This is the collection address for the Cryptic Tales charity event. Exchanges delivered here will be read and processed, and for each gift offered, a donation will be made to help support navis in need everywhere!

Happy Hallowe'en!

((Please send mails as per the descriptions in the even thread.))
From: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
Subject: Costume Exchange (Lucia).
Message: Lucia wolfwoman costume: Lucia keeps her patented tight khaki tube-top and shorts, and her silvery charm bracelets around both wrists and ankles. Everywhere else on her body is covered in fur. Rich, dark crimson fur covers every area of her bare skin. The fur also ripples as if it were flames and not fur. Wolven paws cover her hands and feet, with the ones covering her hands more like padded, articulate gloves. On top of her head she wears the head of a wolf. The head is not a full mask, but more of a pelt. You can see her face, which has black makeup on her nose and drawn on whiskers. And the wolf head pelt is up and around her face like she is staring out of its mouth, like it is devouering her head. With teeth coming down from both above her vision, and from around the collar of her neck up.

An example.

((Oh, very fierce! Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +5 Mutual FXP for Lucia and DragonierMan))
From: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
Subject: Costume Exchange (Sylk).
Message: Sylk Morvira costume: Sylk wears a black, full-length, spidersilk dress. The pattern across the whole dress is black spider-webs liked to each other. The material is semi-transparent and low cut, so as to show off sizable clevage. However, besides the clevage, everything else is covered. She also wears a thin, tea-length, skin-tone dress underneath. So even though the black spider-dress is semi-transparent, no dignity is lost. The dress also has a split up the side, on both sides to mid-thigh so as to allow freedom of movement and to show off her long, black stocking-covered legs. Black, low-heeled pumps and a long, poofy black hair wig complete the ensemble.


((Well, this is an exciting one! Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +6 Mutual FXP for Sylk and DragonierMan))
From: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
Subject: Costume Exchange (MachMan, Aera, and Vector).
Message: MachMan dons a scarecrow outfit. He starts with an orange and tan burlap face-mask that covers from his head down to his shoulders, and tied off with some rope. He has eye holes and his nose is painted a brownish-red. He wears a dark-green hat with a scrap of lighter forest-green tied around it, holding some haphazardly strewn, strands of straw. His torso is covered by a forest-green coat that fastens at the right-side, held together by more rope. He wears a brown, long-sleeve shirt and brown pants and brown boots. Straw of course should be coming out of any rope-tied openings in the coat, sleeves, pants, and shoes.

Aera dons a blue dress and a white blouse. The dress covers from just above her knees to just over her bust and is secured by two overall-style straps that attach to her waist. Long white stockings cover her legs and red shoes cover her feet. The wig is reddish-auburn and long enough to have twin pigtails fastened with little blue bows.

Vector dons a steel drum with many rivets running down the length. A high metal collar welds to the drum. Basically he looks like he is wearing full-platemail that was built by welding a bunch of industrial piping together, so a bunch of metal siding tubes cover his arms and legs. A metal funnel rests on top of his head, held down by a suction cup from a plunger glued to the inside of the funnel. Everything is painted metallic-silver.

An example.

((Oh, a matching set, but where's the lion, I wonder...? Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +7 Mutual FXP for MachMan and DragonierMan))
To: Hime
From: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
Subject: Costume Exchange (Hime).
Message: Hime is wrapped up in bandages, surprise! This is a simple long-sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves, and sandals that are slightly off-white in color. Woven into both are elaborate bands of more off-white cloth. Sometimes the bands weave around the arms and legs, and sometimes they criss-cross the chest and waist. A hood to cover the face is also provided. It has adjustable bands of cloth to cover more or less of your face. Basically it is easy to take this costume on and off in case you need to go to the bathroom or something, while looking authentically enough like a mummy while you are wearing it. Especially good at a visual distance or in dark, spooky rooms where casual observers won't notice that you didn't actually wrap yourself in cloth from head to foot.

An example.

((All wrapped up and nowhere to go! Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +5 Mutual FXP for 'Hime' and DragonierMan))
To: Yasu, Dee, Lee, and Vee
From: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
Subject: Costume Exchange (Yasu, Dee, Lee, and Vee).
Message: Each of these girls receive a color-coordinated frilly apron dress (Yasu = green, Dee = blue, Lee = red, and Vee = yellow). Each dress is cut to a few inches below the waste, semi-transparent, and with frills around the bottom hem. A white, frilly maid-bib covers over the front of the dress from the bust to slightly above the skirt's end, held together by a white stripe of a belt. A tiny bow attaches to the top of the dress and a white, frilly collar around their neck also gives a touch of class. A pair of thong panties and thigh-high stockings (with bows) in the same color as the dress complete the ensemble.

An example.

