Combined Strength

A bright light materialized in midair in the shape of a navi above the ACDC-NetSquare portal. Shortly after, Eternalis appeared, and gravity came into place. Hard, on his face, once again. The force didn't faze him this time, however, he took it like a man.

You should really stop jumping into portals. Harke remarked.
Whaddaya mean, stop jumping into portals? They're loads of fun! Eternalis shrugged off the pain as his body healed itself into full power.
Yeah, well, do whatever you want, just don't delete yourself doing it. Was it right to leave those guys right there? I mean, you're a bit impulsive. People might think you're rude.
Just who I am, Harke. Live with it. Eternalis said, ignoring his operator's remark. He stood in front of the portal, staring blankly into the shining floor, waiting for the other people to come through.

Sometimes I wonder. Harke sighed in front of the squirrel statue.
The familiar light flash as Loki slowly stepped back into ADCD net. Calmly looking around, he quickly found his newfound watery partner. "Wow, you're ready aren't you? You've got spunk though, I like that. So, it's been a while since I've been around. Has anything new happened?"

Loki then stretched, once again looking around, examing his surrounds for anything out of place. Can't wait to bust some more virii... man, it feels good to be in action again." After slowly pacing back and forth for a few minutes, he crouched down, waiting the arrival of the other Navis he had briefly met on the other side. "So, Eternalis, is it? Tell me about yourself. I'd hate to go into battle with an ally I didn't even know." He then brought his gaze back to the portal, waiting for a response or an arrival, whichever would come first.
So, Eternalis, is it? Tell me about yourself. I'd hate to go into battle with an ally I didn't even know. Loki said after he appeared through the portal and walked around for a few minutes, looking here and there.

Well, not much really, just your average metamorphing blob! Eternalis replied in kind. Looking down, he continued in a serious tone, Don't have much of a past, really. Was made in the lab, not sure which one, Harke kept it a secret from me. Anyway, your name reminds me... of a prankster of some sort. I have no idea why.

You being serious for once? Wow. I must record this for posterity. Harke chuckled. You shut your yap.
Out in the distance of the net somewhere, a soft sound penetrated the serene silence of "-Yaaaah! Umph!" A bump, skip, and scuttle across the base of ACDC Net showed an armed and ready Rodger.EXE who quickly got off of his rear end and stood, ready to fire at the first thing that moved. "Hah!" He yelled, pointing at Loki. "No quick movements... or I might accidentally blast you!" Rodger confirmed, lowering his buster.

Jared's voice boomed overhead as he watched the Navi practically threaten Loki. "Hey, Rodger, watch yourself. There's no need for hostilities among friends." He said in a condoning voice. "I'm sorry Jared. Excuse me Loki, that was rude of me." Apologetic as he sounded, Rodger scolded himself quickly in his mind, and then returned to goofing off.

"So! I'm ready to get this thing started, where are all the virii at?!" Enthused as he was, he was once again interrupted by Jared. "Calm down! We have to wait for Kedamono and Koumori to show up... Seriously, what's with you today?"
Koumori, and to a lesser extent, Momo, walked towards the group as they made their way over towards the group of "friends" she had briefly met in netsquare. "I hope you didn't start without me." Koumori said, looking the group up and down, making sure of their specifications. "I hope you didn't find any viruses yet! Or mommy might have to hurt you~." Momo said playfully, jumping back on her mother's back and latching on with her arms and legs. "Momo, I hope you don't do this when you get are already a pain in my back." Koumori said to her daughter, making sure she doesn't fall over. "Count on it mommy~!" She said, again, playfully, trying to be another pair of eyes to search for the lowest powered viruses.

(battle 1 I guess if everyone agrees.)
Loki nodded in satisfaction as the rest of the party appeared through the portal. He then turned back to Eternalis. "Really? No idea, although my netop does like to play pranks and jokes all the time... I'm usually his voice of reason."


"It's true. Anyway, here come our new partners," he said, watching the group approach. He never really did get a chance to examine them much before Eternalis had dashed off, so he took his chance now. The first seemed ordinary enough, a normal Navi with slight modifications. Judging from his appearances he must have been an Elec type. The second one, though, was a mystery. She just looked... odd, unsettling. The entire body looked like a bat except for the head, and whatever that thing was clinging to her had quite the odd personality. Something just didn't feel right about them. 'I'll have to keep an eye on them.' he thought to himself. He then turned towards the group. 'Well then, let's begin!' he said, hiding the thrill in his voice. He then started to casually walk into the open Netspace.

