Hell is other Navis

SplashLady, in a burst of water, appeared on the Net, noting that she was the first of the spear wielders to show up. "Okay, Voulge should be here shortly. Guess I'll just chill until then!"

"..." Not. Happy. At all. "...Right..."

The mermaid Navi hummed a random tune, waiting for her busting partner to show up. Perfectly in key, of course.

Voulge followed shortly after SplashLady as he softly landed on Hades as a beam of light. He took in a big breath of air and let it all out slowly through his nose, preparing for the inevitable battles ahead of him and Splash. However, he noticed Sabrina's silence, an obvious sign that she didn't want to come to this part of the net. "Don't be so ill-tempered, Sabrina. It isn't as bad as you think it is. The pictures you saw on that page is just the worst you can find here."

...But that wasn't the whole truth. This was the second time Voulge has ever came by Hades, and he knew how bad this place can get. From a raging volcano to a waterfall of lava, Hades wasn't the best place to really hang around. It was, however, a great place for a powerful aqua navi like Splash to bust, being able to take advantage of all the fire viruses lurking in the net.

"Hey! Your partner is in chick mode, awesome~"

Licht materialized besides Voulge, along with Licht on the other side, and began to circle around Splash. "...Eh...I guess you're alr-*Smack*-Ow." Voulge gave his own SP a swift smack on its head with the end of his spear. "Learn to think before you speak."
"Hey! W-Who's ill-tempered?!" Ugh, she just couldn't hide it. Sabrina was terrified of Hades Net, her busting partners already knew it, and she already knew they knew it. That was almost as bad a feeling as the fact she knew she probably couldn't move her legs for the next 30 minutes. "Seriously, I have no idea what you're t-talking about!"

Between her operator clinging onto the pretend fact that she wasn't scared, and Voulge's loudmouth SP, all SplashLady could muster up was a sigh. "Well, aren't we all in a loving mood? But anyway, I think we should go ahead and get started, everyone. If we hang around too long in a place like this, we'd probably get surrounded before we knew it, wouldn't you think?" If there was any area where the viruses wouldn't play fair, it was most likely Hades. Had to make sure their enemies didn't get too many chances to do anything dirty.

"Understandable. Let's get moving."

Voulge slid the Lancea onto his back and began to trek the harsh Hades net with his partner. Ignis and Licht slowly followed behind his master, beginning to talk between each other.

"ARGH, THAT DAMN VOULGE, COMING TO PLACE LIKE THIS! This place really sucks...I guess this is fine, I'm sure Splash and Tin-head isn't gonna really get any spark going in this turn off of a place.


"I really wish you could talk one day..."




((+1FXP for small talk))

When SplashLady and Voulge had jacked in, they found themselves on the side of an incline of a volcano. An active one, too, by the looks of the nearby river of freely flowing liquid lava. It was a pretty big flow, too, though the lava was flowing pretty slowly, so it wasn't going to harden any time soon. The place the Navis were on was spiky lava-base rock, though it wasn't enough to hurt anyone, just a little stinging if barefoot.

It would be a rather beautiful sight, if not for the welcome wagon, which was a few viruses on their side of the river, and a few on the other side as well.

-- This Side of the River --
Skarab2A: 200HP
Skarab2B: 200HP
Skarab2C: 200HP

-- That Side of the River --
CateenA: 200HP
CateenB: 200HP
CateenC: 200HP

- 30% Normal (Navi/Skarab side of river)
- 40% Lava (River in middle)
- 30% Normal (Cateen side of river)

Special: Terrain is inclined at a 20 degree angle, going down towards left.

SplashLady.EXE: 300HP
Voulge.EXE: 250HP
Ignis.SP: 90HP
Licht.SP: 70HP

While those skeletons seemed to fit perfectly with the Net's decor, the tanks kinda spoiled the mood for SplashLady, since, well, they were tanks on a volcano in a world of flame. "Hey Voulge, can you defeat the tanks? You'll have the easier time crossing that river." ...Someone else crossing a river faster than her? If it didn't consist of lava, that would've been an enormous blow to her pride. "I'll take care of these skeleton freaks!"

