In Search of Deliciousness

Appearing in the middle of the Yumland grassfield in a flash, Voulge along with his two SPs found them selves in the middle of the dangerous Rogue Net. "Umm...Hmmm...Uuhhh." Ignis looked around the net, quiet confused to find himself in the uninhabited area of the net. "Hey, it isn't my fault that we got los-", "Yes it is." "...". While their original plan was to arrive in the Yumland Square, the egotistical Ignis wrongfully led Voulge towards the completely different direction. Their plan to find information about the Yumland cooking was definitely delayed.

However, just as when Voulge was about to leave the net before anything dangerous would happen, Licht nudged the navi's side and showed him one of the pages he searched before. Showing an article about the "Secret Recipe of the Yumland flavor," one column told about the special ingredient data that could only be found on the lethal Yumland Rogue. Kill two birds with one stone, the spearman thought to himself. He would be able to receive the goods Rogue net has to offer while obtaining rare data for his use. "Much obliged, Licht." Pulling the Lancea from his back, Voulge quickly stepped forward to tackle the rogue net!

As Voulge and the crew explored the dangerous Yumland Rogue area, they discovered that it didn't look much different from what you'd expect from normal Yumland: grass, rolling hills, the moor, all the usual trappings of lush plains. The Rogue Net land was fertile, even more than usual, since the usual horde of trekking Navis was nonexistent in this place. The only indication of it being a Rogue Net was the circle of light that illuminated Voulge's immediate area and then some.

His search was interrupted rather quickly by some Elemperors, jumping around in the Rogue Net and eager to deliver some whoop-ass. Maybe he should return the kindness.

Elmperor2 A: 180HP
Elmperor2 B: 180HP
Elmperor2 C: 180HP
Elmperor2 D: 180HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Voulge.EXE: 250HP
Ignis.SP: 90HP
Licht.SP: 70HP

Voulge found peace in the secluded rogue net, but it soon disappeared when the Elmperors came along. The lamp-shaped viruses didn't look too dangerous, but their hostile intentions was obvious. "May I?" Ignis anxiously asked Voulge, "...Just stay out of this one." The navi was sure that a single attack from a rogue virus would be the end for both of his SPs. He gently pushed Ignis away and turned towards Licht, who responded by rapidly spinning around and junctioning with Voulge. "This is for your own good."

Before Voulge hear what Ignis had to say, already knowing that it would be either whining or bad-mouthing, the navi quickly jumped towards the viruses. Running with the spear's end against the ground, it sparked up clumps of soil, grass, and pebbles, all following just behind the spearman. The assortment of materials quickly gathered into a double-layered shield, extremely durable despite what it was made out of. However, rather than placing the shield in front of him as always...Voulge placed it beneath his feet. The shield was compacted into a much smaller size and placed itself beneath Voulge's sole. It was set so that it would expand the moment it felt an attack, protecting both Voulge and Licht from any incoming attack. "OI, SHITFORBRAINS. WHY'D YOU DO THAT!" Ignis questioned the navi's action from afar, still hiding from the viral threats.

Still having his eyes fixed towards the virus, Voulge quickly stopped few meters away from the virus, readied his Lancea, and ignored Ignis' question. The spear was immediately plunged through the grassy terrain, burning a few blades due to the weapon's fiery property, and the end was clasped with two hands. It almost looked liked a ceremony of some sort as Voulge closed his eyes as his hands was locked on his weapon.

It didn't take long before everyone realized what the spearman was doing. The grounds trembled as the spear stuck on the ground began to rise up quickly and reveal a giant face! Rather than a face, it was a painted stump with a carved face on both sides, one that was heavily colored with an angry expression, while the other was pure white with a calm face. As soon as Voulge pulled the spear out from the top of the totem, the angry face widened its eyes and mouth to fire three giant fireballs straight at the viruses. It easily charred the grasses beneath as it headed directly at the Elmperors, leaving a trail of black behind and exploded in a giant spectacle.