(Battle 1)
Jared patiently sat, watching and waiting until the virii would show up. He chuckled as he looked onto the few Navi. All so colorful. They were a real sight, an oddball group honestly. He looked at his watch, and out of a nitpicky habit he changed it from standard to military time. "I guess now we play the waiting game." He said slowly, crossing his legs and looking on.

"I hate the waiting game..." Rodger grunted impatiently, stomping around ACDC Net. He couldn't detect any viruses... but no one really could. They were sneaky devils, virii, popping out of nowhere and attacking... Well, Rodger would be ready. "Come on out!"

(( Indeed, Battle 1, Ready. ))
An assload of viruses comes to counter the assload of navis. Four mets followed by four Champus behind which are four Canodumbs come into sight. Each row is packed in tight, though the groups themselves have about five feet in between each of them. Enjoy.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40
MetoolD: 40
ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChampuC: 60
ChampuD: 60
CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
CanodumbD: 50

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rodger: 100
Loki: 100
Eternalis: 120
Koumori: 120

Battle 1 Go
Eternalis looked at the assload group of many, many virii. Interested, he mused to his operator, Hm. Largest virii pack I've ever seen. Four Metools, four Champus, four Canodumbs. Isn't that nice.
I do think we'll be seeing more after this, seeing as we're only up to our first encounter. Harke said, examining the arrangement of the virii and thinking up a strategy to beat them effortlessly with his teammates.
Any ideas yet? I'm thinking we should leave the Metools to the others. I want to take out the Canodumbs, since they'll pose a threat if we bust the front ones first.
I'm thinking Koumori should take out the middle group, since they're the hardest to beat and she looks quite powerful, what with that little SP helping her as well. Loki and Rodger should take out the Metools and some of the Champus. All right. I'm sending the Boomerang and Shotgun to you. Godspeed. Sitting in front of the squirrel statue, Harke laid out all of his chips in order and picked out the Boomerang and Shotgun chips, swiftly slotting both of them into the PET chip slot.

The chips integrated themselves into a data queue in Eternalis. After the quick chip data transfer was finished, Eternalis prepared himself, turned to his team mates and shouted out some basic strategy directions. Guys, can you hear me?! Okay, Loki, Rodger! I'm counting on you both to smash and bash through the Metools! Take out some of the Champus if you can! Koumori! Could you please take care of the Champus? I'm going to the back for the Canodumbs!

Then, he sprinted quickly around the group of Metools and Champus, aiming for a good sight on the Canodumbs. As he ran, he released the Boomerang chip data into his right hand. The data flowed through his right arm and materialized in a dim shimmer in his right hand. The glow subsided, revealing a large metal boomerang. Studying the Canodumb group closely, he figured a straight route that cut right through the group would be the best choice, seeing as the cannons are very tightly packed together in a row. He lined up the boomerang, swung back his arm, checked his aim once again, and threw the boomerang into the pack of Canodumbs.

After the throw, Eternalis released the Shotgun data, and the chip data streamed through his right arm into his right hand. The gun barrel appeared with a dim glow, just as before, which disappeared quickly. Still running along, he brought the barrel to near his line of sight, aligning the predicted trajectory of the shot with two Canodumbs. Holding the barrel in his left hand, he checked his aim again, stopped in his tracks and fired off a shotgun shell towards the two cannons.

HP: 120
1. Run towards the back of the virus group
2. While Running - Boomerang: CanodumbA/B/C (60, Wood)
3. Stop Running - Shotgun: CanodumbC/D (50, Spread1)
"The Champus? Alright. Leave them to me. I'll take them all out in one swift attack." Koumori said to Eternalis. "Momo. Let go, I have some viruses to take care of. Stay away if possible. I do not want you getting caught in the cross fire of our attacks." Koumori said to her daughter, whom obliged happily, planting her claws onto the ground.

"Alright mama! I'll be careful! You going to delete them in one attack?" She asked happily, her fangs glinting in the light, much like her bright smile. "Of course sweetie. Now, run. Perhaps you can help in deleting the Metools. They are not dangerous." Koumori said, being...motherly? Wait...did I just say sweetie? The albino bat thought before turning to the Champu viruses. Just a slip of the lips. I will have to be certain of what part of my core Kedamono took to make Momo after we are finished here. She continued with her thought before calling out to her netop.