Skeleton viruses...whoever came up with that idea could never present themselves to Sabrina; they'd wind up lying still in a pool of their own blood, hoping she wouldn't realize they weren't dead. On the plus side, she hadn't lost her ability to think rationally yet. "This place is soooo creepy...but I need to try and act like it's not. Pull yourself together!"

"SPLASHLADY! WE'RE GOING TO FOCUS ON THOSE, UH, SKARRY!" ...Yeah, they were. "DAD'S NOTES SAY-" Wait, why was her Navi suddenly covering her ears?

"Sabrina, knock it off! No one here is deaf...but if you keep talking like that, we will be!"

...Whoops. Better set the volume down a bit. "Sorry about that, I just got, uh, excited!" Which was technically not a lie...she just wasn't in the way she was implying. "So, Dad's notes. It says the Skarab family of viruses break apart if you hit them, which keeps them from attacking, but also keeps you from hurting them for a little while. ...Really? One hit and they fall apart?" Wow, that was pathetic. It actually made her slightly less afraid of the fact they were going to appear in her nightmares tonight.

"So, we need to do as much as we can, so it doesn't take forever. But how are we going to do that?"

"Hmm...oh, got it! Water attacks make lava explode, so if we can get them in the lava, we've got it made!" Which raised another question: how were they going to knock them back? They'd need some kind of wind to blow them...back...duh. "And guess what? We've got a way to do that!" Now for the chip that could blow anything back...just about. "Battlechip, WindRacket! Slot in!"

The end of SplashLady's spear transformed, becoming what appeared to be some type of paper fan. However, this strangely did not excite her in the least. "Maybe I'm just not thinking straight, but...won't this just make them collapse?"

"Not if you don't actually hit them with it!"

Well, it was worth a shot, she supposed. She drew near to the skeletons, and raised her weapon...before beginning to spin it in front of them, as fast as possible. The lengthy fan became a blur as it rotated around, generating a mighty burst of air, possibly strong enough to send the Skarry straight into the orange drink. Even after the racket began to fade into nothing, she kept spinning it, as though it could still push them back. "Too bad for us I can't control wind instead of water right now, huh?"

"It'd be nice, but I think we're fine as is!" And her Navi's comment was partially wrong; after all, what if that wind was Aqua-based? For the answer to that question, another chip began to be inserted. "Keep spinning, by the way! It'll help with this! Battlechip, Blizzard! Slot in!"

A blue circle began to outline where SplashLady's spearhead was rotating, and began to gorw thicker as it consumed the rest of the lance. The Navi herself seemed unaffected, however, being rather skilled in the art of handling water and ice. As the circle encompassed the entirety of the spinning weapon, its center began to glow, before a storm of snow and wind burst forth, widening as it moved forward to spread its freezing gales. Even the volcanic rock below it couldn't resist the sheer cold, hardening into solid ice in the blink of an eye. And if it touched the river of magma...well, fire and ice never did mix particually well.

"And now, just to make sure you don't get clobbered if that didn't work..." Woo, non-offensive battlechip time. "Battlechip, IronShield! Battlechip, FastGauge! Double slot in!"

The mermaid Navi's body began to feel lighter, as a large metal shield formed in front of her. If it broke, she was more than ready to jump, duck, or perform whatever task was needed to not get smacked by...whatever they did to attack. And as an added bonus, her operator seemed to be settling down, now that she was getting over the initial shock of having to fight the seemingly undead.

"Phew, with that shield up, I won't have to look at those things if we didn't delete them all!


[Order of Turn:
1-WindRacket chip attack to blow Skarab2 group into lava river (100, Gust, Microburst and Northwind upon contact) (intentional near miss)
2-Blizzard chip attack on Skarab2A, Skarab2B, and Skarab2C (100+15, Aqua, creates Ice terrain)
3-IronShield1 chip on SplashLady (2-hit shield)
4-FastGauge chip on SplashLady (+10% evasion for 3 turns)
Voulge watched as the lava slowly crawled towards their direction, tapping Splash's shoulder in order to warn her. "Careful." He stepped away from the lava's course, despite the fact that it wouldn't have the slightest effect on him. Voulge saw the billowing smoke from the volcano ahead of them, a dangerous sign, yet it was very serene. "See, Sabrina? It's going to be fine from now." told Marius from Sabrina's side, reassuring that nothing bad will happen from now on.