Voulge was safe, well, partially safe behind the sturdy Totem. Transforming the Lancea into a dull-metal gunlance, the navi began to load long range chips into the weapon. After the pull of the hammer bite, the gunlance was ready for some shooting. The first pull of the trigger sent a wide wave of flame that was resembling more of a blade than a bullet, burning up the grass similar to the Totem's fireballs. Just before Voulge was about the fire the rest, he couldn't underestimate the power of his enemy. The navi took a few step back and prepared himself for any incoming attacks, despite the layers of defense he already has. With his safety in his mind, Voulge fired another shot at the remaining viruses, prepping his evasion, and fired the last.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion+)]
Ignis: Dodge x2
Licht: Mobility Junction (Evasion+ / Float)
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield] Beneath Voulge
1. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color] + Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / 100 HP Object / Changes When Hit] @ Elmperor2 A/B/C (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain = 620)
2. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ Elemperor2 B/C/D (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain(?) = 170 / 340)
Licht: Dodge w/ Voulge (Evasion+)
3. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ Elemperor2 Survivors (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain(?) = 170 / 340)
4. Dodge (Evasion+)
5. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ Elemperor2 Survivors (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain(?) = 170 / 340)
Voulge kicked things off with a distinctly Netopian feel, creating a Totem that breathed fire on whatever was foolish enough to get in its way. Unfortunately, that proved to not be very many Elemperor, as only one was directly in its way to get fried. Not happy about nearly getting burned to a crisp, one of the lucky magic lamps tried to return the favor, only in a Wood-elemental way...but only managed to hit the shield directly below him. The Navi then let off a PhoenixShot, taking out two more, but failing to end the battle immediately. Not wanting to share that fate, the sole Elemperor let off another wood-fueled rage attack, but that only resulted in Voulge's shield crumbling into pieces. A second flaming bird then made sure he wouldn't personally know what the attack felt like.

Elmperor2A: DELETED
Elmperor2B: DELETED
Elmperor2C: DELETED
Elmperor2D: DELETED

Terrain: Not exactly 100% Grass

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP
Ignis.SP: 90 HP
Licht.SP: 70 HP


Voulge: 1200z, 36 BugFrags, ElemWood
Voulge looked at his Totem, watching it go underground when the battle was over. Quietly thanking SplashLady for the chip, the navi took whatever he could find from the virus and began to move further into the net.

Voulge moved on into the Yumland Rogue in search of the legendary ingredient data. He came across a large field of corn! Wait, what? Corn? In the middle of Rogue? How is that possible? Must be some Navi that decided it was funny or something. Anyway, some of the corn was jumping around in the thick field, and leapt out at Voulge! They were revealed to be viruses, probably sneaked into the field to jump some unsuspecting dude that happened across it.

Wrong choice, I suppose.

MegaCornA: 100HP
MegaCornB: 100HP
MegaCornC: 100HP
MegaCornD: 100HP
MegaCornE: 100HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP
Ignis.SP: 90 HP
Licht.SP: 70 HP

"Hey, dude, check it out!"

Ignis was speeding across the net to take a closer look at the field of corns while Voulge and Licht took their time. It was truly a sight to behold, as none of them has seen this much corn in a single place. "Hey, lets just get some of these corns. We're looking for ingredients and crap, might as well get these?" The crystal SP was obviously excited, but it was abruptly stopped when Voulge spotted...hopping corns heading their way. "Later. Something's heading our way."

All three assumed their positions: Voulge created a shield made from dried corn stocks, rocks, all sorts of things he could find, Licht broke its two bodies apart and fused along with Voulge's legs, and Ignis...tried to find a good hiding spot.

As soon as the Corn viruses came out from the field, Voulge already prepared three oil-soaked daggers. He lit the daggers aflame when he sparked it against the Lancea's blade and held it up in the air. "Hostile target confirmed...Commencing the counter-assault." Voulge swung his arm down in a blur as the three flaming daggers was shot straight towards the viruses. Though it was thrown with few calculations and preparations, the daggers was flying at the MegaCorns as if it was a seeking missile.