"Give me the Dash Attack data. I can take them all out in one attack with just that." Kedamono quickly sent the data to her navi with no complaints. Never seen this many viruses since we busted with Summonerman. Do more viruses get attracted to bigger groups of navis? Or do they just smell man made data in greater concentrations? Kedamono wondered. "Stay away from the Champu viruses. I can delete them all myself. I'd rather not delete my partners because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time." Koumori said as she flashed Loki and Rodger a vamparic smile and rushed off towards the viruses.

Rushing the quartet of Champu viruses with speed to rival even the greatest predators on the net, she quickly darted to the right, making her way behind the Champu viruses, stopping herself from skidding on the paneling, and jumped high into the air, twisting her body down towards the Champu quartet and angling her body so that she could manage to pull herself up and avoid hitting her allies with her attack. Accessing the data in her body, she quickly dive bombed at the viruses with her powerful attack, going in a "U" as she pulled up at the last second, her angle and trajectory, hopefully, should have been enough to take out the viruses without hurting herself in the process as she landed in front of where the viruses, hopefully, once stood.

Momo, meanwhile, stood at the edge of the battlefield, watching the quartet attempt to delete the viruses.

"summon" Momo.SP
Tactical Movement
Dash Attack--->ChampuA-D (90+impact, can hit up to 5 in one attack, line attack)

Loki nodded, half to himself and half to his teammates, as Eternalis and Koumori led the charge. "Good. Keep them distracted while I take advantage of their formation. If they keep distracted, hopefully they won't notice me," he said to himself as crouched and quiet ran in a straight line to his left.

"Hey, Loki. Do you remember what those virii are?"

Loki looked at the two new virus types, concentrated. "The ones in the back are Canodumbs. The don't move and fire in a straight line. If I stay out of their line of sight, I should be fine. The others, though... it's kinda fuzzy. They're obviously fire type though."

"Yeah, says here that they're called Champu. If you get in their line of sight, they teleport right in front of you and punch you."

"Well, we certainly wouldn't want that."

Halfway into the run, he arced slightly, bringing him into line with the 4 hopefully unsuspecting Metools. "Okay, Jack. Send me... Shotgun and, bleh, Cannon I guess. It'll have to do until I can get some chips that better suit me."

"Alright, happy to oblige!" Jack answered almost immediately.

As Loki began to feel the data transfer into him, he suddenly remembered. "Hey, have you started your homework yet??" The shadowy Navi asked, half in concern and half apathetic.

"Uh... let's just concentrate on the virii!" Jack said quickly, and Loki thought he could hear papers shuffling on the other end. Finally, his hand transformed into the familiar shotgun shape. Taking careful aim as he stood in line with the Metools, he fired a blast at the one on the end, hoping to take both it and its partner out. The shotgun then faded, being replaced with a huge Cannon. It was rather heavy, so Loki squinted a bit to straighten his shot. He then fired a huge blast down the line, hoping for it to strike the third virus away from him. The cannon faded, and Loki relaxed, waiting for the dust to clear.

Tactical Movement (to the left, lining up with the line of Metools)
Shotgun: Metool A, spread to B? (50 + Spread 1)
Cannon: Metool C (40 + Knockback)
Rodger stood back lightheartedly as he watched two of his teammates dart into action, prepared and ready to take out complete rows by themselves. Eternalis had sworn to destroy the Canodumbs in the background, and he was the first to go. This was one disadvantage of playing teams, Rodger didn't always get initiative in every situation. Man... I probably could have taken them, Rodger thought with remorse, looking over the battlefield. He watched Eternalis fire his boomerang at the virii, and then his eyes averted to another Navi.

Apparently, Koumori had this covered. She simply stated should could handle all of the Champu, which were virii that Rodger couldn't remember. She apparently was going to dash through the entire line, destroying each one herself. That was fine.

Even Loki was taking charge ahead of him. This was strange to Rodger as ordinarily he was the first into the heat of battle. He sighed as he watched Loki prepare his weapons. Loki didn't have the right equipment to take them all out at once... so he'd just finish the job.

"Okay, Jared. This should be simple. Orders?" Rodger impatiently asked. His foot tapped as he kept an eye on his opponents... who looked quite childish, really. Almost like little virus babies. Their little picks shone in the darkness of the net and their custard yellow helmets covered any sight of a face...

