Here's what I've got!

Hey, there! I'm gonna make this brief:
My chips suck, big-time!
I could use some better ones!
Here's what I have! Any and all of them are up for a trade, provided the offer's good enough.
Give it a shot! You never know, I might be feeling generous.

HeatShot [40 Fire | Spread 1 | A]
Quake1 [100 | Impact | Medium Cracked | C]
BubbleStar1 [20 + Bubble Trap x3, Aqua, D]
WhiteWeb1 [40 Wood x3 | Snare | C]
Wideshot1 [60 Aqua | Wide | A]
FireHit1 [60 Fire | Impact | Double | A]
Meteor9 [30 Fire x9 | D] {100 HP | Fire | Anchored | 3 Turns}
MaruBlaster1 [60 Elec | Glitch | B/A]
FireBurn1 [50 Fire | Line | A]
FlameLine1 x3 [70 Fire | Ground | Wide | B]
RollingLog1 [50 Wood | Ground | Wide 2 | Double | C]
Spreader1 [30 | Spread 8 | A]
MoonBlade1 [90 | Slashing | Spin | B/C/D]
AquaSword [80 Aqua | Slashing | Wide | B]
BambooSword [80 Wood | Slashing | Wide | B]
Spice1 [80 Wood | Confuse | Ground | All Grass | A]
WoodDragon1 [100 Wood | Ground | Medium Grass | Terrain Changer | C]
Totem1 [100 Fire | Spread 2 | A] / [Heal 50 | S] {100 HP | Fire | Anchored | 3 Turns}
Mine1 [10% Mined] [180 | Ground | Null | S]
Catcher [Attack Steal | B]

I even went to the trouble of writing down the details for each and every chip, plus the little icons, for ultimate browsing ease! That's because I'm fantastic. Ciao!

Oh hey, I see some aqua chips here that my navi might like. Would you mind trading that Bubbler for a RollingLog1? I'll go on and attach the chip just in case it's alright with you.


*Attached Rollinglog1*
Whoah, that was fast!
RollingLog1 seems pretty great, honestly. You sure you wanna trade it for something as boring as a Bubbler?
Well, either way, it's too late to go back now! Trade accepted! Pleasure doing business with you, miss!



Have a nice day~

Cheshire GET: [Ringlog1] Battlechip
Rosenqueen GET: [Bubbler] Battlechip

- LinkMan.EXE
I see you have a bamboosword chip there. That is a chip that my navi would want to get his hands on without a doubt. I would be willing to give you a strong wood chip, the woodtower1 chip. And, since the bamboosword is a higher level chip, How about I sweeten the deal with 800 zenny? I have attached the data if you choose to accept.

800 zenny

-Mark Kerf
That's not an awful trade, but... That BambooSword is really special to me! You wouldn't believe the trouble I went through to get it.
I had to wrestle a bear for it! A big one! And it's been really useful ever since!
So I can't just trade it away for any old chip. I hope you understand!

Wow sounds like a good story is behind that chip then. I more than understand, have more fun with the chips.

800 zenny
Woodtower1 chip

-Mark Kerf
Do you still have 2 Magbombs? I have a navi who could use those. I'm willing to trade a Quake chip. It's really strong but I'm looking for the yellow kind of chips. Do you think you could find it in your heart to trade me both of your Magbombs for my Quake?

Hey, my heart has nothing to do with it! I don't even remember the last time I used those... Quake seems like a pretty good chip to trade for these lame ones, but I'm not about to stand between someone and their dream folder. It's a deal!


Magbomb x2 [PENDING TRADE]
Yay! Thank you so much! This is really going to help me out!


[attached: Quake1]

Gale GET: [Magbomb] [Magbomb] Battlechips
Cheshire GET: [Quake1] Battlechips

- LinkMan.EXE
Thanks a bunch! I got the chips so do I give you a good rating somewhere or how does this work?

Hey, I just plug it in and say "go". The rest is all Linkman's work! If you want to rate anybody, rate him. I'm sure there's, like, a fanclub or something.

Anyway, a pleasure doing business with you! I hope those come in handy.

Trade you WhiteWeb1 for DBLBEAM1.

- Scar

[Attached: [WhiteWeb1] Battlechip] [Locked until Accepted]
Hah! Good riddance. That chip's too random for me. And besides, it made me feel... weird, kind of. It's all yours!


Whoops, didn't catch this earlier...I'm sorry, so please forgive me!

Scar GET: DBLBeam1 BattleChip data
Cheshire GET: WhiteWeb1 BattleChip data

- LinkMan.EXE
Hi Hi!

I was looking at your list and i couldn't help but notice that bubble wrap you have there! I think that would be a great little addition for my Navi, considering her lack of defense lately. I don't have much zenny, but perhaps we can work out a zenny/chip trade?

Hmmm... I was thinking about 1100z and this nice, awesome Spreader1! It's got some nice kick to it and great for causing some mischief, hehehe. Nyan might be sad to see it go, but she'll be a happy little kitty with that bubblewrap, I'm sure!

Let me know what you think. :3

- Mira Auberdeen

Hmm... Yeah, sounds good! Defenses are a little boring for me, anyway.

And mischief? Hey, how could I refuse that kind of deal!? You and your kitty are on!



Thank you so much hehehe. Here's what i offered, then. Hope you enjoy your new chip!

- Mira Auberdeen

*attached: 1100z, Spreader1*
A good trade makes everyone excited! That's the best part about the business!

Mira GET: BubbleWrap1 BattleChip data
Cheshire GET: 1100z, Spreader1 BattleChip data

- LinkMan.EXE