As soon as it heard its own name, Licht began to spew green flames beneath Voulge's feet. Strangely, the flames didn't even singe the grasses, but the heat it was creating was the real deal. Before anyone realized, Voulge was high up in the air with specks of the green flame fluttering around. While in mid air, the Lancea changed its form into something more formidable against the viruses. The length and the sharpness of the blade, along with the intensity of the heat increased two-fold as soon as the navi landed behind the row of virus. He took placed the bladed side to his side and quickly spun to make a flaming tornado across his targets.

The spearman just couldn't afford any mistakes that would either lead to a damage or getting one of his SPs EJO'd. Quickly activating his next chip, Voulge disappeared into thin air and appeared behind another batch of the MegaCorns. With this, he would at least confuse the viruses for a short while and catch a few off guard. Voulge gave yet another swing of his spear at the viruses, incinerating everything in its path thanks to the ungodly combination of "Fire + Wood = Unpleasant Destruction"

Voulge kept his spear in its current form, trying to be safe if any viruses remained alive after his attacks. Just to be sure, he closed his left hand into a fist, shining with a small, golden glow. When he opened his hand, it revealed a golden bee with a sizable stinger. It flew out of Voulge's hand and began to buzz around the navi before it advanced towards where the viruses stood.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion+)]
Ignis: Dodge x2
Licht: Mobility Junction (Evasion+ / Float)
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
1. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ MegaCorn A/B/C (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain = 340)
Licht: Move behind the MegaCorn w/ Voulge
2. FireSword [80+[color=red]15[/color] / 3 Uses / Wide / Slashing] @ MegaCorn C/D/E (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain(?) = 190 / 380)
3. AreaGrab [Teleport] Behind MegaCorn A/B/C
4. FireSword [80+[color=red]15[/color] / 3 Uses / Wide / Slashing] @ MegaCorn A/B/C (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain(?) = 190 / 380)
5. Arrow [100 / Homing] @ MegaCorn Survivor
Voulge started the battle by forming a shield and equipping one of his SPs. As Ignis moved out of the way, Voulge proceeded to send three flaming daggers at the corn viruses. It made short work of two before they could get anywhere near the Navi, while the last one barely missed. The virus it missed shot a piece of dangerous looking popcorn at Voulge which subsequently bounced off his shield. He then took off and positioned himself behind the MegaCorns. Brandishing two blades of fiery death, the viruses didn't stand much of a chance. One got a shot off on Voulge's barrier again, destroying it before it got deleted. Of course, with no viruses left to attack him, the shield wasn't really necessary anymore. Now it was only Voulge and his SPs in the field along with...popcorn?

The intense heat from Voulge's attacks had apparently caused a good bit of the corn to pop. Too bad there wasn't any butter around.


Terrain: 10% Grass, 90% Popcorn

Battle 2 Complete!

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP GET: 1500z, 25 BugFrags
Ignis.SP: 90 HP
Licht.SP: 70 HP
Finding himself in a field of knee-deep popcorns, Voulge couldn't help but to feel very out of place. Ignis and Licht was playing like little children, jumping in and out of the popcorn and chasing one another. "Oh man, these stuffs are pretty damn awesome. We just gotta bring some back" The spearman nodded as he took a handful and transferred it to his PeT. "Lets get moving." Taking yet another handful, Voulge began to travel further into the net while popping some popcorn into his mouth.

Received: YLPopcorn.FOD

As Voulge stuffed his mouth full of popcorn, he came across yet another strange occurrence: an apple orchard. Trees filled with green, yellow, and red orbs gleamed in the light. There were even some blue ones, and a myriad of other colors if you looked really carefully. Man, someone was really taking their time to plant all these. But who?

Suddenly, there was movement in some of the trees. Looking around, there was nothing but gleaming, shiny delicious apples. Hey, look, there's a really big one right up in that tree- Wait, that's a mystery data!!

AppleSamu2 A: 170HP [IronBody] (on A. Tree ?)
AppleSamu2 B: 170HP [IronBody] (on A. Tree ?)
AppleSamu2 C: 170HP [IronBody] (on A. Tree ?)
AppleSamu2 D: 170HP [IronBody] (on A. Tree ?)
AppleSamu2 E: 170HP [IronBody] (on A. Tree ?)
AppleSamu2 F: 170HP [IronBody] (on A. Tree ?)