But, like every other time, there wasn't a chance to really enjoy and take in the scenery. As the spearman heard a low-rumble of an engine and a click of bones hitting against one another, Voulge immediately realized the viruses' presence. Splash has also noticed it as well, and even pointed towards the virus group on the left, asking Voulge's assistance to take care of them. Though the viruses' upcoming was sudden, Voulge only nodded his head with a smile and prepared himself for battle.

"I'll be happy to oblige!"

He quickly sheathed his Lancea and pointed its tip towards the tanks, causing chunks of magma to slowly rise up to the river of lava and pack into a tightly knit shield. Licht fused with Voulge's greaves, shown as the green crystal was embedded on the navi's shin. Voulge lowered the spear and held it by the neck with only his right hand, analyzing the enemy's positions and thought about the possible strategy he can confront them.

"...A head on attack would be nice." said Marius with a confident tone. To accommodate his 'nice plan', Marius slid out three chips from his folder and loaded them one by one. Before he realized, the Lancea Voulge was holding transformed into a long war scythe on its own, burning passionately with a thick fire. The navi held his weapon up to examine the burning blade and couldn't help but to smirk. "Your Will Be Done."

Voulge began to dash towards the tanks with his spear ready, easily treading through the river of lava like it was plain water. "Let's go! Licht! Ignis!" Licht began to change its emerald shine to dark crimson, causing Voulge's entire body to have the similar glow. The navi's speed increased literally ten fold as he was in front of the tanks one second, behind them the next.

The flames on the spear grew intensely as Voulge swung his spear like a mad man...A well trained mad man. Voulge placed the blade just behind his head and gave it a wide swing across the Cateens, creating a trail of fire in the air. He spun around, approaching closer to the virus groups just in case they moved out, and went for another cut. The blade traveled through the exact same trail of fire from before, causing the flame to enlarge much bigger than before. "FINISH!" With his voice rumbling through the net, Voulge held the spear high in the sky and threw a powerful sweep swing with his spear.

"Hey! Don't hog all the fun!"

Ignis was still a bit behind Voulge, but it was ready for an all out attack with its new upgrade. The crystal SP was rumbling for a few seconds and sprouted out a pair of fiery, muscular arms by its side, flexing it all over the place. "Look at this thunder!! Admire this thunder!!!" Ignis dove into his own little world, admiring his fake arm as he was still flexing them..but he snapped back to reality and turned towards the Cateens. Giving one last flex, Ignis began to punch into the air in a near blur, throwing small bits of the fire towards the viruses. "OOOHHH!!! PUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCH!!" The plethora of small flames quickly gathered into two giant fists, all ready for a crash course against the Cateens!

Voulge moved out of the way, just in case the viruses was about to retaliate, but he turned to see the Skarabs Splash was taking care of. If he remembered, those viruses had a nasty ability of breaking down and negating any sort of attacks. The navi saw that the last chip sent by Marius was none other than Totem2, the perfect chip for this situation. Voulge spun the Lancea in front of him and lunged it in to the ground, immediately surging a stubby totem in front that began to fire three fireballs at the possible skarab survivors.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion +)]
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
Licht: Mobility Junction [Evasion + / Float]
1. Areagrab [Teleport] Behind Cateen group
Licht: Vel Drive [Teleport / 2TCD]
2. FireSword [80+[color=red]15[/color] / 3 Uses / Wide / Slashing] @ Cateen A/B/C
Licht: Reapproach Cateen group.
3. FireSword [80+[color=red]15[/color] / 3 Uses / Wide / Slashing] @ Cateen A/B/C
Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]20[/color] / Impact / Double] @ Cateen Survivor
4. FireSword [80+[color=red]15[/color] / 3 Uses / Wide / Slashing] @ Cateen A/B/C
Ignis: FireHit2 [90+[color=red]20[/color] / Impact / Double] @ Cateen Survivor
5. Dodge [Evasion +]
6. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 100 HP Object] @ Skarab2 A/B/C

Vel Drive: 2TCD
Totem2: 3TCD
The viruses didn't even stand a chance.

