Welcome Back, Recon


A flurry of black waves saw an almost naked navi slam into the ground. The body just lay there, almost as if it was unable to move. Yet, it crawled to its feet, wobbling around like a child first learning to stand.

Uhh.. it groaned.

Recon, is that you? a voice asked.

Wh...what? it asked, still half fazed from the jack-in.

Are you Recon? the voice asked again.

I... I don't know... am I?

The voice sighed. Of course they did. Anybody even remotely intelligent would. Do you know what you are? it kept pressing.

No, but I feel... weird...

Of course. Not more than an empty shell. The voice was quiet for a bit. Let's see if virus-busting brings back anything... the voice decided as "Recon" began to walk away from his landing spot.

<[Requesting Battle 1]>
As the navi had the problem with knowing his own identity, a group of viruses nearby could care less as they noticed Recon's presence and immediately rushed towards him. The three metools wildly swung their pickaxes while glaring Recon with their big, googly eyes. They meant business!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Recon.EXE: 100 HP

As the Metools jumped onto the scene, Recon's memory began to run. M...n...fe...fer...fera..ferals! he cried, as if he had a breakthrough.

Metools. Metools. the voice corrected. Use these.

His arms began to morph, much to Recon's surprise. After much shape-shifting, the result was a rather unusual tube on one side and and a shorter, smaller tube on the other.

Umm... now what? he asked. Suddenly, something flew right in front of him as it embedded itself onto his face. *SNAP* WOAH! he yelled as he tried to shake it off.

Well, at least it still wor... what are you doing? the voice asked.

I'm being attacked! he yelled as he continued to pry off the device.

That's your EAAS. Open your eyes and get back up. A sigh, followed by an angry yell and the sound of something breaking. Looks like we'll have to do this all over again. Line your target up and fire.

Moving back towards the angry virii, Recon felt his arm steady as he took aim at his foes. First to launch was the smaller tube as it released projectiles towards the first two 'Metools'. Catching him off-guard, his arm smacked him in the face. Is that supposed to happen? he asked.

No, now focus and fire again.

Alright... he replied as he aimed once again and fired at the remaining Metool. Now what?

Let's wait and see. the voice replied.


T1: Shotgun [50 dmg] @ MetoolA + MetoolB (AA: Snipe)
T2: Cannon [40 dmg] @ MetoolC
T3: See what happens

Recon: 100 HP
S-99 [##]

RANDOM FACT: My first navi was a dumb ape whose attacks had extra chances to hit if they missed.
Recon had some trouble understanding what was going on, but his marksmanship was straight and true as the Metools was shot down one after the other. The shotgun's spray was a hit, but the rest didn't even touch the other virus besides it. Taking this chance, the surviving virus smashed its pickaxe against the ground, creating a small shockwave that traveled through the ground and struck Recon's leg.

MetoolB: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Recon.EXE: 90 HP
You would think that two out of three hits would be great. Only Recon wasn't celebrating; he was crouched on the ground rubbing his leg. That hurts... he groaned.

A light smack, nothing more. Get up. the voice commanded.

Picking himself back up, he looked at the remaining Metool. It stared back. No moral code, no angst, just a will to delete those around it. Who would create such a thing?

Now what? he asked. He got his answer when a object suddenly assimilated itself in front of him and dropped into his hands. Recon took a look at it.

You remember this?

No. As he looked at it again. As he gazed down the barrel, he heard a voice; different, yet familiar.

...with this weapon I proclaim you Recon, militant 15351514...

Number 1535... he started, his voice trailing out as he forgot the rest.

Number 15351514. Your militant ID code.


Never mind. This is your S-99 Sniper Rifle. Capacity allowance render this safe for attachment to your EAAS for now. With that, it rose from Recon's hands and locked onto the left side of his back. It should automatically function through your system. As if it heard the operator, it quickly raised itself to stance position above his shoulder.

Just like before... he repeated to himself as he took aim to the last remaining Metool. Taking aim... the machine chimed as it focused onto its target. Firing. And with that a slim cartridge slide down the barrel and out onto the field, almost silent as it hurtled towards the virus.

Wow. I could get used to that. he laughed to himself.

