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TO: VenusMan.EXE
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

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SUBJECT: Happy Holidays!
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SUBJECT: Happy Giveaway!
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FROM: Chic.EXE @
SUBJECT: RE: Fashionable Advice.


The only thing disturbing me is how long it's taken you to write! You know I've always got time for a fellow fashonista. Of course, if you praise me so much, then I will be happy to help!

Whether you want to look handsome or beautiful, the situation calls for one word: confidence! I'm a firm believer that every navi is capable of becoming a head-turner. It's all about how you hold yourself! That's the secret of fashion: nothing is one-size fits all. To be fashionable, you'll need to know yourself inside and out and capitalize on what you know to be your best assets. During our short time together, I wasn't able to drill down to create the perfect fashion for you... the organic body-mask I sculpted for you last time was a "stab in the dark," as I assessed you and chose what I thought accented your outward appearance. You just need to have pride in yourself, and I know that you can come up with your own perfect wardrobe! But if you want some general tips, how about some warm, summery colors like yellow, pink, or orange? I'd recommend using some bright flowers. Your teeth might scare a girl, but flowers are a romantic way to prove you don't have meat on your mind. Don't worry, a masculine guy like you can use flowers without looking feminine.

That said, perhaps if I knew you better, we could come up with a perfect outfit together? Let's brainstorm again sometime. Or are you too busy impressing someone else right now? A girl with less confidence than I might be worried, but I know that if you really think about it, you'll realize that only the world's foremost fashionista is a lady worth impressing! When we get together again, I'll tell you about everything about my art and my work, if you really want to listen... and you can tell me who this mystery girl is!

Yours, stylishly,
FROM: BroncoMan.EXE @
SUBJECT: Advice for Buck



I have a feeling Ken won't read this e-mail, but I ask that you don't show it to him. Ken counts on a certain degree of competence from his Navis, and I feel like the mushy contents contained herein might be grounds for me to receive a performance review. Feel free to use this advice or not as you wish. All the same, I'd strongly suggest you read it and think deep about the meaning of my words. I may not be an expert on talking to women, but maybe you'll be inspired from the first word.
1) She is a cowgirl-themed Navi.
2) Will and perseverance may be necessary to talk with her.
3) Try to make a good first impression.
4) Two people showing up would not be a good first impression.
5) "Take a breather" is therefore what you should probably tell Phero. Don't let her know you two are related.
6) Your call on a good first conversation topic.
7) Innocence is not recommended: she seems more interested in aggressive guys.
8) Don't give up if you can't get her attention right away.
9) Go in with a defeatist attitude and you will have no chance.
10) In short, don't even think about fighting her.
11) The best approach may be to surprise her with a very direct approach.
12) Back off and regroup if you think your actions may have an adverse affect at future attempts to complete this mission.
13) Unless you can hide my presence, I probably won't be able to enter the building.
14) You shouldn't mention my name, as this may tip her off to the operation.
15) Love is a possible topic. In my previous attempts, I discovered this can get her talking.
16) Pain is guaranteed, however, if she learns that you are related to me. It may be wise to take a different initial approach so she doesn't associate you with me.

Hopefully these tips will see you well. In spite of my message, I hope you will continue the mission you're entrusted with and come up with creative solutions.