Terrain: 90% Grass, 10% Snare

Apple Tree A: 200HP
Apple Tree B: 200HP
Apple Tree C: 200HP
Apple Tree D: 200HP
Apple Tree E: 200HP
Green Mystery Data: 30HP (On A. Tree E)

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP
Ignis.SP: 90 HP
Licht.SP: 70 HP

((Got tired at the near end...Bleh))


Ignis and Licht ran ahead of Voulge again, examining the orchard with great curiosity. The spearman was uneasy when he saw the field of fruits, asking himself, who was planting all these? The plant themselves wasn't the reason for Voulge's discomfort, but why they were in the dangerous Rogue net was. It didn't help alleviate his suspicion when the viruses last time easily hid among the plants and attacked.

"U-uh...This isn't good."

When Voulge snapped back to reality, he saw both his SP quickly running back to him and immediately hide behind him. "What happened." Voulge questioned Ignis with a dull tone. "Viruses man! Just like last time, they were hiding within the trees!" Alerted, the navi looked up at the rows of apple trees again...but there wasn't a single sign of a virus. "...Where are they." Ignis was hesitant, but looked at the trees once again and replied. "I DUNNO! THEY LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THE APPLES!! I was only able to catch a glimpse when one of them peeped out and stared me down! That bastard!" Voulge was unable to get a straight answer from his SP, but the fact that the viruses looked exactly like the apples deemed to be troublesome.

The Lancea's tip began to grow red hot and ignited a small flame around the blade. The navi's initial thought was to simply burn down all the trees down and force the viruses out of hiding...However, burning down an entire orchard of apples that someone took their time to create wasn't very ethical at all. The fire withered away, but the orange glow of the spear didn't disappear. Voulge decided to follow up with the plan, along with small changes...

Licht junctioned with Voulge while the navi himself created a sturdy shield mostly made from the broken apple branches. Ignis, surprisingly, didn't decide to hide from the threat and actually tried to help out Voulge. "Those pricks are gonna get what they deserve for making me look like a fool!" The navi stopped and turned around towards Ignis. "...But you ar-", "DON'T EVEN FUCKING SAY IT!"

Voulge readied his Lancea and immediately ran towards the center of the orchard. With the viruses hiding within the trees, Voulge was extremely cautious to how he approached his destination. Approaching the center, his Lancea changed into a flagged ceremonial spear, waving its long red flag as Voulge held the weapon high. "Let's begin."

Stomping his feet against the ground, Voulge leapt up into the air and stabbed the heated blade through the ground as he landed. There was surge of heatwaves that swallowed the orchards whole, filling the area with the feverish heat and bending everyone's visions. The navi looked up to see that all the trees surrounding him was lit on fire...until he blinked his eyes to reveal that it wasn't. Temporarily caught by his own illusion, Voulge was surprised by how effective his own attack was. With the illusion of the trees burning, this would drive the hidden viruses out of their shelter and right into the battlefield.

"Ignis, if you may..."

The crystal SP nodded his head as he began to fly right into the orchards. Zigzagging across the trees, it constantly spat out taunts to the viruses in order to catch their attention. "HEY, MAN UP AND DON'T BE A FRUIT...LITERALLY!" While Ignis was doing his own thing, Voulge already created a pair of decoys from the previous signature ability, also doing everything it could to pry their attention from the real target.

The spearman quickly changed his spear from the elegant ceremony spear into a clunky gunlance. He didn't have time to waste as Ignis and the decoys wouldn't be able to last long. Voulge loaded the gunlance with a single red bullet and began to charge his own fiery power into it. As he stood still, concentrating on empowering the gullet, Ignis stopped his little distraction and fled from the scene. "Good luck...I think these guys can kill me with one shot!" There was a loud *CLICK* that roared through the net as the bullet reached the 2nd phase of its power. However, with such notable sound, it would undoubtedly attract the viruses' attention. Licht began to spew green flames out like an revving engine and prepared to react to the slightest sign of an attack.


