The Battle of ACDC's Park B

Continued from Davis' and Destin's Meeting in the Park

A cloudy-gray Navi with 'armor' the color of bleached bone layering on top of the cloudy-gray core appeared in a column of multi-colored code. His pale 'armor' covered him like a suit of medieval plate armour. The gaps in the 'armor' showed the cloudy-gray sub-skin beneath. Only his face can be seen in his helmet, which is like a knight's helmet of basic design. What skin could be seen was similar in appearance to that of his operator's, a semi-tan, pinkish-white. His eyes were as cloudy-gray as his core. He had a Buster on his right arm. A hand was visible there as he didn't currently need to fire the weapon, but if he did, it would retract into the weapon like a blade being sheathed.

SINN-MBAP, or SINN for short, looked about at the chaos of ACDC's Park B Netscape. The park had gone crazy only moments ago, almost injuring a little kid who's only crime was trying to play and have a good time. Though the malfunctions in the Real World indicated a dangerous presence, the viral evidence was now blatantly obvious in the Netscape of Park B. SINN just stood there and surveyed the scene, sizing up potential targets, but not taking any real action. Blitz Lightning would be along shortly to help, and the two of them would then take on a small army of virii to save the park.

[Waiting for Blitz, then Battle 1.]
A large flash illuminates the area as charged particles scatter small debris and electrify the surrounding area. Blitz appears her long hair flowing down her back, and the two large bangs covering her face, a piercing gaze hidden behind her hair. she grips her hands in fist and make a dashing stance ready to attack the enemy "ready on your command davis." Her voice is cold almost menacing, as she prepares for battle. her skin tight body suit is perfect for high speed battles and her gloves serge with electricity as her bangs began to lift up showing a very pissed off face. the streaks of lightning began to glow the red turning crimson now and her posture is low her hair standing on end waving as the surge of electricity flows throughout her body and into the surrounding air. Crackles and shrieks fill the air as a battle ready Blitz aims at her target.
Shortly after they both jacked in, the Navis encounter a small group of six helmet-wearing, pickaxe-wielding midgets, jumping towards them in an attempt to attack!


Wait, what was that? It seems like... a half-helmet? It looked like the others, except cleaved in half, leaking data and not wielding a pickaxe, staggering around like a helpless cripple.

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
MetoolD: 40HP
MetoolE: 40HP
MetoolF: 40HP
Meh: 20HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blitz: 100HP

Uncharacteristically, SINN was the first to act. His eyes shifted from one target to another as he raised his Buster arm. As he lifted the arm into an at-the-ready position, his hand retracted into the barrel with a 'shhk' sound. A slight breeze kicked up a tiny bit of code dust and scattered it about his feet as he took aim at one of the helmeted virii. But before he could pull the trigger, the operator sent him a battle chip.

The dust devils at SINN's feet began to pick up in speed as a thin cylinder of rotating code rose from the debri. The blue letters and numbers climbed ever upwards from the floor, encircling SINN, until they passed by the navi's head. Thus completing their task when they reached that high, the code began to fade out of view to whence it came. SINN's eyes quickly tracked the code from side to side as it progressed by his face, until all of the coding had vanished.


After it was finished, SINN's Buster had transformed into a multi-barreled menace. Taking aim at the center of the cluster, Metool's C and D, SINN unleashed a hail of solid-blue energy bullets from his Shotgun. The pellets soared across the battlefield and slammed into the enemy formation. Casings littered his feet as his modified Buster ejected one round after another at high speed. When his ammo depleted, and his gun barrel glowing embers, the Buster returned to its original configuration, just as another code began forming around his legs.


SINN's Buster could not take a break as it now elongated, extending away from the navi, and growing overall bulkier. The heavy artillery was being called out as it were, as SINN aimed his newly acquired Cannon at the lead virus, bracing himself. Pulling the trigger, SINN was pushed back by the substantial recoil, sliding several feet before stopping in a crouched position. There was a loud thunderclap, and a considerable visible distortion in the air, as the Cannon discharged. The blast hurtled a large Buster shell across the battlefield toward the semi-helpless MetoolA. The force of the potential impact would crush the virus more than the destructive power of the heavy, dark-blue missile.

