Solo Group Busting

Via the standard beam of light, SplashLady emerged in the deeper, darker version of her native Net. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that she was actually here..."Er, Sabrina? It's kinda creepy in here..."

"Oh, no you don't. You're the one that wanted the challenge, so you're getting one whether either of us likes it or not. Now, march!"

"Aww...oh well, it's still kinda neat to check out Rogue Nets!" ...Okay, that didn't fool anyone...she was nervous, and it was painfully obvious. But maybe if she just marched forward, she'd feel better. And so, the mermaid Navi moved into the Net proper, keeping an eye out for future foes.

(searching for Battle #1)
The mermaid moved towards the darkness beyond her keeping an eye out. Some viruses were knocking their heads against one another, presumably to train for foes when they were bored. Nobody ever came into the Rogue Net, really, these days. As she moved closer, the viruses spotted her and made a move to approach her, albeit slightly lazily. The ominous floating heads readied themselves for battle, burning with a strong red fire in the darkness of the void that was Rogue Netopia.

Megalian-H: 160HP {40}
Megalian-H: 160HP {40}
Megalian-H: 160HP {40}
Megalian-H: 160HP {40}

SplashLady: 275HP

-Battle 1, Netopia, Hard Mode, FIGHT!!-
...Giant burning heads. Not exactly what SplashLady expected to bump into. "So, what are these things? They're covered in fire, so I guess they're Fire element?"

"Nope, they're not Fire. They just have Fire-element auras, according to these virus notes. Once you get rid of the aura, they're no more elemental than a Mettaur!"

"Good, for a sec I thought this was going to be too easy!" Hmm, now that she was actually in a battle, she could feel her nerves easing up. Perfect. "So, if we're going to beat these guys, we have to destroy those auras? That sounds like a pain..."

"Normally, yeah. But just like other elemental stuff, elemental auras have a weakness. So if you hit it with the element it's weak to, the aura goes away AND you still get the attack in. Just like it was never there!"

"So, since those are FireAuras, Aqua attacks can pass through them?"

"Yep. Lucky break for us it's not another element, huh?"

"Got that right!" Deciding that waiting around any longer was a bad idea, the mermaid Navi raised her spear, the tip beginning to glow a light blue. Almost instantly, a tiny sphere of water began to form at the edge, which began to grow into a significantly larger blob in a matter of seconds. And then...its growth stopped. Upon seeing this, SplashLady lowered her weapon, pointing it towards the group of Megalian. Considering the water globe didn't follow, it seemed to be rather pointless...but once the attack direction was declared, it rocketed forward, eventually hitting something and exploding in a rather enormous aquatic blast. Even if one hadn't seen the explosion, they could certainly tell the extent of it; every part of the ground around it had been saturated with water, to the point where the Navi had basically created her own personal pool. "So much for those auras!"

So much for the auras? More like so much for Sabrina coming up with the gameplan. "H-Hey! I didn't tell you to do that! I mean, it was probably a good idea, but can you at least fill me in before you pull something like that?!"

"I could, but that'd just waste time! Like right now! We don't have all day, you know!"

...Oi, SplashLady was going to be a real pain to operate compared to SplashMan, wasn't she? "With an attitude like that, you're waiting all day! Got it?"

"...Fine, whatever..."

"Glad you understand!" Now, for not one, but two of a red and blue battlefield, the other of a Weather virus. "Now, for the element of surprise! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, Blizzard! Double slot-in!"

The mermaid vanished from her present spot in the Internet, reappearing behind the floating heads with what looked like an air conditioner for a right hand. It proved to be every bit as chilly as it looked, as it spewed forth freezing winds ahead, capable of enveloping even the hottest foe in solid ice if the conditions were just right. Of course, it wasn't exactly a huge, Net-altering gale..."Any other ideas?"

"As a matter of fact, I do!" Two more water-based chips were sucked into the PET by the Netopian girl's hand. "For now, Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in! And for later, Battlechip, TrainArrow! Slot in!"

Blizzard's mechanism faded, as SplashLady's spearhead began to grow considerably in size and sharpness, until it was less a spear, and more a sword with a very, very long handle. The plan was simple enough: any viruses that remained sta-er, floating would get cut in twain. And if a good slicing wasn't enough, that TrainArrow would probably kick in fairly to just sit back and evade until it triggered.