That's better. the voice agreed. Now this time stand prepared and ready in case you missed.

Okay. But Recon had a feeling that he'd been spot-on. Still, he kept his gaze forward, ready for any retaliation.


T1: S-99 [40 dmg + Phasing [i]+ Seeking[/i] (2 TCD)] @ MetoolB
T2: Prepare to dodge
T3: Hope dodge was effective

Recon: 90 HP / 100

S-99 [<<]
Thanks to the ADVANCED TARGETING SYSTEM of Recon.EXE, even if the metool had gone for some evasive action it would probably not have been able to get out of the way of the navi's S-99 shot. The metool bounded forward with its pickax but was shot out of the air, sent sprawling backwards in a burst of data. In less than a second, the data had evaporated into the wind, leaving Recon victorious.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Recon.EXE: 90 HP


GET: 180z, Guard1
A last cry filled the air, and then silence. As Recon looked over the field to see only swirling remains, many questions filled his mind. He turned towards the voice. Who are you? What were they? And WHAT he emphasised, raising the rifle, is this?

Just put it back on your back and keep moving. it sighed. You don't remember me, but I made you. My name's Steve. I'm a retired professional net-op.

What's a net-op? Recon asked.

A net-op is responsible for operating their own navis. Navis such as yourself "Steve" explained.

Recon took this in. Are you my net-op? he asked.

A long silence filled the air. Finally, a response. I am now.

Not completely satisfied with the lack of information, Recon figured he'd best move on. Moving through what was the battlefield, he noticed a small glowing arc remained.

What's that? he asked.

Battlechip data. Grab it and we'll move on. Steve instructed.

Walking up to the data, Recon grabbed it and watched as it transported itself into his body and out towards the PET. On the receiving end, Steve slotted a blank chip in and watched as a new Guard1 chip popped out.

Well that was cool. Moving on.

<[Enemy Defeated!]>

Recon: 90 / 100 HP

<[Requesting Battle 2]>
Recon, the amnesiac enigma he is, walked along the rather peaceful ACDC network without any trouble. He could see other beginner navis fighting viruses on their own not so far away, and they didn't pose too much trouble as Recon's first battle. However, while he walked without being too cautious, he accidentally tripped over a laser wire. Three green turrets emerged from the ground only a few meter away from Recon; all of them began to warm up their barrels in order to fire at any given moment!

CanoDumbA: 50 HP
CanoDumbB: 50 HP
CanoDumbC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Recon.EXE: 90 HP

As the three cannons blasted out of the ground, Recon entered a ready stance as he analyzed his new opponents.

What are those? he asked.

Those are CanoDumbs. Steve explained. Watch out, they'll fire a nasty shell your way if you stay in the same place too long.

Okay, okay... Recon quickly thought to himself. Can we do that spreading attack again?

The Shotgun chip was already in Steve's hand. One step ahead of you. Downloading now. he confirmed as he passed the chip through the scanner.

Downloading? Recon wondered out loud. It didn't take him too long to figure out what 'downloading' was as his hand and arm once again changed shape, his hand extending and straightening to become a short barrel, while the rest of his arm shifted into the canister and munition unit. As the transformation became complete, the EAAS kicked back in and began to seek its target. At the same time, a large half-sphere began to form on his left hand. It spread to almost half his body, and hardened into a nice shield.

That's what that thing you took earlier was. That'll hopefully repel any returning fire. Now get on with it.

Recon planned out the attack. Take out two with this gun thingy, and maybe reflect the remaining attack back at its owner. Taking aim, his aiming system alerted a warning. Your chances of succes will improve if you move more to the left. it beeped.

If you say so, Recon shrugged, and quickly ran across, hoping not to get shot in the process. As he reached the spot, he turned his aim towards his enemy as the tracking locked down over its target. Firing. it confirmed as it launched a barrage of damage towards the two CanoDumbs, assisted by a pre-set path.

Swinging his shield in front of him, gripping it tightly, Recon prepared for the remaining shot, hoping to collect the attack and return it accurately. Are you sure this will work? he asked.

Just keep your head down. Steve replied, not answering his question in the slightest.


