The Divine Quest

"How mysterious..."

Words that followed after a beam of light crashed straight into the Net Area of ACDC once more. Stepping forth in her flowing blue and white robes; a white ribbon sash flowing behind like a drifting vapor, Megami had stepped forth as she looked about the dimmed version of ACDC Network. It seemed, at the very least, that a shadow had been cast on it to her own eyes, but the peculiar violet haired boy picked up otherwise looking on with her with a lifted brow.

"T-that's right!" Xenneth had uttered, "The network changes according to the time of the day. This is ACDC Network during the nighttime. I have never logged onto the Net with you during the night in our world, huh?"

Megami turned smiling graciously at Xenneth. She shook her head, wearily, but turned back to look upon the network, fascinated! "No, but it is beautiful!" she had said. The sky of the ACDC Network had changed according to what was in the sky of the town itself. Even if Xenneth was not within it, he knew well what the sky looked like because of him staying at a friend's house. It had high points where you could see the town's overhead glistening and glimmering stars more so than the hanging street lights.

"Well, we should get going." Xenneth had said with a nod remembering what they logged in for, "If we're to get stronger and work on our teamwork, we need to see how far we can get into this Net Area. Ready, Megami-chan?" Xenneth had asked as Megami nodded her head.

Megami, shuffling her hands in front of her robes and holding them in place, she had ran forth in a skipping-like manner as she was careful about her clothing. She was familiar with the Net Area, but that was during the day. She could only wonder what was lurking during the night.

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Music met Megami's ears as she wandered into nighttime ACDC NET. Following the sounds she came upon a strange sight. Three round viruses with microphones were "singing" a haunting musical number, swaying slowly around a green crystal the size of a basketball. As Megami watched, the green crystal began glowing and a ghost like virus rose up from within the crystal.

The ghost caught sight of Megami and gave a chittering digital laugh. The three melodic viruses turned in shock towards the intruding Navi.

MelodyA: 80HP
MelodyB: 80HP
MelodyC: 80HP
Spooky: 30HP

100% Normal


Megami.EXE: 100HP

~Battle 1: Start!!~
Xenneth shivered!

The eerie sounds were too much! He was not really use to scary movies or ghostly themes at all. He could remember that one time when he cuddled up and held onto Rosetta, his so called "little sister" by her self-entitlement, and waited for a two-hour long horror movie to end. Seeing the viruses play the eerie music, and then the shinning Green Mystery's eerie glow generate a ghost, he almost leapt up out of his seat in sure shock.


"Oh?" Megami cooed as she looked at the open video screen to her right, "What is wrong, Xen-kun?"

Of course, Megami had no sense of fear!

Sure, the music was chilling and the ghost-like virus was something Xenneth never seen before. However, it was beyond Megami's comprehension given her personality and obliviousness to human world nature. She listened to the music was if it was another track of music that she could listen too, and the chilling ghost did nothing more than make her flash a polite smile. She was battle ready, and recognized them as a type of virus with how they appeared, but Xenneth thought of them as some rip from some chilling horror flick.

"N-n-n-nothing!" he lied in midst of his stuttering and lost composure, ""J-just delete those viruses!

Megami was beyond confused, but she complied with a nod and a smile as she was ready. Xenneth was a bit shaky even as he slid in his set of Battle Chips. "B-Boomerang and Bamboo Knife! Battle Chips in, download!" Megami's right hand opened revealing an array of blue light that soon formed itself into a large, wooden arched weapon. Megami was not familiar with it, but the instructions with the program were simple: just aim and throw it!

"Boomerang!" Megami cried, "Sweep!"

The arched Boomerang weapon swung onto the battlefield, rapidly whipping itself around like it was a small cyclone. The weapon's trajectory went for the first Melody virus, whipped around aiming to circle the Mystery Data and to catch the other two in its progressive path. It was an impressive weapon, and Megami, as long as she was careful, would stay out of the weapons path as she prepared herself in a defensive stance.