SplashLady directed that each member divide and conquer and Voulge quickly obliged, warping across the river and behind the Cateens, scythe aflame as his partner approached the Skarabs with a giant fan.

Striking as one, SplashLady blew the skeletons into the river while Voulge made his first strike against the tanks. Preparing for the worst, the mesmerizing mermaid called upon the frosty power of the Blizzard chip, blowing up the Skarabs once they hit the lava terrain and stopping the flow altogether by encasing the lava in ice....

...which didn't last very long, but who cared.

Twirling his scythe once again, Voulge cut through the tanks again as Ignis threw a powerful burning punch at another, deleting it while his master finished off the rest.

SplashLady armed herself with a giant Tower shield and heightened her speed while Voulge summoned a Totem pole despite the fact there were no viruses left.

-- This Side of the River --
Skarab2A: FROZEN
Skarab2B: FROZEN
Skarab2C: FROZEN

-- That Side of the River --

- 30% Normal (Splashlady/Skarab side of river)
- 40% Lava (River in middle)
- 30% Normal (Voulge/Cateen side of river)

Special: Terrain is inclined at a 20 degree angle, going down towards left.

SplashLady.EXE: 300HP (Skarab2 Side)
Voulge.EXE: 250HP (Cateen Side)
Ignis.SP: 90HP (Cateen Side)
Licht.SP: 70HP (Skarab2 Side)

SplashLady GET: Skully2, 1000z
Voulge GET: TankCannon2, 1000z, 30 Bugfrags
FXP: 3 static
+1 Rogue Bonus
+1 Divide and Conquer

....Now the real question was how to get back together.
Voulge let out a rested sigh and turned towards SplashLady, "I have a feeling that it's not going to be as bad we thought it was." He began to walk towards his partner as he sheathed his Lancea onto his back, but realized the river of lava between them. It wouldn't be too much trouble for Voulge of course, but for an Aqua Navi like Splash, it could hurt a little to tread over the lava.

"Let us be the gentleman here." said Marius while jokingly bowing his head towards Sabrina. The operator prepared a chip from his folder and slotted it into his PET, causing three blue lights to resonated beneath Voulge's brigandine. The navi reached into his vest to pull out three daggers that was glowing in the same blue light and immediately threw it towards the lava. The daggers flew in an horizontal fashion, each of them dipping into the river of lava and instantly cooling and hardening it into a solid magma. Voulge created a make-shift stepping stone for Splash to use, and he also played along with his operator's joke, and bowed his head while directing his head towards his side.

"If you would, Miss Splash..."

-[AquaNeedle] Battlechip Used-
After the traditional transferal of virus remains, SplashLady took a good look at the river. Voulge could do it, no problem, but...that wasn't really the direction they wanted to go. And she'd get a hot foot if she tried to do it. And hot other parts of her, too. Guess she'd have to wait to get picked up.

And then, three blue things shot out from the fiery Navi, crashing into the lava, and creating a couple of cooler spots. She might've objected, but if that Blizzard was any sign, she wouldn't have very long to argue. But that didn't mean she wasn't about to do it without pizazz. The mermaid Navi aligned herself so that she and the three chunks of igneous rock were in a line, and with her back to the platforms, and then...backflip! Backflip! Backflip! Backflip! In an astounding display of grace, she performed a series of backflip jumps, each time landing on the less hazardous material. With the last acrobatic feat, she landed on the other side of the river, arms raised as though she were a gymnast that had just completed her routine. "So, how'd I do?"

"9.7, showoff!" All Sabrina could do was mockingly roll her eyes at her Navi, amused by the antics. "Your form was off on that last landing. You probably thought no one'd notice, but I did!"