The final sign of the bullet reaching its maximum limit was set out and Voulge quickly pointed the gunlance's barrel towards the nearest target. Whether his illusion actually forced a few viruses out or not, he had full confidence in himself as he began to pull the trigger one by one against the nearest three Apple viruses he could find. Each pull went with a blast, sending Voulge's arm flying due to its powerful recoil and even rumbled a nearby tree until it was fruitless.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion+)]
Licht: Mobility Junction (Evasion+ / Float)
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
1. Move into the center of the area (Apple Tree C?)
2. Aestus Intrico [Illusion x2 / Decoy x2 / 4TCD] w/ Illusion of all Apple Trees Burning
Ignis: Distract the viruses / Movement
3. Charge Magnum
Ignis: Dodge
4. Charge Magnum
Licht: Prep Dodge w/ Voulge
5. Magnum [120+[color=red]15[/color] / Break / Panel Break / Charge to hit multi-target (Up to 3)] @ Closest three AppleSamu2s (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain = 540)

Aestus Intrico: USED
As Voulge moved towards the centre of the orchard, there could be heard some muffled sounds, voices, or maybe just the rustling of the leaves. It was kind of hard to tell. Then, he started off by igniting a massive fire all around him! Or so the apple viruses thought, prompting them to jump down in alarm. The impact of their fall caused their shells to open slightly, allowing a glimpse into their soft, vulnerable insides. Wasn't too long before they decided to attack, firing seeds like bullets towards Voulge. The attack was fruitless (pun unintended) as Voulge and Licht dodged the hail of seeds, though some stray did manage to hit his shield. Unfortunately, Ignis couldn't avoid the seed barrage in time and didn't last too long when one of the seed bullets hit the crystal SP's back, initiating the EJO routine. Voulge quickly took this chance to blow the apples right to hell and beyond with his Magnum attack, taking the Applesamu by surprise and deleting three of them pretty easily.

The trees still looked like they were burning, and the remaining Applesamu quickly retreated to their shells once more to avoid being 'burnt'.

AppleSamu2 A: BLAM
AppleSamu2 B: BOOM
AppleSamu2 C: 'SPLODE
AppleSamu2 D: 170HP [IronBody] {1 turn illusion left}
AppleSamu2 E: 170HP [IronBody] {1 turn illusion left}
AppleSamu2 F: 170HP [IronBody] {1 turn illusion left}

Terrain: 75% Grass, 15% Normal, 10% Snare

Apple Tree A: 200HP
Apple Tree B: 200HP
Apple Tree C: 200HP
Apple Tree D: 200HP
Apple Tree E: 200HP
Green Mystery Data: 30HP (On A. Tree E)

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [1HitPhalanxAspis]
Ignis.SP: EJO
Licht.SP: 70 HP
((I had to finish this really fast...Expect LOTS of grammatical errors))

"Arg...I-I knew it..."

Ignis muttered his last words before he EJO'd out of the net, slowly degrading into a red sand and flew straight into the sky. Voulge was bitter to see his partner be taken out so quickly, but this was one of many risks he knew when he entered the Rogue Net. Quickly shifting his attention towards the hiding viruses, the spearman gripped onto his Lancea tightly with anger and vengeance.

"Your cowardice will only be your downfall!"

In a flash, the Lancea formed into a giant hammer that was bigger than Voulge himself. Pointing towards the viruses with the tiny point at the top of the hammer, the navi began to reinforce his damaged shield with more things he could find.

Focusing his first attack with the closest virus, Voulge leapt up into the air with the hammer pulled back as far as he could. Though the hammer was obviously heavy, the navi seemed to have no problem handling it and didn't effect the height of his jump. When Voulge finally reached as far as he could go, he took one last pull to the back and brought the hammer straight down to the ground. Flying in a speed far more faster than he leapt, this would easily crush through the Apple's thick armor.