[T1] Move to new spot to increase accuracy.
[T2] Shotgun [50 Damage + Spread1 [i]+ Seeking[/i]] @ CanoDumbA + CanoDumbB
[T3] Guard1 [Up to 60 Damage, hoping to reflect CanoDumbC's attack]

Recon: 90 / 100 HP

EVER WONDER WHY: the official game series calls them Wood panels when they're clearly made of grass?

MATHS 101: The number 1 is not a prime number.
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Recon quickly moved to the side of the Canodumbs, attempting to position his shot so that it would achieve maximum efficiency. The turret viruses began to open fire, but it ran out of luck when none of them made its mark and two of them was literally blown away from their metal stands by the shotgun blast. In retaliation, the last of the Canodumbs fired away, but the bullet was deflected by the Guard and part of its body was chipped away by its own attack.

CanoDumbC: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Recon.EXE: 90 HP [Guard Broken]
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Success. Although one cannon was still standing, it had taken damage and was all alone, a perfect target. As the Guard shattered in Recon's hand, he let go of the fragments, satisfied of the job it had done.

That's going to be very handy. he commented.

You just got lucky, that's all, Steve reminded him. That Guard won't always be there to protect you, so you'd better learn quick about evasion.

Killjoy Recon muttered under his breath. So what's next?

Cannon. he confirmed as he loaded the next chip in. Speaking of evasion, lets try something new. As the Cannon chip travelled through the network and towards Recon, Steve explained, The Cannon has a feature called Knockback. On its own, it pushes unsecured enemies backwards from the force of the shot. However, if placed against a solid surface, the Knockback can launch you over small objects. Get what I mean?

I think so. The Cannon chip merged onto his right arm, and caused the iconic tube to appear. Locking itself in place, Recon ran at the enemy, maintaining his gaze on the CanoDumb. Please tell me this tracking system has AI, he asked of the vizor over his eyes.

I can't fight for you, but I do what I can, a automated voice replied.

Thank goodness. If you can, lock onto the target, and keep it in your sights.

Understood. As he ran towards his target, it continued to spiral in.

Please let this work, I don't want to get hurt again. With that, he quickly squatted down around his Cannon-prepared arm and felt the charge building up. As it fired, the same force that created a small crater in the ground acted as a small rocket, sending him flying over his enemy.

The red circles stayed fixated on the CanoDumb. Maintaining lock-on. the EAAS reported as Recon continued to move through the air.

Switching the S-99 on he confirmed as the sniper flipped over his shoulder and rested at a nice angle.

FIRE! they cried in unison as the barrel twisted and zoomed to the precise measurements calculated by the intelligent aiming system, firing the collection of energies together in the form of a ziplining round towards the remaining virus.


[R1] Action: Evasion around the field to get closer
[R2] Battlechip: Cannon [Use Knockback to enter semi-flight mode]
[R3] Sig Attack: S-99 [40 Damage + Phasing]

Recon: 90 / 100 HP
+--> S-99 [<<]
By use of a neat human-cannon trick, Recon managed to evade the barrel of the Canodumb, and fire off his S-99 with the help of his automated targeting system.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Recon.EXE: 90 HP


Rewards: 300z
Flipping forward, Recon staged the aerial acrobatics so he could touchdown on land with his feet and not his head.

...Unfortunately, Recon only had faint memories of this. His skills were nowhere near close to doing it.


Oww.... he groaned as he got back up. I hope you're enjoying this torture. he scathed at his operator.

I don't enjoy your suffering. Now keep going. Steve ordered.

Whatever, Recon growled as he walked towards the next area of the network.


GET ZENNY: 300 (180 => 480)


<[Requesting an EPIC BATTLE 3]>

However style="background-image: url('http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l136/sjv1988/other/Outer.png');"
Had Recon been paying attention, he would have noticed that upon impact, a small bracelet had detached itself from his right leg and rolled away into the shadows. As he walked off, a large dark figure walked up to said bracelet and, after pausing for a second, picked it up.

I have it. he/she whispered. Continuing observation.
And after some walking, Recon found himself a small group of viruses: pairs of boxers and knights practicing their martial arts. At first they didn't seem to mind the Navi, but one happened to see his rifle, causing the entire group to fly into a collective rage. With flaming fists and swords at the ready, they wanted nothing more than to destroy him, just like that.

