Druidman: RegularGuy

A gust of wind blew across the net, bringing in leaves that swirl and form... Druidman.

Druidman righted himself, and looked around. It wasn't nearly as crowded in ACDC as he remembered. In fact, it was pretty much deserted. "Uh, dude?" Druidman said.

Steve laughed. "Well, I did do one teeny little non-normal thing. I punched you through to the second level of ACDC, where the stuff is a bit stronger." he explained. "Didn't want to make things too easy for you, you might have gotten flabby." he snorted.

"Flabby, dude?" Druidman said, "Yeah, you lay off the tortilla chips and canned ravioli, and then we'll talk flabby, man." he laughed.

"Oh, piss off." Steve grumbled, and Druidman laughed again as he wandered off into the strangely quiet ACDC.

((Battle 1))
DruidMan's presence in the bleakness of ACDC Rogue Net was a bit disturbing, as a Navi hadn't landed himself here in a long, long time. In fact, what few lifeforms were around saw DruidMan as an alien being, and most likely a threat. Ready to put their lives on the line for their homeland, the three brave warriors approached the foreign monster, revealing their true forms to DruidMan... Go, young Metools, and fight for everything you hold dear!

Metool2A: 100 HP
Metool2B: 100 HP
Metool2C: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

DruidMan.exe: 250 HP

"Oh, this doesn't seem so bad, dude!" Druidman said as he sprung into battle stance. "I should do okay against these dudes." and he drew his scimitar.

Steve flipped out a few chips and slotted them into his PET. "Druidman, They don't look much tougher, but I bet they are faster than regular Mets. Slow them up with these!"

Druidman nodded and charged the first chip into his blade. This was a domain that Druidman had unlocked, but was not intimately familiar with. He hoped his lack of experience in Ice magics wouldn't hinder him here. His blade became superchilled, and he fired a wave of ice the rolled across the surface of the Net towards these new Mets.

Knowing that it would be foolish to assume that everything was killed by that arctic blast, Druidman channeled another chip into his weapon. This was an element he had not yet unlocked himself, but he still was already gaining a certain fondness for this chip. Perhaps Steel would be the next element he would unlock. At any rate, the blade became tacky, and rubbery, and with a flick upwards, a blast of gooey metal rained downwards in the wake of the ice.

Druidman then raised his gauntlet and felt the small wooden shield form there. He wasn't gonna take any chances, even though he felt fairly confident.

1.)Icewave2 Battlechip to Metool2A/B/C. (100Aqua/100Aqua/100Aqua)
2.)Metagel2 Battlechip to Metool2A/B/C. (130Aqua+Slow/130Aqua+Slow/120Aqua+Slow)
3.)Guard1 Battlechip to self. (Reflect60)
4.)Reserved for Dodging.
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
Those who stand together stand tall. Those who guard together... Well, they don't die. At the first sight of the cruel beast's icy attack, the three young heroes lined up side-by-side and took refuge under their red helmets, leaving the frozen strike to only wash over them harmlessly as ice crystals bounced off their helmets.

The monstrous Navi would not relent, though, as a swath of metallic goo erupted from the blade and hurtled towards the staunch defenders in the wake of the last attack. And, once again, the strength of these fine fighters would remain undaunted as they dove under their helmets once more and let the slime wash over them. In a slight unforseen circumstance, though, the leftover goo that puddled at the feet of the brave heroes would render their agility lessened.

With wills unshaken by this, though, the courageous trio arose from within their helmets to face their adversary, looking him straight in the eye, as if to say... You will not take this land so easily, you fiend!

DruidMan would have a Guard and some quick movements prepared, but the fell into the void of uselessness against the strength of the civil disobedience delivered by the unwavering oppressed.

Metool2A: 100 HP (Slowed, In Line)
Metool2B: 100 HP (Slowed, In Line)
Metool2C: 100 HP (Slowed, In Line)

DruidMan.exe: 250 HP
Druidman stood, flabbergasted. He was sure that there was some madman behind this atrocity, he just knew it. But he needed to keep himself calm, he didn't want to risk anything bad happening to himself.

"Don't worry Druidman, I think I have a plan." Steve said confidently. He slotted in a few more chips. "I think you'll get the idea of them."

Druidman nodded as he received that data. That... would probably work. He closed his eyes, letting calmness sweep over him, into an almost meditative like realm. He felt nature around him, and willed his own nature to spread outwards from himself, to surround himself in calming scenery. He could feel a spring meadow sprouting up and outwards from his feet, and felt better instantly.