"Yeah, this is easy. Finish it off with a Cannon. Nice, quick, blunt, to the point. Just... Don't miss." Jared responded after fiddling with the chip he just recently received. Sliding the familiar Cannon chip into his PET, he turned control over to Rodger.EXE for a little while. "Where's the variety, Jared? We're always doing the same thing." Complained the Navi, who was getting bored waiting. "I can't help that, I only have so many chips to use..."

"Then just sit back and watch this," Rodger hummed, dashing forward to come within range of his opponents. There they were, as fearless as could be, the "frightening" metools and their little picks. Taking off into an arc to the right, he took a position to fire while running.

"Cursor lining up..." Mused the Navi, who tracked down the last Metool that Loki didn't seem to have covered. An invisible cursor seemed to cross over the virus, giving Rodger the invisible okay to continue. "Calculating distance and trajectory..." Rodger looked over the distance to the virus... carefully slowing down to a jog before he nodded. "Alright. Fire."

At his command, a blast of power exploded from the Cannon's mouth, spiraling towards the Metool. Rodger took a quick step back and began to run in another direction to be sure while his time waiting he didn't step into an attack. "Wonder if we got 'em..." He said, looking over at the other Navi and appreciating their effort.

1. "Tactical" Movement
2. Cannon (40+Knockback) at Metool D
3. Dodge
((Dark and Morrow, please note the Tactical actions you took like what Anubis did. Also, Dark, You don't need to summon your SP and waste your action. They are usually summoned from the beginning unless it's dismissed.

It would be difficult for me and the other moderators to mod this thread properly if things aren't noted correctly. Please keep that in mind and we won't have any sort of problems.))

As soon as Eternalis made the first move, everyone including the viruses began their assault! While Eternalis ran towards the Canodumbs, he was a sitting duck to the sharpshooter viruses and took couple of shots to the body, but he bravely continued on with his plans and wiped them out with his Boomerang and the Shotgun.

Koumori flew to the fiery Champus, having pride on her speed and control on air. However, the Champus threw all of their punches here and there, hoping to hit the navi, and two hefty blows were hit. Just like Eternalis, Koumori continued on and slashed through all the virus in one swoop.

Loki and Rodger decided to take the battle in long range and began firing their long range chips all at once. Loki's aim wasn't as par as the Cursor type Rodger, but luck was on his side. The shotgun aim fired by Loki wasn't as predicted, but a single stray bullet lodged into the Metool's head and managed to wipe out all of his targets. Rodger had only one target to take care of, but he put just as much concentration as he would for a bigger target as he fired the Cannon and destroyed the last virus!

MetoolA: DELETED [Metool A/B/C: Loki's Kill!]
MetoolD: DELETED [Rodger's Kill!]
ChampuA: DELETED [Champu Group: Koumori's Kill!]
CanodumbA: DELETED [Canodumb Group: Eternalis' Kill!]
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanodumbC: DELETED
CanodumbD: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rodger: 100
Loki: 100
Eternalis: 100
Koumori: 100

Rodger: 150z + 2 FXP
Loki: 200z + 2 FXP
Eternalis: 400z + 2 FXP
Koumori: 350z + 32 BugFrags + 2 FXP
As the remaining virii burst into particles, the Navi Rodger.EXE simultaneously burst into hardy, jolly laughter. "Alright! I did it! All thanks to me, the greatest-"

Rolling his eyes, Jared rudely interrupted his own Navi. "You took out one Metool. Stop acting immature." He cleared his throat and looked at the remaining team."Nice work everyone. I'm sorry we weren't of much use this battle... Someone decided to be a slowpoke over here. I won't let it happen again." Rodger looked devastated. However, he understood his owner's urgency, and decided to shut up.

Looking on to his friend, Jared felt a little... cold. He frowned before speaking, "Rodg... sorry. But you're a little embarrassing sometimes, you know?" He said with a worried smile. Rodger continued to look down.

Finally, the Navi looked up with a smile. "You numbnut! You programmed me that way!" He made a punching motion in the air before turning to his new friends. "Well, shall we go?"
Loki's tension faded as the smoke cleared on the battlefield and he saw that their ragtag group had managed to take out the entire virus force in one go-around. "Now that's what I'm talking about," his voice momentarily betraying his excitement. Some zenny popped up as his reward, and his felt the bond between him and his allies strengthen, somehow."Check it, Jack. We got 200z! Not bad for a bunch of Metools."