As soon as he landed after the attack, the Lancea changed into a very peculiar weapon. It shifted from the thick hammer into something pencil thin. The head of the spear was a lean drill, almost like a dental drill, but the sound it made as it whirled was powerful and ear piercing. Holding onto his new weapon with both hands, Voulge quickly tested it out with two quick jabs while the drill was spinning.

Voulge assumed that the targeted viruses was finished, only leaving two behind. Licht began to rev up more green flames as it prepared for quick evasion while the navi ran towards the next group of viruses with his shield up front. The Drill Spear was spinning even faster than before as it shook Voulge's entire arm, but he kept it steady by holding the end between his armpit. With the two lined up AppleSamus in his sight, Voulge kept his head low and increased his running pace. Pointing the tip of the spear towards his front, Voulge intended to literally ram through the two viruses with this penetrating weapon.

"Final strike!"

Ditching his Lancea, Voulge raised both his arms up and applied the chip data into it. The two fists was immediately covered in stone armors and red veins was flowing in between each stones. Voulge placed both his hands against his waist and ran towards the AppleSamus once again, attempting to deliver a crushing blow to end this battle.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion+)]
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
1. BigHammer [160 / Impact / [b]Break[/b] / Melee] @ AppleSamu2 D
2. DrillArm [60 x 2 (1st) / 60 (2nd) / [b]Break[/b] / Knockback / Piercing / 2 Uses] @ AppleSamu2 D
Licht: Dodge w/ Voulge (Evasion+)
3. Move towards AppleSamu2 E/F
4. DrillArm [60 x 2 (1st) / 60 (2nd) / [b]Break[/b] / Knockback / Piercing / 2 Uses] @ AppleSamu2 E/F
Licht: Dodge w/ Voulge (Evasion+)
5. GolemHit [140 / Target Up to 2 Adjacent Opponents / Melee / [b]Break[/b] / Panel Break] @ AppleSamu2 E/F

Aestus Intrico: 4TCD
A barrage of attacks hit the shielded AppleSamu, decimating them while they sat like sitting ducks in the 'burning' treescape. The force of the attacks caused the mystery data to fall from the tree earlier, breaking open to reveal... chip data! Oh, and a good load of apples fell down, too. Easy pickings.

AppleSamu2 A: BLAM
AppleSamu2 B: BOOM
AppleSamu2 C: 'SPLODE
AppleSamu2 D: CRUSH
AppleSamu2 E: DRILL
AppleSamu2 F: FISTS

Terrain: 75% Grass, 15% Normal, 10% Snare

Apple Tree A: 200HP
Apple Tree B: 200HP
Apple Tree C: 200HP
Apple Tree D: 200HP
Apple Tree E: 200HP
Green Mystery Data: 30HP (On A. Tree E)

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [2HitPhalanxAspis]
Ignis.SP: EJO
Licht.SP: 70 HP

Rogue 3 - Victory!!
- 2400z
- [RedFruit2] Battlechip
- 54 BugFrags
- GMD: [FireHit2] Battlechip
- YLApples.FOD

Damage: 140
Accuracy: S
Description: Places a large red apple at a random spot on the field. The first person to attack the apple (Enemy or ally) will recover 140 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Damage: 90 + Impact + Double Attack
Accuracy: A
Description: Throws a flaming punch from a distance
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Special: Double Attack: After use, immediately spend the next action to use again.
Grabbing as much apple as he could, Voulge picked up yet another rare delicacy Yumland had to offer. With the popcorn as the appetizer and the apples for desert, now he would need to get a bit more to get a full course meal going. Without Ignis' loud presence, Voulge couldn't help but to feel an awkward silence among them...Ignoring it for now, he turned towards Licht. "Well...Let's go."

Voulge wandered into a gloomier part of Yumland that looked more like a swamp than anything else. The terrain became blotched with patches of purple poisonous terrain amidst the soggy grass. It wasn't long before he attracted the attention of some mushroom and mosquito viruses. That wasn't all as something in the reeds appeared to be stalking him as well.