[Order of Turn:
1-Flood Cannon sig attack on Megalian-H group (80, Aqua, Blast 2, creates Medium Sea terrain)
2-AreaGrab chip to behind Megalian-H group (teleports user, raises accuracy)
3-Blizzard chip attack on Megalian-H group (100+15, Aqua, creates Ice terrain, higher freezing odds on Aqua-element terrain) (Aqua Boost)
4-AquaSword chip attack on Megalian-HA, Megalian-HB, and Megalian-HC (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)
6-TrainArrow1 chip attack on SplashLady (+30+15, Aqua element to buster shot next turn) (Aqua Boost)]
SplashLady began her assault by forming a large blob of water, blasting three of the Fire Megalians in a watery flood, bypassing their auras. Immediately responding, the Megalians that lost their auras launched their heads forward, but SplashLady was already gone, behind them! She then unleashed a freezing blizzard of death and desolation upon three of the floating heads, deleting two of the viruses, destroying the final virus' aura and freezing it as well as bumping it down to critical health! Finally, she came up and sliced one of the remaining Megalians, halving its health. The last capable Megalian tried to avenge its comrades, but failed as SplashLady managed to easily dodge the attack. Lastly, her TrainArrow began to form slowly on her hand, signifying the initialization of the chip program, ready for attack.

Megalian-HA: DELETED
Megalian-HB: DELETED
Megalian-HC: 65HP
Megalian-HD: 45HP (Frozen!)

SplashLady: 275HP
Perfect, she was not just then. But SplashLady was still pretty happy with the results, especially with her hand making one final transformation. "So, is the plan as obvious as I think it is?"

"Yup. No point in outsmarting ourselves!" Sabrina started putting her used chips back in her folder, now that she was no longer needed for the complete and utter destruction of enemy viruses. "Have fun!"

The mermaid Navi took a good look at the two remaining Megalian, before raising her right arm, which now featured a fully formed bow. "Oh, I will!" The tip of a razor sharp arrow peeked out from the center of the new weapon, and after the usual moment of aiming, revealed itself in full as it sailed forward, its intended target being a non-frozen head. And yet, despite its power, it proved to be only one of several, as a second water-based projectile was released from its bow prison towards the less mobile virus. While that would probably be enough, SplashLady decided to make double sure that the battle ended right then and there, performing second shots on each surviving virus. And that was that...she hoped. Just in case, she widened her stance slightly, in case evasive maneuvers were required.

[Order of Turn:
1-Buster shot on Megalian-HC (85, Aqua)
2-Buster shot on Megalian-HD (85, Aqua)
3-Buster shot on Megalian-HC (85, Aqua)
4-Buster shot on Megalian-HD (85, Aqua)
5-Dodge (if necessary)
6-Dodge (if necessary)]
The Megalians were utterly helpless against SplashLady's barrage of arrows and were deleted in a quick instant.

Battle 1 - Victory!
Rewards: 2000z
"Well, that was easy!" And she was worried about a challenge. SplashLady pointed her spear at the remaining data from the viruses, causing it to vanish from the Net and reappear in the PET she was connected to. "Huh, that seemed like just plain ol' cash data. Plenty of it, though!"

"Fine with me. We can always use cash, after all!" Especially that much of it. "Everything's all set to go again, so you can start searching again whenever you're ready! ...But just remember, that's probably the absolute easiest it'll ever get for us here. You better be ready for a real battle from here on!"

"I know, I know!" Waving her operator off with her free hand, the aquatic Navi got ready to start walking further into the Rogue Net, trying to mentally prepare herself for what would probably be a trickier group of viruses. The fact she still had to work fairly hard for that clean first win made her take pause for a moment before beginning, though...

(searching for Battle #2)
Being ready for further walking, SplashLady suddenly pauses for some reason. We have no idea why, just that other viruses start to come and look at this strange Navi wandering in such a desolate place. Some floating spectres of glowing yellow come flying at breakneck speed from out of nowhere, seemingly challenging the aquatic mermaid, whizzing around the Navi like a pack of angry bees. Some of them seemed a bit off-color, though...


It seems that they didn't like the intrusion of their personal space.

=Irritated Viruses!=
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10EX: 50HP
Maru-10EX: 50HP

=Intruding Mermaid!=
SplashLady: 275HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

=Battle 2, Irritated Bugs, FIGHT!!=
...Yep, a trickier group of viruses. SplashLady took a couple of moments to familiarize herself with her new foes, which proved to be easier said than done given that they were just flying around. The fact they sounded like they were crackling with electricity didn't exactly inspire confidence, though..."I've got a bad feeling about this..."

