Picnic in the Jungle

Red and Myun crashed down into the network, ready for anything as they wandered through the jungle that was Yumland Rogue Net.

[Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210 HP]
[Myun.SP: 100 HP]
As soon as Red jacked into the Yumland Rogue network, they found themselves heading into a cornfield of sorts. Curiously, none of the plants there had any produce on them, except for three stalks of corn. ...Which wasn't all that curious when Red found that they were no more than just viruses.

MegaCornA: 100HP
MegaCornB: 100HP
MegaCornC: 100HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Red: 210HP
Myun: 100HP



"Are we lucky today, or is this just karma?" Red inquired, staring googly-eyed at the corn viruses.

"Well we better do a good job of it if we want what you're thinking of. So right off the bat..." Shin started, sending in a chip with a picture of a mushroom on it.

"Let's hit 'em hard!" the crimson crusader yelled, grabbing an empty cornstalk and forcefully blasting it with pollen. Myun jumped as her mistress sent off a chain reaction, having the stalks explode virulent amounts of spores in an attempt to blast anything standing on the grass. Myun struck out on the ground to keep herself airborne for a few more seconds before resorting to evasive maneuvers.

"That was the base, but I bet they won't be taken out that easily. Let's take this place down," the self-proclaimed ace advised, grinning as he put in some of his most devastating group attack chips into the PET.

"Alrighty! Let's burn it up!" Red cheered enthusiastically, swinging her right arm back, cape billowing wildly as the fairy-tale fighter punched the ground, a red circle with the character for 'fire' appearing on contact.

The earth rumbled, the ground shook, and pillars of flame burst forth, engulfing the stalks in flame as they made their way toward the MegaCorns, roaring menacingly as they sought the utter annihilation of the wood viruses.

"Hm, they might appreciate some water right about now..." Shin mused, drinking some soda.

"Plants need to be healthy! Here we go!" Red giggled, tapping the ground with the tip of her right foot.

As if to answer her call, two serpentine dragons composed entirely out of water burrowed out from underground, bellowing mightily as they surged forth at Red's direction toward the MegaCorns, each serpent's jaws wide enough to chomp down on three viruses at once... which they did. Chomp down on the viruses I mean. Well, they were trying to at least.

"And now it's harvest season, time to gather, and the bees that worked so hard fertilizing will rest in their nest," Shin spoke, as if he were reading off the page of some children's picture book.

"I don't think farmers used Boomerangs to get at their crops, but it seems efficient to do, don't you think?" Red proposed, giggling as she twirled a Boomerang out of her picnic basket and, with careful aim, sent it whirling at the MegaCorns, possibly cutting them down to size.

"Pic... nic?" Myun inquired, tilting her head as she bounced around.

"Hm, would virus remains be good for a picnic? I think it really depends," Red pondered, a barrier of honeycombs surrounding her, bees in each cell ready to defend their home.

"I wonder if someone else thought of that idea too?" Shin mused, sipping some more soda. This reminded Red to ready her sugar deposits just in case.

Turn Summary:
1. Spice1 [80 +15 Wood DMG + Confusion + Ground Attack + To-All Grass]
2. FireTower1 at MegaCorn Group [100 Fire DMG x2(Weakness) +100%(Grass) = 300 DMG + Piercing + Group Attack + Ground Attack]
3. Wideshot1 at MegaCorn Group [60 Aqua DMG + Wide Attack]
4. Wideshot1 at MegaCorn Group [60 Aqua DMG + Wide Attack]
5. Boomerang1 at MegaCorn Group [60 +15 Wood DMG]
6. RiskyHoney1 [Block 1-hit and Counter for 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]
*Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Red
*Regen 5 on Grass Terrain

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Jump to avoid Spice1 [Movement]
*Rhythm Boxing to Ground [Stay Airborne]
1-3. Dodge
Spice, Firetower, WideShot, everything made sure the corn viruses were as toast as ever. Even though the corn viruses did retaliate for a bit, Red's RiskyHoney and Myun's dodging skills made sure that the attacks did not hit anything substantial.


Terrain: 80% Grass, 20% Soil

Red: 210HP
Myun: 100HP


Rewards: 1350z, 15 BugFrags
"Yahoo! Who's the best? We're the best! Hi-five!" Red cheered, hi-fiving Myun, who had the same nonchalant expression on her face as always.

