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Merry Christmas!

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: Shuri.EXE and Naomi Shimizu

Can't say I'm too attached to this season, but if I had to pick...NetPolice, just because seeing the Mafia and NeoShogunate doing some of their stunts in Christmas outfits would be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen some ridiculous things.

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: Leslie Battle and Martia.EXE

Honestly, I dunno much about the factions. So, uh, I don't have a damn clue.

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: Divina.EXE and Hikari Takahashi

Truthfully, I know very few Navis involved in factions, so I can't say I know them well enough to answer the question. All I can say that I hope whoever receives this chip enjoys dealing damage far more than I.

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To: FurnaceMan.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld

Stupid question. Not answering it. Also, tell Luchadora to come to the meeting tomorrow.

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: HunterWoman.EXE and Diana Hawkins

Wait. Wait wait wait wait waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaiwaiwaiwait. What's a primary faction? I don't understand the question SOMEONE HELP ME OMG! Um...5? Is that a good answer?

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: M.Patrovski@PSAOM.org

"I'd say NetMafia, can't help but feel it would be tastefully ironic; having a bunch of "Grinches" dressed up in holiday attire."
"But what about NS? I bet Skywriter and everyone would look cute in red, green, and white! Hi Skywriter, love the outfit; my people should talk to your people, you have a killer wardrobe!"
*No comment from Vector or Mazer, Vector has nothing to say per usual, and Mazer is slightly insulted by Aera's previous comment*

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: sloan.alexander.4@sharo_mil.net

Those high and mighty NetPolice should get the holiday treatment, to display how ridiculous they truly ar- *blocked*
That's quite enough. Personally I think the NP adopting holiday attire would help with public relations, so I only coincidentally agree with ResQ's answer.

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: C_Green@CMH.net

"Not entirely sure, but I think those who promote justice and giving should be dressed for the season. In that regard, I believe the NS would be best suited for it!"

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: HangMan@network.net

Well, I say I haven't a clue, and to be honest, I don't rathah care.

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To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: Widget@BeachMail.net

What are these "factions" yer talkin about?
"Not sure, Cap'n."
Whatever, here's my chip.

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To: Skywriter.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
CC: Holly.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: SexyJennyDreamGirl@DCLMail.Net


If I had to pick, I think it would be very cute to see either the Mafia, or the Shogunate switch up their uniforms for the season. Since it'd be on the more shady elements, I've got just the right idea for it too, but I'll get Jenny to do the mock-ups. How would all of you not-quite-the-law folks feel about being dashing and sexy Christmas Pirates for a spell, huh?


Alright, this is so cute, here, take a look:

Quote (M.YoHoHoHo.GMO)

Santa Pirate (Boys)

So, we're thinking Christmas and we're thinking Pirate, so let's start at the top, with a festive red leather captain's tricorne hat! It'll be a bright red, with a very thin suede white fur trim. I'll put in code for an eyepatch too, though that's optional... if it's activated, though, it'll come in black leather, with a small crossbones on it, and the skull will be wearing a little Santa hat! Any Pirate Santa should have a great big white beard, of course, but I guess I can't make the outfit actually give a beard to anyone without, can I? Oh, but if you do have a beard, this'll make it bushy and white, just like Santa!

So, there's a high-collar short-cape, that fastens around the shoulders. It's water-proofed on the outer side, like a weather-breaker, but the inside is crimson velvet, crushed, with the same style of ultra-thin white fur trimming on the outer edges. Enough to give it a bit of a ruff, but nothing that'll look overboard. Under that, there's the main coat, which is Christmas red, and flat velvet too. It's got a simple upper cut, and you can wear it open or closed, down to the belt. If it's open, there's a simple white shirt with a ruffle front that you can wear open as well, if, you know, it's too hot, or you want to show off your chest... Anyway, ah, the coat has long sleeves, that end in large, nautical style turned-back cuffs, so that it doesn't get in the way of your hands or anything. The trim is white fur everywhere on the coat, but it's fluffier on the main body, and thinner on the extremities.