"Eh, no problem! I'll just bring up some notes on them, and-" Uh...what? Why was she staring at a nice, big 'NO DATA'? There was only one thing Sabrina could think of that she could do..."We're in serious trouble...the notes Dad gave me don't say anything about these guys. I'm guessing they're Elec element, with the noises and stuff, but I dunno anything else..."

"Well, that's just lovely. I'm probably weak to them, we don't know anything about them, and they won't even stay still so I can get a good shot! That's kinda a triple threat..."

"Yeah...well, they DO have pretty low HP, so almost anything can wreck them if you can land it. Just gotta focus!" Speaking of which, she should start focusing on sending over some chips to help her Navi out. Let's see...there were 5 regular ones, and 2 EX ones. 5...sounded like a nice excuse to fight speed with speed. "All right, if they're gonna just fly around you, I say we take the fight to them! Battlechip, DashAttack! Slot in!"

The aquatic Navi raised her left arm, as her hand vanished, and transformed into what appeared to be a Fishy virus. As soon as she lowered it down to eye level, however, it spread its wings, and began to race along just above the floor...taking its host along for the ride in the process. Fortunately, she was used to it, and started twisting her arm a bit to the left and right in order to steer. A little later, the attack was complete, and so SplashLady gracefully glided back to solid ground, landing with barely a thump. She thought for a moment about creating a little water-based havoc by herself...but decided against it, having already invoked a 'tude from Sabrina last time. "So, what's next?"

"Hmm...well, you worked hard with DashAttack, so sit back and let me do the work for this one!" They were electrical and liked darting around...perhaps they should do the same. "Well, not so much me, as the attack itself...Battlechip, Arrow! Slot in!"

The mermaid blinked as something else electric-based formed in the battlefield...fortunately, instead of a painful Maru-10, it was a friendly (yet still painful) EleWasp. Lacking the instincts of a typical virus, it quickly locked onto one of the EX viruses, extended its large stinger, and made, for lack of a better term, a beeline towards the electrical disturbance. However, as it approached the virus, something interesting seemed to happen, which was not lost on the viewing Navi..."Hey...did Arrow just attack both of those things?"

" that you mention it, they did look like they were pretty close together...maybe you can do that with Maru?" Huh...if that was the case, that'd make fighting them in the future a lot easier. Good to know. "Anyway, we should try some wide-area attacks. And since they're Elec...I think it'd be appropriate if we used this! Battlechip, Boomerang! Slot in!"

SplashLady's hand transformed once more, this time becoming some strange boomerang dispenser. And appropriately, it already had a curved piece of wood out. No fancy preparations were needed for it, all she had to do was aim, and swing her arm, causing the boomerang to fly forward, arcing in an attempt to hit leftover viruses. ...If there were even any. Everything was moving so fast, her head was starting to spin just processing it. "Hey, Sabrina...think you could send something a little less aiming intensive?"

"Sure! Lemme see...ah, this should work!" Okay, it still involved aiming, but it didn't involve having to try to shoot moving targets. "First, Battlechip, TreeBomb! Slot in!"

The boomerang dispenser faded, making room for...the Navi's usual hand, with a large seed resting in it. She simply flipped it forward a bit, landing well short of any actual enemy. But that wasn't the end of that. "Okay, you can send it over now!" Right on cue, the hand altered its shape once again, this time into a blue hose nozzle-like form. A little odd that Sabrina didn't shout out the chip name...but then again, it was incredibly obvious to both what it was. It took little effort to take aim and blast the seed with bubbles, which would cause it to explode into a storm of wooden spikes that could shred any enemy that still remained alive. And just in case they didn't, she took a couple small steps back, getting ready to avoid future incoming attacks.

[Order of Turn:
1-DashAttack chip attack on Maru-10A-E (90, Impact)
2-Arrow2 chip attack on Maru-10EXA and Maru-10EXB (130, Elec, Homing)
3-Boomerang1 chip attack on Maru-10B, Maru-10C, and Maru-10D (60, Wood)
4-TreeBomb1 chip attack to in front of Maru-10 group (60, Wood, WoodTower effect if left alone, +30 and WoodTower effect if hit by Aqua attack)
5-Bubbler chip attack on TreeBomb1 (50+15, Aqua, Spread 1) (Aqua Boost)
SplashLady began the attack by rushing some of the Maru, hitting one and causing the others to panic and scatter erratically around her. She then sends an Elebee rocketing after an EX Maru, which could not evade the bee's tenacious chase, and was deleted. The remaining EX Maru retaliated by releasing an electric attack, hitting SplashLady for a large amount indeed! (70) It then formed a barrier around itself as a precautionary measure. Following up, SplashLady then released a Boomerang to some of the Marus, whose quick nature allowed them to evade the Wood attack completely. Then, as she lobbed the TreeBomb seed, she quickly blasted the seed with a Bubbler attack, launching a ferocious WoodTower attack which impaled one Maru upon the, uh, face, if you can call it that. The Marus retaliated by releasing shock after shock against SplashLady, who couldn't dodge them all, receiving one tazer shock on the arm. (60)