Swordy-NA: 60 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
Swordy-NB: 60 HP

---Sissy Ranged Navi---
Recon.EXE: 90 HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Cracked (outlying areas)

---Battle Three, Ready
===Distance vs. Non-Distance
As Steve looked through the PET screen and saw the new set of enemies, he calculated the odds of Recon surviving this battle unscathed. They didn't look too good.

Okay, you've had it easy so far, but four foes of these kind mean you're gonna have to play it safe and watch yourself, Steve warned.

But they're so far away, what could they possibly do? Recon wondered.

Steve let out a sigh. After you come out, I'm sitting you down and making you watch a full library documentary on all virii and battlechips. All those guys can zoom forward, smack you down with lightning speed, and teleport back.

Recon thought about this. So what's the plan? he asked.

Take out as much as we can without moving with the stuff you're used to. Once that's gone, we'll then switch to something new and hope your parrying skills are quick to return. Steve grabbed the Shotgun and Guard chips and downloaded them into the PET.

As the download process started changing Recon's body, Steve issued a warning. These virii are tougher than the ones you're fought against so far. You won't be able to take them out in one hit, so we'll have to work on them slowly and one at a time, if possible, Steve explained.

Recon was getting used to these "battlechips", but the whole idea still seemed funny. Why couldn't the virii download battlechips too? Why did their operators allow their deletion so easily? Were they that weak that they weren't worth saving?

The Shotgun once again shifted Recon's right hand and arm back into the so-far successful gun of wider-spread destruction, the Guard shield also returned, the hard disk of protection taking its place on his left. Instantly hiding behind it, he looked to the rest of the field, namely, where he had to fire.

At your service, the targeting system chimed on cue.

Do...do you have a name? he asked.

...Name? I'm you EAAS. My job is to assist your targeting. it told.

We have to give you a name, he replied as the red circles closed in on one of the Swordys. Left to right, left to right. he repeated to himself as the aim settled on his first target.

Target locked on, the system confirmed.

Edging his arm away from the protection of the shield, Recon charged the shot, closing his focus on the sworded foe. What if he moves? he asked.

Fire before that happens. Like NOw.

As if on command, Recon fired the energy towards his foe, assisted by his exceedingly good focus.

Quick, follow it up with the S-99. Steve urged.

Deploying then. he replied as the sniper swung itself into position over his shoulder. The angle was extremely good: it allowed Recon to remain mostly under the Guard defense while still poking the sniper out into the battle.

Geez, I can't see a thing, he complained.

That's why you have me, the computer reminded him, and as he stared forward, red lines shifted into place, and within seconds Recon had a red-phase view of the area.

How...how are you doing that? Recon questioned the AI, puzzled at how he could now see.

Infra-red phase-shifting sight. It's not perfect, but the Guard shield isn't solid-phase technology, so I can see right though it and draw a picture for you. Aiming at last target. As if the picture wasn't confusing enough for Recon, the two shifting circles reappeared and began closing down on the red-stick image of the same Swordy.

The circles finally crossed and over-lapped. Recon smiled. Firing he confirmed as the S-99 rifle blasted its ammunition towards the enemy.


[T1] Guard [Up to 60 Reflective Damage] => Deployed
[T2] Shotgun [50 Damage + Spread1 +[i]Seeking[/i]] @ Swordy-NA +> ChampyA
[T3] S-99 [40 Damage + Phasing] @ Swordy-NA]

Recon: 90 / 100 HP
S-99 [<<]
Lifting a Guard up to bear, Recon started his assault, with a Shotgun to a Swordy's face, which also hit the Champu behind it, damaging both critically. Naturally, both viruses were not happy about this development, and warped up to Recon in order to deliver an assault. The first swiped its sword against Recon's shield, and promptly got a massive counter returned to its face. The shield was then spent, and Recon then got a faceful of fist before his rifle fired, and deleted the virus. (10x2) The other Champu did stuff as well, but its punches were driven off course by the sound of Recon's rifle, and they both missed. The last Swordy warped to the side of the Champu and took a swipe at Recon, greatly reducing his health by even more. (30)

ChampuB: 60 HP
Swordy-NB: 60 HP

---Sissy Ranged Navi---
Recon.EXE: 40 HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Cracked (outlying areas)
The first Swordy attack was expected. In fact, Recon thought he was doing great as the enemy slowly crumbled and turned into nothing but random fragments as it began the dissemination process. However, the Champy's boxing fists were completely unguarded, and then complemented by the second Swordy's slash. Both attacks were true, and caused the stumbled navi to faulter.

