, the spear was struck with electricity shooting out of the lightning rods on Voltman's shoulders. The spearhead began to glow, eventually turning to a glowing yellow that shot sparks in the area around it. Swinging the weapon around, the head leaving glowing trails of light where it passed, Voltman faced the enemies, choosing his targets. With a yell, he charged forwards, weaving around the forms of the Windboxes towards the two handy viruses. Seeing white outlines of bombs forming near the viruses, Voltman shook his head. Oh no you don't! With a yell, he leapt into the air, bringing the spear around him in a circle. Landing on the ground, Voltman grabbed the shaft of the spear with both hands, swinging at the viruses with as much force as he could muster. Shigeru chuckled, causing Voltman to falter slightly, but continue fighting.
What's so funny? Shigeru waved his hand around as if to say Voltman was mistaken. Nothing, nothing. Just, spears normally aren't swung like baseball bats, is all. Voltman shot his operator a glare, but not wanting to appear foolish, began to thrust at the enemies instead, lightning shooting out from the spear to strike the area around the spearhead.

A ghostly laugh sounded across the battlefield as the head of the spear began to lose its charge, fading back to a gray stone color. He'd faced Spookies before... and he knew what he would do. Not moving, just staring around him, he waited for the telltale signs of the enemies' teleportation. There. A flash of blue fire. Gathering a burst of white light in his palm, Voltman threw it towards where he thought he saw an enemy appearing, which erupted in a bright blast, slightly damaging the area around it. He turned, his head swiveling around to look for another enemy. Thinking he saw another, he summoned his second reserve of energy, throwing it in a pure form towards where he thought the enemy had been. It, too, erupted in a blast of white light, engulfing the area near it.
Shigeru, they're going to attack! Defense or offense? Shigeru slotted in one of the newer chips.
Why not both? Curseshield1! Voltman grabbed the handles that appeared on a monolith-like structure that appeared in front of him.
It's... a Dominerd virus? Voltman asked, seeing the flaplike arms around its sides. He shrugged. So long as it worked. He turned it towards the Dragon viruses, before a small disconcerting thought popped into his head. Wait, how does it work?

1. Areagrab behind WindboxA (Movement, Dodge, Accuracy+)
<Passive: Siphon (20 HP Barrier)>
2. Magbolt2 to WindboxA (110, Stun, +20 Elemental bonus, Accuracy+ from Areagrab, Elec)
3. Skully1 to WindboxB (100, Homing, Confuse)
4. Elecsword to HandyA/B (80, +20 Elemental Bonus, Elec)
5. Wait for Spookies to attack (Dodge)
<Passive: Jolt [x2] to SpookyA/B (30)(30)>
6. Curseshield1 towards Earthdragons (Defend against one attack, counter for 160)
<Passive: Dynamo (20 HP Heal)>
Voltman bolts behind the Windboxes and proceeds to zap and bone them hard at the same time. Rushing forward with no time to delay, the electric spearsman cuts down the Handys in one fell swoop, before turning to face the Spookys, who zipped up to attack him, one just partially licking his barrier, before it and its companion were destroyed by Voltman's jolt ability. The last Spooky attacks Voltman's barrier too, but doesn't completely eliminate it. One of the EarthDragons roars fiercely and charges at Voltman, who whips out his Curseshield, blocking the blow, and ramming it straight at the virus.

SpookyC: 30 HP
EarthDragonA: 40 HP
EarthDragonB: 200 HP
EarthDragonC: 200 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Voltman: 200 HP (5 HP Barrier)
Voltman grinned, seeing the wreckage that remained of a large portion of the enemy forces. His attention was drawn back to his own current situation, though, as his meager barrier flickered and almost died. It had held against the Spooky's attack without failing, though, so it had to have some defensive value. He quickly patched the damaged areas with a pulse of electricity, and the barrier flared to full life once more. Four enemies left, two below 50 HP. No problem In the real world, Shigeru pulled up a second window, the first being occupied with a live feed of the battle and an analysis of Voltman's physical state. Selecting a few chips, he dragged them all onto the wireframe image of Voltman displayed on the other screen. Small download bars appeared briefly, as the battlechips were sent, before the data was fully sent and Voltman was refueled and ready to fight.

First, to deal with the last Spooky. Voltman opened his hand, palm up, where a small amount of the same white light that had taken care of the Spooky's allies gathered. Spotting the enemy that had damaged his barrier, Voltman shot off the blast of energy, which split into small spears of light in midair and streaked towards the enemy, leaving trails of light where they passed.
Any particular reason for the changes you keep making to Jolt? Shigeru asked, as the feed came in, showing the attack in comparison to the earlier blasts of energy. Voltman shrugged.
Why not? If it keeps things interesting, I mean. Shigeru rose his hand as if to speak, realized he didn't have any argument, and slumped back into his chair with a small chuckle.