=Irritated Viruses!=
Maru-10: DELETED
Maru-10: DELETED
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10: 40HP
Maru-10EX: 50HP (10HP Barrier)

=Intruding Mermaid!=
SplashLady: 145HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
W-Wow...that went WAY worse than she would've anticipated. SplashLady couldn't even think of anything to say, instead simply sinking down on one knee in exasperation and pain. She took a look at the remaining Maru-10, wondering how in the world she was going to be able to so much as hit them...

Sabrina picked up on this, and decided to try and snap her Navi out of it. "Hey, Earth to SplashLady! We can't delete them if you just stare at them!"

"Easier said than am I supposed to hit those things? You saw them just now..."

"Sure did. But you know how you definitely don't hit them? By not attacking them! We just need to keep at it like we always do!"

"I guess...but how? If I stay away, they'll dodge whatever we throw at them. And if I get close, I'll get zapped! I'm not gonna lie...I really wish I was someone else right about now!"

"Well, too bad! You're you, and we can't change...that..." On second thought, that could be arranged...but there was one thing they should probably do first. "Well, gimme a sec, and I'll get on it! But first, let's try and make that one hiding in the barrier toast! Battlechip, AquaNeedle! Slot in!"

The mermaid Navi raised her left hand, causing three sharp needles to suddenly appear in the sky, and begin a descent upon the most powerful remaining...whatever that thing was supposed to be. She failed to watch its attempt to destroy both barrier and virus, however...she was too busy wondering why Sabrina didn't flat out mock her wish to be someone else. "What do you mean? It's kinda impossible for me to be anyone else..."

"Not necessarily...remember why you were originally created! SplashMan wasn't compatible with Cross technology, but you are, and you have Crosses! Thanks to that, you can sorta be someone else!"

...Of course, it was so obvious. So obvious, in fact, that it was almost impossible to see it. "So that's what you meant...well, what are you waiting for? Let's shred these things before I turn into a lightning rod!"

Funny SplashLady should say that, considering the Cross she had chosen. "Actually, you're going to be a lightning rod anyway. We're gonna fight fire with fire!...Or in this case, Elec with Elec!" Sabrina brought up a scarcely used screen on her PET, with two options; a yellow lightning bolt, and a green '+/-'. She quickly selected the former, then braced herself for a total appearance switch. "Cross system, online! VoltCross, activate!"

The Navi's spear suddenly began to crackle with electricity, causing her to let go in surprise. However, instead of dropping like physics would normally dictate, it remained floating in the air, and in fact began to spin around her rapidly. In the span of a couple of seconds, almost all elements of her clothing choices vanished, save for her now finless helmet, and the blue armor, which, whether it actually usually did or not, now covered her completely from the neck down.

From there, the spear's electrical energy began to strike SplashLady herself, but this failed to negatively affect her in the least. In fact, it caused her armor to turn completely black. Some of the energy began to materialize on her upper torso, forearms, pelvic area, and feet, granting her thicker, yellow armor on those locations. Her helmet absorbed it and became yellow as well, as gray lightning rods extended from the ear protectors. Finally, a dark visor lowered, allowing her eyes to be somewhat hidden from others without affecting her own vision. Her physical transformation complete, she grabbed her spear, allowing the high voltage to course through her, which returned to the weapon, and altered its tip from its dull, water controlling form into an energy based, razor sharp edge. With that, all that was left to do was inform her operator as to the completion of the altering..."VoltCross, activated!"

Wow, just looking at SplashLady like that made her hair stand on end. In fact, Sabrina had to take a moment to feel her hair, and make sure it wasn't sticking straight up. "Nice! Now, before we carve up those Maru things, I think we should heal you up, don't ya think?" Okay, now where was that chip...ah, there it was. "Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

The newly electrical Navi glowed for a moment, as much of the viruses' assault became for naught. She didn't really mind the aftereffects of the attack at this point, but suffice it to say that HP recovery was always nice. "Recover120 received and utilized! Ready to slice up those Maru!"