Megami's arms raised themselves over her head before she tossed them downward in a thunderous whip of her body. Like a crash, there was an explosive blast from her feet as her aura raised itself in an instant, thicker and stronger than ever before. Xenneth was amazed just how strong her aura made itself with the upgrades he supplied. She certainly was a sight to behold as her body within the thick aura was like a dancing shadow. The only identifying body was that of the drawn Bamboo Knife showing a glimmer as she readied the blade for the Spooky virus.

"Bamboo Knife" her cry was audible amongst the flux of energy that came from the aura. It was strong enough to blow against the ears like a strong wind. Megami, letting out her battle cry dashed forth before leaping into the air and bringing down her blade aiming to slash the ghostly virus and eliminate it.


Action 1: Boomerang3 (120 Wood DMG Group Attack{Arc}) {Melody A,B,&C}
Action 2: Divinity Aura (40-HP Barrier) {Megami}
Action 3: Bamboo Knife (60 Wood+Slash DMG;; 6-Uses) {Spooky}

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The raw power of a Boomerang3 whipped through all the Melodies in a single devastating cyclonic arc, leaving the GMD unharmed but deleting all three Melodies.

As Megami raised her barrier, the Spooky teleported next to her and slapped her with its long, flat tongue. The barrier took the hit, leaving the Navi unharmed.

Then the Navi slashed the Spooky with her BambooKnife, cutting it it half. As the last virus dissipated, Megami was left alone with the glowing green crystal. The song had died with the Melodies, leaving the area as silent as the grave.


100% Normal


Megami.EXE: 100HP [30HP Barrier] [BambooKnife: 5/6]

~Battle 1: Victory!!~
Rewards: Recov10, 480z

Open GMD?: Y/N
"W-wait, Megami-chan!"

Megami's BambooKnife was raised dramatically over the slow spinning green diamond. She had raised her brow in surprise, somewhat confused to why Xenneth had stopped her so suddenly. Megami spun to see the video screen displaying Xenneth leaving a gentle light upon her body amongst the darkness of ACDC's nightly hour. There was a tilt of Megami's head as she seemed a bit confused to why he suddenly stopped her.

"Hmm? Is it not a virus?" solemnly she asked.

"N-no!" he retorted, "I-I mean...I'm not sure. It's Mystery Data and depending on what's inside if you open could be a trap or..."

[Megami.EXE Accessed the Mystery Data (Y)]

"W-wait a moment!" Xenneth cried, but it was too late. Megami had already begun to open the spinning diamond of data.


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The GMD opened to reveal... 900z!

GET: 900z
"It is Zenny data, Xen-kun!"

Xenneth breathed easily again.

As the data appeared on his P.E.T. screen, indicating their acquired loot, Xenneth had downloaded the data while he calmed down. It was only moments ago he logged in an already ACDC Town at night was surprising him by the minute.

"Let's move on." Megami responding to his voice with the confirming nod and walking into the next sector of ACDC's Network.


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Arrwwoooo! came a howl sound as three Spikeys materialized over the hilltop and came bounding down the slope towards Megami. Flapping hard to try to keep up were two paper dolls that trailed behind the fire-breathing wolves.

Megami saw something strange as she watched the wolves run at her. When one turned to the side, the other two mimicked the movements exactly. It was as if the three Spikeys moved together as one creature.

SpikeyA: 90HP [Pack Tactics]
SpikeyB: 90HP [Pack Tactics]
SpikeyC: 90HP [Pack Tactics]
PowieA: 60HP
PowieB: 60HP

100% Normal

Megami.EXE: 100HP

~Battle 2: Start!!~
"It is that virus again," Megami said looking at the wolf pack, "and something seems off about them."

The viruses were so uniformed for something with such a scruffy and messy appearance. In a battle before, one was bad enough since it bombarded Megami with rounds of fire. She felt like she was under attack by a furn-...well not like a furnace (since she was actually attacked by one of those), but rather from a volcano itself. Now, looking to the viruses, Megami knew that if one made her feel that way, then three would make it feel like she was amongst the hounds of hell itself. It was not a good look at all!