"Well it looks like you can rest for a bit," Shin sighed, leaning back in his office chair, sipping some more soda when a new post on the Internet City BBS popped up. Grinning, Shin forwarded the link to his navi.

"? Oh cool! Let's meet up with this guy," Red approved, giggling as she sent a reply and her coordinates.

"And... now?" Myun inquired, picking at the cornstalks.

"Now we wait," Red declared, sticking her chest out.

[Waiting on Goroke then Battle 1 again]
A dark red beam of light landed onto the dangerous Rogue Yumland and it dissipated to reveal Voulge and his two SPs. "Is this where the navi is suppose to be?" said Ignis as he fluttered around carelessly. "...No, we skewed off the destination a little." Voulge immediately realized his own mistake and began to walk towards his partner navi's destination.

Cutting through layers of vegetation, Voulge had little trouble approaching the destination and it was taking a little more than he expected. "So, who is this navi? You said that you knew him/her...so I guess you guys met before I was created?" Ignis' question brought up Voulge's curiosity again and he pondered into it a little longer. "I just heard the name somewhere, nothing more." The navi's short response irritated the SP and almost tries to pick a fight with him, but a small jingle out of nowhere broke the tension and a small BBS message appeared in front of Voulge.

The message was yet another reply from the Red navi, so Voulge simply disregarded it...till his eye caught the small sentence at the end of the message. "P.S. Tournament." With that, Voulge remembered why the name felt so significant. The navi he was going to team bust was Red_Riding_Hood.EXE, the champion of the Net Tournament.

As soon as he realized whom he was going to meet, he cut down the last wall of plants in front of him and found himself right in front of that exact navi. His first impression of Red was...not what he had expected. Voulge knew more than anything that a navi can be in any shape or form and their strength could vary even more...but the last thing he expected was a small child innocently standing within the Rogue Network.

"...This is a big surprise."
Red turned around as someone came through the cornstalks. She smiled cheerfully at the visitor, who she assumed to be Voulge and took a curtsy.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Voulge. I'm Red_Riding_Hood.EXE and this is my little buddy, Myun! Say hi, Myun!" the crimson crusader greeted before gesturing at her support program.

"Nice to meet you," Myun complied, bowing before noticing Voulge's SPs as well.

"Oh, that's so cool! You have two partners? Must be lively, huh?" Red commented, perking up at seeing the light orb-like programs. She crouched down and smiled cheerfully at the two.

"What are your names, then? Must be something cool, huh?" the fairy-tale fighter giggled as Myun bounced closer.
Voulge, along with Ignis and Licht, was warmly greeted by Red and it put all three of them in a slightly uncomfortable feeling. "...This kid is Red_Riding_Hood? I should've guessed since the name was so obvious...but seriously?!" Though Ignis broke the silence, Voulge smacked his SP down to the ground. "Forgive Ignis, he never thinks before he speaks." The spearman bowed his head down at his new partner, customary for a Creamland navi like him, and returned by greeting with the smile. "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Red and Myun."

Licht was already being accustomed to Red and Myun's presence as it constantly circled around the two, but Ignis on the other hand, was still trying to rehabilitate from Voulge's attack. "The curious one is called Licht, and the one on the ground is called Ignis. Though Ignis can't keep his mouth shut, Licht can't speak at all, just so you know." Quick with the greeting, Voulge slid his weapons onto his back and looked around the area for safety sake. However, he found the area to be beat up and ravaged, most likely created from Red's fight between a virus before he arrived. "I guess I don't have to worry about you so much as I should worry about my own body...Especially when you're the Net Tournament Champion."
"Aha~ I see my hint helped," Red giggled, popping up to a standing position while scratching the back of her head.

"Well, nice to meet you, Mr. Voulge, Ignis, and Licht! Now let's get harvesting! Yeah!" Red cheered, pumping her fist in the air.

A holoscreen popped up with Shin's face on it, cheerfully waving at the group. "Well, seems the party's all here. You heard her, let's roll!"

And so they went.

