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Name: Cederick Via

Gender: Male

History: Cederick, or Ced as people often call him to avoid the lengthiness of his archaic name, has had a fairly pleasant life over his thirty years of existance. His early childhood had it's bumps, but once he got out into the world he found himself able to grow and prosper. An American, he spent the majority of his Elementary Schooling under the oppressive thumb of one particularly cruel and nasty child, who would forever instill in him a feeling of weakness, and more importantly a hatred of abusers of power. The rest of his schooling, from Middle School, to High School, to College, was spent existing as an oddity, appearing as an eccentric or odditity. Ostricized, young Cederick spent many school days isolated and angry at these children that he was quite certain were less intelligent than he and were surely jealous of him, for why else would they torment him so? In his college years, he 'grew up' some, realizing that the past was no longer important and that perhaps much of the isolation was perhaps due to his own fears and worries, yet the ideals put into him in school would stay with him far longer than any of the knowledge would. He exited college short of completion due to interest in his acting, something that Ced had been pursuing since the beggining of high school for fun. He has since then performed in various forms of media and styles, starting at the theater and then creating some rather impressive performances in several movies, all of which held moderate success. He has continued his movie career, but also has performed in several popular sit-coms. To this day, he holds quite a few hobbies but names playing his electric guitar his favorite. He'll also jump at any oppurtunity to go swimming, with a preference for the ocean. He's here now due to the actions of his normally competant agent. Cederick has absolutely no idea what it is he's supposed to be playing, only being told that he'd be 'a perfect match' for the main antagonist. Originally skeptical about the idea, it's location next to an ocean and in an ocean almost half the world away was enough to tell him something about the budget of the film. (With swimming in the Pacific being an added bonus.) His current fear is his ability to play the character, knowing so little about the character or even the movie.

Appearance: He's somewhat tall, about six foot one, with an appealing face despite his slightly lengthy nose. His eyes are blue and sparkling, and of which he's occaisionally complimented on when one gets close enough, and has dark brown hair that is the bane of make-up artists and the envy of many women with it's curly nature that refuses to be tamed (Cederick often wears a wig during his performances because of this). His face has sharp features that really stand out (he jokingly blames his nose) and allow him to be very expressive with his looks. Cederick prefers for his face to be clean shaven unless his job calls for otherwise. Because of his love of swimming, he's fairly fit, despite his atrocious eating habits, and has a broad pair of shoulders and a sturdy frame. He prefers to wear blue or white, as they draw out his eyes, and prefers a decent pair of pants over a pair of shorts. He can wear dress shoes for hours on end and pay little or no mind to them, regardless of their quality, but can't stand wearing sandals. His hair nearly makes it impossible for a hat and he simply doesn't like wearing sunglasses or jewelry (he considers them a waste of money). Cederick stands tall and when he's moving he really seems like he's in a hurry to do something. Even when he's standing still, often with hands held behind his back, it looks like he's waiting for something to happen so he can move.

Personality: Cederick is a confident man who truly believe himself to be unafraid of anything, yet when conflicts arise he usually backs down, often with some sort of excuse. He doesn't honestly believe these excuses himself, but he's quick to bury the thoughts and move on with his life. While he does find difficulties remaining an optimist and realist simultaneously, his responses to such thoughts are usually, "Well, does this really concern me?" At which point he can quite honestly answer no and move on. And while he is always looking out for his own best interests, he's not an altogether unkind man, in fact he often curses himself in times where he's rude or cruel, and can often be consulted for advice due to his simple yet efficient logic. While shy, he warms to people quickly and is quick to forgive sleights, though only a few times. Amongst those who like him, he's a joker and a friendly sort, though you can usually expect a good ribbing at some point. He hates bullies and tormentors of all kinds and sizes, thinking them the epitome of cowardice, yet he himself occaisionally says an unkind thing to someone undeserving (usually someone he views as below himself or someone who has hurt him in the past). Cederick most certainly does not think of himself as 'better than everyone else', but he does view himself as an exceptional example of humanity and will sometimes think unkind things about these he perceives as unintelligent or wasteful. He considers himself to be an abnormality in several ways, but the thing that he considers the strangest is his reocurring feelings of 'Deja-vu', of feeling as if you'd experienced the moment you're living in sometime before. The feelings come randomly (anytime between daily and monthly) and are always some small, inconsequential thing. His reactions to these are usually slight confusion, then amusement, but the more powerful the feeling the stronger the reaction in him, several times going to the point of being painful, like the pain one gets from a migraine headache. Cederick is also a fair handler of money. He's not known to go on splurges and usually plans his purchaes far in advance. He's thrifty, purchasing when costs are low and selling when high, and has a good eye for shopping. Ced is also rather conservative about his money, but isn't too bad as to not buy lunch for his friends every once in a while. Besides all this, Cederick likes animals and dislikes talking about things that cause conflicts (wars, politics, religion) and things that he can't prove (paranormal, religion). Ced himself believes in a God (his religion is confusing even to himself), but often goes at lengths trying to prove how God does not exist, something he recognizes as an attempt to prove to himself that his beliefs are foolish (and something he still can't agree with).