As the weighty cartridge of the spent Cannon shell clunked to the ground beside the kneeling navi, the bulky battle chip faded from continuance once more. This left his trusty Buster behind in its wake, now considerably lighter. SINN stood up and took aim at the back of the weakening infected column and unleashed a substantial blast of stored up energy at MetoolF. The Buster attacks of SINN were a pale white color reminiscent of his bone-colored armor. But the shots were also splashed with a misty dark-gray that writhed about on the projectiles as if clouds drifted across the surface. The ghostly-cloudy slug flashed across the battlefield, just as Blitz began to light up the scene.


1: Shotgun Battle Chip: 50 Null Damage + Spread1 to MetoolC and MetoolD.
2: Cannon Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Knockback to MetoolA.
3: Signature: ABS-2[Advanced Buster Shot - 2]: 40 Null Damage to MetoolF.

ABS-2[Advanced Buster Shot - 2]: 1 CD
"Whoa Destin, not bad, not bad at all. That was good, hey Blitz you ready to throw down and pull our weight?" Davis reaches into his chip bag and pulled out the Rageclaw1, "RAGECLAW1 BATTLE CHIP DOWNLOAD!"

Blitz' gloves spout out long thin claws as the crackling of her electricity grew with a thunderous force. Obliterating all but a few spectacles of code dust, Blitz dashed forward with a ravenous look in her eyes as she stared down her target. With MetoolB locked in her sights, she unleashed a series of ravaging strikes toward him: slashing down and across, then a rocketing slash that screams up into the air, and finally finishing with the throw of a strong axe kick.


Her gaze now turned to MetoolE "Blitz Attack!" she roared. Dashing forward she planted her left foot hard on the ground and sprang to the right, then planted her right foot and sprang to the left. Alternating back and forth she expeditiously reached the target. She then jumped up, turning gracefully as she extended her right leg, and slashed across MetcoolE's face. Landing almost off balance, she turned slightly to the right and kicked straight up into the air.

"Sweet Destin only one more to go!" Davis looked over at Destin with a smile, "Ok Blitz just one more and we might have things under control." Davis reaches into his chip bag and pulls out the Cannon, "CANNON BATTLE CHIP DOWNLOAD!"

Blitz stood straight up and lifted her finger into the air. Her hair flattened out a bit as she appeared to be calming down for the moment. Her gaze seemed to settle down more to a somber look, her bangs where the only thing still standing so that she could see. With a small sigh a large bolt of lightning plummets down into the area of the fractured data fragment.


1: Rageclaw1 Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Slashing to MetoolB.
2: Signature: Blitz Attack: 40 Elec Damage (melee) + Movement to MetoolE.
3: Cannon Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Knockback to Meh.

Rageclaw1: 5 uses remaining.
Blitz Attack: 2 CD
The two navis fearlessly fought against the Metools and found themselves triumphant over the viruses with little problem. All attacks made its mark and the half-virus didn't prove to be any different than the other Metools!

MetoolA: DELETED [Sinn's Kill]
MetoolB: DELETED [Blitz's Kill]
MetoolD: DELETED [S' Kill]
MetoolE: DELETED [B's Kill]
MetoolF: DELETED [S' Kill]
Meh: DELETED [B's Kill]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blitz: 100HP

SINN-MBAP: 250z + 1FXP + [Guard1] Battlechip
Blitz: 150z + 1FXP + [Guard1] BattlechipGuard1 -
Effect: Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage
Accuracy: S
Description: Sends one attack back to the enemy
Duration: Once
Element: None
Special: Negated by Break.
The battle had ended almost as quickly as it had begun. SINN and Blitz took a moment to survey the scene as the defeated virii broke apart into tiny specks of data and disappeared, never to be heard from again. SINN stooped down and picked up the gains of the fight. Destin nodded towards SINN's PET at the acquisition of another Battle Chip and some Zenny, a good start. Then a chime sounded on Destin's PET, indicating that both the Battle Chips used in the fight, and SINN's signature move, were refreshed and ready to be use again. SINN seemed to then have gotten the message to continue, as he saw commotion in the distance. He then ran forward, toward the next battle.