[Battle 1 please]
Red's pure energetic and friendly personality was still very strange for Voulge. It was hard to believe that she was the champion, but he didn't have time to stop and think while she moved on ahead. "Urgh, she's going to be so annoying..." said Ignis as he regained his conscience. "I don't want to hear that from you." said Voulge as he followed just behind Red.

[+2 FXP for intro]

As Red and Voulge explored the Rogue Yumland network, they happened upon a dirt path through a vast field of grass, and decided on a whim to walk on it. The path looked to be used, as they had to be careful when Myun nearly hopped into a snare trap, which seemed to be set into the path they were walking on at set intervals. Their walk was not uninterrupted for very long as well, when they happened upon a trio of Swordy blocking their path. A look behind showed that this was no happenstance, as a group of Zemon blocked their way back- they were surrounded!

-- Front --
Swordy-W2 A: 160HP (Soil)
Swordy-W2 B: 160HP (Grass)
Swordy-W2 C: 160HP (Grass)

-- Back --
Zemon2 A: 200HP (Soil)
Zemon2 B: 200HP (Grass)
Zemon2 C: 200HP (Grass)

-- Middle --
Voulge.EXE: 250HP (Soil)
Ignis.SP: 115HP (Soil)
Licht.SP: 90HP (Soil)
Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210HP (Soil)
Myun.SP: 100HP (Soil)

Terrain: 60% Soil, 10% Snare, 30% Grass

"...Firetower!" Red called, shooting a hand up into the air and receiving the chip instantly. Flames swirled around her arm as she frowned at the viruses. Noting Voulge's SPs were flame-like, she could guess at his specialty and focused on the Zemons.

Slamming her fist into the ground, the fairy-tale fighter propagated a crimson-colored magic circle, flames swirling around the area before columns of lava burst out of the ground, roaring powerfully. With Red's command, the pillars began their march across the plains toward the Zemon, threatening to engulf them entirely in the wake of flames.

Unsure that she could finish the viruses off like that, Red stuck her hand out like she was grabbing something firm and hard, and received a Boomerang. Licking her lips, she noticed the wooden scythe was more fortified than before, but shrugged as she sent it whirling at the Zemon group, a devastating attack that cut all in its path.

After the pass, Red caught the Boomerang on its way back, spun around and sent it flying at the Swordys. It seemed Shin had downloaded two Boomerangs into the PET and it was just materialized into one fortified one. The crimson crusader giggled cheerfully as the scythe sliced through the group, yet unknown if it made actual contact, before making a return trip toward the navi before disappearing into thin air.

Myun, decided to step up, making her way toward the Swordys with quick, boxing steps before assaulting one in the face with a well-aimed punch. Feeling contact with something, the boxing bunny moved on to swirl a kick at the next Swordy before rapidly slapping it with two hits from her ears.

"Preparations are ready!" Red called, waving from the side of the Swordys. If you were wondering how she got there, she had used the power of the Areagrab during Myun's assault to help out her beloved friend.

Giving Red a nod, Myun backflipped out of the way as her master unleashed a searing line of flames to burst out of the ground at the Swordys, attempting to engulf them in misery and defeat in one sole hit.

Red and Myun looked around to see if any of their enemies survived, their healing processes at the ready if needed, the terrain master ready to dodge at any second if the time should come.

Turn Summary:
1. FireTower1 at Zemon2 Group [100 Fire DMG +100%(Grass) = 200 DMG + Piercing + Group Attack + Ground Attack]
2. Boomerang1 at Zemon2 Group [60 +15 Wood DMG +100%(Soil) = 150 Wood DMG]
3. Boomerang1 at Swordy-W2 Group [60 +15 Wood DMG +100%(Soil) = 150 Wood DMG]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get in Melee Range of SwordyW-2A
1. Attack Swordy-W2A [50 DMG + Break]
2. Attack Swordy-W2B [50 DMG + Break]
*Rhythm Boxing on Swordy-W2B [2x10 DMG]
3. Get out of the way of Red's next attack [Dodge]
*Fiber Fixer: Heal 30 to Myun

Red's Actions continued:
4. Areagrab to side of Swordy-W2 Group [Teleport, Dodge, Movement, +1 Accuracy]
5. Flameline1 to Swordy-W2 Group [70 Fire DMG x2(Weakness) +100%(Grass) =210 DMG + Ground Attack + Wide Attack]
6. Dodge
*Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Red
Voulge, simply put, was awestruck by how much destruction Red was creating. "Holy crap. Look at that shortstuff go." Even Ignis and Licht was surprised by how they were doing as they watched from the side line. "...I guess I don't have to worry about her at all." said Voulge as he silently muttered it to himself. But even after saying that, the spearman felt uneasy to leave all the battle to his new partner. "Let's go, Ignis. Licht, you stay behind."