Role: Antagonist - Cederick was all too quick to accept yet another position in an antagonistic position. There's a certain joy in playing scenarios one is not quite used to and being placed as a 'bad-guy' is very exciting at times, particularly when he really gets a 'feel' for the character. Not that he exactly knows what his precise role in this movie will be, something that he's still cursing his agent about.

Merit: Logical

Flaws: Self-Centered and Wimpy
Name: Lance Murray
Gender: Male
Age: 25
History: Lance's early history is...unpleasant. He was known for being suspended several times in high school, usually for getting into fights. Needless to say, he never took to insults very well. College life wasn't much better, especially not with that huge bar fight his junior year. Even when he became an actor, he got in trouble several times for his behavior. One time he was the victim of a few jokes after horrendously messing up his lines, and subsequently demolished the jokers' dressing rooms. Another, he attacked the director when he believed he was being too picky about his performance. It's a miracle he still has a job after all this time. He started acting mostly as an outlet for some of his aggression, which became very easy when he started getting roles as either an antagonist or a 'bad guy' protagonist. Nonetheless, there were still some issues. The rumor is going around, however, is that he's on the crew of this film in hopes of getting rid of him.

Appearance: Lance is six feet even, and heavily built. His face has a considerably rough appearance, including sideburns, a slight goatee, and dark brown eyes. The eyes, in particular, give him the impression of always being angry. His hair is short but unkempt, leaving a real mess for most make-up artists. Saying he is physically fit is an understatement, Lance is more the type you'd call 'buff'. When he's not dressed for the part, he prefers to wear sleeveless shirts and cargo pants. Color doesn't matter to him. He can't stand dress shoes and has little tolerance for sandals, but typically wears breathable shoes made for hiking. He prefers to keep his outfits simple. After all, jewelry, hats, and most other accessories get in the way and glasses/sunglasses break easily.

Personality: Lance is a rather violent individual. He has a harsh nature that can easily reduce more sensitive people to tears and fists to match that can do the same to the less sensitive. He fears nothing and doesn't care about much more. He's the kind of person that would see a fight, whether it be three big guys threatening to beat someone up or an all-out melee, and would join in for no other reason than "Hey, a tussle." Definitely not the kind of guy you want to be friends with, but still one you want on your side.

Role: 'bad guy' ally/friend of the protagonist. The guy that's not afraid to use violence to solve problems. Though he's either a friend or ally of the protagonist, he's definitely not a nice person. Though this is his preferred role, he has no idea if the movie even calls for it. He has threatened his agent regarding this several times until he was sure said agent didn't know either.

Merit: Intimidating
Flaws: Insensitive, Violent
Name: Tsutae Ichazuki

Gender: Female

Age: 22

History: Tsutae grew up in the heat of the urban jungle, went to a public school, worked a desk job to pay her way through college, and then went off into the world with a B.A. in English and little else. One of the first things she did was visit her parents, back home. Unfortunately, Tsutae had gotten used to always traveling the same paths, or else operating under strict instructions, and quickly got lost while traveling across the state on the terrible bus system. After getting dropped off in the countryside at the end of the line, with absolutely no sign of civilization in sight, Tsutae panicked. She would walk in one diretion, only to turn around and walk the other way for fear she would be wrong. When that way didn't look right either, she would turn around, wondering if perhaps there was something she missed in the other direction.

Fresh out of college, she spent a few more months in her hometown after leaving her parents' house again, looking for something-- anything-- to do with her life.