"Oh, come on!" SplashLady frowned, before turning over to the second opinion called Voulge. "I was a perfect 10 on that, right Voulge?"
Voulge soon lifted his head, quickly amazed by how SplashLady went across the step he created. He stood straight and gave her a slow clap and a smile, "A definite 10." Ignis and Licht soon appeared besides Voulge, and the red crystal had something to say as well, "I thought it was a stinkin' 8."

The navi sighed and lightly smacked the SP's head, sending Ignis straight down to the ground, and began to walk down the volcano. "Lets get moving. We don't want to see what an active volcano looks like."

"See, Sabrina? Some of us actually appreciate subtle grace!" After a curtsy motion towards Voulge, the mermaid Navi took a good look towards the top of the volcano. That...did not look pleasant in the least.

"Lets get moving. We don't want to see what an active volcano looks like."

"Yeah...I'll agree with that." Yep, the base definitely seemed the better option right now. And so, SplashLady started following her fiery friend, right next to the red SP near him.


Whoops, she definitely didn't mean to give Ignis a soft hit with her own spear. Definitely didn't. Anyone that thought otherwise was a suspicious moron.

(Searching for Battle #2)
As the group went onwards down the volcano, they came across a split in the lava river's path, dividing the lava flow into two. In the middle of the split molten-rock rivers was a small cave, with some Handy viruses huddled together inside. The entrance was protected by four hulking stone Gaias, standing two on each side of the cave entrance, at the ready with their hammers. They spotted the traveling group soon enough, and they alerted their protectees as they whirled their hammers around and uttered war cries in preparation for battle.

-- Inside Cave --
Handy2A: 120HP
Handy2B: 120HP
Handy2C: 120HP
Handy2D: 120HP

-- Protecting Cave Entrance --
Gaia+A: 200HP (left)
Gaia+B: 200HP (left)
Gaia+C: 200HP (right)
Gaia+D: 200HP (right)

- 20% Sand (Cave)
- 15% Lava (The original lava river from uphill)
- 10% Lava (River to left of Cave)
- 10% Lava (River to right of Cave)
- 45% Normal (Everywhere else)
(Terrain is sloped 30 degrees, Navis are facing downhill, care with movement so as to not fall or something)

SplashLady.EXE: 300HP
Voulge.EXE: 250HP
Ignis.SP: 90HP
Licht.SP: 70HP
(Everyone is currently to right of 15% lava river)

((Super rushed post is super rushed))

"Viruses already...And we promised Sabrina that hades isn't a horrible place..."

"No matter. Splash and I will take care of them with ease!"

Voulge already had his Lancea on his hands and dipped the tip of the blade into the lava next to him. He quickly swung it over his head to create a small arc of lava above him, immediately hardening and coiling into a spiraling shield. "Splash, I'll take care of the gaias!! Licht, lets go." As soon as the SP junctioned, the navi began to float a few inches above the floor and quickly glided diagonally towards the right. To make sure that he won't trip from the inclined volcano, he wasn't going for the direct approach, but there was another reason for him to move in this direction.

Now straying a bit too far from the group, Voulge sharply turned with a trail of green behind him and approached the Gaias on the right side of the cave. "ABEO, DRILL! The lancea's blade was concealed in a burning fire, which began to thin and coil into a drill! The flame dispersed to reveal a drill bit that was in a constant spin and easily dug through the grounds beneath Voulge.

Voulge was getting closer to the gaias on the right side of the cave, bending his body down and placing the body of the spear beneath his armpit for a firm handle. "PIERCE THROUGH MY ENEMIES AND DESTROY, LANCEA!" The drills began to spin even faster than ever till it rendered the air itself and began to destroy anything that was in its way, including the virus. "ONCE MORE!" Licht created a small burst of flame beneath Voulge's sole, sending the navi back a little in order for his master to have more space for yet another attack. The navi firmly planted his feet on the ground and dashed in again with his drill Lancea against the gaia.

"Now go for the one on the left!"