The belt at the middle is thick and black, with a great big square silver buckle on it and it breaks up the long stretch of fabric, because the coat goes down to the knees, right? Even if it's done up at the top, above the belt, it'll be open below the belt, by design - you can close it up all the way for cold weather and stuff, but you'll have to do it manually. Underneath, there's black trouser with don't hug too much, and lead into high-top black boots with silver trimming and buckles. They've got turn-down cuffs at the top, too, and it shows off the comfy white fur inner lining on them.

It's pretty simple, but should be striking and effective for capturing both Christmas, and Pirate at the same time. Pirate Santa! Yay! Oh, Courser says I've got to do one for girls too. One sec.

Quote (F.YoHoHoHo.GMO)

Santa Pirate (Girls)

So, for girls, they should wear this one instead! It has the same hat and eye-patch design as the boys' one, but no beard stuff, obviously. The short cape is narrower and a bit shorter, too, so it's not really visible from the front, except where it fastens, and it only comes down to just below the shoulders, rather than halfway down the back.

Now for the changes... Rather than a full coat, we'll go for a dress that suggests it instead! The upper shoulder straps will be black, but they'll have a larger faux-collar that stands up around the neck, while the dress itself won't begin until quite low, creating the impression of bare shoulders even though they aren't. The false collar has to be black with silver trim, to break up the red and white, because that'll be the main part of the dress... So, the body of the dress will be red, with a flat-cut top that lets the wearer show off some cleavage, depending on how it fits. Flirty, but not saucy, you know? There'll be white ruffle trimming at the top, which links out to false sleeve cuffs, making white ruffled bands around the upper arms, but leaving the shoulders and the rest of the arms bare.

The red body of the dress can be broken up by having black for the cross ties, which go all the way from the top down to the waist. There should be white lining at the edges, and visible beneath the black ties, too, with some false silver buttoning on each side, about halfway out. That way it'll give the impression of a button coat, without being one, you know? The belt at the waist should be thinner that the male costume, but still highly visible, with a large square silver buckle too.

Below the belt, it fans out to a short dress with enough stiffness to keep shape and stand out a bit, without being rigid or anything. Make it... mid thigh length, I guess, with white a petticoat under layer and a black and silver lower hem. Should it be bare legs, or stockings... leave it bare legs, under the dress, then the wearer can put extra stockings on after if they want. That's a thing you can do, right? I think so. Anyway... Bare legs under the dress, down to the same black high boots, white lining with turn-down tops and silver buckles. There, done!

Oh and I'll donate... this chip, for the charity!


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To: Zennocracy.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
BCC: Holly.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld, Garde.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld, Skywriter.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld, Luchadora.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld, Uprising.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld, FurnaceMan.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: WhiteSwanOfSharo@DenTech.Net


Would it not be funny if they would each actually do this dressing up? Well, if we are to put one official group in seasonal dress, I think we should make them all do it, no? We cannot just make one of them dress up, and leave the others out, you know. Let me think.

Alright! We will make costumes for everyone, all inspired by a traditional theme, yes? I wonder if anyone will recognise the story.

First, for the Net Police, they must be gingerbread soldiers!

NP Male Data

This GMO is designed for male NetPolice members, and dresses them up as the valiant gingerbread soldiers who fought for the nutcracker prince against the sneaky rats. It is clearly a uniform, with a predominate colour theme of gingerbread yellows and browns, with candy-themed pieces making up the various details. The outfit comes with a soldier's display cap; tall and with a short brim, that looks to be made of waffle cone. It is 'topped' with dark chocolate ice-cream, and a cherry at the very peak, along with white sugar icing around the edges. Though the shape of the hat is in-built, it will happily convert and conform to whatever style of official uniform cap an officer might be wearing when they activate the GMO.

The main overcoat of the uniform is gingerbread yellow and is a front fasten cut. The shoulder pads seem to be made of actual marzipan, and the buttons down the front of are actually starlight mint twists. A broad belt at the waist has the texture or black licorice, with another large starlight twist in equal parts red, white and green making up the buckle. The trim of the ginger coat appears to be done out in a series or artful white icing curls.