((Oh, I do love a matched set, especially when it's racy! Though I suppose it's also a bit like recycling a gift. Oh well. Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +4 Mutual FXP for each of Yasu, Dee, Lee and Vee with DragonierMan (Aim can modify values awarded to/from his NPCs if he wishes)))

((+4 extra from Dee sending a response))
To: Arch
From: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
Subject: Costume Exchange (Arch).
Message: Arch mermaid costume: A golden, strapless corset connects to a sea-green scaled and gold dress that ends in a golden tail. The golden tail is actually scuba diving flippers that cover both feet and snap together with magnets. While wearing this costume tail, she can pull her feet apart and walk normally, as best as you can in flippers. And when she wants, she can snap her feet together to form a single tail fin. Also, her skin sprouts tiny sea-green scales and her hair-tips are dyed sea-green.

An example.

((A fish that shoots... Sounds familiar... Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +4 Mutual FXP for Arch and DragonierMan))
TO: Sabrina Jetto and SplashMan.EXE (
FROM: Harke Ezarith and Eternalis.EXE (
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (SplashMan.EXE)
Dear Sabrina and SplashMan,

It's been a while since we've seen each other, barring your library escapades. Hope you've been well! We've got a costume made for SplashMan for this costume exchange event. Maybe you'll find it useful if you ever find yourself in a haunted network or something. Cheers!

- Harke and Eternalis

[Attached: SplashMan.EXE Graphical Model Override: SpectreBuster.GMO]

Quote (Appearance)

In this form, SplashMan's main armor turns into a mostly beige color, except for his shoulderplates, boots, and twin metal cannons, which turn a sleek black. His clear shatterproof glass tank arms are also replaced with two heavy black gauntlets, consisting of a cylinder and a rectangular cuboid sticking out of the middle, with a vent panel on it. Imprinted on his shoulder plates, and the left side of his chest is a thick red circle with a line diagonally across it, along with an image of a Spooky virus behind this. The water that he uses for his attacks also gains a weird orange glow.

((Gifts between water buddies, huh? Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +5 Mutual FXP for Eternalis and SplashMan))
TO: Lucia.EXE (
FROM: Aurora.SP p.p. Harke Ezarith and Eternalis.EXE (
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Lucia.EXE)
Dear Lucia,

How have you been? It's been quite a while since we've met, I hope you're well. I saw this charity event and thought I'd make a costume for you. Hope you find it cute. Let's run through Hades sometime again, I'll bring Sparky and Eternalis along. It'll be fun!

- Aurora

[Attached: Lucia.EXE Graphical Model Override: SolarWitch.GMO]

Quote (Appearance)

In this form, Lucia's outfit transforms into that of an orange-clad witch outfit. Her original tanktop and biker shorts are replaced with a sleeveless orange tunic, combined with a skirt that goes down to about halfway down her thighs. The tunic goes around her neck and waist, leaving her back exposed, with the back of her neck holding her navigator symbol. Her arms are covered in skintight arm sleeves, colored black. These are fingerless, going from above her elbow to just at her knuckles. Imprinted on the back of the hand of these arm sleeves is an orange sun motif stencil. Atop her head, an oversized pointed black witch's hat sits loosely, with the same orange sun stencil imprinted on the front. The one on her hat, however, has a large sharp-teethed grin on the sun. Her charm bracelets are left intact and burning.

((Interesting concept, I like it. Thank you for participating in the exchange and we'll be sure to pass your gift on! -The Keeper of the Crypt +6 Mutual FXP for Eternalis and Lucia))
TO: Leslie Battle and Martia.EXE (
FROM: Scourge.EXE p.p. Sofia Langley (
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Martia.EXE)
Hey, Martia,

Saw that there was this costume exchange event going on, so I thought I'd make up the perfect outfit for a... grappling expert, like yourself. Thank me later!

- Scourge

[Attached: Martia.EXE Graphical Model Override: HugBear.GMO]

Quote (Appearance)

In this form, Martia's armor gives way to a fully-covering teddy bear mascot suit, adding about a foot to her height. The suit is covered in entirely white, downy fur, save for its slightly beige face and short round ears, as well as its torso area, which has a circular beige patch on it. The circular beige patch has "HUG ME" embroidered on it in big red block letters. The costume's face has a very big, very unsettling smile on it, accompanied by beady black eyes, and a poofy nose. Atop its head, a large pink ribbon is attached next to its left ear. On its back, a comically large zipper hangs from the back of the neck, which can be pulled down to the costume's rear. The only oddities on the costume are its enormous red boxing gloves, worn on the bear's front paws, as well as the black belt-like accessory tied around its waist.

((Ha ha! This is adorable! Hope no-one tries to grab that zipper mid-hug though! -The Keeper of the Crypt +6 Mutual FXP for Scourge and Martia))
TO: Skywriter.EXE
FROM: Mazer, Mach, Aera, & Vector(
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Skywriter.EXE)

When we were made aware of this event, we just had to make something for you. Aera helped quite a bit with the design, I hope you like it!

