Spare chips

Okay, I have a few chips I'd like to trade. The list is below.

Any offers?

-Shigeru Yamada

(See most recent post-trade post for trading info)
hmmm....what do you want for the HP recover10?
I'd take zenny or chips that hit multiple enemies at once.

how about.....1000z? if not.....i have more zenny.
I'll take either 2k or 2.5k. Whichever you prefer. Or are generous enough to give.
I might haggle to 1.5k, if you give me a convincing argument why I should.

i've seen the price of the recover10 in the chip shop, it's 1600z, so....i'll pay you 1500z on the grounds of, "why the heck should i pay more than it's advertised price?"

Now I feel rather stupid. 1.5k it is.

*Attatched: Recov10*

good. if you had rejected that....i would have said a few things about how smart you are.

And would have just as quickly found a rageclaw in your navi's back, before he/she got torched, drenched, and blasted.

*ahem*... Sorry. Persephone?
How about I just Dream Sword you both? Shut it with the insults, the both of you.

That's my section.

Recov10-> Timmy

1500z-> Shigeru
Yes, maam.
Thanks for authorizing the trade.

Okay, I've still got a cactiball. Anyone interested?
*grabs a bat* i'm not afraid of either of you. anyways....i'm done buying right now....besides....that cactball is pretty much useless in my navi's hands, she's a sword type.
I now have a Markcannon for sale as well. See the first post for details.
I repeat:
hmmm...take a look at my folder and bank account.....i want that markcannon.

*Nikko.exe is curently fighting a flying Heelnavi....that just pinched her and her ally's butt*

Ughhh....progs make me want to watch others suffer....
Hmmm... guards are usually priced at around 400-500z... and I'd price the markcannon at 3500-4000z...

Guard and 3000z.

I'll attach the cannon. Better earlier than later.
And once again, haggle if you can. But this time, the chip is considerably more valuable.

-Shigeru deal.....thats the only guard i have and i'm not willing to shell out 3000+ zenny on a single chip in a trade....maybe next time...
((OOC, the price of a markcannon is nowhere near 3500 or 4000, just so you know. A wideshot is 4000... Twould have been quite a con. >__>; ))
(Oops. My mistake. Multihitters on the brain. XD)

My bad. I was thinking of something else.
How does a guard and 1500z sound?

Okay. I'm now also offering a boomerang, for the right price.
Any offers? I'm looking for multihitters, zenny, guards, and areagrabs/swords.
How does that MarkCannon for a RageClaw and all the money in my left pocket (600z) sound?