Although the boots have the appearance of dark browned gingerbread, they are, thankfully, quite solid and comfortable, and come up to the knees. They sport what appears to be a red licorice top trim, and a neat series of three twists in lines on the fronts.

NP Female Data

This GMO is designed for female NetPolice members and dresses them up as the brave Christmas dolls who braved the war front to rescue and tend to the wounded tin and gingerbread soldiers. Being a doll's outfit, however, it is notably more simple than some other costumes. At face value, it appears to be a simple, full length red dress, notably child-like in its cut, with a high neck and long sleeves. A simple white ribbon adorns the choker-style neck, along with a white fur collar that lies flat to the shoulders. Similar white ruffs mark the end of the sleeves. The dress is gathered in just below the breast line for whoever wears it. This gather point serves as the only strong definition point on the dress, which falls naturally and smoothly the rest of the way down to about the knees and ends simply without trimming.

There appear to be no stockings or leggings with this outfit, with simple, flat heeled black strap shoes polished to a bright shine, and white ankle socks. The head is left uncovered by the GMO itself, and any navi who dons it will be able to simply and easily retain any head coverings of their own if they wish to - though whether they match or not will vary.

Opposite these warriors were the forces of the mice, who wished to claim their own share of the Christmas niceties and share them amongst themselves. They are often characterised as the 'bad guys' in some productions, but it is not necessarily so, you know? For who can blame them for wishing to share in the gifts and joys of the well do do, and who really are the toy soldiers to deny them, no? And so do they come to conflict... Perhaps by giving gifts to both sides, we can set aside such things this season. The mice may nibble at the gingerbread, but this does not mean they should not be proud and beautiful, too, yes?

Mafia Male Data

This is the male version of the Christmas Mouse themed outfits designed for the NetMafia. Far from the drab greys that one might expect, this costume is bold and striking while still managing to retain a good dose of Christmas charm. The design begins with a set of simple, relatively low profile ear guards which extend up and backwards to form more visually obvious mouse ears. They aren't over-sized or particularly dramatic - just well proportioned and nicely visible. The wearer will also receive a set of nose-side whiskers, provided there's a place for them to go, and like the ears that are simple and understated. They can also be easily removed if they annoy the wearer too much.

Below that, the upper half of the outfit consists primarily of an open-front vest made of a sleek velvet fur material, coloured a bold green shade, with white Christmas tree icons picked out at even places across it and a ruffled white shirt underneath. The vest has long sleeves, and ends in wrist cuffs made of a white fur with black spots patterned through it. This gives way to red velvet gloves and a leotard-style covering from the waist down. It looks white at a glance, but a closer inspection will reveal intricate Yule patterns picked out in silver filament - mostly holly leaves and Christmas trees. Also of note is the fact that these leggings come with a long, highly realistic mouse tail, complete with a holly sprig and two small silver bells attached to the end. The leotard itself is expectedly form-fitting and ends in a pair of simple black pull-on slippers that hug the feet in a minimalist yet highly secure way.

Mafia Female Data

This is the female variant of the costume designed for the NetMafia. It is stylistically similar to the male variant, with a few notable differences. The ears are larger and cuter by comparison, while the whiskers are quite a bit smaller and less notable. Like the male outfit, the ears are a feature of removable ear guards, and the whiskers can also be taken off if desired.

The vest is made of the same green velvet fur texture with tree patterns, but it is more shaped; not designed to be closed at all, it has broad shoulders and wide front panels that nevertheless leave a substantial part in the middle. It is cropped short to end only a small way below covering the breasts, and manages to do so only by virtue of its cut and fit - wearers with a substantially large endowment might have problems in this department, since the female version also does not appear to come with the white undershirt present in the male version. The vest has a full back, as far as it goes but the sleeves end part way down the upper arms in similar white-with-black-spots fur cuffs as are found at the wrists of the male version. This shortness is made up for by much longer, sleeker velvet gloves which are Christmas crimson, tight fit, and reach almost to the elbows.