[Advancing to Battle 2.]
Davis does a little dance and jumps up in the air "aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiigghhhhhhtttttttttttttt, good job Blitz." She looks up into davis face with a hidden smile then turns to follow SINN to the next area so that they can continue busting the area's virii and help children have fun in this area again.
After the battle the electric capacitors of the volt box stopped spewing their deadly current at Destin and Davis. However, afterward one of the park lights flickered. Then there was a popping sound as the light-bulb casing attached to the light pole cracked and shattered, dropping a shower of sparks to the concrete below. Destin flinched slightly as the park continued to go to hell around them. He hoped that their navi's could stop whatever was causing this, soon.

The bright side to all this was that Destin's PET then spit out the Guard1 Battle Chip, having just finished downloading and replicating. Destin readied his battle chips for the next round, he was probably going to need them. SINN-MBAP continued his trek toward the next battle.

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The two duo moved along the net, hoping to find more viruses to bust. After traveling a good distance, they found a big group of viruses all huddled in one big circle...however, they didn't take notice of Sinn and Blitz. "Meeep..." The viruses was specifically circling around a Bunny virus, terrifying the virus with their scary appearances and harmless tricks. This went on for a good minute or two until the scared bunny saw the two navi by the side, "MEEP, MEEP!" Letting out a cry of help, this also notified the other viruses of the navi's presence, shifting all their focus to attack Sinn and Blitz!

-Surrounding 'Bunny'-
PulseBatA: 80 HP
PulseBatB: 80 HP
SpookyA: 30 HP
SpookyB: 30 HP
SpookyC: 30 HP
SpookyD: 30 HP
SpookyE: 30 HP

-Surrounded by viruses-
Bunny: 50 HP [Terrified]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blitz: 100HP

SINN-MBAP looked confused as he surveyed the scene before him. Did virii actually fight other virii? It was not something they explained to SINN or Destin when Destin signed up to be an Operator. Well, it was no matter. Viruses were viruses and SINN and Blitz could sort it out when everything lay deleted before them.

The first thing that needed to happen was to thin out the numbers. However, looking over the battlefield, target priority went to the strongest opponents. Destin took a moment to consult his PET for basic virii descriptions, choosing his actions accordingly. Slotting in three chips, one right after another. The data quickly appeared around SINN's feet again, rising to the top of his programming in three loops. The last string was a different color.



SINN raised his arms as he repeated the mantra of the swirling code in a rather lifeless tone. His Buster arm changed, growing several cylinders, and his other arm took on the face of a turret. A long pole extended in one fluid motion from the bottom of the drum and drilled a little ways into the earth below, anchoring the navi in place. With both guns at the ready, SINN aimed at the two Bats. It only took a moment for the two weapons to charge up, barely enough warning before they discharged. A hail of bolts sailed across the battlefield, tearing up the ground as they went, until they struck the area of the cluster.

SINN had a hell of a time keeping his footing as the throwback of his weapons tried to send him reeling. It was only due to the anchorage point that SINN was able to keep his footing. As the firearms ran out of ammunition and began to cool down SINN was able to take a break. His arms returned to normal moments later. Just then the last bit of chapter and verse finished its encoding. The last battle chip was new and was only recently learned, having only finished loading during the space in-between battles. There was little time given to learning how to use it, Destin and SINN just had to put their trust in the chip. A moment later a solid yellow-orange dome, two to three times bigger than SINN, with a centralized green cross, appeared over SINN and settled down over the navi, hiding it from view.


1: Shotgun Battle Chip: 50 Null Damage + Spread1 to PulseBatA and PulseBatB.
2: Cannon Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Knockback to PulseBatB.
3: Guard1 Battle Chip: Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage.
Remaining quiet Davis watched Destin and SINN's initial attack, he stayed quiet this time and looked at Blitz with a smile "well looks like more virii busting, lets do our best." his tone was low and not as loud as it had been before.

Blitz looks across the small distance from her and the viruses as electricity surged through her body and crackled as it shot around her body. snaking around her in a brilliant flash of blues and yellows, lighting up her skin and standing up her hair revealing a longing look from her deep pale ice blue eye's. One of her arms was lifted up grabbing her arm, her slender delicate fingers gripped her arm as she stared up into the sky at first

Davis reached into his chip bag and pulled out three chips, he insert the first chip "Shotgun battle chip Download."