"Aww... no new chips?" Jack said with minor disappointment.

"It doesn't look so, but I'm not hurt. I don't really want any Cannons, and the Metools don't really give great chips either, last time I checked."

"Oh, by the way, they did a Navi update while we were taking a break. You're still fire type, obviously, but you've been listed as... shadow? subtype. Looks like you're on a lower priority when it comes to enemy attacks, and every now and then your attacks can phase through certain enemies. That's pretty neat!"

"I agree, I guess that may explain why the virii didn't crowd after me that time. That, or they had bigger problems to take care of. These other Navis are quite powerful... I'm going to have to play catch up," the Navi said with a serious tone in his voice. "Well, enough jabbering! Let's find some more virii!" Loki then continued on with the group.

(Ready for Battle 2 whenever everyone else is)
"Ugh. Can't believe I got hit." Koumori whined to herself as she walked over to her rewards, while Momo began to devour the bug fragments with great speed. "Only a few hundred zenny...oh well, it's better than nothing." Koumori mumbled as Momo walked over to her mother, full with bugfrags. "I wonder why I didn't get more mama. I know I should have gotten more." She complained. "They only appear when I kill the viruses Momo, and you have to be with me as well. Or else, they don't appear." Koumori explained. "Let us continue. I do have to warn you. I might have to leave sooner than later. I have might have a mission soon and I will have to oblige to it first. I will compensate you with my netop's E-mail so you can contact me later should you wish to bust with me after my obligation to the mission is finished." Koumori said as she sent Kedamono's E-mail to each navi in a small data packet.

(Rodger, Loki and Eternalis get Kedamono's E-mail (Kedamono

(battle 2 I guess)
Even as the shots from the Canodumbs pulsed pain signals through his processes, Eternalis watched as the virii group exploded in a barrage of spontaneous fire, coordinated exactly as he thought it out. Awesome work, Et. 400 is good for a few basics. Let's collect the zen and move on.

Okay, Eternalis said as he moved on along with his teammates, enthusiastic with the busting rush he got earlier. Looking at the team he just got in, he smiled and thought about the next strategy for the battle ahead.

(Battle 2 yeah?)
The group of four was happily skipping along the yellow brick road, singing and dancing and having a wonderful time with their dog Toto, until the evil monkeys flew towards them and ruined their days...

...Is what I like to say.

The four proceeded deep into the ACDC before encountering something starange. Just beneath Rodger's feet suddenly came out a mole-like virus which looked up at the navi in a cute stare. However, it burrowed back into the ground and left a blinking mine! The navi simply stumbled away and the rest found three more mines surrounding them! To make it worse, a large group of viruses appeared to completely surround the team of navis!

SpookyA: 30 HP
SpookyB: 30 HP
SpookyC: 30 HP
SpookyD: 30 HP
SpookyE: 30 HP
SpookyF: 30 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP
BunnyE: 50 HP
BunnyF: 50 HP

MinerA: 100 HP
MinerB: 100 HP
MinerC: 100 HP
MinerD: 100 HP

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Mine

Rodger: 100 HP
Loki: 100 HP
Eternalis: 100 HP
Koumori: 100 HP

As Eternalis surveyed his surroundings and examined the virii, he noticed some new virii. Harke, new virii. Info up, he requested. All right, booting up database. After a short while, the database screen appeared in front of the navi, showing the mole and bunny virii, animated, to boot. Harke read out the information. Bunnies, 50HP, attacks by firing a ring of electricity. Moles are Miners, 100HP, lays mines, as you may well already know.

Briefly pondering an appropriate strategy, Eternalis suggested to his operator, Since Koumori's the strongest, I think she should take out the Miners, while I use the Boomerang-Shotgun combo on the Bunnies. Loki and Rodger can take out most of the Spookies, since they have low endurance to begin with.

Agreeing to the plan, Harke added, Stick an icicle in a Spooky for bonus points. He proceeded to pick up the Boomerang and Shotgun chips he used earlier and re-inserted them into the PET chip slot. The chip data compiled itself into Eternalis' data queue almost immediately afterwards. Once again, Eternalis shouted out basic coordination tactics to his teammates which he had briefly discussed earlier. Koumori! You're on Miner duty! Deal with them as you should! Loki! Rodger! Help each other out and bust those Spookies! I'll deal with the Bunnies! Oh, and try to bust one bunny, I can only deal with five. Having given the instructions, he sprang into action as he released the Boomerang from its place in the data queue.