Lacking the shirt, this outfit leaves the midriff bare down to the hips, where it offers a short false skirt that is only a few inches long and ends in a jagged cut. The band it composed of the same white and black fur, while the falling triangles are red. Underneath is the same style of tight-fit leotard as worn by the males; like its counterpart it is exceptionally form-fit and leaves no curve or detail to the imagination, and also bears the same silver filament shapes and patterns. As with the male model the tail is full size, though the female version is slightly slimmer by comparison, and bears a similar arrangement of holly and silver bells at the end.

And of course, we must not forget the Neo-Shogunate, yes? They have done so much to improve their image recently, it would be sad to neglect them. What can they be, in this story? Ah, of course! Surely they must be dressed as the sugar plums, whose kingdom was visited after the war between the toy soldiers and the mice!

NS Female Data

This is the female version of the GMO designed for Shogunate members. It is designed as a modern spin on the traditional sugar plum fairy from the Nutcracker story; a reinvention of the look that still retains its original feel.

The body of the outfit is a modern sheath dress style; off the shoulder with a back zip and alternating vertical red white and green panels that run the full length from where it begins, at the chest, down to its end point at the upper thigh. Short as it is, it still has split sides up to the hips to allow for easier movement, though there are the normal modesty risks associated with such a style of garment. The top of the dress begins quite low, and could easily show off a goodly amount of cleavage on a navi thus gifted, while still being decently flattering on one without. To make up for the expanse of bare shoulders and upper chest, the outfit comes with a festive choker make of green and red cording, with two dangling bolas ending in dainty sugarplums. Though they won't weather or get sticky while being worn, detaching either will render it quite real and edible, if anyone should happen to desire a candied treat.

A set of small, raised shoulder cuffs, in green with red lining, help lend the impression of proper shoulders to the dress, though they remain independent and unattached. Slightly further down the arms, a matching set of arm bands compliments them, with colours alternated.

At the midsection, the straight colours of the dress are broken up by a wide ribbon belt with a false buckle on the front, in the form of a large plum flower. The ribbon itself begins white as it wraps around the back, fading into a soft plum colour as if forms a very large, elaborate bow, which is large enough to peak up above the shoulders by several inches, as well as spreading out well beyond the shoulders in width as well. It is a three part bow, with the largest sections at the top, a secondary pair of smaller flourishes beneath, and a third set of much small tail ends which fall away to the sides as the ends of the ribbon. The bow is all the same soft plum colour, however it contains a number of fancy and elegant swirls and leaf-vein patterns, as well as several iconic Christmas shapes scattered across the most visible flats. A fairy would barely be a fairy without her wings, however, and while the belt and bow ribbon may look like simple decoration, it is in reality a set of six fully functional fairy-style wings. The bow structure actually passes inside the dress from the back at several points, circling the waist in a cross pattern, and securely around the chest just below the breasts, and once again over them, just under the line of the dress, forming more secure anchor points for the wings to do their work. None of this is visible underneath the dress itself, and the outer dress would need to be unzipped and removed manually to show off the clever binding.

Navis who possess wings normally, or who otherwise have the capacity for flight, will find that these wings are completely responsive and can serve to channel those abilities in every practical sense, replacing whatever normal method the wearer uses to fly. If the wearer does not possess these capabilities, then they will still be able to manipulate, move and flutter the wings at will, though they cannot actually grant aerial abilities of their own.

The outfit offers stockings that come up to the mid thigh, leaving a notable gap between where they end and the bottom of the dress starts. They are white with a plum strip inset up the centre, and turned down at the top with a triangle cut revealing the inner fabric to be Christmas green, with a crimson lining. there are silver bells at the tip of each triangle point, and though small each does contain a tiny ringer to make them jingle as the wearer moves. The stockings are connected to the dress by visible white garter straps, affixed with a silver star.

The boots are also a modern closed-shoe design, though they bear a silver bell strap across the bridge and rise as high as the shins. their tops are turned down to triangle cut cuffs, identical to the stocking tops, however the colours are inverted, showing a red inner lining with green trim.