The navi began to approach the battlefield with his spear drawn and his shield created compacted dirt and soil while Ignis followed just behind and Licht hid in a safe place. "I'm ready for this! I won't get my ass handed to me on a silver plate like last time! Bring it!" The SP was more pumped than he was ever before, whether that was for the better or for worse, and literally looked like he could take on the world. Voulge was also feeling the hype of the battle as he twirled his Lancea over his head. "Marius, let's go!"


There was a prolonged silence in the air as Voulge and Ignis simply stood quietly. Due to the unfortunate stroke of luck, or bad timing, Marius was occupied with getting his food and haven't even realized that Voulge has jacked into the net. Without any sort of chips to support himself and Red, the navi began to let out cold sweat. "...Umm...", "It's fine. We just have to take on the supportive role for the time being."

Voulge calmly thought through the current situation and first changed his Avaria-Lancea into a ceremonial flag spear. The flag was burning with a passionate flame, but it still maintained its form of a wide flag as Voulge spun the spear in front of him. "Distraho!" As he plunged the blade of the spear deep into the soil, the grounds near the zemons erupted and intense amount of super-heated airs began to cover around them. Before they realized, their sight, smell, and even hearing was completely disoriented due to their natural intolerance of extreme temperature. On the other side, a similar eruption occurred near the Swordies, but a clear doppelganger of Voulge stood within the stream of air and began to run around the Swordies to distract them.

"Time for me to shine, baby!"

Ignis conjured a giant fireball while Voulge plucked his weapon off the ground. The SP quickly scanned the battlefield as he was slowly adding more flame into his attack and locked one target in sight. "BURN!!" The fireball suddenly shrunk into a size of a golf ball and fired off like a gunshot, even creating a similar noise as it took off. Voulge swiped the spear in the air to wipe off all the dirt on the blade and transformed his weapon into a golden trident. The navi instantly teleported behind any of the surviving virus, preferably the one who looked like they had the most vitality left, and tried to dig the pronged pole arm straight through their back. With a simple turn of the handle, a powerful electric shock surged through the trident and Voulge pulled it out to transform the weapon once more.

"Destroy everything in your path, Avaria-Lancea!"

The spear transformed again, but it gave off a small silver light as it did so. The end result was a ivory-colored jousting lance that looked as powerful as it was beautiful with its golden engravings. Voulge handled the giant weapon with ease as he placed the extended handle between his armpit and jumped back to gain some distance. He dug both his feet deep into the soil before he exploded forward with the lance perfectly aligned towards his target's spine.

* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
Licht: Dodge x3
Ignis: Tough Ego [Hardbody (2 Turns) / 2TCD]
1. Aestus Intrico [Illusion (2 Turns) / Decoy (3 Turns) / 4TCD] @ Zemon2 Group
* Decoy: Distract Swordy-W2 Group
Ignis: Attack [40 / Homing] @ Surviving Virus
2. Retairius Triden [Teleport / Stun / Take Aim / 3TCD]
- Behind any Surviving Virus
- Stun Surviving Virus
3. Grandis Attero [100 Damage / Break / Impact / Seeking / 4TCD] @ Surviving Virus
4. Dodge
5. Dodge
6. Dodge

Aestus Intrico: USED
Retairius Triden: USED
Grandis Attero: USED
Tough Ego: USED
Starting off with a bang, Red took the offensive to the Zemon first, while Voulge went for a support role, causing an illusory vision to distract the Swordy and Zemon. The Swordy were fooled quite easily, with two of them taking on the decoy Voulge quite enthusiastically, and were disappointed when the vision fizzled out before them. The last one had the sense to warp up to the real Voulge, but its slashes were foiled by Voulge's quick movements, and a block with his shield. Ignis had the misfortune of being smacked by the wide slash, though the damage was reduced somewhat. (30) The Zemon were quick to evade Red's initial attack handily, but were then overcome by Voulge's superheated sensory overload. This caused their formation to break as they proceeded to teleport randomly everywhere and slash at nothing. Unfortunately for one of them, a Snare trap was waiting for it, and held it in place!