Now on a lovely grass plain, he picked up his fallen scimitar, and sunk it gently into the soft earth, and channeled the next chip into it. "If I can't get you guys from the top, then bottom's up, dude!" he said as he poured fire energy into the sword, which pumped liquid flame down into the ground, and up bursting out of the ground ahead of him.

Let's see how THAT works.

1.)Grasszone Battlechip to Terrain. (TerrainChange)
2.)Flameline1 Battlechip to Metool2A/B/C. (70Firex2Terrain/70Firex2Terrain/70Firex2Terrain)
3.)Reserved for Dodging.
4.)Reserved for Dodging.
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
The barren landscape around the combatants transformed as blades of soft grass spurted out of the ground. A peaceful sight indeed, but it was not long until the brave young Metools realized just how terrible an omen it truly was after feeling the raw heat emitting from DruidMan's scimitar. Sure enough, a line of fire erupted from the blade stuck in the ground, and the heroic guardians could do little but watch as the blaze raced across the grass towards them, scorching every blade as it went. One of the courageous guardians came to the grim realization that not everyone would survive this... And he could never risk the lives of his friends for his own. This glorious martyr dragged itself through the goo tying it down towards the fire line, baiting it towards him and away from his two friends. And, within an instant, the two other Metools saw their ally completely disappear in the fire, never to return.

This... this is unforgivable! This villain barged into the home of these young viruses, with no intent but destruction! And now, one of their own has fallen to the beast! Needless to say, the remaining duo had pure vengeance on their minds. Having spread out a bit to not let their fallen friend's sacrifice not be in vain, the two Metools waved their pickaxes through the air before striking them to the ground and producing a pair of fast moving shockwaves. The first raced straight to DruidMan, which he adeptly dodged. However, through the cunning of the second fighter of justice, DruidMan's dodge led him straight into the other shockwave, which rocked through his body before dissovling into nothingness.

Metool2A: BURNED
Metool2B: 100 HP (On Grass)
Metool2C: 100 HP (On Grass)

DruidMan.exe: 180 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Grass (split down the middle by FlameLine)
Druidman fumed a little. These were the most infuriating viruses he'd ever had to face thus far. Surely they were guided by some sinister force that had nothing better to do than to torment poor defenseless people just trying to make an honest living. If that were the case, then said force is clearly a sadistic asshat.

Shaking his head, Druidman got his head back in the game. He couldn't afford to mess around much anymore. He lifted his gauntlet and held it in his other hand, the leaves on it were already hardening into cones. His eyes locked on the first virus, then the second, and then back to the first. He knew where they were, and that was all he needed. Flinging his arm forward, the leaves launched off like rockets, rockets that spiraled through the air, and back down to the earth.

Not wanting to take a hit again, Druidman produced a wooden shield to defend himself, and keep himself light on his feet. He would overcome this dastardly force, no matter the cost.

1.)Charge Magnum.
2.)Charge Magnum.
3.)Magnum1 Battlechip to Metool2B/C/B. (120Firex2/120Firex2/120Firex2)
4.)Guard1 Battlechip to Self. (60Reflect)
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
Seeing the leaves flying towards them, the two remaining heroes of freedom buckled down on the grassy ground, lowered their helmets, and brace for the coming storm... At least, that was the plan until the storm exploded in a giant ball of flame. Even had the young heroes realized the attack's true nature and their helmets hadn't disintegrated on contact, the grass that had provided them cover before roared to a fiery life and swallowed the newly-christened martyrs whole.

DruidMan's shield held steadfast agains the smoldering pile of nothing he was facing.

Metool2A: BURNED

DruidMan.exe: 180 HP

Terrain: 100% charred beyond recognition


Rewards: Guard2, 600z
Druidman dusted his hands, gathered up the data, and continued onwards, oblivious to the plight of slain.

((BATTLE 2))
News spreads fast on the Net. Rogue Net is no different, as word of DruidMan's slaughter campaign soon reached the ears of just about every virus within a 10 mile radius. So it didn't take DruidMan long to find his next victims: a chill wind ran up his spine as a trio of Spooky2s materialized in front of him with a sour glare on their faces, showing pretty clearly that they weren't happy with this intruder.

The local viruses weren't taking any chances with DruidMan at this point, though, as elaborated by the wind suddenly turning rather warm as a single Fishy2 flew to the scene to assist in the intruder's elimination. It became pretty clear in a few moments that these weren't run-of-the-mill viruses either, when DruidMan noticed that, not only was the wind not letting up, it was actually emanating from this angry quartet. Here's hoping they're just full of hot air, DruidMan.

