Resolutions 12: HangMan and FireFly

Welcome! Thank you for participating in the Donation Drive by offering your resolutions. I hope you two will encourage each other to be your best in times to come!


((Post here only if your navi's name is in the title. To be eligible for FXP once the event's over, you will need to post at least twice: once to set up your navi's resolution and an example this year that shows they need to make this resolution, and then a second with your navi's encouragement to their BBS partner. The threads will remain open until around January 15th. You're free to back and forth as much as you'd like until that time! Note also that this is a BBS thread, so your navis are not going to be physically meeting. You may have them connect with video or such if you want, but they're not actually meeting in person.

For any questions, ask Aim. And have fun!))
Good evening,
HangMan, pleasure. It seems mighty fortuitous to be matched with a Navi of martial skill as well, and a fine (albeit oddly-dressed) lady at that. Now with the pleasantries outta the way, let's get dahn to business.

As for mah resolution, I resolve to become a much more effective ah... "businessman." I can hold mah own in a scuffle, but I'd prefer the ability to quiet a room just by strollin' in, and get the results I requiah with a word. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining to get one's hands dirty, that in itself implies things could get messy. Messes requiah cleanup, which costs. My employah is very... sensitive... to errant costs.

Now, what's on your mind, miss?

Hello, hello,
Oddly dressed? It's armor, guy. Function over appearance. No worries, though, it's a pleasure to meet you as well. 'Name's Firefly.

You sound like you have this figured out pretty well. I'm not too familiar with the business you speak of, but I can understand the want or need to get results without a fight. Supreme excellence, wasn't it?

My resolution's actually something similar. I'm resolving to be more efficient in my own duties. I love fighting, so I tend to get carried away with the fun of it, and that can cause problems if I get careless in the process. Once got myself surrounded because I got caught up dueling a Cattack and took a lot of damage getting out. My commander gave me the full lecture on repair costs after that one.

Oh, and wasting ammo, she's gotten onto me for that from time to time too. Sometimes overwhelming firepower just feels good, though.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm resolving to do less of that and improve on my efficiency and effectiveness. It's not as fun, but I'll be better off in the long run.

((Closed, no FXP awarded.))