Uh...okay? Someone was acting awfully direct all of a sudden...oh well, it was probably just an effect of the Cross. "Well, if you're ready, no need to wait, then!" Of course, they had limited means to do it with...and by limited, she meant one. If she ever used Crosses more often, they'd need to get a couple more. But she could worry about that later. "Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, AquaSword! Double slot in!"

The not-quite-a-mermaid-anymore Navi warped from where she stood, reappearing near some of the remaining same element viruses, and with the tip of her spear now the more familiar shape of a wide water-based sword. Extending the blade forward, she delivered a devastating side slash, with an unusual precision she didn't normally exercise with AquaSword. If something survived, it probably wasn't for lack of accuracy; they just evaded it well. However, they would still have to contend with a second, equally pinpointing slicing attack delivered immediately afterwards. However, it wasn't quite the same as the first, as it allowed the temporary sword expert to sidestep an imminent attack. Of course, that motion could prove either incredibly helpful, or utterly pointless in a variety of ways...

[Order of Turn:
1-AquaNeedle1 chip attack on Maru-10EXB (20+15, Aqua, hits 3 times) (Aqua Boost)
2-Activate VoltCross (Become Elec/Sword, +10 to Elec chips)
3-Recover120 chip on SplashLady (120, Recovery)
4-AreaGrab chip to Maru-10 group (teleports user, raises accuracy of next attack)
5-AquaSword chip attack on Maru-10C, Maru-10D, and Maru-10E (80, Aqua, Slashing) (Sword Mastery accuracy boost)
6-AquaSword chip attack on Maru-10C, Maru-10D, and Maru-10E (80, Aqua, Slashing) (Sword Mastery accuracy boost)
6x-Dodge (Swordplay)]
The barrier-shielded EX Maru got a little careless in its whizzing around, thinking it had outsmarted the mermaid Navi. But then, it was pierced mercilessly by two of the needles fired by SplashLady. Then, Sabrina initiated SplashLady's VoltCross, rendering her weakness to electricity null and void. Then, the Maru-10 were about to attack when SplashLady disappeared from their sights, reappearing near them and slicing them up quite cleanly with her newfound swordplay skills.

=Irritated Viruses!=
Maru-10: DELETED
Maru-10: DELETED
Maru-10: DELETED
Maru-10: DELETED
Maru-10: DELETED

=Intruding Mermaid!=
SplashLady: 265HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 2 - Victory!
Rewards: MaruBlaster2, 2700z
As the last Maru bounced lifelessly across the ground, a slight wind gusted across the net, and a small flurry of leaves swooshed into the area. Collecting into a solid mass with a humanoid shape, they burst loose once more, revealing... DruidMan.

Druidman approached nautical Navi. "Yo, Splash-dudette." he said friendlily, choosing to acknowledge the current GMO's gender in use, despite knowing SplashLady's true nature. "Druidman, dude. We met briefly at the tournament lounge. My operator thought it would be a good idea for me to come and tag along with you down here, and your operator... Sabrina, right? She agreed, man." he explained.
By the time DruidMan had arrived, SplashLady had already performed all of her post-battle duties, as well as reverting back to her normal, aquatic form. At this rate, they'd have the money for some awesome upgrades in no time..."Hey DruidMan. I sorta remember you, but some of my memories from before I existed are kinda fuzzy." Okay, they were going to team up. Awesome, she could use some help. "Well, no point just sitting around doing nothing, right? Let's get busting!" And thus, the mermaid Navi took a few steps forward, before turning around and motioning for the Wood Navi to follow suit.

(presses battle counter reset button) (ready for Battle #1)
Forging ahead into the dark depths of Rogue Netopia, Druidman and SplashLady were illuminated by several eyes from the darkness. They came to a platform, seemingly out of place in a deserted area like this. The eyes continued their watch. Eventually, most closed their sight to the two, not registering any threat from casual exploration. Some brave souls ventured out for a fight, although they were definitely not left out in the cold...