Windy Spooky2A: 80
Windy Spooky2B: 80
Windy Spooky2C: 80
Windy Fishy2: 150

DruidMan.exe: 180 HP

"Druidman, be careful, those guys look kind of weird." Steve cautioned his Navi. "Plus they are all the type that would come at you head on to attack."

Druidman nodded. "I think that they are wind enchanted or something, man." he said eyeing the Fishy carefully. "That guy could toast me if I'm not careful." he said. "But I have an idea. None of these dudes will attack me unless I lock eyes with them, right?"

"Not quite." Steve replied. "If you take too long, they will probably attack anyway." he was trying to remember the last time he fought Spooky viruses. "I think that these guys dodge pretty well." was all he could come up with.

"Hmm." replied his Navi. "Well, shouldn't I throw out an attack that's really, really hard to dodge?" he pondered. "I'll have to stay pretty dodgy myself, too, dude..." he thought.

"Got it!" Steve exulted. "Sending two chips your way. I hope that this works."

Druidman nodded in comprehension as he received the data. "You think? Well, okay."

The first thing he did was a quick tumble to the side to re jumble up their attack pattern. Popping up to his feet, he channeled the energy of the first chip into his scimitar, which was suddenly free and at his side, where wild flashes of electricity flew from it. Spinning the blade around and around over his head, and a spiral of energy began to form, with a quick flick of his wrist, he sent flying into the windstorm.

Knowing that standing in one place for too long would be potentially fatal, Druidman ran to the right quickly. But then, he stopped, and scanned the field of viruses until he found the biggest threat.

He locked eyes with the Fishy.

Knowing that if he messed this up, he was in some serious trouble, and not even knowing if the virus was going to behave in the way he thought it would, he began to charge at it, in a deadly game of what he hoped to be chicken.

Too bad he had an ace up his sleeve, he smiled, and he held his fist aloft...

2.)ElecReel1 Battlechip to WindSpooky2 group. (80Elec all)
4.)Prepped attack: GolemHit2 Battlechip to WindFishy2. (190Norm, Break, PanelBreak)
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
As Druidman waited for the viruses to attack, one of the spookies made the first move, teleporting right into his face, he had managed to dodge at the last second as the Spooky barely missed and let the Elecreel fly into the other two Spookies, turning them nice and crispy, deleteing them without a second thought.

The Fishy sped towards Druidman, sending a trail of flame behind it as it crashed into Druidman, but, the druid was ready as he sent a fist right into the eye's of the Fishy, deleteing it on impact, but Druidman could feel the burning of the fire even after the attack, it slowly burned at his data, taking another small chunk off his total.

Windy Spooky2A: 80
Windy Spooky2B: Same as below
Windy Spooky2C: Electric death
Windy Fishy2: Owned...WITH A FIST!

DruidMan.exe: 85 HP
"Arrggh." Druidman mumbled, swatting himself to put out the smoldering fire. "That didn't go quite as planned, dude."

"No, it didn't." Steve agreed. "Are you all right?"

"Nothing I can't manage, dude." was Druidman's reply. "I've seen worse. One time, at this one concert back in '7X..."

"Er, Druidman?" Steve began.

"Sorry, man." was the nature Navi's reply. "My bad. Just send me whatever, I think I can take it from there, dude."

After that sentence, Druidman continued to make sounds, though at this point, they were an unrecognizable chant. Small tubers began to grow around Druidman's feet, as well as the general area of the Spooky.

Without warning, there was an upsurge in the growth, sending the roots skywards. Druidman, ready for it, wrapped them around his arm, while the others swiftly formed a network to capture the poor Spooky.

Druidman yelled; "SANCTIFIED RECOVERY FORCE!!!" and started the energy transfer.

Letting go of the vines after they had served their purpose, Druidman drew his scimitar. It was glowing. "Eh?!" he exclaimed. "This was an odd one to pick, man!" And he stood fast and firm, swinging the sword around, sending orbs of what looked like liquid sunlight orbiting around him. He gathered up the orbs in front of him, and, palms outward, sent them like a hail of bullets towards the lone virus.

1.)Sanctified Recovery Force to WindSpookyA. (60Drain)
3.)AmatsuHaretsu2 Battlechip to WindSpookyA. (80Norm)
4.)Reserved for Dodging.
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
The Spooky gets it's data drained from it, sending said data back to everyone's favorite druid. Needless to say, said Spooky got mad and warped to Druidman's position and attempted to lick him in the face. It missed as Druidman dodged and blasted it with orbs, deleteing it.