"We have to be careful," Xenneth exclaimed, "They are acting like a pack of animals on the hunt!"

"Then shall we 'make them unpack' then?"

Broken Japanese language aside, Xenneth had agreed with Megami's way of thinking. He had reached his right hand into the satchel on his side, taking a single battle chip. Of course, it was the Boomerang Battle Chip he had before, and he had to admit, it was a wonderful tool thus far. An idea already came to mind as he could see the horde of viruses, including the trailing two paper viruses that he paid little attention to. They seemed harmless enough...right?

"Allow me to prepare!" Megami cued as she stretched out her arms. With a burst of energy from her body, the aura that appeared around her blanketed her as it risen from her feet and risen up as if it was creeping over her form and coating her from harm. They were in sync as Xenneth did not fumble his battlechips as he slotted one in and Megami had done her part as she used the split seconds between their actions in order to prepare herself for an assault.

"Boomerang! Battle Chip in, download!" Xenneth had called out. The arched blunt weapon appeared on the end of a launcher that Megami had held. Megami had leapt back, drew back her weapon and then whipped her arm forth as she triggered the launch of the weapon with a simple clinch of her digits.

"Sweep!" A cry of the angelic NetNavi's voice accompanied the attack. The weapon curved as it angled to wildly cleave at the Spikey viruses and the paper viruses that trailed behind them. In reality, Megami thought her plan would work, that possibly, that her tactics would separate the wolf pack and make them easy to deal with, or even destroy a couple of her enemies in the process.

It seemed, whether they were aware of it or not, that Xenneth and Megami were becoming quite the team. Even now, the two were vigilant and aware as they looked for success in their tactics...or a dangerous backlash at the very least.


Action 1: Divinity Aura (40-HP Barrier) {Megami}
Action 2: Boomerang3 (120 Wood DMG Group Attack{Arc}) {Powie A&B, Spikey B&C}
Action 3: Dodge! (Get out of Dodge!)

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Megami raises her barrier and launches a powerful Boomerang3. It cuts through all but one virus as they ready their attacks... Deleting all but the lead Spikey before they act.

The lone Spikey launches a fireball at the Navi, but the Navi gets the heck out of dodge and dodges the heck out of that attack. Without the aid of its pack-mates, the lone Spikey doesn't look so hot.

SpikeyA: 90HP

100% Normal

Megami.EXE: 100HP [40HP Barrier]
"One remains!"

Xenneth was surprised that the massive boomerang not only ended the pack tactics, but also left Megami and the only Spikey virus remaining upon the field. It was only proper that he selected a battle chip meant for such an appropriate stand-off. His index and thumb picked out a single chip and his middle finger pressed it between his digits comfortably as he slipped it into the open P.E.T. slot with his brow furrowed. Even as the image loaded upon the screen and reflected in his blue eyes, he retained a serious demeanor.

"Bamboo Knife! Battle Chip In, download!"

Megami's right hand opened as an array of blue light begun to form the handle of the weapon; and the rest of the light formed a sharp blade. The light started to fade leaving a lightly shaded green handle and a glowing green blade that shimmered in the moonlight of nighttime's ACDC Network. There was no grass, but a small breeze could have just as easily lightly tossed the angelic NetNavi's chestnut brown hair.

"Bamboo Knife..."

Megami spoke softly as she reached her weapon to her left side. Her legs stretched out getting a proper stance before she kicked off at a dash with her weapon in hand, taking to heart the lesson she learned from the warrior who left the very blade she brandished towards to fiery wolf virus.

There were three precise swings and nothing more from the female NetNavi.


Action 1: BambooKnife (60 Wood/Slash DMG; 6 Uses) {Spikey A}
Action 2: BambooKnife (60 Wood/Slash DMG; 6 Uses) {Spikey A}
Action 3: BambooKnife (60 Wood/Slash DMG; 6 Uses) {Spikey A}

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Megami's first and third slash hit the virus. In between those, during the second slash, the Spikey spits a fireball into the Navi's barrier. But at the end, the Navi is unharmed and the viruses were all deleted.