The navi nodded his head and activated the AreaGrab chip along with Licht's Vel Drive. They both teleported behind the second batch of the gaias, but they made sure not to get caught in one of the viruses' hammer swings. "Don't forget me, you little dickheads!" Ignis was completely ignored, but yearned to do some more. He knew better than anyone to attack anything in the rogue net...At least when it's not critically injured. Firing two flaming fists towards any bombs that was planted by the Handys, he made sure to be a bit more useful and prove his worth.

Voulge was now ready for his battle and activated his last chip, which covered both his arms with hot magmas. He placed them right besides his side and ran in a very awkward stance. However, he was able to get close enough to the gaia and fire the two fists from his side!

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion +)]
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
Licht: Mobility Junction [Evasion + / Float]
1. Run to the side / Diagonally
Licht: Approach the Gaia+ from the side
2. DrillArm [60 x 2 (1st) / 60 (2nd) / [b]Break[/b] / Knockback / Piercing / 2 Uses] @ Gaia+ C/D
3. DrillArm [60 x 2 (1st) / 60 (2nd) / [b]Break[/b] / Knockback / Piercing / 2 Uses] @ Gaia+ C/D
4. AreaGrab [Teleport] behind Gaia+ A/B [Left side of the cave entrance]
Licht: Vel Drive [Teleport] w/ Voulge
5. Dodge [Evasion +]
Licht: FireHit2 [90+[color]20[/color] / Impact / Double] @ TimeBomb
6. GolemHit [140 / Target Up to 2 Adjacent Opponents / Melee / [b]Break[/b] / Panel Break] @ Gaia+ A/B
Licht: FireHit2 [90+[color]20[/color] / Impact / Double] @ TimeBomb
Gaia and Handy's upgraded forms. At least this time, she knew how her enemy fought. "Hey Voulge, you've got some Break chips, don't-"

"Splash, I'll take care of the Gaias!!"

Oh good, they were on the same page. "Guess we've got the Handy, Sabrina!"

"Yep!" Okay, the Handy were in a small cave, meaning they were pretty close together. Hmm...looked like it might be time. "It's time, SplashLady! We're bringing IT out! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, AquaDragon! Double slot in!"

The mermaid Navi disintegrated, allowing her particles to flee from their current location, and move towards the cave unhindered. After a moment or two, they put themselves back together, about a step or two inside the hand viruses' cave. However, there was one more thing that had materialized; a blue and purple jar, which seemed to contain nothing but water. SplashLady turned and expectantly looked at the pottery, anticipating something to happen.

This proved to be justified, as a horrific screech came from the pot's interior, signaling a blue dragon to erupt from it, giving off an aura of terrible aquatic power. It looked around for a second, noticing the Gaia and Handy around it, before turning its gaze to the like-element Navi...who didn't expect it to not straight up attack. "Huh? What are you looking at me for?! I'm not your enemy!" The WaterDragon remained motionless as it continued to stare at her. "Uh...Sabrina, any ideas?"

"I dunno. Maybe it wants you to tell it what to do?"

"Oh, good idea!" SplashLady slowly motioned with her spear over towards the bomb wielding foes, noticing her ally virus intently following its path. "See those Handy? If you could delete them without mercy, I'd really appreciate it!"

As soon as the word 'it' left the Navi's lips, the PotDragon retreated into its namesake, leaving not even a drop of water inside of it. This caused the mermaid to peer into it, not entirely sure what was going on. "So, uh...what's going on?" She had very little time to wait on an answer, as a puddle of water appeared right in front of one of Handy, allowing the aquatic virus to erupt from it with a roar, and begin wreaking havoc upon those that would dare oppose its summoner.

However, this presented a problem. The cave was pretty small. The WaterDragon...not so much. Even by accident, one wrong move and she'd be hurting. "Shoot, I need to get out of here!" SplashLady performed a 180, and began exiting the battle area, in-between Voulge's Gaia+ destruction spree. Now for the upcoming lava...she created a large sphere of water at the tip of her spear, then tossed it with a single flick at the fiery drink, which would preferably create a bridge of cooled magma. Either way, she was crossing at that spot; a hot foot was better than a potentially crushed one. And thus, she returned to approximately where she was at the beginning. Only a bit warmer from the previous events. "Phew...are we good for now, Sabrina?"