NS Male Data

This is the male version of the outfit designed for the Neo-Shogunate... As such it is unlikely to ever see any use unless someone hands it out to subordinates too... however it was included in Pirouette's designs for the sake of neatness.

Like the female outfit, it is a spruced up modern design. Instead of a dress, however, the outfit begins with a tasteful shrug which covers the shoulders and the top few inches of the back, while crossing over close to the neck at the front and fastening in the centre with a silver bell. The sleeves reach down to the elbows, and the whole piece is textures like layered leaves, angled downwards and out, in a deeper purple colour that the female outfit. The cut is such that the garment is more covering at the outer extremities, and narrows on each side is it comes in to the clasp; the angle should be sufficient to cover the nipples on most male wearers, but this is no guarantee.

A second, gauzier, piece of fabric comes down from the centre of the shrug, starting at about a hand width broad but narrowing to just an inch by the time it reaches the navel. this element is green and completely sheer; it serves more function as a visual aesthetic, rather than actual covering. At the navel it meets a small plum flower which serves as the affixing point for a broader stretch of sheer fabric, this one in red, to widen out again evenly, down the remaining distance to the waist, where it reaches full width again and blends into the wide, white wrap-around sash, also adorned with a larger plum flower in place of a buckle.

For the male version of the outfit, the wings are much more organic in appearance; though the back is left bare and exposed from hip to shoulder blade, the wings appear to grow out directly in traditional fairy style and resemble a purple-shaded leaf pattern design. Like the female version, they come in three separate segments with the upper-most wings being the largest and most visible, followed by narrower, shorter secondaries just below, and finally an inverted, thinner tailing set than angle downwards instead of up. As with the female version also, the wings can serve as the fully functional conduit for wearers able to fly, while still providing free control and manipulation for those who can't.

Below the white sash, boys get a set of snazzy leggings, white in majority with a rich purple inset running down the centre. The texture carries downward-facing leaf patterns, and ends with a jagged cut at about the shins. The design leaves males barefoot, though this won't prevent a wearer from retaining their own choice of footwear if they wish. Of note, the outfit also comes with a small flute and a set of pan pipes attached to the sash via small, unobtrusive clasps. Ability to play these instruments is not included.

Oh dear, I fear I have gotten quite carried away, have I not? I must not forget to actually donate a chip, too, yes? Here it is, and a truly joyous celebration to you all!


P.S. I should mention this. My little Pirouette has designed the costumes with human-like navigators in mind, but the outfits are coded to be adaptive and one-size... they will do their best to conform and fit other more interestingly shaped navis as best they can, but your results may be quite variable in those cases. Happy holidays to you all, and best of luck with your charity.


Chip: Shotgun
To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: JNewman@electopiamailserv.net

I don't have any great interest in factions, but when it comes to holiday spirit and festive outfits, I'm a generous lover! Please sample the designs I whipped up quite quickly. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but I thought these were so good I had to share. I distributed them kind of at random, so don't read into it too much if you see disparities.

NetMafia: NogSantaPJs.GMO
This outfit consists of a very unflattering pair of long, faded red pajamas that come pre-equipped with holes and failing stitches. The pajamas are footed, and a pointlessly long night cap of the same awful color is provided. The design features a tasteful embroidery on the chest, too small to be interpreted or seen unless one gets uncomfortably close, depicting a fat, slovenly Santa throwing up into a trashcan from behind. A carton gripped in his left hand, helpfully labeled "NOG," while his right hand is propping himself up against the brick wall behind the trash can. Letters in a tacky green font over the image proclaim "I CAME FOR THE NOG" In the style of classic long-johns, these come equipped with a flap at the seat to allow one to use the toilet without removing the entire article, but, unfortunately, the wearer's right button intended to seal the corner is missing. The left one hangs on by a precarious thread. No underwear is provided. The material is unbearably itchy.