100% Normal

Megami.EXE: 100HP [25HP Barrier]

~Battle 2: Victory!!~
Rewards: HeatShot, 360z
"That was fast."

Xenneth giggled. With little to no effort, there were no words needed. No worry had risen.

Megami pressed on to the next area of ACDC Net.


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(Joining the topic with Div's permission)Bolts of data -- or rather, just a single bolt, composed of myriad smaller bolts -- shot down from the Network's "sky" and hit the ground with a loud, high-pitched "CHIT!".

After it's milli-second long life-span, a Navi emerged from its nigh-unnoticeable radiance, beginning in a knelt down position, but slowly rising to his feet.

(Warrior): "It's been too long."

A digital-equivelent of a "screen" popped open next to Warrior's left ear. It was perfectly square, about the length of Warrior's head on every side, yet less than a pixel flat if one were to look at it from the wrong angle. The digital screen was floating -- also capable of moving, rotating, and following Warrior around the cyber world as his Net Op watched from the other side of the display.

(Jake): " ..."

Jake's eyes were closed, as if he were napping -- but he was really awake; he was just resting his eyes. Of course, when Warrior called for him, he'd open them back up and get ready to operate -- but there was really no need to stare at his Navi 24/7.

Warrior stood there, eyes closed as well. He was just a few yards ahead of Megami, but hadn't noticed her yet as he inhaled a deep breathe of the cyber-air.

He'd spent so long locked up in that stupid PET that it felt like a prison.
Finally being free to roam the cyber world was as satisfying as a dog being told they were going on a walk. He'd be wagging his tail right now, if he had one.

Although it'd feel much better if his leash Net-Op didn't have to follow him around every where he went, Warrior figured he'd count his blessings and just be happy to be on the net again.

He'd spend a few more minutes in the soothing silence before moving along -- arms spread-eagle and chin lifted high, as if some sort of refreshing breeze was blowing across his face (when in actuality there was none).

His smile seemed like it'd never leave his face in that moment of tranquility.
"What is that?"

Megami came to a skid before the radiant light that crashed into the Network before her. She had stood still as her legs stretched out to get into a ready battle pose and her blue eyes gazed upon the forming figure; a side-effect of battle that she had been gaining for quite a while now. With one glance laid upon Warrior, Megami had looked over the individual, ignorant that he was indeed a NetNavi considering his features. They seemed almost majestic; real to the point that he seemed like a costumed human beings.

Besides, Megami was oblivious to the nature of the net and humans.

"Xen-kun," Megami spoke lowly as her eyes laid upon the warrior who had stood with a smile and such a posture that exemplified regality. "Is this...a virus?" With that of Megami's question there was a brimming aura that came from her left and right hands. Her eyes reflecting the light from the seeping mist as if it was an open flame. It had no crackle, but a sound continued to come from her body as if it was the continuous hum of a machine pumping electricity.

"No-" Xenneth stopped realizing what he was asked.

"I think..." he tried to comprehend as he looked Warrior up and down from his view.

"I do not know." his final answer.

Megami had approached, slowly as she stood before Warrior. Her eyes gazed deeply at him as she said the one thing that anyone would ask if they thought something was capable of intelligence:

"Hello!" Truly naïve she spoke, being nothing short of herself.


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(Jake): " Zzz--*snort*--ngh, GAH! CANNONBATTLECHIPINDOWNLOAD!!"

Megami's voice was soft, but enough to wake Jake from his sleep (even though he told himself he'd stay awake). He quickly grabbed a battle-chip from his pocket and went to shove it into his PET -- thinking he had woken up in the middle of a conflict -- but completely missed the Slot-In port of his PET and ended up tossing the chip into the shallow pond he was sitting next to, instead.

Warrior was much less jumpy -- but his smile dropped to a blank expression as he listened to his Net-Op making a fool of himself. Still in his ridiculous stance, he peeped one eye open to see who had addressed him.

(Warrior): " ..."

The one eye quickly looked at Megami, toe to head, then immediately shut.