[Attached: Misty_Witch.GMO]

Quote (Appearance)

Like the name suggests, the outfit is very witch-themed. Her top consists of a black sleeveless dress with matching detached cuffs from her elbows down, with a black and orange-striped undershirt underneath. The dress and sleeves look and feel to be made of a very light, silky material that moves and sways lazily in the air with even the slightest breeze, especially at the slightly tattered edges of her knee-length skirt and cuffs. While the dress is all one piece, it also includes an orange leather belt around her waist, with her Navi Symbol on her belt buckle.

The majority of her legs are covered in black and orange-striped thigh-high socks, with a pair of bikini-style panties to match. Her feet are covered by high-ankle boots with a somewhat conservative 1inch heel, with a point rising upwards from the toe. The boots look to be made of the same material as her dress, but they're sufficiently rigid for proper footwear.

Atop her head sits a black, wide-brimmed witch's hat, but instead of the typical conical top, as the top comes to a point it starts to zigzag a couple times and droop down. Attached to its thin, pointed tip sits golfball-sized orange jack-o-lantern with a fairly benign toothy smile. The cutouts for its eyes, nose, and mouth occasionally flicker, as if there's a small candle hidden inside. Her bombardier-style goggles are wrapped around the base of the cap with a very flexible orange strap, allowing her to pull them over the wide brim and down to her face if needed.

The GMO also includes a 4ft long broom on which she can ride. The broom's handle appears to be made from a relatively straight tree branch, with a dark lacquered finish. The bristles of the broom are bound around the handle with a dark orange band, leaving a few inches of bristles above the band. The bristles below the band splay outwards to about a foot diameter, but the inner bristles are longer than the others, so the brush end smoothly tapers down to a pointed tip.

((Traditional, classy and sexy, what's not to like? Perfect for a girl to fly in style with. -The Keeper of the Crypt +7 Mutual FXP for Mach and Skywriter))

((+5 extra from Skywriter sending a response))
TO: Yasu.EXE
FROM: Mazer, Mach, Aera, & Vector(
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Yasu.EXE)

General Yasu,
Ma'am, attached is a Graphic Model Override for the event. Since you have gone out of your way to design the uniforms for my SPs and I, we felt it appropriate to return the favor, even if it is just for this specific event. We hope it's to your liking, especially if it helps inspire our troops to fall in line.


Subordinate MachMan.EXE

[Attached: Dullahan.GMO]

Quote (Dullahan.GMO)

Consisting of full plate mail, this GMO is a significant departure from Yasu's normal light armor. The armor looks to be made of blackened steel with a slight polish, with the majority of the larger pieces adorned with dark green trim. The cuirass is contoured to her chest, with a high collar and a pair of circular dark green brooches near the collarbone areas. These brooches have a red jewel at their centers, and are used to secure a black, knee-length cape to the cuirass.

The armor's large, kite shield-shaped pauldrons are emblazoned with the NS symbol in dark red paint. While they somewhat limit Yasu's ability to raise her arms above her head, they aren't quite as heavy as they look. She has lighter armor around her upper arms, which attaches to a pair of more heavily armored vambraces, shaped similarly to her pauldrons, but smaller. Her hands are covered in armored gauntlets with slightly pointed fingers, but not so pointed as to interfere with gripping and wielding the darkened greatsword slung at her hip.

Said greatsword looks more like a massive cleaver than a sword, but handles surprisingly well, thanks to its long handle and lack of cross-guard. Its double edge reaches all the way from the bottom of the leading edge and up and over the squared off tip, but ends about half-way back down the back side of the blade. This allows for her to place her hands on the back of the blade to assist in blocking and maneuvering.

Below the cuirass is an armored skirt and a dark brown leather belt, which is used to secure the greatsword when not in use. The segmented skirt extends about a quarter down her thighs, which are also covered in platemail. Her greaves are shaped similarly to her pauldrons and vambraces, with the point facing up towards each knee, while the bottom of the greaves split open to allow her armored boots a decent amount of movement.

While her armor looks fairly intimidating, it doesn't seem fitting to the Halloween theme. That is, until you look above her shoulders. There you would find... well, nothing. Though it looks as if she became the victim of her own blade and lost her head, in reality her head is in a constant Invis + Shadow status (invisible & intangible). To enhance the look, the armor also includes an angular, full-faced helmet with two small eye holes from which a bright crimson glow emanates. Several locks of shining brown hair stick out from the bottom of the helmet, to further fool others into thinking her severed head resided inside the helmet.