The pulsing lightning grew as blitz' hand fell from her arm and aimed a finger at the cluster of virii. "Jenni" she whispered as a large lightning bolt sprang forth from her finger scattering lighting in the direction of SpookyA and seemed to head to SpookyB almost as if to be homing on it. The lightning bolts were the same color but more vibrant as they pulsed out and catapulted towards them.

"Cannon Battlechip Download" Davis' tone only slightly grew this time as something troubling seem to bother him.

Blitz' finger now pointed to the sky as the force of her thunderous strike could be heard. Aimed this time at SpookyC a flash of blue and yellow rained down coming closer with each second that past. Followed by a roar loud enough to echo in even the ears of the deaf. It's volume and size resemble that of a giants arrow, large enough to pierce the heavens and split the earth.

The last chip Davis inserted he did not say but it was the Rageclaw battle chip. Preparing for the what could happen if things would have been different, he sighed and Blitz knew what she was to do.

Blitz thought about saying has name and maybe trying to say something to make him feel better. She knew nothing she could say would help so she quietly charged towards SpookyD. As she moved forward her slashes slammed down in x patterns at the enemy she now faced. All trace of electricity was gone now as it just seemed to be her and vicious speeds that seemed to even tear apart the net itself. Of course Blitz her self had no such powers.


1: Shotgun Battle Chip: 50 Null Damage + Spread1 to SpookyA and SpookyB.
2: Cannon Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Knockback to SpookyC.
3: Rageclaw1 Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Slashing to SpookyD.
SINN and Blitz both unleashed a dual Shotgun attack at the viruses to tear up their ranks. SINN struck both his targets while Blitz was not as successful, only managing to hit one of the Spookies he had aimed for. While they followed up with a pair of synchronized Cannon shots, the remaining viruses tried to scatter. A Pulsebat and a Spooky were deleted but not before Blitz was ambushed by a teleporting Spooky.

The remaining Pulsebat retaliated with a sonic wave only to have it reflected back by SINN's guard, depleting what little health it had left. Blitz took on a more agressive approach and slashed apart another Spooky with her Rageclaw.

-Surrounding 'Bunny'-
SpookyA: DELETED [blitz]
SpookyB: 30 HP
SpookyC: DELETED [blitz]
SpookyD: DELETED [blitz]
SpookyE: 30 HP

-Surrounded by viruses-
Bunny: 50 HP [Terrified]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blitz: 90HP
As SINN's protective dome vanished, its job completed, the navi wasted no time and leapt forward to engage the last straggling virii. SINN ran across the war zone, sprinting straight at one of the Spooky viruses. His hand once more disappeared into the receptacle of his Buster as he readied himself for close combat. A milk-colored, diamond-pointed shape of hard light extended out from his cannon arm. With this spike extended, SINN tried to drive it into the body of the Spooky virus, twice. Each time he struck at the virii, the power of his weapon depleted.


1: Run to SpookyB.
2: ABS-2[Advanced Buster Shot - 2]: 40 Null Damage to SpookyB.
3: ABS-1[Advanced Buster Shot - 1]: 20 Null Damage to SpookyB.

Cool Downs:
1. ABS-2[Advanced Buster Shot - 2]: 1 turn.
2. ABS-1[Advanced Buster Shot - 1]: 1 turn.
Staggering backward from the slight damage that she took, Blitz looked at the Spooky and then began to slash viciously at it in a rage. She appeared to be outraged by the fact that the Spooky hit her. her eyes were squinted a bit as she focused on the target, her downward slash slicing into the ground and tearing up the terrain.


She stood in front of the Spooky her arms by her side as she quickly jumped backwards and surveyed the damage on the ground. Her eyes gathered information on the area that was abused by her assault. Hair now settled behind her as did her bangs begin the same. She reached up and clutched her arm again and whispered the name "Jenni" her lips left parted and her had began to lowered squeezing her arm a bit tighter.