Red then proceeded to release a duo of boomerangs to either side of the field, hitting a couple of Zemon and Swordy. Myun went up to some Swordy and gave it some punching action. She then proceeded to blast the Swordy with a healthy dose of flames, causing mass murder and such. In the process, much grass was burnt, and there were even some coals produced. Voulge picked off some of the enemies as well along with Ignis' help.

-- Front --
Swordy-W2 A: DELETED
Swordy-W2 B: DELETED
Swordy-W2 C: DELETED

-- Back --
Zemon2 A: 5HP (Snare) (Stun)
Zemon2 B: 125HP (Grass)
Zemon2 C: 200HP (Grass)

-- Middle --
Voulge.EXE: 250HP (Coal) [1-Hit Shield] (Near Zemon2A)
Ignis.SP: 85HP (Soil)
Licht.SP: 90HP (Soil)
Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210HP (Soil)
Myun.SP: 100HP (Soil)

Terrain: 65% Soil, 10% Coal, 10% Snare, 15% Grass
Voulge watched over the Zemons while he raised his beaten shield up, hoping that Marius would come back and eventually allow the chips to flow in. "CMON, YOU ASS WIPE. GET YOUR FOOD AND HELP US OUT!!" Ignis was starting to freak out as he zigzagged all over the place and never stayed at once place more than a second.

The navi tried to think of something to make himself useful within the battle, but most of his useful signature attacks was already spent and his buster would prove to be useless against these rogue viruses. He started to feel hesitant, deciding whether he should blindly attack in hopes of progress and to be useful, or leave everything on Red and simply run away from the battle. Fortunately, before he was about to make his decision, a familiar voice rung his ears.

" *Chomp Chomp Chomp*...You guys are online already?"

Marius returned to his computer desk with two plates stacked with food, already guzzling down as much as he can into his mouth. Voulge might say a thing about his manner, but there was no time for proper etiquette right now. "I apologize for my intrusion, Marius! But I need chips right now!" However, even the navi's heartfelt request didn't go through Marius' pure, savage need to satisfy his hunger as he continued chowing down his food. "HEY, DON'T BE A FATASS AND DO SOMETHING!"

Marius reached the limit of his patients as he finally gulped down the food in his mouth and began to rapidly type into his computer. He wrote a small command within mere seconds and uploaded it into his PET, causing Voulge's body to light up for a brief moment. "There. Don't bother me anymore." The operator lightly tapped the enter key and 5 chips began to upload to Voulge from the chip folder.

"Aw yeah! Finally we can start this fight! Send the Totem and the Meteor and the...Oh what the hell?"

The five chips were uploaded, but none of them was what they had asked for. From the look of it, these five chips were simply picked randomly out from the folder and had no particular order or strategic use. "...Marius." "Food comes first."

Voulge placed his face against his palm and shook his head side to side, but in the end, he was still thankful that he showed up in the last second. The navi looked through the five chips: MagBomb, Sensor, PhoenixShot, LavaCannon, and the SnakeEgg2. He was surprised by how much damage these randomized chips could dish out, and even saw a combination of the two to finish this battle this instance.

"Ignis, you attack the wounded Zemon. Licht, provide the assistance when I say so."

The spearman boldly approached the last three Zemons while Licht stayed on the side line and Ignis began to create more fireballs. "You better have some plan in your mind, Tinhead. Voulge had a small smirk on his face as he nodded towards his SP and created a small golden sphere on his free hand. "Just do what I say." Ignis immediately shot off his first fireball, and then the next one, and fired one more simultaneously at the Zemon, who was already near-death due to Red's attack.

The navi had his focus towards the healthier Zemons and threw the golden bomb in an wide arc. The MagBomb immediately detonated the moment it hit the ground,exploding in a spectacle of 1,000 volt of lightning flying everywhere. Voulge took this time to reinforce his damaged shield and gave the signal to Licht as he quickly approached the virus. The green crystal moved swiftly to the side of the two Zemons and blew a powerful gust of wind against one of the closer ones. Hoping that Licht's action would put the Zemons together, Voulge lit his Avaria-Lancea aflame and gave a wide side-way swing towards the virus, creating a blade of fire that flew straight and true.