Get with it, Recon, his operator voiced. But no response came back. Recon, Steve called out again, but Recon's mind, for that split second, was suddenly elsewhere...

Can you believe that we passed? a smaller pink navi whispered, nudging Recon in the side.

Quiet, this is a presentation, Recon whispered back, pushing her away. Two other navis stood by their sides, the one next to Recon a taller red male, and the one next to "Pink" another female, but Recon's height and light blue.

Ooh, Recon's gonna be a protective division navi, the girl cooed, again nudging Recon. "Blue" rolled her eyes. Ooh, big whoop, she sneered.

That's it, you better lear- he began, but was cut off as the curtains in front of them pulled back to reveal a large crowd of civilian navis, as well as a monitor on which the real world could see the stage as well. The voice that had been booming to the crowd was now audible to the four.

And now, let's meet those whose shall be there in those times of peril, And with that a large spotlight flooded Recon's vision, causing him to almost stumble as he walked forward. A large, well-built gray navi waited on the stage, with an emblem-coder positioned next to him. The announcer, who had already been talking for some time, continued. First of all, I'd like to introduce the weapons carrier of this team. I give you Recon! and the crowd went wild.

As he stood tall on stage, the gray navi stepped forward and placed the device on his shoulders. Is this good? he asked.

Perfect, Recon replied, as the machine clamped down, hissing slightly as it did so. When it detached, the new emblem insignia flashed three times, and then remained dull.

Get with it, Recon, a new voice replied, twisting the vision out of context.

Great work, son. You're a fully-fledged network navigator now, he confirmed, presenting Recon's weapon of choice, the S-99 Sniper Rifle. This is yours to keep now.

Recon, the voice called out again.

With this weapon I proclaim you Recon, militant 15351514. Make us proud.

RECON, Steve practically yelled.

Hmm? Recon slurred, snapping back to reality.

I believe your operator wants your attention, the EAAS reported.

Huh, what? he questioned, still dozey.

Don't you "what" me, Steve growled. Deploy the shield, fire the cannon, and get back in the battle, he commanded, beginning to get annoyed.

What Can... he began to say, but as his attention refocused on the battle on hand, Recon realised that the Shield and Cannon were already attached, loaded, and command-ready. What happened?

You seemed to have drifted off for a second, the system confirmed, as it began the lock-on procedure. As the circles began to focus on the Champy, Steve pondered the decision made without him.

No. Take the Swordy, it does more damage.

As you wish, it replied as the focus switched targets.

Recon grabbed the edge of the shield, which had taken form under his left arm, and lifted it up into battle position. It was slightly lighter, but Recon assumed that was due to its inability to reflect an attack. Nevertheless, it was free defense, which was always a good thing. Nothing to complain about, really.

As the Cannon's impervious data began to charge inside the canister, Recon put his attention on the Swordy. Let's see you take a slice at this, he chuckled as he finalised the scope and rectified with the targeting system. Firing, he reported as the Cannon once again charged forth towards its desired foe.

Don't do that again, said Steve. You're not good at comedy, and knowing your luck, it'll probably take the shot and hurt you anyway.

Whatever, Recon replied as he began to strafe across the field, heading towards the enemy and watching out for the cracked panels he'd seen lining the area. You just keep me updated on what's next.


[T1] NCP: Shield [Deploy, 1 Hit]
[T2] B/C: Cannon [40 Damage + Knockback + [i]Seeking[/i]] @ SwordyN-B
[T3] RPA: Dodge / Prepare

Recon: 40 / 100 HP
[>~] S-99

[Ooc: I know I didn't RP my actions well, but I like plotlines more than speaking my actions. ^_^]