Discussion: NP/Mafia Charity Function

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This seems like a really noble cause to me. And hey, cooperation's always good. Maybe this'll lead to a better understanding, and maybe even future partnerships between the Mafia and the Police.

-Chris Harper, Operator of Nitro.EXE
How would donated chips help unoperated navis who wouldn't be able to use them? I guess they could sell them. But there is still the questionable action of arming unoperated navis.

-- Destin Obscura.
Free chips woo~

The event has come to a close. And what an ending! I don't think anyone could have expected that to turn out quite the way it did.

Again, we welcome any commentary related to the event. Did your pick for Miss Santa win? Speculation towards the mysterious theft and return of the donation chips? Did Santa give you what you were hoping for?
I always seem to get terrain related stuff with these things. I guess it's for the best.

Also, nice idea Holly...


Addendum: You have to wonder who stole all those chips in the first place...
Most likely it was some ploy by both the NP and the NM to squeeze more chips from the masses. The drop in of the so called 'stolen' chips at a critical moment makes it seem scripted.

-- Destin.
I dunno... doesn't really seem like they were too keen on doing "that" to get more donations...

Of course they were. Think of the publicity, not only for their drive but for the NP and NM recruitment efforts, and upsurge in donations it would bring. They only acted like they didn't want to because they were afraid it would be seen as tarnishing their respective reputations. Although I am pretty sure that the two woman exploited for this drive were not the ones who originally thought up this little 'advertisement.'

-- Destin.
I dunno...I watched a good chunk of it on TV, and if it was all an act, everyone involved did some seriously good acting. And it's not like girl Navis stripping is THAT good for business, half of the population isn't into that, ya know. I know this because I'm part of that half.

But overall I guess things turned out okay. At least that Holly Navi got to stop before she had to let it all out, to put it one way. If I wanted to see that kind of thing, I'll go strip in front of my mirror, thank you very much!

- Ariel
I agree with Ariel. I'm pretty sure this was just thought up on the spot, Destin.

As part of the other segment of the population, Aerial, I'd like to say that there is nothing wrong with a little strip donation! It's for a good cause, right? And it was very effective! They should really do this type of thing more often.

And do you think that there is not a half of the population that wasn't donating because of the current rules? I donated twice, I'll have you know! Well, one of the chips I got from my kids, but it's for a good cause! Remember that the sacrifice that those lovely ladies made would have been for naught if they weren't re compensated with donations! Don't you feel ashamed?!

I hope everyone will be using their gifts from Santa to further the cause of Counterinfectualism~

~Burt J. Blanchard

((P.S. Your posing hobbies sound interesting, I've never tried it before myself but I would love to join you to test it out some time! I hope that you find the faith! Praise be to Counterinfectualism!))