So as the poll kind of suggested, secret identities with our choice of costumes.
Therefore, we shall need aliases to call each other by.

Fujiwara Shin: Ace
Red_Riding_hood.exe: BlackRose

I think this might need to go on the official roster as well.
((Yay for using chatroom names))

Duke Rigel: Asator
Pianissimo.exe: Mysterioso

Like this, then?
Well, after a bit of thought, I've decided on a nickname for my navi. I have no ideas for myself, yet, but...
Anyways. In public, when in disguise, Voltman will be known as Excalibur, due to his mastery of the swords.
You do need a costume for that though. So get a blank.GMO as soon as possible.

<RRH is currently engaged in battle>
I realize. I'll get to that as soon as I get out of the Colosseum.
Hmm... I smell a return to the old days...

We'll be Valience and Ayu.
Junior is known as the Crimson Royale when in costume. Just call me Commander when on missions. That should suffice.
just keep calling me timmy and Nikko wants to be called kitten on missions. i already have a GMO for her.
Hi, I guess I am your newest member. Well, I guess my codename would be 'Magus', and my netop would come up with one later.