Front Counter

"Thank you!" Henry grabbed the chips as he spoke, "Have a nice day." As he left the shop, Henry spoke to Delta, "So what do you say to heading to Scilabs and reporting what we saw yesterday? Then maybe we can do some virus busting."

((To Scilabs))
Hurridly running into the chip shop, Joseph would put his bank card down on the counter, he was a little behind schedule and had a class to teach today.

"Excuse me, Soryu, can I quickly get...two untraps...two Mini energy and four small energies? Got a class to teach today on busting."

2 Untrap (800)
2 Mini Energy (100)
4 Small Energy (480)
Total: 1380z
The shop-keeper looked up from his magazine as the bell rang and Joseph hurried in. Soryu took down Joseph's order on a scrap of paper. "Always good to be prepared. One moment." He ducked away to the back room, and the sound of several piles of boxes being shifted emanated from the doorway, before he returned with two small cases, which he slipped into a bag before taking Joseph's payment.

"There you go. Good luck with them. Do come again!"

Joseph GET: Untrap x2, MiniEnergyPack x2, SmallEnergyPack x2.
Joseph LOSE: 1380z
Joseph grabbed his subchips with a smile and a thanks before running out of the shop, he had a class to teach for once and he didn't need to be late.
The fireman did not look like he belonged in the store he'd walked into. Oh, he had a PET holstered on his hip same as just about everyone else present, and he eyed the merchandise like he knew what he was looking at. Still, something about the man, lantern-jawed, sweaty and sooty from a recent job, down to clingy athletic wear with his turnout slung over one shoulder, somehow didn't fit the image of someone looking to go bust viruses like a kid skiving off homework.

And yet, there he was. Doing a slow circuit of the room as though looking for something, standing stymied a moment, then marching up to the front counter with a comically tiny datachip reading a paltry '100z in the middle of his palm. His grin didn't seem to know whether it was trying for cheeky or sheepish. "Just two of the little ones, thanks," he helpfully pointed with the cleft of his chin to the SubChips, though there was only one thing in the place he could've afforded to begin with.

[Purchasing: MiniEnergyPack x2]
[Total: 100z
By the time Griffin approached the counter, trailing a small space of other customers giving him a wide berth behind, Soryu looked between the man, the extended wander he'd taken about the store, and the pittance he was putting forward. A single eyebrow raised.

"Right." The response was dry and droll. With a flick of one hand, he retrieved the purchase and made the exchange. "Do be sure to comeback if you need anything else."

Griffin GET: 2x MiniEnergyPack
Griffin LOSE: 100z
"Oh don't you worry, brah," Griffin, as a certified Bro, was contractually immune to raised eyebrows, and demonstrated his fortitude with a dominant upward flick of The Chin, "you'll be seeing me again. Count on it!"

He sauntered off, leaving a trail of faintly sooty footprints behind him.

<(To parts unknown, Kotobuki)>
Destin Obscura walked into the local Chip Shop and approached the counter. "Hello there. I would like one BookMark SubChip, one MiniEnergyPack SubChip, Three Untrap SubChips, four LargeEnergyPack SubChips, and four SPRevive SubChips. Got to get stocked up," he said as he pulled out his card.

Quote (Purchase List)

[x1] BookMark - 1000
[x1] MiniEnergy Pack - 50
[x3] Untraps - (400x3) 1200
[x4] LargeEnergyPack - (600x4) 2400
[x4] SPRevive - (1000x4) 4000
Total: (1000+50+1200+2400+4000) 8650
Nodding to the man that walked in, Soryu began to pluck the chips expertly from the shelves behind him, quickly assembling the chipa into a small stack in front of him, quickly touching his card to the register to deduct his earnings and sliding it back before bringing out a small baggie and placing the subchips within, pushing it to Destin. "Much appreciated, enjoy the rest of your day sir. "

Destin lose: 8650z
Destin gain: 4 SP Revive, 4 LargeEnergyPack, 3 Untrap, 1 MiniEnergyPack and 1 Bookmark
Destin gathered his small baggie of SubChips into his hands after storing his card away. "Thank you very kindly. I hope you have a great day yourself," he said before he turned and headed out of the shop.