Well that was certainly an embarrassing way to meet a girl -- frozen in a posture with his arms and legs spread wide, as if he was inaudibly asking to hug her or something.

Of course, he didn't mind allowing her to stare at him for a little longer, but it'd be better to break the awkward barrier sooner than never.

Warrior tightened his eye lids and made a loud yawning noise from his throat as he spread his arms a little wider and popping his chest out -- giving off the impression that he had just finished stretching. Because that's what he was doing... or at least the closest thing he could fake from his previous posture.

No doubt Megami would wonder why he was frozen in his previous (mid-stretch looking) position for so long before she introduced herself, but he already had a clever excuse for that, and answered the question before it was even asked.

(Warrior): " Sorry... Lag."

That... seemed viable enough.

Jake had finally fished his chip out from the pond and dried it off, but only to put it away as he realized there was no imminent threat.

Warrior started smiling again -- whether it was because he finally had someone to talk to other than Jake, or because it was a girl was difficult to determine and more or less didn't matter -- but he remained silent for a second or two, determining whether he should introduce himself first, or let her.

(Warrior): " ... Hi."

Decision made: He'd go first. Supposedly, that's "the way it's supposed to go" anyway.

Extending his right hand, but maintaining eye-contact with Megami, Warrior placed his left hand on his chest (as if addressing himself) as he waited for Megami to accept the "handshake" invitation his extended arm sent.

(Warrior): " My name's Warrior."

He almost went on to introduce Jake, but decided not to. The kid was old enough to do his own introducing.
In spit of this, Jake continued to sit there silently, waiting for Warrior to make the introduction anyway.

Naturally, it would never come.

Megami sounded the term out puzzled. The look on her face was like a child's: eyes wide, her right index finger curving around her lips, and leaning close to Warrior to the point that she could probably peck her nose at his chest if he puffed it out once again. She was not sure what this "lag" was, but it certainly was a strange gesture. Maybe she should try it later....or not seeing it sounded like some sort of rude gesture that he had to apologize for?

Xenneth would most likely understand...

Either way, this was certainly an interesting interaction for Megami. She had, not once, interacted with another custom NetNavi like herself. He had features that stuck out unlike heel navis, normal navis, and special school-based NetNavis that the teachers used at DenTech Academy's private High School. After giving a glance, Megami had stood up right, her posture up right and observing the gesture of the NetNavi that was familiar with his greeting.

Now things feel normal again!

Megami, returned the NetNavi's handshake as she reached out her right hand to his own hand. Her left went to her supple bosom as she pressed upon her NetNavi icon at her chest. The icon's wing-like picture was pressed between white cotton and shimmering surface of her rounded flesh upon her chest. "My name is Megami." she mimicked the pose as well as the introduction as well. Her hand shook once..twice...thrice..


"Uhhh..." Xenneth realized what was happening, "Uh oh."

Well...Megami had not known when to stop a handshake. That was Xenneth's next lesson.

So, with smile emanating warmth and a tiresome handshake that had a length of time that went between friendly and creepy, Megami continuously shook Warrior's hand as she stood there with a gleeful expression and not another word between them. Xenneth simply slapped his right hand upon his forehead as he wanted this moment of embarrassment to be over.

He swore he felt like a parent trying to raise a full grown child.


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((I will... but it's too funneh to just stop now xD. Also, Warrior's font suddenly changes colors! WHOOSH! ))" My name is Megami."

" Pleasure to..."

Warrior stopped mid-sentence at about the 3rd shake, and by the fifth, he looked down to their hands -- his lips still stuck in the same position he had left them after finishing his last syllable, and his eyes opened slightly wider as they watched their hands continuing to go up and down and up and down and--

" meet ..."

-- and down and up and down, et cetera.

" ... you."

He looked back up to Megami, eyes still wide, and smiling slightly uncomfortably as their hands continued shaking. He'd let his arm go limp a while ago, and felt it would be rude if he pulled back before she was finished.

"[sub] ... eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two...[/sub]"

Having Jake mumbling, counting each shake in the background was equally as disturbing.