Licht: Dodge x3
Ignis: Attack [40 / Homing] Zemon2A
Ignis: Attack [40 / Homing] Zemon2A
* Ignis: Gatling Attack [40 / Homing] Zemon2A
1. Magbomb [30 / Blast2 / Stun] @ Zemon2B
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
* Licht: Vel Drive: Move to align the Zemons
* Licht: Knockback Zemon2B @ Zemon2C
2. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] (2x Terrain Advantage)+10 per Zemon (Coal) / Wide] @ Zemon2 B/C

-Just In Case-
3. Sensor [100 / Stun / Beam / Attacks anything in front of it / Destroyed after attacking / 100 HP / ElecBody]
4. SnakeEgg2 [140 / Stun / Ground] @ Zemon2C
5 LavaCannon [90+[color=red]25[/color] / +40 Damage On Lava Panels]
6. Dodge

Aestus Intrico: 4TCD
Retairius Triden: 3TCD
Grandis Attero: 4TCD
Tough Ego: 2TCD
"Ah...." Red said, stopping as she realized she had gone off and attacked everything by herself. Great teamwork there.

"You got too into it again... didn't you?" Shin sighed, sweatdropping.

"Ahahaha~ I just kind of..." Red apologized, scratching the back of her head sheepishly.

"Well it looks like Voulge gave you some nice support. There's still some viruses left so help out," Shin advised, sending in two chips.

"Will do! Good job out there Mr. Voulge! You can do it!" Red cheered from the sidelines. She spotted Ignis heading for the trapped Zemon with gusto and decided to help out.

"Good thing we got those buster upgrades," Red commented to herself, a rush of cherry blossoms flowing out of her extra-dimensional picnic basket and forming into some kind of... serpentine dragon made out of cherry blossoms.... yeah....

With a point forward, the... cherry blossom dragon howled silently... seeing as it couldn't produce any sound, before charging at the trapped Zemon and attempting to bumrush it to death.

Loading the power of the two downloaded chips, Red materialized bazookas on each of her shoulders, gripping the handles firmly as she crouched down to support their weight. Ignis had started to use a gust of wind to move the Zemon's close together... which is where Red got an idea.

"Initializing Anchoring," the fairy-tale fighter spoke, grinning as the bazooka on her right shoulder feeling a bit heavier... though it was really the bullet inside that mattered. The targeting sequences for the MarkCannons started up, locking on to the other two Zemons.

"Fire one!" Red whooped, pulling the trigger when the targeting vectors had settled on the first Zemon, the heavy bullet rocketing toward the samurai warrior. If this hit, the virus would feel a bit heavier than usual. Hopefully this would keep it from moving too fast and escaping the grouping that Voulge was planning.

"Fire two!" the crimson crusader called, the rocket blasting out faster than the other one and heading directly towards the next Zemon.

Taking her grips off the bazookas, Red let the firearms fall to the ground and dissolve as she called out to her allies. "You rock guys! Keep it up!"

"That's the spirit," Shin chuckled, leaning back in his office chair. He thought he heard someone else wolfing away at some food, but it might've just been his imagination.

Myun picked at the ground, eyes trained on her opponents.

Turn Summary:
1. Buster Shot at Zemon 2A [30 DMG]
*Anchor: Ground opponent hit by next attack
2. MarkCannon1 at Zemon 2C [70 DMG + Seeking + Lockon]
3. MarkCannon1 at Zemon 2B [70 DMG + Seeking + Lockon]
4. Cheer for allies.
5. Dodge
6. Dodge

Myun's Actions:
1-3: Dodge
Ignis formed another set of fireballs, flinging one at the critically injured Zemon. However, the virus saw the flames hurdling toward it and managed to drop into a roll that left the fireball sailing over its head. Ignis launched a second fireball at the virus, but the Zemon had vanished. One moment it was crouched on the floor in the grass and the next it was hovering over Voulge with its katana poised to strike.