Then, as the boomerang appeared in Eternalis' right hand, he crouched down and analyzed the predicted path that the boomerang would take, and decided to take out three Bunnies that would follow a certain path of the boomerang's flight. Metal boomerang in hand, he let all of his strength and concentration go into the curved metal, swung back his arm fully and threw the boomerang with all his might towards the bunny virii.

Afterwards, he used the Shotgun from his data stack and directed it towards his right hand. The gun barrels appeared momentarily, ready to serve their purpose. He cocked the gun, crouched down into a shooting position and determined his mark. Finding two suitable bunnies huddled closely enough together, he aimed his shotgun towards the duo, checked his targets and let off a deafening shot.

As the barrel disappeared promptly in a flash of light, he forced the water data in his body towards his right fist, rapidly forming a moderately sized icicle inside of it. Then, he looked towards one of the Spookies, picked one randomly, and projected it towards the Spooky at high velocity. Shortly after, the icicle returned, whether it hit its target or not was unsure, and quickly formed a wall of water, encircling the water navi, protecting him from any danger the virii might throw at him.

HP: 100 (+20)
(*) Aegean Water + Charge Revitalize: Self (20, Heal)
(1) Boomerang: BunnyB/C/D (60x2 Wood, 60x2 Wood, 60x2 Wood)
(2) Shotgun: BunnyE/F (50 Spread1, 50 Spread1)
(3) Icicle Fragmenter: SpookyF (40 Aqua, 1-Hit Shield)

Icicle Fragmenter: Just used.
"Rodger! Into attack position now, before you slack off!" Barked an excited Jared who didn't want to see the quality of his teamwork fall short behind everyone else. Sure, all of the other Navis had more experience, that was understandable, but Rodger had no excuse not to catch up to them with excellent speed. "Are you ready for orders?" The commander questioned, fishing a few chips from his pocket, ready to give his advice to the Navi.

Already in a dash, Rodger looked up as if to speak to his friend face to face. "I'm already one step ahead of you, approaching my enemy! Eternalis has the majority of the Bunnies taken care of, and I know nothing of these Miners... but send me information on the ghost-like virii so I can bust 'em quick!" A rushed Navi shouted, bringing his arm to a firing position.

Smart Navi... Jared thought to himself as he pulled out two chips. "Retrieving information... got it. Spookys are little ghost creatures that are pretty fast, and don't like being hit, however they only have 30 HP. Should be easy to get rid of." He said, with a smile. "Sending that new chip, Heatshot, and good ol' reliable Shotgun. Here's the plan: Fire the Heatshot at a Spooky, lining it up with the Bunny that Eternalis didn't designate. Then, use the Shotgun to blow away two more Spookys. From there, you can use your Single Shot at the Miners, help Koumori out. Got it?"

"Right-o. I'm off! Yo, Loki, help me take out these Spooky virii if you can!" He said with a quick step towards one of the Spookys. Already feeling the data being sent, he decided to aim carefully at the Spooky, making sure to hit it the first time. Slowing into a stop, he lined up the barrel of his buster with the Spooky, adjusting to it's movements, and fired at the lined up Bunny as well. A burst of heat shot through his arm, exploding at the end of his buster.

Springing right back into action, Rodger ran to the next couple of ghost viruses, readying the chip in advance. When he approached them, he made sure to account for their speed, and fire appropriately when two or more were in a line. Rodger was now well used to the kick of the Shotgun chip, so as soon as it was gone, he ran towards the remaining enemies: The Miners.

"Hey, watch your step! Some of those panels are mines." Jared shouted, watching as Rodger made sure to avoid such casualties. Apparently, during this fight, he was on the ball.

"Alright, here this goes." Rodger said, pulling a deep strength from within him to reveal itself. His chest glowed a white-hot before his arm began to glow itself, sparkling in the dim recesses of the net. Channeling this energy, he aimed and focused on the Miners, and firing. The kick of this weapon was much greater than the chip, and it took a little out of him as he supported himself on his knees, looking onto his work. "Up to everyone else now..."


1. Heatshot (50 Damage, Fire Element) SpookyA, spread to BunnyA
2. Shotgun (50 Damage) SpookyB, spread to SpookyC
3. Single Shot (40 Damage) MinerA, spread to MinerB