Selling all chips

I'm selling all my chips for zenny, show me an interesting proposition and their yours. I no longer need them.


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how much would you take for the wide sword?

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What would you be willing to trade for that Wideshot? I don't have much currently and a few of my BattleChips are currently off limits, but see if you like anything.

~ Zanallen

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I will offer nearly anything I have in my folder, on my navi, or the pitiful amount of Zenny I have.

What I would like is that Widesword, most.

I would absolutely LOVE the Phoenixshot, Wideshot, or areagrab.


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I guess I might as well throw my hat in the ring. WideShot's the one that appeals to me the most, though that Shotgun interests me as well. Here's a list of everything I've got.

-Brandon Jetto

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(OOC Note: Replace 600z with a Recover10 for my true totals, as I have a trade that has yet to be processed.)
Don't need em, huh? Well, my Navi is a master of the elements, so a PheonixShot or a Wideshot would be much liked by both him and myself. I currently have 2100 Zenny, and while it doesn't seem like you're looking for chips, I have an extra Heatshot or two that I'd like to use to up the ante, as it were...

Umm, we'd love to take the Cornshot. Unfortunately, looking at it, its supposed to be a very good chip, and we only have about 1000 zenny. Anything you'd be willing to give for 1000 zenny?

-Silas Lemrock-

(Btw I'm not coming back to the rp with this set of chars anyways so seriously, just gimme some kind of trade and not just a balance XD)

Well Zanellen, I'd prolly take a cannon and 100Z for my wideshot, for reasons I don't care to speak of. The rest of you, give me a trade, not a zenny account total!


Edit: To phoenix, I'll take it for 500 Z.... it would be wrong to sell you such a crappy chip for 1000Z. (Yes it's crappy in my eyes, case closed)
That's mighty generous of you.

~ Zanallen

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Meh, Just take your chip and leave my sight.


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Well....I'm somewhat interested in your PheonixShot. So would 1000 zenny work?
-Alexander about all my cash (2700z) for the Shotgun, WideSword, and AreaGrab? My Navi loves Shotguns, I've been thinking of grabbing a sword chip to balance out her long range play and WideSword would be perfect for that, and AreaGrab's nice since she's not very mobile and it combos well with WideSword. Of course, if you don't like that offer, feel free to adjust it. You know what I got.

-Brandon Jetto
To Bradon, that's just pushing me a tad bit far, I'm cheap but that's fricking ridiculous... play fair now, and new rule... one chip per customer.



I can spare about 1500z. WOuld you be willing to let go of either the Areagrab or Widesword for that much? Meh, that's probably pushing it, but no harm in asking, I guess.

...Seeing as how you let go that wideshot for a similar price, how does 200z and a cannon sound for the phoenixshot?

(OOC: Hey, don't tell me it wasn't worth a shot...)

Eh, thought you might say that. How about...2200z for the WideSword? Of course, that's highly adjustable.
Brandon, you seem to have a firehit.... Do you care to trade it with me for a Shotgun since you said your navi likes them? Or would you rather trade the heatshot for the shotgun?
how about 2025z and a markcannon1 for the widesword? 1200z is going twords a sword.
How about a pair of heatshots and 1800 for that Widesword?

I could really use one of those. Thanks for considering my pitiful offering. -Rein