NetPolice: FuzzySnowmanPJs.GMO
This outfit consists of a silly looking pair of long, snow-white pajamas, seemingly entirely made of thickly padded white faux-fur. The costume will easily make its wearer appear twice as large everywhere due to the layers of padding. Wearing the suit inhibits movement while encouraging profuse sweating. The pajamas have feet and gloves attached. The only decoration on the outfit is three large black ornamental puffs laid out as buttons, although they do not function as such. The outfit includes a cheesy black top hat and a fake corn-cob pipe. Once this suit is equipped as an override, it does not appear to have any method of being conveniently removed (besides good old fashioned .GMO refreshing). No underwear is provided. The material is nice and soft!

NeoShogun: HolidayPJs.GMO
This outfit consists of long, comfortable Christmas tree-green pajamas. The material is thick, warm, and in pristine condition. A simple design of a tree decorated with gold tinsel and red and white ornaments adorns the front. The size would be just right on the average female wearer. It includes feet, but no gloves, and has red buttons down the neckline to allow for removal. It also includes a convenient velcro-sealed rear flap. No underwear is provided.


Chip Attachment: Shotgun
To: Skywriter.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: LClarke@electopiamailserv.net

My Navi had me pass this along when I told her this was going on. She designs these kinda fashions for sh*ts and giggles, I guess, so she already had it made. She wanted to leave you a little fan letter, too, but she's busy right now with... business. She wants me to record it if you try it on... so think about that before you try it on. It's kinda weird, and I assume she had some explanation for that... but since she ain't here, you ain't gettin' it. And she said to tell Holly she was sorry she didn't have a design for her but her regular one is so cuuute and blah blah yak yak

This outfit appears to be a black cashmere blend sweater at first glance, but is actually composed of two pieces: The upper portion is similar to a conservative sweater with a turtleneck and a small Neo-Shogun embroidered in gold just above the chest. However, the chest is actually where this portion ends. The upper portion terminates in the front above the breasts while being slightly longer in the back, and the lower portion begins at about tube-top level, resulting in the appearance of a sweater with a cleavage window. There are discrete velcro attachments at the sides where the two portions intersect that must be undone to remove the shoulder/sleeve portion of the garment. The lower portion reaches just above the knees. It also comes equipped with short white socks with a subtle mistletoe print at the ankles.

There don't appear to be any pants or slacks... or bra. The underwear, should it be revealed, is a risque, low-rise red lace affair with artful green mistletoe embroidered at the sides.

A basic code is included to size the outfit to the wearer. A custom fit would be better, but the code usually does a good enough job.


Chip Attachment: IronShield1
To: UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: [[url=http://s10.zetaboards.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/topic/782296/1/#new]BShiner@Netopiaezmail.net[/url]http://s10.zetaboards.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/topic/782296/1/#new]BShiner@Netopiaezmail.net[/url[/url]]

had a little talk with my navi and she is so ticked off that you guys are in a warm house while shes freezing her tail off. so nothing personal but she wanted me to pass this on. she dares one or more of you to put this on and stand outside in the cold for a while and whoever does it or does it the longest is the Hot Christmas Queen. she told me i had to capitalize that

she also dared you to climb a mountain and race against a giant while your at it but i think that was just her being snippy. well i guess the whole thing is kinda snippy. anyway ignore that part

i didnt design the costume i just picked it off of belfast avatars but its basically what she had in mind. im okay with it though if you wanna wear it all season long just remember its dares idea

i normally type better than this but im pooped today sorry

merry christmas ladies

This outfit is a bikini, black with flame print, with side ties for the bottom and a knot between the bust for the chest. It would be relatively conservative, if it wasn't being pitched as a holiday costume. It also includes fuzzy red boots, gloves, and a santa hat, all with furry white trim. What it lacks in convenience, creativity, and dignity it makes up for in OFFICE PARTY WOOOOAHS!!


Chip Attachment: Meteor9
To: Skywriter.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld

From: HargraveJtm@AtlaRanch.net

I can hardly believe the holiday seasons are upon us again! All of the hostesses look so lovely too!~ I've heard the NS has a lot of female soldiers, perhaps they should spread a little cheer?


