Fire chips gotta go!

So, I have a couple of Fire type chips, but since my Navi's flammable, they...don't usually work very well. So, anyone wanna trade for a FireHit1?

- Alda Hyde
Oh, my Navi could always use another blade. Would you take a LittleBoiler1 for that FireKnife?

Well, it's not Fire, and that's good enough for me.

- Alda Hyde
ATTACHMENT: FireKnife BattleChip data
... Come to think of it, I guess Hilt's flammable too... Oh well, he can be careful. Thanks for the trade.


[Attached: LittleBoiler1]
Hot trade, hot trade~

Alda GET: LittleBoiler1
BreakerRed GET: FireKnife

- LinkMan.EXE
That LittleBoiler chip sounds fancy. Got any space in your folder for a Shadow1 in exchange?

- Harke
Let's see, Shadow, Shadow...yeah, I think I've got room for that. Enjoy LilBoiler!

- Alda Hyde
ATTACHMENT: LilBoiler1 BattleChip data
Awesome, and here's my part.

- Harke
[Attached: Shadow1]
LinkMan says, trip trades for everyone! Or in this case, just you two.

Alda Hyde GET: Shadow1
Harke GET: LilBoiler1
Hi there. You're trading away a firehit? How about a shotgun in exchange for it?

-Kiri Kisaragi
After taking a look, Shotgun sounds much less likely to kill my Navi by using it. Consider it done!

- Alda Hyde
ATTACHMENT: FireHit1 BattleChip data
Very well. Pleasure doing business with you!

- Kiri Kisaragi
[[ATTACHED: Shotgun Battlechip data]]
Blazing hot trades!

Alda GET: Shotgun
Kiri GET: FireHit1

- LinkMan.EXE