1: Rageclaw1 Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Slashing to SpookyE.
2: Surveying the terrain
3: Surveying the terrain
The busting duo's attacks hit true as both of the remaining Spooky get deleted. The Bunny that was left let out a squeak of gratitude, and promptly left.

-Surrounding 'Bunny'-
SpookyA: DELETED [blitz]
SpookyC: DELETED [blitz]
SpookyD: DELETED [blitz]
SpookyE: DELETED [blitz]

-Surrounded by viruses-
Bunny: Left

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blitz: 90HP

Battle 2 - Victory!
SINN: 240z, +1FXP with Blitz
Blitz: 200z, +1FXP with SINN
The battlefield was silent once more. Then SINN did something unexpected at that moment, he pumped his fist into the air in victory. It happened for only a moment before he returned to his stoic self. Maybe being around Blitz or his operator for so long rubbed something off on him. His arm dropped back down as he stooped down to acquire the defeated opponent's Zenny, then moved forward to look for the next group of viruses.

[Advancing to Battle 3.]
Snapping out of what appear to be a strange trance that had engulfed both Blitz and Davis. Davis shakes his head and then looks down at the screen "nice job Blitz, with your lightning and skill there's nothing we can't do."Davis poses a little with a cheesy smile on his face, eyes closed and mouth open as he chuckles throughout his whole body.

Blitz sighs and smiles to see Davis in such high spirits, even though the thought of her had surfaced from the recent turn of events. Not really noticing that SINN had moved ahead of her to find more virii. She was happy to be with Davis and SINN and Destin where slightly growing on her, she smiled and turned back to SINN. Catching up to SINN rather quickly.
A fairly large group of viruses awaited the duo around the next corner. They seem rather varied but more importantly, they were attacking the network. Some carefree looking Powies were cracking up the roads while Cactys and Champus were destroying some of the signposts and smaller structures in the area. None of them seemed to notice the navis approach.

PowieA: 60 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP

Terrain: 93% Normal, 7% Cracked

Blitz: 90HP

[Battle 3 - Begin!]
"why are these virii causing so much trouble?"Blitz looked at the virii. A certain flare about her as she gazed at them destroying the area around them. i large pulse rockets downward from her body and exploded from her feet. Blasting her hair skyward as it flared out and electrified as she boomed outward expanding to it's limits. Her eyes locked on grasping the object of her shocking gaze.


She roared with the power of thunder"BLITZ ATTACK." the crackling of lightning surged through her body and filled the air, scattering the broken pieces of debris that lay at her feet. She raced toward PowieA the attack pattern a perfect line, dashing towards and past it. A small spark extinguishes, a vacuum slash charged with a high volt of electricity surging around the Powie. Blitz turns to her right and semi circles around the target, zipping past it in straight lines slashing with her hands and feet charging the area around the target more and more. Once done attacking she jumps back a bit.

"Cannon Battlechip download"Davis calls out while downloading the chip into his PET.

Now with the surrounding area charged with electricity Blitz points her hand up into the air as another thunderous boom, shatters if any peaceful action that was happening now. A large arrow shaped lightning bolt screeches downward in an attempt to massacre anything and everything around its strike zone. The sky lighted up with flashes of blues and yellows as the discharge stretched across sketching what almost looks like broken glass, streaked with magnificent hues of the blues and yellows that you would see on a rainbow.

"Shotgun Battlechip Download. Alright Blitz show these virii how bright you can be."

Her arm flares out fingers stretched to their full extent as she braced her self for a mountainous attack. She tilted her head as a further brace her from this attack. A large bolt sprang from her hand in a spiraling forceful as the shock wave aimed at PowieB vibrated through the air and the spread threatened to hit others as well. Her hair fluster and waved behind her as the shock wave barreled toward her targets, her legs buckled a bit as the force almost knocked it off her feet. She takes a huge breath steadying herself for the onslaught of the enemy.


1: Signature: Blitz Attack: 40 Elec Damage (melee) + Movement to PowieA.
2: Cannon Battle Chip: 40 Null Damage + Knockback to PowieA.
3: Shotgun Battle Chip: 50 Null Damage + Spread1 to PowieB and PowieC.