((Is this a subtle hint that the General would find her mood improved if only she could get some head? Maybe that's just me... -The Keeper of the Crypt +7 Mutual FXP for Mach and Yasu))
To: Divina (, Care of: ThrillsChills&FancyDress@roaming.cld
From: Pirouette (WhiteSwanOfSharo@DenTech.Net)
Subject: Costume Exchange Event

I do not know how miss Divina feels about events like this, which take their roots in the festivities of much older faiths and belief systems, but I thought it might be fun to turn the table a little bit, you know? I was aiming for a dark and wicked figure, with religious over-tones. Perhaps an evil priestess or a cult leader? I do not know how well I have succeeded with this, but I do hope you like it, in the spirit of the season.

Quote (WickedSister.GMO)

This costume is dramatic and clings to the body in a very emphasising way. The hair is styled upwards, supported by a slim lattice of black silica. The face is partially covered by an eye mask, also black, which only covers the upper face, and has a spider-like aesthetic to it. A single red stone is set in the centre, between the eyes, and it glints and glows at the light catches it.

Moving down, a lacy black choker covers the neck, set with a larger red stone in the middle, with a slim chain dropped from it, down to what looks clearly like a religious symbol of some description — it sits low enough that if the wearer has a notable amount of cleavage, looking at the symbol will inevitably draw the eye to this.

The body of the outfit itself facilitates this further, since it is off off the shoulder and leaves the skin bare. A moulded corset style bodice, form-hugging and made of glossed black leather, covers the midsection but leaves the mid-section bare, and serves only really to push up and emphasise the wearers beasts and cleavage. The patterning is intricate, comprised of many long etched lines all moving towards the middle of the front and back. The top peaks to points at each breast, but only reaches high enough to cover the essentials — excessive acrobatics would probably be a bad idea.

The top half of the outfit comes with spider-stylised arm bands that circle the upper arms, with the spider body presenting to the front and bearing large red stones one the body, with the legs wrapping around to fasten at the back. Furthermore, similar cuffs form bracers at the wrists, and these ones bear long, gauzy trains of a transparent fabric that fall about a foot before tapering off.

The lower half of the outfit begins with a silver and black belt at the waist, fastened with a large spider buckle. An outer layer of the same transparent black gauze falls from the belt, forming a loin-cloth style covering both at the front and back, leaving the sides open up to the belt. Being mostly transparent, this outer layer doesn't do much for preserving modesty, however a second, smaller, heavier layer, this one made of black leather, hangs behind the outer layer, forming triangles at the front and back that more effectively covers the necessary parts. It may be worth noting that that is all the outfit does for modesty preservation — the underlayer is fairly secure and won't go anywhere unless the wearer turns cartwheels or otherwise offends gravity, but it is, nevertheless, the last line of defence.

Finally, a pair of knee high, high heeled black leather boots with silver spider buckles complete the outfit.

((You know, I like a little sacrilege with my gift giving too. So I appreciate it. I bet a lot of people would appreciate this one. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. -from Chew, and +8 FXP for martia/pirouette))
To: Kabuki (, Care of: ThrillsChills&FancyDress@roaming.cld
From: Pirouette (WhiteSwanOfSharo@DenTech.Net)
Subject: Costume Exchange Event

Perhaps miss Kabuki will be familiar with this story, no? The original legend, as I know it, is about a haunting spirit, who represents women who died violent or torturous deaths, you know? The Kuchisake-onna most traditionally is encountered by children who are out later than they should be at night time. She will ask the child if they think she is pretty, and murder them with her scissors if they say she is not. If the child says she is, though, she will take off her mask, to showing them her terrible disfigurement, and ask them again. The story goes, if the child says no this time, or reacts in fear, she will again, kill them directly, while if they say yes, she will attack them, and slice their mouth and face in the same manner as her own injuries, and the child will eventually become another spirit, as she is. It is truly quite horrid and frightful, no? I have heard, though, that these spirits, they are partial to hard candies, you know? If offered some, they will leave the child alone without harming them. I hope you enjoy the frightening costume, my friend, only, do not get into character too much, you know?

Quote (Kuchisake-onna)

This costume is designed primarily with a traditional kimono, in deep red material, with a white trim and flowing silver needlework decorating it in curling patterns. There's nothing actually under this kimono, but that shouldn't really be an issue, right? The hair style is unmodified, and will be whatever Kabuki keeps it as, although the outfit comes with a cloth face mask that ties at the side and covers the entire lower half of her face and neck. Underneath the mask, Kabuki's normally exaggerated grin is embellished even further, by way of a wicked, unhealed gash on either side that looks quite grotesque. When activated, the costume also comes with a pair of large, sharp medical scissors.