MashyA: 140 HP [grass]
MashyB: 140 HP [grass]
MashyC: 140 HP [grass]
SkeetoA: 80 HP [poison]
SkeetoB: 80 HP [poison]
KilburEX: 210 HP [grass] [creepy]

Terrain: 50% Grass, 50% Poison

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [grass]
Ignis.SP: EJO
Licht.SP: 70 HP [grass]

[Battle 4 - Begin!]
Finding himself surrounded by multiple viruses, including the virus that was hiding within the grasses, Voulge instinctively raised his spear up towards his enemy. "Quiet the situation you found yourself in..." Marius slowly slumped down at his table, closing his eyes and resting his head against his arm. "We could've used Ignis as a distraction, but no use crying over a spilled milk they say...Assume your position!" As the operator's command rung against Voulge's ear, the navi immediately created an earthly shield in front of him with piles of dried sludge and grasses, and held the spear's head up to his eye level. Licht also prepared for his part of the battle as it broke apart from its main body and junctioned with Voulge's greaves.

"I take it that you won't have any problem with me fighting defensive?" asked Voulge, but the only answer he got was a complete silence as Marius dozed off. "...Defensive it is." Striking the Lancea against the ground, a crack began to spread around Voulge and destroy the swamp little by little. As soon as the cracked stopped, creating a makeshift circle, it began to roar with a frightening rumble as the cracks widened and lava began to flow out from it. In just seconds, Voulge and Licht found themselves within a large pool of lava, providing them a powerful defense against the grassy viruses.

With the pool of lava beneath his feet, Voulge could focus more on his offensive as it would hold off the viruses for a short period of time. Having his eyes on the Mashys, Voulge drew three of his oh so favorable throwing daggers from his vest and held them between his fingers. The navi warmed himself up for the battle by swinging his daggers in a cross, despite the previous three battles he had. At his final swing, Voulge dipped his entire hand into the lava to cover it in a searing flame. "Still surprised at you navis...Having your hands on fire usual means a bad thing." Marius questioned with a half-awake tone. "Yes, for the viruses that is." Voulge pulled the dagger behind his head and threw all three in a triangle formation, creating a make-shift wing of fire heading straight at his target viruses. While it easily traveled through the lava terrains, it wreaked havoc as soon as it reached other terrains, instantly boiling the poisons and burning up the grasses.

By this time, Licht acted on his own accord when he sensed danger in the air. This was indeed the rogue net, and the virus was fiercer than anywhere else. His emerald shine began to grow brighter and brighter as it stored its energy for an evasive maneuver. Putting his own well being on his SP, Voulge continued his assault with few chips sent by Marius. The navi took his spear once against and plunged it into the ground, but this time, a giant wooden face began to rise from the lava with a disgusted expression towards the virus, while a pleasantly calm one towards Voulge. Plucking the spear out from the top, the mouth immediately opened to fire multiple fireballs at the swarm of mosquito viruses in front of him.

"Let's try out the new chip."

Voulge nodded his head and prepared the Meteor12, a chip he has yet to use. The Lancea transformed into a ceremonial spear, similar to one of the navis' signature attack forms, but instead of a flag, it was heavily studded with red rubies. With the blade of the spear heading towards the sky, Voulge planted his strange new weapon into the ground behind the totem and disconnected the chain that connected with it. Quickly, the jewels began to glow in a strange shine as the thick, swamp sky suddenly became darker and darker. "We cannot simply wait to see what will happen next..." The navi assumed his position and prepared to react to any attack coming his way...

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion +)]
Licht: Mobility Junction (Evasion + / Float)
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
1. Vulcan Sarissa [Large-Area: Lava / 1TCD]
2. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ Mashy A/B/C (x2 Elemental Weakness / x2 Grass Terrain = 340)
Licht: Dodge w/ Voulge (Evasion +)
3. Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color] + Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 100 HP Object] @ Skeeto A/B
4. Meteor12 [30+[color=red]15[/color] x 4 (3 Turns) / Targets Randomly / 100 HP Object] Behind Totem
5. Dodge (Evasion +)

Vulcan Sarissa: USED
After reducing half of the field to a volcanic crater, Voulge launched a wave of daggers at the Mashys. Their grass terrain had been reduced to such a small area that they had no room to dodge and were all deleted. The Totem that was brought into existence next finished off one of the Skeeto swarms but the other was too far away to be affected. The other swarm dove towards Voulge but missed him. A Meteor staff was summoned with Voulge's Lancea leaving him weaponless but caused fiery rocks to rain from the sky. One of them struck the Skeeto but nothing else was hit. Finally the KilburEX, tired of waiting, ambushed Voulge with its own lance only to make a minor chip on his shield. It also got a little burned from staying on the burning terrain for too long.

