Viktoriya’s Trading Post

So, my navi just got done with some viruses in Netvegas and got a Shake1; however, it doesn't really fit my navi's tastes all that much. Is there anyone who would like to trade for this chip?

Me me me! Shake sounds like something that'd help get Ante animated! Well, even if it doesn't, I've never heard of it... so I want it!

I'll give you 1300 zenny and a Shotgun for it. Shotgun's kind of boring, I know, but... Pleeeease?


*1300 zenny + Shotgun attached*
That, wow. Yea, sure, My navi would like the shotgun more then the shake anyway. Let me know how well that chip worked out for you two later.


*Shake1 attached*
I love this excitement on trading chips! Trade more, Teruko! Muuuuch more!
Teruko get: 1x Shake1 chip.
Vik get: 1300 z, Shotgun chip.

Glad to be doing business with the two of you!

- LinkMan.EXE -
Well, is there anyone who is interested in trading a bomb of some kind for a rollinglog1? Not a minibomb though, I'll probably just buy those later.

Hmm...My Navi would use some wood chips and I do have a LilBomb that he rarely uses. So, how about your RollingLog for my LilBomb?



[Attached: LilBomb]
Lilbomb... Actually, that sounds great to me, and I am sure my navi would like that more then the logs.

Also, it dawned on me. Anyone also interested in an airhockey1? Willing to trade it for chip or zenny.


*Attach Rollinglog1*
AirHockey...never had that. I'll take it off your hands for 1100z. That's what the shop thingy's selling theirs for, and somehow I get the feeling you could use the money more.

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: 1100 zenny
Yea, I can use it to get chips my navi would actually use without any issues.

- Vik

*attach Airhockey1*
Double trade! Time to get cracking!

Vik GET: [Lilbomb] Battlechip / 1,100z
Vik LOSE: [RollingLog1] Battlechip / [AirHockey1] Battlechip

Sabrina GET: [AirHockey1] Battlechip
Sabrina LOSE: 1,100z

Victor GET: [RollingLog1] Battlechip
Victor LOSE: [Lilbomb] Battlechip

And that's all, folks!