((You wanna know how I got these scars? It's delightfully creepy, I love it! -The Keeper of the Crypt +6 Mutual FXP for Kabuki and Pirouette))
TO: Sylk.EXE (
FROM: Mazer, Mach, Aera, & Vector(
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Sylk.EXE)
Aera, Vector, and I all felt it was only natural to design a .GMO for this event. We had several ideas and it took a while to finally decide on one design, but I think we found something you'd enjoy. It can equally whimsical and creepy, and we know you'd be able to use it to great effect. I'd normally say "I hope you have fun with it," but I know you will. Just try to warn Aera beforehand if possible, she still gets the creeps from helping me design it.


Quote (Harlequinette.GMO)

In this .GMO, Sylk's body retains the same overall shape, but her skin is smooth and pale like porcelain, while her joints are essentially spheres of varying sizes. Her abdomen is also one large sphere, that connects her upper torso and hips together, which basically gives her the flexibility a spine would normally give. Her multiple arms, hands, and fingers are made of similarly smooth cylinder-like lengths with ball joints. While her body appears clothed, on closer inspection it's revealed the majority of the clothing is literally painted on, including the alternating black and red elbow-length gloves covering her hands. The top edges of her gloves are zigzagged, and their pennant shaped edges seem to peel off her skin and curl slightly outwards.

Though also painted on, Sylk's outfit also consists of a short black corset over a black, white, and red checkered high-hipped leotard. The bottom of her corset has several black, pennant shaped pieces of fabric that wrap around her torso like a skirt, which curl slightly upwards at their ends. Her legs are painted to look like checker-patterned pantyhose up to her mid thighs, and connected to the leotard with black garters with gold "buckles." Her feet are covered in high-angled boots with zigzagged edges like her gloves, along with a brass circular bell attached to the top of her toes. Her left boot is black, with her right, red.

Her light blue hair is unchanged, but her pale face is painted with red eyelashes with a black spade over her right eye, and two vertical lines drawn from the edges of her lips and vertically down her chin, like a puppet's mouth. Her lips are black and polished, like she was wearing highly glossed lipstick. One would also note she only has two crimson eyes in this form, but her eyesight is still at its predator-tier standard. Said eyes are normally open wide and unblinking, to give an unnervingly creepy expression.

((Creepy Spider becomes Creepy Doll! It's always a question, isn't it? How do the already creepy ones approach the spook festival? -The Keeper of the Crypt +6 Mutual FXP for Mach and Sylk))
FROM: Mazer, Mach, Aera, & Vector(
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Roc.EXE)
Aera, Vector, and I were inspired by this event to give each member of the team a .GMO, yours is attached. It might lack the amount of armor you're used to, but you'll still be able to take a significant amount of punishment and dish out even more. Vector made sure the armor's toughness was up to his standards, and I provided oversight, but Aera is almost entirely to thank for the overall design and a good amount of the details. She wouldn't say why exactly, but she did mention she wanted it to fit your intensity and "passion," for battle I assume. Enjoy.


Quote (Ember_Demon.GMO)

This costume is an eye-turner, to put it lightly, but mostly due to Roc's already impressive looks. Roc's irises literally glow an incandescent amber while the "whites" of her eyes are dark, much like her obsidian, shoulder blade-length hair. Her hair is straightened everywhere except the lower one or two inches of her locks, which bleed to crimson and curl aggressively like hooks or talons. Her long hair is parted down the middle to stay out of her eyes, and held that way thanks to two large black horns protruding from her forehead. Said horns are charcoal black and covered in cracks and fissures like burnt wood, but they curve gracefully up and over her head before arching skywards with dangerous-looking points. Speaking of pointed, Roc's ears can be seen poking out from behind her hair with a nearly elven appearance. Both ears have a handful of small obsidian studded piercings.

Roc's eyelashes are thick and dark, as if she applied mascara, and her lips look to have been made up with similarly colored lipstick. Instead of crimson warpaint, glowing amber points extend diagonally down from the bottoms of her eyes. Similarly glowing "tattoos" cover her body in shard-like, pointed shapes; some of the most prominent are two long angular slashes that trace down her collarbones then angle inwards before stopping just above her mid chest, though bits are covered by the small length of chain hanging down from her blackened steel choker. Roc's top consists of a similarly colored steel cuirass, with the plates covering each of her breasts shaped like jagged, fanged skulls with open jaws. The upper portions of the skulls cover the majority of her breasts, while the jagged lower jaws wrap beneath to provide ample support. Most of the armor stops just below her bust, save for two pairs of claw-like slivers of armor that wrap from her back to her abdomen, with their points pointing towards her bellybutton. Below her bellybutton is another glowing tattoo this one taking the shape of a jagged chevron pointing downwards.

Her are covered only in glowing tattoos, but a plate on the outside of each of her upper arms extend upwards to shoulder height. These plates are diamond shaped, and appear to have what looks like a glowing amber eye in its center, much like Roc's own. Further down, each of her wrists are wrapped in large shackle-like bracelets, with chains between them and the plates on her upper arms. The shackles are ringed with six conical amber spikes, that glow like they're nearly to the point of melting. Her hands aren't armored, but her obsidian fingernails are pointed and sharpened to to a razor's edge to take place of her normal talons.