The virus cut the air as its sword dropped in a devastating slash meant to cleave the spear-wielding Navi in twain. In a move that was part luck and part skill, Voulge managed to raise his shield in time to block the sudden attack. The shield shattered with the force of the blow, leaving the Navi open for the virus' next strike. The Zemon held its sword at its side, reading a drawing strike meant to decimate its foes. The virus began its draw, but suddenly stiffened, dropping to its knees. Flames sizzled against its back, slowly eating away at its flesh before the Zemon collapsed into a pile of ash. Ignis' final fireball had found its mark.

Voulge hurled a golden orb through the air toward the other Zemon viruses. One of the viruses vanished, moving in close to the spearman, but the second of the samurai was caught in the electrical blast. That Zemon dropped its sword, momentarily stunned. Voulge renewed is shield just in time to catch the sword of the teleporting virus. The shield managed to absorb both strikes from the viral blade, protecting the Navi, but a shockwave swept around the raised shield. Luckily, both Red and Licht were nimble enough to avoid the blast.

Red quickly switched targets from the deleted Zemon and retaliated with a blast of cherry blossoms at the attacking virus. The swordsman somehow avoided the cutesy attack, leaping out of reach of the flower dragon's snapping maw. However, it wasn't quick enough to avoid the munchkin Navi's next onslaught and a heavy cannon shot exploded into its chest and left it collapsed on the floor. A second cannon blast caught the other samurai, the virus still stunned from the surging electricity, and laid it flat.

Voulge unleashed the power of his lance, a fiery blade cutting a wide swipe across the battlefield. One of the viruses was burnt to a cinder, its body consumed by the raging flames. However, the second swordsman had the sense to move. It teleported away from the flames and reappeared behind the attacking Navi. The swordsman's first strike caught Volge in the back and it was quickly followed by a crescent shockwave that struck the Navi. Licht was just able to dodge the wave of energy, but Ignis was caught and was sent hurdling to the floor. Luckily, the program was made of tougher stuff and only took negligible damage.

The Navi countered with a series of attacks, pulverizing the virus until it lay still.

-- Front --
Swordy-W2 A: DELETED
Swordy-W2 B: DELETED
Swordy-W2 C: DELETED

-- Back --
Zemon2 A: DELETED!
Zemon2 B: DELETED!
Zemon2 C: DELETED!

-- Middle --
Voulge.EXE: 160HP (Coal)
Ignis.SP: 82HP (Soil)
Licht.SP: 90HP (Soil)
Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210HP (Soil)
Myun.SP: 100HP (Soil)

Terrain: 65% Soil, 10% Coal, 10% Snare, 15% Grass

Rewards -
Voulge: 1300z
Red: 1300z
FXP: 3 +1 for Rogue Net +1 for cheering = 5
Bugfrags: 54
Voulge stood on the wake of his enemy's destruction, slowly rubbing his wounds and began to approach what was left of the virus. "Anything worth while?" said Ignis as he hovered around the navi, also examining the remains. The navi shook his head and only grabbed the zenny that was available. "These viruses doesn't carry any .FODs. No luck."

He turned towards Red and gave half of the zenny he could find to the little navi, "I couldn't find any food for us this time, and I also apologize for my lack of help during the start of the battle." Ignis peered over Voulge's shoulder and followed up on his comment. "It's our lazy-ass operator's fault...mostly. This guy is almost as worthless if it isn't for me!" The SP began to laugh out loud, only for a moment before Voulge gave one light smack against his head to send it straight to the ground.

"Ah~ That's ok," Red giggled, accepting the money graciously as she sent it up to the PET. "I think you did well enough at the beginning despite what happened, so let's just press on, kay?"

At Ignis' boastful comment, Red giggled and crouched down once Voulge flattened him to the ground. "Yes Ignis, I think we might've had a rough time if you weren't here after all," the red-caped wonder smiled, stroking the top of the ruby wisp cheerfully.

"Because... we're all a team, right?"

Myun nodded, "You had... pretty nice attacks," the rabbit complimented, striking a fist out.

"Heheh, alright, let's keep going!" Shin exclaimed, the navi and SP complying as they skipped/bounced forth, beckoning Voulge and his SPs along.

[Battle 2 Ready]
The navi simply followed behind Red, trailing behind and had a watchful eye in case a virus would attack them behind.