Voltman summoned a spear, next. Striking it against the ground, Voltman caused splashes of water to appear, which wound up the shaft, eventually reaching the spearhead and engulfing it in a small coating of icy water. Under the coating of liquid, the spearhead changed, forming an icy blade that dripped with water. Grabbing the staff firmly around the midsection with both fists, Voltman began to spin the weapon around, faster and faster, until it became a blur. The blue light from the spearhead that surrounded the spinning shaft began to flow inwards, until the entire blurred circle of the staff was glowing blue. Then, from the axis of the rotation, a small bubble began to form. Expanding until it was fairly large, it detached, and split into three identical transparent spheres. Stopping the spin of the weapon in his grip, Voltman struck the head against the ground, shattering the tip of ice, but releasing a wave of water that propelled the bubbles forward towards the three Earthdragons.

Always a new trick... just how many ways can he find to manipulate that chip's coding, anyways? Shigeru remarked, saving the video data to a small folder documenting the use of the individual battlechips. Meanwhile, Voltman grabbed the "spent" Elecsword spear from earlier, whose tip flared to life once more. The spear seemed to change under his grip, though, as the spearhead began to grow, while the shaft began to shrink, a horizontal portion beginning to form where the spear shaft met head. When the transformation was finished, Voltman held the familiar Elecsword once more. Charging at the enemies, Voltman shot off a small bolt of lightning towards the weakest EarthDragon, which turned a dull white in the air and lost its charge before it struck. Gripping the hilt of the Elecsword in both hands, Voltman let out a roar as he struck at the two Earthdragons that hadn't attacked earlier, lightning flying from his blade as it rent the very air in two.

Voltman panted, retreating slowly in the aftermath of the attack. Did I get them? Shigeru scanned the area, looking for signs of the viruses' activity, but encountered only smoke from the effects of the Elecsword on the nearby terrain. He let out a noncommittal shrug. Voltman sighed. Fine. Just in case, though... A long-barreled weapon appeared in the air near Voltman's left hand, which he grabbed. The gun was a shotgun, both barrels loaded and ready to fire, while in his left hand the Elecsword let out an ominous crackle. Finally, a small sheath appeared at Voltman's waist, a spark occasionally making its way past the hilt of the knife therein before dissipating in the air.
Shigeru cleared his throat, looking at the arsenal. Erm, for their sake... I sure hope they didn't survive... Both operator and navi laughed, knowing to some extent that he was absolutely right.

<Passive: Siphon (20 HP Barrier)>
<Passive: Jolt to SpookyC (30)>
1. Bubblestar1 to EarthdragonA/B/C (20, Trap, Aqua)
<Passive: Jolt to EarthdragonA (30)>
2. Elecsword to EarthdragonB/C (80, +20 due to Element, x2 due to Trap, Elec)
3. Elecsword anything left (80, +20 elemental bonus, Elec)
<Skill: Swordplay (Dodge)>
4,5. Shotgun anything left (50, Splash)(50, Splash)
6. Elecknife anything left (60, +20 elemental bonus, Elec)
<Passive: Dynamo (20 HP heal)>
Voltman discards his old barrier for a new one, and blasts the last Spooky out of existence. Moving on, he sends three bubbles slowly floating toward the EarthDragons, one of which roars, and disappears, as the other two are encased. Voltman jolts the last one to death, before getting crashed into by the attacking Earthdragon, which dispelled Voltman's barrier and did a heavy amount of damage to the electric spearsman. Grunting, the lightning warrior cut down the other trapped EarthDragon, before attacking the returning one. He then loaded shotgun rounds into the virus, which did the job. Finally, he brandished his elecknife and healed himself.

EarthDragonA: DELETED
EarthDragonB: DELETED
EarthDragonC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Voltman: 170 HP [ElecKnife]

Get: CountBomb1, 1350z
Voltman winced, checking his armor where the dragon had hit. Dynamo had restored some of the structure integrity, but there were still fractures in some of the larger plates. No matter. He picked up the zenny, grabbed the battlechip, and stopped.
Hey, Shigeru. I can't seem to recognize the battlechip data. "HeatDragon"? Voltman asked, showing the data readout to his operator. Shigeru ran a quick search, and came up with nothing.
That's... odd... well, here, I'll run the analysis of the chip myself. But for now, we'll have to keep it out of the folder. He said, downloading the data onto the PET and starting the scan to find out just what it would do.
Voltman shrugged. So, continue?
Shigeru responded quickly. Just a sec... yeah. Dang. 100 zennies short of our upgrades. No matter. He gave the go-ahead, and Voltman wandered farther into the net.

(Battle 4, 170 HP)
VoltMan continued further into the net till he encountered a large group of Elebees swarming around him. They're going to be tough to handle, but other viruses came out of nowhere and prepared to attack! Get ready!

Elebee EXA: 110 [Elebee Group: Circling around VoltMan]
Elebee EXB: 110
Elebee EXC: 110
Elebee EXD: 110
Elebee EXE: 110
DharmaA: 90
DharmaB: 90
DharmaC: 90
DharmaC: 90
HandyA: 80
HandyB: 80
HandyC: 80

VoltMan: 170

Terrain: 100% Normal

SECOND ROUND?! Voltman yelled, startling several nearby navis. Shigeru "shh"ed his navi, waving his hands.
All it means is we have more time to prepare! We still get to fight. Shigeru explained. Voltman grumbled, and continued on his way.