But she was still going. And going.

Warrior looked back down at their hands, then back up at her again, hoping she'd get the vibe from that, because he really didn't want to have to say it.

" *Ahem*. Um... soo..."

"[sub] ... forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty...[/sub]"

This was really starting to hurt his arm now.

" what... um ... brings you out here?"

Warrior kept up the nervous grin and slooowly turned his head away to see if there was anything he could change the subject with. Or at least something demanding enough attention to outright end the conversation.

Best case scenario: she recovered by laughing it off as a joke or something.

Worst case scenario: she ended up shaking his arm out of socket. Or her own.

REQUEST: Battle #1
With long, long, why won't she stop? introductions had. The new battling duo could set out on grand adventure, and they wouldn't have to venture for long before they encountered their first real challenge together. In the form of a trio of Metools, just in front of a set of CannonDumbs. But, there was a prize to be had, treasure to be won, for behind the packs of viruses, a gleaming green gem floats, waiting for rescue. Oh no! Whatever will the new tag-team do?!

CannonDumb A: 50HP [Left] [Behind Metool A]
CannonDumb B: 50HP [center] [Behind Metool B]
CannonDumb C: 50HP [right] [Behind Metool C]
Metool A: 40HP [Left]
Metool B: 40HP [center]
Metool C: 40HP [right]

100% Normal

Megami: 100HP
Warrior: 100HP


--Team Busting Battle 1, Start!--
Warrior looked left for a distraction, but saw none. Then, as he looked right, he noticed the pack of viruses spawning nearby.


" Well, I'd love to keep shaking your hand Megami, buuut it looks like we've got company."

With a grin, he gently slid his hand out of Megami's and rotate his body to face the viruses -- crouching down ever so slightly as if he were about to make a dash or a leap.

" Jake! Send me a Swo--"

" Rolling Log! Battle Chip, In! Download!"

With a short pause, rolling his eyes, Warrior lifted both arms to catch the log that digitalized just above his head.

[sub]" ... It'll have to do."[/sub]

The log was heavy, but Warrior's adrenaline was enough to keep him from getting weary under the weight. Making a far leap from his current position, he landed just in front of the left-side of the virus pack -- not rolling the log, but rather smashing it down on the Metool and the Canodumb behind it in a large, Hammer-like motion as he landed.

" Hehehe... "

" Warrior... I don't think that's the way you're suppose to--"

Ignoring Jake, still holding on to the log, Warrior swung it like a bat at the next two viruses (that were now on his right). Rather than swinging it in a 90-degree angle, though, he spun his whole body 270-degrees counter-clockwise, dragging the log behind his momentum, to hit the other two Mettaurs at the end of his wide-reaching arc.

The Log shattered into blue pixels of data upon impact (or simply upon the end of its duration, should there be no impact) and, being in very close proximities of his enemies, Warrior loosened up and prepared to evade.

If he was lucky, Megami would've been able to finish off the rest of them during his sword log dance.

---------- --------- -------- ------- ------ ----- ---- --- -- -

Action 1 -- Movement (Jump to the left-front of enemy group)

Action 2 -- Free Action -- Precision (+1 Accuracy to RollingLog)

Action 3 -- Rolling Log (50 B-Accuracy, Wood-Damage @ Left Metool & Left Canodumb)

Action 4 -- Rolling Log (50 B-Accuracy, Wood-Damage @ Mid Metool & Right Metool)

Non-Condensed style="width:1000"

[[b]Precision[/b]] -- [40 SP, Passive]
[[i]No target is too quick nor too evasive for a warrior's keen sight.[/i]]
[Once per turn, Warrior may 'Take Aim' with One Attack as a Free Action, boosting the Accuracy by 1-Rank]

Damage: 50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack (2) + Double Attack
Accuracy: C B
Description: Rolls a log at enemies. Can hit up to two enemies at once per log.
Duration: Up to 2 uses before the end of the turn.
Element: Wood
Special: Double Attack: After spending an action to attack with this chip, you may choose to spend a second action and attack with it again before the end of the turn.