"Yep! Just hang tight and see if we got 'em all!"

And thus did the aquatic Navi begin to do nothing. Aside from looking at the scene, where viruses may or may not still exist.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab to just inside mouth of cave (teleports user)
2-AquaDragon chip attack on Handy2 group (150+15, Aqua, creates Sea terrain, attacks until it's created 25% Sea terrain) (Aqua Boost)
3-Get past any remaining Gaia+
4-Flood Cannon sig attack on lava river (80, Blast 2, creates medium area Sea terrain)
5-Cross the lava river where Flood Cannon hit it
Starting off quickly, Voulge unleashed a barrage of drill attacks on the nearest Gaia to him. The Gaias' hammer attack did nothing to slow down his attack, as it simply broke through the shield, nothing more. The second one, however, landed perfectly on him, dealing heavy, heavy damage. (120) He dispatched the rest easily enough, however. The Handies reacted quite quickly, releasing three bombs with the number '3' on them and a dud with an 'X' on it. Two timebombs were destroyed easily enough by Ignis' punching power, however.

SplashLady, meanwhile, had already teleported inside the cave and unleashed AquaDragon mayhem, destruction abound everywhere. Handies were decimated, bombs were exploded, and duds were hit. Bad times were had as SplashLady fired her escape route out through her Flood Cannon, when the dud's explosive mechanism set into the mermaid Navi. A 'BOOM' was heard as she was dealt the full force of the dud. (100)

-- Inside Cave --


-- Protecting Cave Entrance --

- 25% Sea (Cave, and a bit of the entrance)
- 15% Lava (The original lava river from uphill)
- 10% Lava (River to left of Cave)
- 15% Sea (River to right of Cave)
- 35% Normal (Everywhere else)
(Terrain is sloped 30 degrees, Navis are facing downhill, care with movement so as to not fall or something)

SplashLady.EXE: 200HP
Voulge.EXE: 130HP
Ignis.SP: 90HP
Licht.SP: 70HP
(Voulge, Ignis, Licht: Cave mouth)
(SplashLady: Across river to right of Cave)


- Zenny: 2400
- FXP: 4+1

- Zenny:: 2400
- FXP: 4+1
- Bugfrags: 40
Oww...what happened? One second everything's dandy, the next second there's giant explosions hitting her from behind. Chances were the Handy had something to do with it, but-oh, that's right. As she fled, she noticed one of the bombs had an X instead of a number, which struck her as odd. That was probably it. Yeesh, what a painful lesson...


...But it was definitely not as painful as that sound that came from the real world. There was no high pitched scream before or afterwards, so Sabrina wasn't the recipient. SplashLady rubbed her back as she sent over half of the cash data, looking over to see Voulge in less than perfect shape, as well. Oh no, did he get caught in that explosion...? No, he had taken even more damage than she had. He must've done his best impersonation of a nail. "Voulge! Are you all right?" ...That was a silly question. She saw those hammers. That was NOT something you just shrugged off. "Listen, we both took some tough hits just then...if you want to call it good for now, I'll understand. But I'm fine to keep going...and it'd look pretty bad if you couldn't outlast a girl, especially since Marius is hanging out with other people and they'd know about it, wouldn't you think?" The mermaid Navi leaned on her spear a bit, winking at her ally. She didn't mean anything bad by it; she just had a feeling that he could use a little extra motivation after being tenderized.
Voulge picked up all the loots of the battle as quickly as he could, but he was feeling a bit sluggish after receiving. He turned towards Splash, who was thinking about his own injury despite her own, and slowly bowed his head. "I thank you for your concern...but I'm alright now."

"Heh, thought so!" Yeah, Voulge was too tough to quit after getting hit by a gigantic hammer once. Honestly, it was kind of a silly question she asked to begin with. Ah well, it happened when you were with someone you cared ab-


Was she about to complete the thought she thought she was about to think?

...Nah. Shaking her head at herself, SplashLady pointed her spear straight ahead, in the direction they had been moving prior to that last virus encounter. "All righty then! Onward!"