Resolutions 15: DragonierMan and RiderMan

Welcome! Thank you for participating in the Donation Drive by offering your resolutions. I hope you two will encourage each other to be your best in times to come!


((Post here only if your navi's name is in the title. To be eligible for FXP once the event's over, you will need to post at least twice: once to set up your navi's resolution and an example this year that shows they need to make this resolution, and then a second with your navi's encouragement to their BBS partner. The threads will remain open until around January 15th. You're free to back and forth as much as you'd like until that time! Note also that this is a BBS thread, so your navis are not going to be physically meeting. You may have them connect with video or such if you want, but they're not actually meeting in person.

For any questions, ask Aim. And have fun!))
>Hello is this thing on?
>I don't know why I even signed up to this. But I guess if it is for a charitable cause, it can't be all that bad.
>So resolutions huh? And an example?
>Well, I guess my first resolution is to shrink down this navi named Kama, who was enlarged to a giant by a curse made by a witch. Haven't done that yet.
>While I'm at it I might as well make others...
>Like I still need to hunt down that Alex woman. She is a literal thorn in the side of several peoples' aspirations.
>Let's see... any others that I might want to resolute?
>I guess while I am hunting down Alex, I could try going after whatever's left of the ROT and Terror Girls. Both of those organizations are on their last legs and have caused me no end of trouble.
>I guess that's it.
>What about you? ... Er... RiderMan?
Hello Mr. DragonierMan. It seems you have quite a lot on your plate; I'd be more than happy to help, but I've never heard of the programs and organizations you mentioned. I can't help but ask, however; are these programs/organizations criminal in nature?

Ah, have to change gears a bit for my resolution: For this year, my resolution is to get my NetOp standing on his own two feet again. So far I've only been able to raise his spirits, but unfortunately he still remains bed-ridden from his accident. I wish I could physically help him out of the cage of a bed he has, and even carry him through is physical therapy, but unfortunately I find myself caged to my PET... Apologies if that seems to sour the mood, regardless I'm confident and looking forward to seeing Charles walk again by this time next year!

>To be fair, I don't know what you would constitute as a criminal nature. So I can't comment on that.
>Just be aware that these organizations have waged war against innocent navis in the name of their respective beliefs.
>As for your resolution. I hope your NetOp finds his feet again.
>There were times fighting the forces of darkness that I was seriously injured. But I got back up again.
>I cannot imagine what it would be to not be able to walk again.
>So all you can do at the moment is be there to comfort your NetOp.
>Remind him every day that he can get back up on his feet.
>We may be caged in this digital realm, unable to fully affect the Real World in a physical manner.
>But we derive our strength from our NetOps. They must know of our need for their well-being.
>They must derive their strength from our strength. It is a symbiotic circle.
>Don't rush recovery. But insist daily about it.
I see, well it's nice to meet others who chose to fight for the innocent! I appreciate the encouraging words and advice, I was thinking along those same lines, and it's good to have those ideas affirmed! I've managed to get Charles out of his shell a bit, and I'll keep working to get his motivation up for the hard times ahead when he hopefully starts physical therapy to stand and walk again.

I haven't been on the net all that long, but I have run into a few situations where I thought it was black-and-white "good vs. evil," but beyond virus busting, it seems much more complicated than that... By vanquishing villains and evildoers, I've somehow established relationships with other villains. I guess I mean to say sometimes the consequences of our actions can take a turn no one would've expected. I'd keep that in mind!
>You're right, it's never as easy as black and white.
>Although sometimes black methods are the best way to white ideals.
>Anyways, if you are ever in the area, look me up.
>I'll help you out if our goals align, or a compelling reason drops in.
>We can continue our conversation in person.
>Just make sure that, that operator of yours gets on his feet.
>The NET doesn't abide weakness and neither does the Real World.
>It's best if he can stand against his injustices on his own two feet.
[i]Though I don't quite agree with the idea of doing villainous or "black means" to achieve a righteous goal, I do think this conversation would indeed be better in person. I'll still be going on the net as part of Charles's rehabilitation, so I'll contact you if we get the chance to meet up!
>It is settled then.
>Have a good holidays.
>And I will see you in the future.
((RiderMan and DragonierMan get 7 FXP!))