S-Seriously?! Wasn't that time on Dentech's nets enough for you?!?


Attached: 1x Recov10
To: Luchadora.UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: MeleeMan @ RFirebrand@electopiamailserv.net

I've attached one of the chips I never use but I'm told is pretty decent. Somebody with lower standards than me will probably get a kick out of it. I don't want to let some snake fight my battles for me, personally. For what faction I want to see in costume, the answer is the NP, obviously. We need girls to dress sexy in order to recruit members. The Mafia and Shogun girls can too for all I care. The more the merrier.

As for a costume, I'm a generous guy, so I've designed one that one of you girls can wear. Listen: if you guys are serious about this whole donation drive thing, then you've got to pony up in order to get donations flowing. Most navis start with basically only one usable chip and the rest are crappy guns! They need those donations. This outfit ought to get them rolling in, so don't hold back and make sure one of the girls with boobs wears it, alright? I'm not the most imaginative guy... imagination's sorta for wimps who don't have the physical strength for straight-up fighting or the kind of aura that just lets you say what you want to all the time, straightforward. But I saw two of you are already doing Santa, so I ruled that out. I figure Rania's family puts an angel up on the tree every year, so I went with that. Okay, I'm lying, the idea came to me when I was watching a commercial. But it was a sexy commercial, so I figure it works.

Damascus says FurnaceMan ought to wear a costume too, but I wouldn't listen to her; her idea of sexy is robots and blacksmiths, from what I know.


MeleeMan's idea of an angel is not the type that you'd put on top of a tree, partially because it would be indecent, and partially because there's no long skirt that would hide the connection point between tree-top and angel. The outfit consists of white lingerie with angel wings attached to the back of the top. The wings have a realistic texture, feeling like real, downy feathers, but the size is too small and they are clearly only for decoration. The underwear (or, as it is in this case, the only-wear), is lacy and pretty sexy, with a bra that pushes up slightly and hooks in the back, just like the one on TV that MeleeMan based his design off of. The color is snow white, but there are semi-transparent cherubs blowing horns made into the parts of the bottom and top surrounding the main panels. He definitely had a guide to make this, because if he didn't, there's no way he would have included that level of detail. In fact, this probably borders on illegal infringement...

Completing the outfit (kind of) is a halo that floats above the wearer's head. It's as real as a halo can be, being made of immaterial, gold light. No shoes or arm accessories are included, as no one was wearing any in the commercial, of course. The shape will adjust to the wearer, a feature not added because MeleeMan was generous, but because it was turned on by default. Nothing about this, other than angels' association with Christmas, makes this a "Christmas Angel."

*CobraEgg2 attached*
To: Uprising@UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: Exorcist and Mary @ BJBLANCHARD@dentechmail.net

Season's greetings! I'm not a Christian, but I'm happy to donate for a good cause. It's great to see people from different backgrounds coming together to help at this time of the year. It reminds me a little of myself and my SPs: we all practice different religions, but we all agree on the core tenant of spreading joy wherever we can and getting rid of the evils that plague the net.

Now, I know Burt has a tendency to override these messages that I send for donation drives, usually putting in an offensive costume, so I've made sure to lock him out of modifying this e-mail. This time, you guys are getting a cute but modest outfit: something that will keep you warm and, I hope, fashionable! I might not be the best judge, since I usually just wear robes... But hopefully, you'll like it. Good luck with the drive!

If I were to say which faction ought to wear different uniforms... Maybe the Neo-Shogun Empire? I've always thought they dress a little risque, since they debuted on TV.


I understand that dear Exxy means well, but it simply won't do to sabotage your donation drive with anything less than a unique costume designed to maximize your appeal, glue eyes to screens, and bring those donations in. For that reason, I've taken the liberty of re-designing you a costume that should work to your advantage here. Trust me from experience... There's nothing that guys want more than to unwrap their special someone on Christmas! It's an oldie-but-a-goodie, as they say. I know Burt would want you to be the one to have this, but I'm sure he'll be happy no matter who models it.

Go in the grace of God!