-Front Lines-
Twinner1A: 150HP
Twinner2A: 150HP
Twinner1B: 150HP
Twinner2B: 150HP

-Back- (2 Actions to Shooting Range)
CanoGuard2A: 150HP
CanoGuard2B: 150HP
CanoGuard2C: 150HP
CanoGuard2D: 150HP

(Twinners are matched to the one who has the same letter)

Terrain: 80% Normal (Platform), 20% Missing (Surrounding Area)

SplashLady: 265HP
DruidMan: 450HP

Eight viruses...not too bad considering there was two of them. Still, all those eyes staring at her made her feel a bit uncomfortable. "Yeesh, I didn't think we'd get an audience for this battle..." SplashLady pointed her spear forward towards the twin cyclopean twins, as if preparing an attack. "All right Sabrina, look up these guys!"

"Yes, master..." Shaking her head, the aforementioned operator quickly brought up her notes on the so-called Twinner. "Well, that's annoying. If you don't delete them in pairs, they'll just revive each other!"

"...I wish we had that kind of power..." Though quite impressed by their ability, the Navi's gaze remained fixed on the immediately present viruses. "I've got an idea! First, I'll make sure those Twinner are toast for good. Then you can move up and work on those CanoGuards, DruidMan! If you can't do it on your own, I'll come over and help you out! Sound like a plan? ...Good!" Of course, she didn't even give him a chance to speak. Like it or not, that was going to be the plan.

"Oh sure, come up with the plan, not like I don't already have tons of things to do..." The Netopian girl actually seemed a little disappointed that she didn't get to come up with a strategy. "But, fine, whatever, chips that hit several viruses at once it is..." Okay, let's see...looked like this turn was going to be nice and watery. Oh well, SplashLady would like that. "Battlechip, WaterLine! Slot in!"

Normally, the mermaid Navi's hand would've begun to transform into a Raingear, WaterLine's associate virus...but this time, it didn't. Instead, her spear tip began to glow, as water began to form in the shape of a Raingear, which promptly opened its mouth. As it did so, small amounts of water began to flow from the panels beneath a pair of floating black viruses, which quickly erupted into full-fledged geysers. After a few moments, the water blasts ended as suddenly as they began, leaving no trace of their for some possibly damaged Twinner.

But that wasn't what Sabrina had focused on. "Uh...when did you learn to do that?"

"I'll tell you later! For now, we need to focus on these viruses!"

"Yeah, because focusing is totally easy when you're wondering stuff..." Oh well, there wasn't much she could do about it...not without doing things that were REALLY stupid from a NetBattling point of view, anyway. "Well, whatever. Battlechip, TwinFang! Slot in!"

SplashLady's spear once again found itself with an addition; this time, however, it possessed a sharp, appropriately fang-like projectile on each of its sides. Just as though they had formed on her arm, she positioned her spear so that it pointed directly in between the pair of viruses, and let the enamel missiles fire, using each of the Twinner's single eye as a target for them. Once the distance attack was complete, she lowered her spear, and shifted her gaze over to the other pair. "So, what are gonna do for these guys?"

" about the usual? Even though I haven't really sent it very much lately..." Two chips featuring Lark viruses...oh yeah, it felt good. "Battlechip, WideShot! Double slot in!"

Once again, the Navi's spear tip glowed blue, rich in water energy once again. Unlike last time, however, it did nothing beyond that. This time, she simply took stock of the virus twins' positions, then horizontally slashed the air in front of her. That air became infused with Aqua power, and rocketed forward like an ordinary WideShot attack. She sliced again, causing a second wave of water to jet ahead towards her foes. Now, if she had done well, that SHOULD have wrapped things up. But if it hadn't..."We should attack them once more to make sure we don't get any revived viruses, shouldn't we?

"Yep! Let's stick with the Aqua attack theme, though. And we're ignoring TwinFang!" Yep, more chip least this was the last one. "Battlechip, Blizzard! Slot in!"

SplashLady's weapon of choice became illuminated once more...but this time, it shone white. She rushed forward towards where the cyclops viruses had once remained unscathed, and released the icy energy pent up within the non-lethal spear in a mighty, close ranged ice storm. Perhaps it was too intense; she couldn't see if any Twinner still lingered in existance.

Of course, Sabrina wasn't about to help her visibility. "And the defense! Battlechip, IronShield! Slot in!"

As soon as the snow blast stopped spewing forth from what could pass for a sharpened stick, a large metal shield formed in front of the Aqua-based Navi, which she just...somewhat stared at. "Well, that's all I can do...your turn, DruidMan! Good luck!"

