Rania's Chip Trade

Greetings fellow netbattlers, this is Rania Firebrand. I'm looking to trade any of the following chips:

Meteor12 x1
RockCube x1

I'm especially interested in melee-range and utility chips. If you have any interest in one or more of these chips, please put up an offer. I'll accept zenny or chip trades. Thanks in advance.

-Rania Firebrand
Well, I've got a heatshot. Not really interested in chips, though.

Say, 1000-1200z?
Thank you for the offer, but I believe I'll decline. I'd rather not give up much of my total zenny right now.

-Rania Firebrand
Willing to trade a heatshot for a cannon or shotgun plus some change, if you'd like. If you really want to get rid of that markcannon though, I would be happy to throw in a bit of cash on my end...

i have many chips, check them out if you wish to trade, i'm aiming for the markcannon though.

attached:chip folder.dat
What if I was to trade this Boomerang, for that Markcannon? If not, I'll trade the Boomerang for the Shotgun? I just love those Shotguns.
Honestly, I'd feel bad taking a boomerang from you for something like that Bo. Are you sure you don't want anything more? I don't want anyone to think I'm a swindler...

Timmy, I'll trade you my markcannon either for a guard and a bit of money or a guard and a recov10, if you'd like.

Chad, I'm not quite sure what to offer you... Maybe you'd take the cannon and 500 zenny for the heatshot? It comes out to a 2000 zenny value, although I know a cannon can't be taken at its face value. If you don't really need the heatshot, though, it might be a good deal.

-Rania Firebrand
I will accept the trade of heatshot for cannon+500 as soon as I am done with this fight.

Bit busy for the moment. Just mugged by virii.

Oh yes and if you want a recover 10 I would be happy to part with it for a very reasonable fee. It is completely useless to me.

- Chad
hmmm, how about a guard and.....300z? or do you want more than that?

geez timmy, are you ADDICTED to battle chips or something?

that would be my navi, she doesn't like me tradeing battle chips too much.
I'd want a little bit more than 300 with it, Timmy. A guard and 500 would be enough.

I'll wait for you to finish your battle then, Chad. Make sure to post here again when you're ready to trade. What would you want for that Recov10, exactly? I'm a little sketchy on its actual value.

-Rania Firebrand
What about the cannon for a shotgun? Or is that to little, I'd throw in as much zenny I could with the cannon. Mabye the rageclaw for the shotgun?
Their 'actual' value is "1600" zenny, but I would feel bad charging you anything more than a shotgun or half that much in zenny. Youe decision on what you want to pay if you want it though, you have been more than reasonable so far.


ok, you have a deal.

*nikko.exe is now in a fight*

attached:guard and 500z
Alright, a MarkCannon for Timmy.

*MarkCannon attached*

Ah, thanks for informing me of the Recov10 pricing, Chad. Let's see... how about I just settle for the first tradeoff? I don't think I have the money to throw around for buying a Recov10, and it doesn't seem to fit soundly into the other deal. I'll still trade you for that Heatshot though.

*Cannon and 500 zenny attached*

And sorry, Bo, I don't think those offers have much interest for me... If you know any more about offers, though, feel free to suggest them.

Anyways, thank you all for your time, once again.

-Rania Firebrand
ahh, ok then, now all we need is the trade to go though. thank you.

*nikko.exe is curently being 'hammered' by a gaia*

not funny prog.
Was willing to trade it for a shotgun or cannon, but I suppose just this is fine.


*Attached Heatshot*
You guys are always giving me a workout, huh? Anyway, seems reasonable... one moment.

Rania-----> Markcannon
Timmy-----> Guard, 500z

Trade Complete. Rania recieves a Guard1 Battlechip and 500 zenny, Timmy recieves a Markcannon1 Battlechip.

Rania-----> Cannon, 500z
Chad-----> Heatshot

Trade Complete. Rania recieves a Heatshot Battlechip, Chad recieves a Cannon Battlechip and 500 zenny.

Things are low stakes now, but I guess it can't be helped. Transactions are complete. Have a nice day, all of you.

thank you rania, maybe we could team up one of these days.

if you were wondering, yes, my netop is a chip otaku.
I've acquired new chips recently, and I am now interested in trading and selling with other netbattlers. Please have a look through my folder and decide if there's anything you'd like to make an offer for. Below is a list of chips I'm looking to trade, though everything's negotiable.

Favored for trade:

Below is a list of items I'm looking for especially, though I may accept other offers:
-Fire chips other than HeatShot and Firehit1.

Contact me here if you'd like to propose a trade,
Rania Firebrand
Well, after looking through your stuff, I'm interested in your MarkCannon1 and WideShot1. And I don't have any of the chips you want, but I do have some cash, so...how does 4200z sound for both?

-Sabrina Jetto