Her bottom is essentially a metal bikini, but considering Roc's choice in underwear and lack of embarrassment in wearing little else, it seemed thematic and wouldn't go past her comfort level. Two small glowing "eyes" are positioned on front the bikini over where her femurs would attach to her pelvis, accompanied by chains acting like garters; two in front, two in the back. The garters pass over sever tiger stripe-like glowing tattoos over her upper thighs and attach to a large plate of armor around her mid thigh. They're nearly identical to the ones over her upper arms, glowing eye included, but just slightly larger. The armored plates lead to lightly armored spiked greaves, which in turn lead to armored boots with a 1" nail-like heel. The toes of her boots split into two hook-like talons, with a small glowing eye in the middle.

Sprouting from her lower back are a pair of thin, angular bat wings with a 6-foot wingspan, and a spade-tipped tail that extend down to the floor. They're all charred black and craggy like her horns, but it doesn't seem to impede their flexibility; the tail can curl, wrap, and whip freely while her wings can flap, fold, and stretch. When Roc gets really heated up, the crags in her horns, wings, and tail start to glow red, then orange, then even white hot if she's really enraged.

((Quite a lot of detail in this one! I'd say that when someone talks about heat and passion, and then makes a number like this, it's rarely battle they're thinking of, but maybe that's just me... -The Keeper of the Crypt +7 Mutual FXP for Mach and Roc))
To: Mime.Exe, Care of ThrillsChills&FancyDress@roaming.cld
From: CourseMan (Email)
Subject: Community Chest

Here's a costume for a nice lady I met in a dungeon for grown-ups. She was the quiet type, but very entertaining to play with all the same. I could think of nothing more appropriate for seasonal dress-ups than this lovely number. Enjoy, beautiful, and maybe I'll see you around some time?


Quote (Opera Singer.GMO)

This outfit begins with a domed, conical helmet, sporting a pair of large tusk horns on either side. It's rimmed with a ruff of white fur, and comes complete with an impressive quantity of flowing golden locks, that reach all the way to the ground in a pair of thick braids. Beneath this, a luxurious golden furred cape covers the shoulders, and flows down the arms, reaching to the small of the back, behind. A very over-embellished breast plate makes up the upper half of the costume, complete with deliberately over-sold point-tipped conical breasts. Leather studded wrist bracers as well as several gaudy golden medallions on their own independent neck chains make up the majority of the extra jewellery for the outfit, though it scarcely needs it.

A very broad belt circles the waist, more for body and diaphragm support than holding up pants; the lower half of the garment is all layered robes in whites and golds, reaching all the way to the ground. Lifting up these skirts will reveal strapped leather boots of a thick, sturdy quality, though it doesn't interfere with the wearer's original undergarments; whatever they have before changing is what they'll keep. Looking at the basic data for the costume, it appears as though it comes with a long spear and a round shield to carry, however, actually donning the outfit doesn't appear to equip the wearer with anything at all...

((Hey uh... looks like we got this costume to the recipient somehow, even though she's in, like, a high-security Mafia jail, or that's what Chic says. Hopefully she got a response to you too? I'm not delivering it in person cause like... uh, no. Anyways who listens to opera any more? Didn't that die with disco? -from Chew, +6 FXP))

((+5 extra FXP from Mime))
To: MeleeMan and Damascus (
From: CourseMan (Email)
Subject: Due Rewards

So, A good friend of mine recently joined me for a very dangerous and difficult mission, but in the line of duty, he missed out on some of the rewards. Most importantly, my good friend never got the opportunity to try on the fantastic costumes we all got to wear during one part of our operation. I think, then that I can do the guy no greater favour than to send him a modified copy of the outfit to try on in his own time, and maybe show off to some of his lady friends. I know you'll look absolutely dashing in this one, MeleeMan! Have fun!

Quote (CheerUp.GMO)

This outfit is, without shadow of a doubt, a cheer-leader's outfit. The primary colour theme is gold and white. starting at the bottom, it supplies athletic sneakers, in white, with simple white pop socks that only barely peek up above the height of the shoes. The legs are left bare up to a short skirt — much shorter certainly than the original cheer uniform that this design has been modified from — pleated and in an even gold colour. For the sake of fortune and modesty, a pair of tight, form-fitting ultra-short gym shorts, in white, are included, thought they'll really only serve to emphasise, rather than hide, on any male wearing them.