SkeetoB: 35 HP [poison]
KilburEX: 200 HP [lava]

Terrain: 15% Normal, 25% Poison, 50% Lava

Voulge.EXE: 250 HP [grass] [1-hit shield]
Ignis.SP: EJO
Licht.SP: 70 HP [grass]
Totem2: 100 HP [lava]
Meteor12: 100 HP [lava]
"Get back!"

Marius immediately ordered Voulge for a short retreat as the Kilbur was dangerously close to the navi. Though the virus' attack was shrugged off by the navi's floating shield, the operator couldn't risk any harm in the dangerous Rogue net. Voulge crouched down and leapt backwards, landing behind his summoned objects for cover, and both totem and the meteor rod began to prepare for its attack.

The rubies on the rod were shining bright red and caused the skies to turn dark once more. Ready to spew out more meteors down to the earth, the rod gave out one last shine and transformed back to its original spear form for Voulge to use. The totem revolved around, showing its grinning face at the Kilbur before it fired a powerful blast of flame at the virus.

"Don't focus all of your attack towards that bamboo virus. Take care of that mosquito one!"

Voulge turned towards the Skeetos, which was already wounded by the meteor, and stretched his right arm towards them. His gauntlet began to shine bright gold, constantly discharging electrical charges from every possible gap, and summoned a large Elewasp. Flying right off like a speeding bullet, the summoned virus buzzed around the Skeetos while bearing its deadly stinger towards them. Though the Skeetos was a swarm of viruses rather than a single being, Voulge could simply trust the Elewasp's capability and turned his focus to the Kilbur once more.

Extending his arm over the totem to grab onto his Lancea, Voulge directly transformed his spear into a heavy gunlance as soon as hand wrapped around the weapon. He plucked it straight out from the ground and securely placed the handle against his side to stabilize the aim. The chamber was open, letting Voulge load a giant artillery-like shell, and, strangely, dipped the chained end of the gunlance into the lava. In an instant, a red energy began to crawl up the chain and began to fill the weapon with it.

"Ready...Licht, I'm relying on you." The junctioned SP immediately began to emit its emerald flame like a revving engine, extremely confident about his job to protect his master from harm. "Good. Let's begin!"

Instantly pulling the trigger, the gunlance fired its powered shell in a trembling explosion and nearly split the lava in half as it traveled. Voulge applied the next chip into the bayonet of the weapon and held it more of a pole arm than a firearm. The blade spontaneously combusted aflame and the navi searched around the field for any viable targets. There was a chance that the previous attacks could've wiped out all the viruses, but, again, there was no room for assumption and relaxing. Catching a single glimpse of a virus, Voulge planted both his feet onto the ground and quickly stabbed straight forward, sending a blast of fire from the burning blade.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion +)]
* Phalanx Aspis [2-hit Shield]
1. Move away from KilburEX / Behind Totem
* Meteor12 [30+[color=red]15[/color] x 4 (3 Turns) / Targets Randomly / 100 HP Object] Destroyed after attacking
* Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color] + Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 100 HP Object] @ KilburEX (x2 Elemental Weakness = 310)
2. Arrow [100 / Homing] @ SkeetoB
Licht: Dodge w/ Voulge (Evasion +)
3. LavaCannon [90+[color=red]25[/color] / +40 Damage On Lava Panels] @ KilburEX (x2 Elemental Weakness = 310)
4. FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] @ Surviving Virus
Licht: Dodge w/ Voulge (Evasion +)
5. FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] @ Surviving Virus

Vulcan Sarissa: 1TCD
Totem2: 2 Turns