The design doesn't take a lot of describing, because there's not a lot to it, physically speaking. The outside layer is a series of red ribbons, crossed across the body from the neck down to the soles of the feet, but thankfully, leaving the arms and legs mostly free to move. The ribbon is mercifully wide, with the important parts being a band that crosses over the breasts and two that cross around the hips, one mostly covering the front of the lower body and the other coming in from higher, wrapping around the bend and across the buttocks. A somewhat immodest portion of the butt will be visible. A lot of skin is shown, but because of the way the ribbons are tied, not a lot of texture will be, thankfully. The ribbons tie at a few points: atop the left shoulder, just above the small of the back, and another at the right hip. Untying the shoulder ribbon will undo the neck and shoulders only. Untying the back one will undo the band restricting the breasts, the ones at the arms, and one of the ones circling the lower body. The one at the hip will undo the ones on the legs and circling around the bend between the legs. A small tag is attached at the neck, reading "Do not open until Christmas!" with a kiss mark in lipstick. On that note, the GMO also comes with a light application of lipstick, which adjusts to a different shade of pink depending on the wearer's complexion.

Beneath the ribbons, if anyone has interest to see, lies a small lower body covering composed of a silver chain wrapping the lower body, with one strap angling higher than the other, so as to fit underneath the ribbons. At the front center and wrapping to the back is a red, glossy thong bikini portion, with a sprig of mistletoe fashioned onto the front, for entirely naughty reasons.

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To: Zennocracy@UnbiasedGiving@roaming.cld
From: Ante @ THOTTA@dentechmail.net

Season's Greetings, Miss Zennocracy,

I hope the night finds you well. You can imagine my surprise when I flipped to your broadcast channel and found you in such a scandalous outfit... I must admit, it came as quite a shock! I understand the charitable cause and the need to bring in viewers, but that outfit is altogether a good bit more risque than I'd be comfortable wearing, and I can hardly imagine a lady of your tastes enjoys it either. As such, I've tried to fashion you something that will be suitable for the evening's event, but also do a bit more to help you keep it classy.

When you mention factions and their uniforms, I believe that the NetPolice should keep to a standard uniform... It's so troublesome when one needs to ask them for help and they're dressed in something silly. It sort of throws your confidence right off the balcony and into the garden, does it not? Miss Fold tells me to say she wishes you the best as well and hopes you haven't come into too much trouble since we last met... I'm sure she means the regrettable incident on the night of the party, with your vehicle collection. I'm deeply apologetic about all of that, as I hope you were already aware.

Sincerely Yours,

Ante has designed a festive gown, designed to resemble a green fern Christmas tree, but (hopefully) not in a tacky way. The dress is mostly dark green, but with gold "streamers" in transparent ribbon lining the top of the breasts and the hem of the gown, as well as the upper portion of the elbow sleeve running up from the long gloves. The high-heeled shoes are also green, with tall heels and gold ribbon bows at the upper bend near the top of the foot. Star-shaped earrings fit onto the ears, but only if the user can be properly configured to wear ear-rings; otherwise, earpieces remain unadorned. The shoulders are bare, but the back is covered. The dress zips down the back with a very discreet ribbon. A sash around the waist is made of the same gauzy yellow ribbon, but doesn't serve to hold anything together; it's purely decoration.

Beneath the dress, a less remarkable green corset holds whatever fat the wearer might have around their mid-drift back, with varying levels of discomfort depending on the slimness of the weather. A plain, but strapless, green bra covers the top, while a similar pair of panties covers the lower half.

Underneath those... another wrap of gold streamers circles both the upper half in a bar and the lower body in a V shape. What could be the need for these? Ante was actually just thinking ahead... in her case, if you don't design clothes with a lot of layers, you end up with out. Still, these are probably sexier than they need to be... The two streamers on the lower half have bows on the sides holding it together, while the upper half has a bow on the back.

Beneath that, yellow, star shaped pasties actually cover the breasts and the front of the lower body. Whoever wears this, if they delve in deep enough, will probably think the designer had strippers on the brain, rather than modesty.

*TripleBomb attached*