[Order of Turn:
1-WaterLine1 chip attack on Twinner1A and Twinner2A (80+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
2-TwinFang1 chip attack on Twinner1A and Twinner2A (70)
3-WideShot1 chip attack on Twinner1B and Twinner2B (60+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
4-WideShot1 chip attack on Twinner1B and Twinner2B (60+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
5-Blizzard chip attack on Twinner1A, Twinner2A, Twinner1B, and Twinner2B (100+15, Aqua, creates Ice terrain) (Aqua Boost)
6-IronShield1 chip on SplashLady (2-hit shield)]
Druidman had already spun around to cover both his and SplashLady's flank. "How did four immobile viruses sneak up behind us, anyway, dude?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"Er... bad programming?" Steve suggested idly. While he doubted that any virus could really get the drop on Druidman, much less an immobile one, it wasn't much of a disaster to warrant getting all bent out of shape over. "Whatever. Between the two of you, I'm sure you can take care of this." Steve said, popping in a couple of chips for his Navi. "I'm sure you'd like to show off a little, so I put some aces in the hole already. SplashLady doesn't seem to be not pulling any stops out, either." he added, looking sideways at his readouts.

"Okay, dude." Druidman replied, coming to the same basic conclusion, although from a much different line of thought. "Hm, these are strong, sure, but together I think they lack that last little punch, Steve."

"Well, sure. Do you want me to do everything for you?" was the operators reply, with a slight roll of the eye.

"Oh. OH. Gotcha, man." Druidman said, closing his own eyes. He began to mutter softly under his breath, but it was loud enough to hear a rich, baritone singsong flair to the words. The ground seemed to dance to the beat set, and Druidman opened his bright, green eyes and yelled aloud. "RAMPANT GROWTH FORCE!!!"

As soon as the words escaped his lips, the ground exploded with life. All around the immobile viruses a lush, thick carpet of natural wonder sprung upwards from the ground, blanketing everything around it in a verdant green.

"That looks better." he commented to no one in particular. "Now then, dudes..." and he drew his scimitar, twirling it around him a bit before bringing it even with his face, where he glared at it and said a few words of power.

At first, it seemed the attack had failed. Druidman's scimitar seemed to be rejecting the chip data, as it had puckered and sagged under it's own weight, almost as if it were melting and falling apart into a corrosive mess. Druidman didn't seem concerned, however, and merely swung upwards madly, like batting at a fly that only he could see, sending a huge, sloppy wads of melted, gel-like metal raining down before him.

As the metal flung itself off of the blade, a new, clean, fresh blade was revealed underneath. Druidman examined it briefly before he slid it back where it belonged, and then he raised his left hand, pulling the gauntlet on it into place as he wiggled his fingers. The decorative leaves around his fist had turned shades of red, as if Autumn had come early, and twisted and curled to be pointing forward.

Likewise, Druidman held his fist forward, parallel to the ground and wavering back and forth across the ranks of the cannons before him. He could see them preparing to fire, but he didn't care. He'd be the one walking away from this, that was certain.

Somewhere, on an alternate plane of existence, someone cringed. Someone had just used a pun in the multiverse, and this being HATED it.

Back where everything belonged, Druidman had finished concentrating on his targets, much like they were no doubt doing to him, and let loose with a salvo of triple leaf missiles from his gauntlet, screaming and twirling though the air like a bird in a strange horizontal dive bomb.

1.)Rampant Growth Force to CanoGuard2C. [1WoodX90+Slashing+LargeTerrainChange(Grass), Ground] <B>
2.)Metagel2 Battlechip to CanoGuard2A/B/C. (130Aqua+Slow/130Aqua+Slow/130Aqua+Slow) <B>
3.)Charge Battlechip.
4.)Charge Battlechip.
5.)Magnum1 Battlechip to CanoGuard2A/B/D. [120Fire(x2Terrain)+Break+PanelBreak/120Fire(x2Terrain)+Break+PanelBreak/120Fire(x2Terrain)+Break+PanelBreak] <A>
As the lady of water and the druid of nature began their attacks separately, the viruses readied their offense. SplashLady began the assault with a roaring torrent of water, damaging a couple of Twinners quite severely, coupled with twin fangs that pierced through the two like butter. The other two weren't going to be left deleted, and with their locked-on sights on both of the Navis, they unleashed their fire, hitting both dead-on (60 - Splash) (60 - Druid). Unfortunately, their success wasn't for long, as the aquatic mermaid shot blasts of water, ending their victory fanfare.