Up top, the midriff is left bare, before a turtle-necked sport top begins at about chest height, and covers the arms down to the wrists. Like the skirt, this is gold in colour, but it is covered over by a white v-neck sleeveless shell top. the outfit comes complete with its usual white and gold pom-poms, as well s the hair tie if desired, but as an extra addition it also has the option of applying a slightly over-sized gridiron sports helmet, in gold with a white face guard. The helmet is sized and fitted such that if MeleeMan were to wear it as well, it would completely obscure the upper half of his face.

Of course, I couldn't send my good friend a costume without also sending a special something to someone else too. Damascus, I hope the big guy isn't giving you too much of a headache. Give him a wink and a kiss from me, would you? Maybe while wearing a costume...

Quote (Blood-drinking Blade.GMO)

This outfit was designed for Damascus by CourseMan, and harkens back to frightful stories about possessed or cursed weapons, feared and fabled for granting their wielders power, but ultimately destroying them as well. Versions of the mythos exist everywhere, though the one Courser settled one was the traditional blood-drinking blade.

It starts with boots that come to edged points on the flat at the front, encase the foot and calf tightly in form fitting style, and bear upward-angled wing-blades on the back. They are a blue metal that shines, and bears channelled etchings every few centimetres up the body of the boot. The grooves are stained red, as is the honed edge of the toe and the rear-facing blades. The top of the boots taper towards the back in a slight upward curve.

The legs are left bare, though Damascus' own skin is armour enough. A slim belt circles the hips, also fashioned with a bladed edge on the top and bottom, and made to look like slim sword, coiled about the waist. The buckle is an asymmetrical hilt design, with a narrow, back-facing cross-guard and rather than holes, there is just a single long groove running the centre of the belt all the way around; it fastens on a single notch in the back, which is positioned to fit Damascus comfortably. As with the boots, and indeed with similar channel lines elsewhere on the outfit, it is stained an old blood red, where all else is blue metal. If the belt is removed, and gripped by the piece just below the cross-guard buckle, it will straighten and become rigid if the wielder wishes, and can function exactly as one would expect a sword to. The wearer can control the rigidity of the blade/belt mentally with ease.

The belt tops a kilt-like skirt that is itself made of what looks like a pleated array of long daggers, simple but elegant in design, with a slight curve to each that lends the appearance of flowing when worn. Unlike the belt, these cannot be detached as proper weapons, but they move freely on the band, and all bear particularly razor sharp blades, stained with the same blood red highlights on the blades and tips. The result is that while the wearer is not going to cut themselves on these, any male trying to reach a hand under or interfere with the skirt in any way is liable to find themselves cut to ribbons — even if they are careful about it, it would only take a small movement from Damascus to do them an injury, if she wanted.

The midriff remains bare, while the chest is covered with a secure, molded chest plate that supports and minimises her chest as much as is practical without being uncomfortable. It is formed in one piece, starting just below the solar plexus, and rising high enough to fully disguise her cleavage at the front. Despite this reserved design, it bears an intricate patterning that draws the eyes to the chest and down the centre; If Damascus herself were a blade, then this chest piece would resemble the forte, and a particularly deep blood channel serves as the central focus for the other inward-tracing etching. Also fitting for a forte piece, there are actually no sharp edges on this part of the outfit.

Damascus' head is left unadorned in this outfit, save for a single, slim metal circlet around the forehead, which is set with a red stone. It glows progressively more, the more blood the outfit drinks. That's a thing that should probably be mentioned — fitting of the blood-drinking blade, this outfit drains and absorbs blood and other bodily fluids that come into contact with it, and does so with special enthusiasm if the bleeding is as a result of cuts made by the outfit itself, or its wearer.

Hope you both enjoy!

7 FXP for CourseMan and MeleeMan))[/b]
TO: DragonierMan, Suzume, & Aya (D.Obscura@ACDC.Net)
FROM: Mazer, Mach, Aera, & Vector(
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Roc.EXE)
Thanks for the Halloween .GMOs, Aera especially liked her costume, and we enjoy how silly Vector looks in the TinMan outfit though we briefly had trouble keeping the funnel stuck to his head. To return the favor, we have a trio of .GMOs for you all as well. Enjoy!


Quote (Mad_Scientist.GMO)

DragonierMan's plating and chainmail are replaced with a white buttoned up collared shirt with a red tie, along with a pair of black slacks. The costume also includes a long, white lab coat, black rubber knee boots and matching safety gloves. While he would normally look professional in such an outfit, but the myriad of electrical burn marks and ugly stains covering the majority of his attire tell a different story. His circular goggles and disheveled gray hair along with the suspicious stains and burns put the proverbial "cherry on top" of his eccentric/insane look.

The inner lining of his lab coat has a significant assortment of pockets, and nearly all of them are holding a wide variety of different tools and dangerous-looking compounds. They include fluid-filled syringes and capped test tubes, scissors, shears, scalpels, clamps, and even something that looked like a set of jumper cables. These tools can be used in place of his normal weaponry, while the compounds in the test tubes can be drunk and later spat out in place of his normal breath attacks.