Voltman continued with his course for several more minutes, looking left and right for signs of viruses. Suddenly, he stopped, tilting his head sideways and hitting his helmet several times.
Shigeru was understandably confused. Problems? Voltman continued to his the sides of his helmet for a few moments more, before straightening out and answering.
Yeah. A buzzing sound. Almost like a... Voltman turned, and didn't so much as flinch as he saw a bee stinger, writhing with electricity, not three inches from his face. Bee. The Elebee flickered in and out of the visible spectrum, warping around Voltman. The buzzing intensified, and soon Voltman found himself surrounded by no less than five of the electric bees. He didn't say much else, cracking his knuckles as he prepared to fight, with only a small request as a glowing barrier swiftly covered his armor. Shigeru, I can't see past the Elebees. Give me some help, here.
Shigeru nodded, pulling up a birds eye view of the battlefield. Voltman was identified in green, the enemies red. Seven enemies were approaching from the edge of the field. More incoming. Looks like... four Dharmas and three Handies. But you're going to need to get out of those bees first. Voltman nodded in agreement.
Areagrab, then? He asked, keeping careful watch on the dartings of the bees.
Why dodge them when you can kill them? Give 'em a taste of this! Shigeru said, slotting in the Moonblade and DBLBEAM chips along with the requested Areagrab.

Voltman's emblem suddenly glowed with light, red and blue swirling around the bolt of lightning depicted in the circle. A small progress bar appeared on his visor, depicting the charge of the DBLBEAM.
Voltman wasn't about to wait for that to finish to start his assault, though. A spear materialized in the air next to Voltman's right hand, which he grabbed quickly, sending the Moonblade data into the weapon. Gripping the very end of the spear, Voltman struck it against the ground. Upon contact, the shaft of the spear separated into many shorter segments, each connected with a small line of data. The spearhead lengthened and sharpened, turning into a longer blade.
Voltman let out a yell and swung the chain around. The blade sliced through the air, curving behind Voltman from lack of force to begin with, but eventually reaching its full extended length. Voltman spun on the balls of his feet, using the weight of the spinning weapon to counterbalance his own. The blade sped up, slicing through the ranks of the Elebees with a blurring speed, a small maelstrom of data brought around in its wake. Soon, with the attack finished, Voltman snapped the spear back to its normal configuration.
Voltman grabbed the shaft of the spear in both hands, channeling the energy of the DBLBEAM through his arms. Red and Blue light ran around his armor on either hand, flowing upwards into the head of the spear. Lifting the weapon into the air, Voltman activated the chip, and a wave of blue and red energy flew outwards from the head of the spear, engulfing the battle in the ambiguous energy of the DBLBEAM. Voltman wasted no time getting away from the no-doubt irritated elebees, though, leaping into the air and disappearing in a bolt of lightning.

A second bolt struck behind the Handy viruses not a moment later. A blue-green energy sword in hand, Voltman reappeared, yelling as he began his assault. Slashing from behind the Handies, he let loose blow after blow, determined to delete the baddies before they were able to loose their countbombs on the battlefield. Jumping backwards, Voltman dashed towards the Dharma viruses next, even as the sword in his hand began to glow yellow and spark electricity. Fear the lightning! The first three Dharmas were the closest, and those were the ones that Voltman targeted, leaping into the air for the final few feet before spinning around in midair, the blade traveling in a devastating arc around the foes. Landing nimbly, Voltman flipped into the air in an attempt to dodge what might be incoming pucks, using his movement to reach the final enemy. Including the final Dharma at the beginning of his spin, Voltman continued his slash to travel along the length of the first line of attack, hoping to strike any enemies that he had missed the first time.

Electricity sparked from the ground, traveling over Voltman's armor in search of damage to repair, while two globes of white energy balanced on the tip of the lightning rods attached to Voltman's shoulders. Thin beams of data connected them to the spear Voltman was holding, as he looked around the battlefield warily for any enemies.
No way that could have worked. No possible way... could it?

<Passive: Siphon (20 HP Barrier)>
1. Moonblade1 to ElebeeEXA/B/C/D/E (90, can hit up to 8)
2. DBLBEAM to all (40 damage to all enemies, or 30 healing to Voltman)
3. Areagrab to behind Handies (Teleport)
4. Widesword to Handies (80, can hit up to 3)
5. Elecsword to DharmaA/B/C (80, +10 elemental bonus, Elec)
<Skill: Swordplay (Dodge)>
6. Elecsword to DharmaD/Any Missed(80, +10 elemental bonus, Elec)
<Passive: Jolt [x2] to any surviving Elebees (30)[x2]>
<Passive: Dynamo (20 HP Heal)>
The viruses only caught a short glimpse of VoltMan before getting completely obliterated into dusts. Not only did he completely made quick work on the viruses, VoltMan also managed to heal his damages from previous battles in the midst of everything.


VoltMan: 200

Terrain: 100% Normal