New Apartment

The door opens, and Henry walks in, carrying a large box. "Oof... this should be about the last of it." He says to his navi, Delta.exe. "Are you ready for some net battling?" "Sure, I'm kind of restless from the car ride here." His navi replies." "Delta.exe! Jack in!"
"Delta.exe, jack out." Henry disconnects his link PET as Delta.exe finishes transmitting to it. "That was a close call." "Yeah, and the reward stunk."
The next morning...
Henry has just finished eating breakfast in the kitchen area of his apartment. As he cleans up the crumbs, his PET beeps.
Hey henry! Look at what I found!
Henry presses the button that triggers the holoscreen on his PET. "And you found?"
"An article on scilabs. So I did some further searching, and it turns out it's kept pretty free of viri, or at least the worst ones. Sounds like a good place to practice netbattling, huh?"
As Delta finishes talking, Henry puts his plate down on the counter and replies, "Yeah, but we have to get there first."
I can handle that."
Henry walks over and taps the Jack In trigger on his PET.
"Delta.exe, Jack in!"
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((Log Out))
As Delta returns from the network, Henry gets up and prepares for bed.
((Going to pick this back up tomorrow.))
Henry entered his apartment, pulling the door closed behind himself. A moment later, he put his bag on the floor next to the couch, and turned away. Entering the kitchen, he searched the cupboards and fridge while pondering what he should make for dinner.

After dinner, Henry sat down at his computer. "Alright, so you wanted to explore the Electown net further, Delta?"
"Yeah. I've been looking forward to this all day."
Henry set his PET in the dock next to his desktop, and brought up a connection. "Alright, jack in."

((Log In to Electown Net))
((Log Out from Electown Net))

Henry got up, pulling his PET from its dock as he went. "Well, we'll be able to go chip shopping tomorrow." He wasn't surprised as the lack of response. Delta was clearly upset at having had to delete the infected HeelNavi, and at the parasite escaping. He set the PET on his bedside table before heading for the bathroom to get ready for bed.

As he was getting into bed a few minutes later, a thought struck Henry. "You know...if it's bothering you that much, we could always report what we saw...ask if anybody else has seen something like it."

For a moment, there was no response from his navi. Then, Delta quietly said, "okay..."

Realizing that that was all that he was likely to get for the moment, Henry simply turned off the light. "Goodnight Delta."
Henry woke up early the next day. After making breakfast, he set out for the chip shop.

((To Chip Shop))