Windy Spooky2A: drained and blasted.
Windy Spooky2B: Same as below
Windy Spooky2C: Electric death
Windy Fishy2: Owned...WITH A FIST!

Druidman: 145 HP


Rewards: Recov30, 675z
Druidman nodded, satisfied. This Rogue Net was giving him challenges, and he was enjoying himself immensely. He cupped the remaining data into his belt pouch, and continued stalking around the general area.

((BATTLE 3))
Certainly, the Rogue Net was a challenge, but it can't be all fun and game. From some distance away, a loud howl was directed straight to Druidman. In a blink of an eye, the panels Druidman was once standing started to turn into lavas and three prideful Spikeys was standing just before him. Just by the look on their eye, you can see that they're fierce warriors, just hungry for fresh meat.

Spikey2A: 190
Spikey2B: 190
Spikey2C: 190

40% Lava, 60% Normal

Druidman: 145 HP

"Uh oh, dude." Druidman said as he looked at the lava and sinister Spikeys. "I might be in some trouble here, man."

"Only if you get hit, Druidman." Steve pointed out. "As far as you hurting them there should be no problem."

"Uh, what?" Druidman replied, slightly dumbfounded.

"Water Magic. You know, that stuff we spent a fair bit of time on trying to get you to learn." was the operators flat reply.

"Whoa, man. Totally forgot, dude." Druidman said, slapping his forehead. "So, uh, send me some chips?"

Steve obliged while Druidman began to chant his water spell. A cool feeling washed over his body, and likewise, a moist mist flowed forward as a rushing river burst out of the ground. "NOURISHING FLOOD FORCE!!!" Druidman roared as the stream split into a river delta of water, driftwood, and spray. The misty spray flowed back into Druidman, fortifying him and his resolve.

"Okay!" he exclaimed, drawing his scimitar. "Let's do this!" The blade sagged slightly and became tacky, it looked as if the surface was sweating. Flicking the blade around a bit to get it good and rubbery, Druidman launched a mighty swing upward, forming a silvery, gelatinous rain that came crashing back to the earth.

As the blade magically reformed, a gentle hiss came from the slightly warm metal as more cool water enveloped it. Grasping the tip and holding the edge of the blade horizontally parallel to the ground, Druidman fired a wave of water pulsing forward, toward his foes.

Letting go of the tip, Druidman summoned a medium sized ironwood sheild to defend himself whilst he stayed light on his feet.

1.)Nourishing Flood Force to Spikey2A/B/C/A/B/C. (10Aquax2, 5Wood/10Aquax2, 5Wood/10Aquax2, 5Wood/10Aquax2, 5Wood/10Aquax2, 5Wood/10Aquax2, 5Wood/15Heal, StatusHeal to Self)
2.)MetaGel2 Battlechip to Spikey2A/B/C. (130Aquax2, Slow/130Aquax2, Slow/130Aquax2, Slow)
3.)Wideshot1 Battlechip to Spikey2A/B/C. (60Aquax2/60Aquax2/60Aquax2)
4.)Guard2 Battlechip to Self. (120Reflect)
5.)Reserved for Dodging.
Druidman manages to hit the Spikey viruses hard and fast as he hit them with multiple blows, the second and third Spikeys manage to avoid being hit by their second hit, the first had attempted to dodge and get away from the water, but failed and was hit. They then got hit hard by the gel attack, deleting instantly under their weight as the wideshot disapated, as well as his guard. A small pile of rewards, including chip data, sit in the middle of where the trio of spikeys once were.

Druidman: 160 HP

Rewards: V-shot+550z
Druidman breathed a sigh of relief. Sometime overkill was the best option. He gathered up his pile of rewards, and, careful to dodge the lava, continued on his way.

((BATTLE 4))
An unguarded Mystery Data came into view along Druidman's travels. But before he could reach it, a Spooky2 stopped Druidman from proceeding further. It raised its arms and made what can only be described as an archaic and long forgotten form of the raspberry. Two circular sigils glowed from both sides of the ghostly virus, summoning forth two advanced Miners. As it continued to blow its tongue out at Druidman, a Chumpu and a Shrubby spawned close by as well. The Shrubby immediately hid behind the data while the Chumpu punched its mitts together, apparently psyching itself up.

Spooky2: 80 HP
Miner2A: 200 HP
Miner2B: 200 HP
Chumpu: 150 HP
Shrubby2: 90 HP [behind Mystery Data]

Mystery data: 25 HP

100% Normal

Druidman: 160 HP

[Battle 4 - Begin!]