Back in the back, the guarded Cannons quickly realized that their comrades had been decimated, and most quickly put up their guards. That, coupled with the fact that Druidman was really a bit too far away to hit any of them accurately, protected them from the nature-aligned Navi's enormously powerful attacks. One, though, tried to avenge its allies by locking onto Druidman and firing a shot. Its bravery was rewarded, for the shot hit (80 - Druid), but it also got hit itself by one of Druidman's leaf missiles.

-Front Lines-
Twinner1A: DELETED
Twinner2A: DELETED
Twinner1B: DELETED
Twinner2B: DELETED

-Back- (2 Actions to Shooting Range)
CanoGuard2A: 150HP
CanoGuard2B: 150HP
CanoGuard2C: 150HP
CanoGuard2D: DELETED

(Twinners are matched to the one who has the same letter)

Terrain: 30% Grass, 20% Cracked (CanoGuards' spot) 20% Ice (Former-Twinners' spot) 10% Normal (Where Splash & Druid are standing), 20% Missing (Surrounding Area)

SplashLady: 205HP
DruidMan: 310HP
Well, she got hit, but all those Twinner weren't going to be reviving any time soon. And since CannonGuard viruses couldn't move, deleting those oughta be a piece of cake for DruidM-


...Well, it wasn't the first time she'd been wrong. He did realize they were kinda far away from them, didn't he? All SplashLady could manage to do was shake her head and sigh..."No offense, DruidMan, but don't ya think you should've gotten at least a little closer before unloading enough stuff to destroy half the Net?"

"All right, I know that was kinda bad, but he probably isn't feeling very good about it himself..." Sabrina whipped out a single chip, and started flipping it in her fingers for a moment. "But he got hurt pretty bad, and you're still all right...I think we should help him out!" With that, the chip was pushed into the PET's insertion slot. "Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

A pink light formed around the mermaid Navi, but instead of healing her, it began to condense into her left hand. With that, she made her way over to DruidMan, before patting him on the back. She would've done the shoulder, but the odds of her doing that without at least jumping were fairly low. Stupid height difference. "Well, I guess everyone has bad days, huh?" The recovery energy began to leak from her glove, making its way into his body and healing some of the wounds from the locked-on attacks. "Anywho, I got another idea!"

"Another one?!" Oh, come on...she wanted to do SOMETHING other than just give her Navi chips. That was mind numbing and boring. Especially the boring part. "...Okay, go ahead..."

"Well..." SplashLady started to move towards the viruses, but pointed her spear back at at the nature Navi. "You've used Aqua and Fire chips. That means Elec is the only off element, and if you've used the others, I bet you've got some lightning attack or something! And guess who can make Elec attacks really strong?" Aha, now she was definitely within range. Her weapon's dangerous edge (for non-apparent reasons) was moved so that any attack fired from it would head towards the remaining enemies instead of her ally. The tip began to glow blue, causing the space in front of it to begin to collect water. There was no rhyme or reason as to where it was coming from; it just seemed to gather from thin air.

Speaking of air, the water had formed a nice sized blob, and sailed through it towards those three CannonRaid. Now, all it had to do was hit something, be it virus or solid ground...SPLOOSH! Seemed it hit something, as the water exploded as if there was a bomb in it. There wasn't, of course. It was just H2O. Kinda made her wonder how it exploded in the first place...but that wasn't important. The noteworthy part was that there was plenty of water-based terrain where the attack had landed, which meant DruidMan's Elec attack would be nice and incredibly painful. ...Come to think of it, that didn't sound good to her, either. Thus, the mermaid Navi started to backpedal away from the cannons and the potentially dangerous water. Backpedal faster, she was getting far, far away!

"You do realize the flaw in your plan, right? The part where he might not actually have any good Elec chips, like you assumed?"

"Uh...hmm, that'd be a problem if he didn't, huh?" SplashLady looked over towards the druid-based Navi, and gave him a 'oh please oh please make me look like a non-idiot' look, then gave her remaining enemies a good stare. She doubted someone that made it as far in the tourney as he did would screw up royally twice in a row, but just in case of an emergency, she wasn't about to get hit by cannon blasts if she could help it. ...Granted, considering these were upgraded CannonGuards, it was possible she couldn't do a thing. But dang it, she was trying anyway.

[Order of Turn:
1-Recover120 chip on DruidMan (120, Recovery)
2-Move towards CannonGuard2 group
3-Move towards CannonGuard2 group
4-Flood Cannon sig attack on CannonGuard2 group (80, Aqua, Blast 2)
5-Get away from CannonGuard2 group
(BUMP, IN THE NAME OF STEVE...or something...)