Quote (Mad_Creation.GMO (Suzume & Aya))

With these .GMOs active, both Aya and Suzume look very similar with a few slight differences to tell them apart. Their attire consists almost entirely of white medical gowns and bandaging tape, both stained and burnt to a slightly lower degree than DragonierMan's clothing. The gowns fit loosely and certainly don't provide the protection their normal armor provides, but thankfully they wrap entirely around their bodies (as opposed to having open backs). They have very short sleeves and the gown only extends just above their knees, but wrapped tape on their thighs and upper arms suggest there's an additional layer of material beneath the gown.

Their skin is lined with dark stitches and medical staples, outlining various limbs and variable-sized patches of skin, each with slightly different hues as if they were assembled from a myriad of different bodies. Even their eyes are different colors, Aya has one red and one hazel eye, while Suzume has one blue and one purple eye. Their golden hair looks mostly uniform, but Aya has a long diagonal line of stitches across her face from the left side to her chin up to the right side of her forehead, so the eyebrow over her crimson eye is black instead of gold.

Suzume has a pair of tarnished silver bolts with oversized hex heads screwed through her medical gown and into the midpoints of her collarbones, while Aya has a pair of identical bolts screwed diagonally into the sides of her shoulders. Said bolts are firmly secured, incapable of spinning or rocking; that's probably a good thing for Aya and Suzume's sakes.

((Can something be cute and creepy at the same time? I think it can! I wonder what the franken-twins would feel if you ran fingers over their bolts... -The Keeper of the Crypt +6 Mutual FXP for Mach and Drago))
To: DiDiver.Exe, care of ThrillsChills&FancyDress@roaming.cld
From: Lyntael ([ExceptionError:OriginCannotBeNull])
Subject: A thank you.

It feels like it was a really long time ago now, but I guess, really, it hasn't been that long at all. A lot has happened since then. Anyway... One of the first times I was ever out on my own, I was very frightened, and I met a navi who was kind to me. I really appreciated that, a lot, and as much as I know there was never any likelihood that we'd stay in touch, I still feel like I'd like to do something nice, as an extra thank you, for that time.

Di, if you get this, finding someone to offer a kind word and help me calm down, and just, well, just spend some time with me, like you did... that meant the world to me then, even if I wasn't very good at showing it. I made this design as a little hallowe'en dress-up for you to try some time, I hope you like it.

Tritons, named for the mythological figure, are a variety of merfolk that are quite different from their fairer cousins. They retain more of their aquatic features all over their bodies, and are for the most part all male. Older Tritons are generally benevolent and helpful, and have been reported coming to the aid of individuals lost at sea or struggling with bad storms, however, younger Tritons are capricious and loutish, and wont to cause mayhem and destruction for their own amusement.

Like the merfolk from other regions, they are quite capable of transforming their tails into viable land-walking legs when they want to, but especially in the younger Tritons this seems to bring out the very worst in their behaviour – they will venture ashore to an ocean-side port town, and get uproariously drunk, then proceed to pick fights, womanise forcefully with any female that comes into their clutches, and vandalise property, before returning to the sea to sleep it off. I'm sure if you played this costume in character, it would be as an elder, more mature Triton.

Quote (Triton.GMO)

This costume, designed for DiDiver, by Lyntael, offers the appearance of a very traditional version of merfolk – Tritons bear more of the fish-like appearance traits than most other versions, and the costume reflects this. The skin takes on a faintly green hue, and the chest and upper body is left entirely bare, however, a pattern of layered scales cover the skin all the way up the body and down the arms. They are slick and glimmer occasionally in the light, but are generally of a much duller, more muted tones of green and blue, and are not of the shining, reflective type more commonly associated with better known types of merfolk. The wearer also gains small fins on the outer edges of their wrists, as well as a larger one part way down the line of their back.

Under normal circumstances, the lower body retains a humanoid form, bearing only small fins on the ankles; modesty is preserved by the continued layer of scales which conceal all detail in that department. An interesting addition, however is that when someone wearing this costume finds themself in water, their lower half transforms into a powerful tail instead. The transformation is automatic, but it can also be disabled when the costume is activated, if the wearer chooses.

The costume comes with a slender trident with a full length handle, made of green-hued iron, as well as a large conch-shell horn for the other hand. Sounding the horn conjures images in the mind of the lord of the seas chasing through his oceans in his chariot, drawn by dolphins and surrounded by dancing nerieds; Tritons have always acted as the wild and lecherous outriders to the lord's host, warning all ahead to make way for his passing.

I know we'll likely never meet again, but I hope you like this, and, wherever you are, are having a good time.


((Hey, cheer up kiddo... there's other fish in the sea. Anyways, this is a good costume. -from Chew, +7 FXP))