Appearance: Tsutae is quite small compared to her fellow cast members at 5'3'' and makes up for it with all the rest. A perfect complexion, deepest black hair, a slender figure, and a sharply structured face may very well have been the reason she was chosen for such a prestigious role; heaven knows she didn't audition in. Tsutae favors dark clothing, long layered skirts, and baggy dress shirts.

Personality: Tsutae seems a bit cold, mostly because she speaks so little, even when addressed directly. In reality she would do anything to please others- she's just too nervous to admit it. Her upbringing made her quite used to fading into the background and staying quiet-- but she's always seen trailing along with a group of people. She would sooner die than retreat to a corner all alone.

Role: Main character; Tsutae was honored to accept the role of the protagonist's best friend. No one really knows how she got this role. Most assume that it was a typecast, or that it was based on looks, or that Tsutae somehow cheated.

Merit: Attractive; Tsutae is undeniably beautiful and has a strong presence when (if) she says something profound.


Phobia (Isolation); Tsutae loses confidence completely when deprived of the physical presence of another person.

Timid; Tsutae would rather do nothing than something, or else would rather see if everyone else agrees with her first. She also hates to have responsibility placed on her.
Delilah Paerels.
24 years old.
Delilah Paerels was born in the Netherlands, a small country in Europe, and has lived there for a long time with her parents. At the age of 16, she was introduced to a movies director where her future would begin and end. They required a young singer in their movie and Delilah had been on singing lessons since her 8th birthday. Because of her new job and life, she had become used to travelling and having to sing in different languages, since her songs had to be translated for different countries. But at the age of 20, still being a singer for the company, she started to steal money from the company and use it to bet on gambles like the horse races and dog races. Always producing new lies to get more money from the company, she kept betting more of it away and never got anything in return. After a year or so she, all by herself, managed to get the company to go broke entirely. Out of job and thrown out of her usual life, she had to live on the street for a while. Through lies and deceit with men, she managed to have a steady cash flow although she had killed a man or two. Her life was on the street and in a villa at the same time. Throwing away a lot of money for alcoholic drinks, she created an addiction for it as it made her feel better than however she would feel at that time. In another drunken flurry of hers on a day, she suddenly got spoken to by a mysterious man who needed her in a movie. That was another start of a story within her life, one that didn't involve living on the street and having to live off of unknown men. Laughing loud, she accepted the man's offer and went off with him to the film's set.
Delilah is a dark-skinned slim woman of around 5'6" feet and has dark crimson hair. She holds her hair in two pigtails that hang in a bow from the sides of her head. She has two ruby earrings in her ears and a necklace with a ruby triangle at the bottom.
She wears a black shirt with a white stripe diagonally in the middle that goes all around. She has a ring on her right ring finger that has 3 rubies engraved into it. She wears a bracelet with rubies in it on her left wrist.
On the bottom she wears a short skirt made of jeans fabric with a white thong underneath that's sometimes visible from certain 'points of view'. She wears open sandals on her feet, showing off a toering that's on one of her toes on her left foot. This toering has, as all her other jewelry, a ruby engraved into it.
Delilah is a thief in the way that she wishes she could have whatever she sees, but also in the way of trying to actually steal it from people through lies. She can make friends without problems, which is usually her first step of getting into the possessions of someone. Hailing from the Netherlands and having travelled a lot in her past, she can practically speak any European language but shows her qualities most in English, Dutch, German and French. She isn't one to get into fights voluntairily and tries to lie her way out of it occasionaly, but has seen in the past that this not always works. But you can't learn a cat to bark and you can't learn Delilah to stop lying. Besides her greed and lying ways, she also has a strange affection towards anything alcoholic and has developed an addiction to it. She often tries to claim she doesn't, but the truth shows up occasionaly.
Trick Specialist.
Chronic Liar and Greedy.

Not done yet. Sleeping time now.
Name: Kawazoe Tsubasa
Gender: Male
Age: 25
History: Kawazoe grew up in the suburbs and attended mediocre schools but graduated with a Ph.D. in acting. He is very skilled academically and atheletically as he homeschooled himself while attending his schools of mediocre education.
Appearance: About 5' 7", flat matted black hair and blue eyes. He usually wears sunglasses, but takes them off at night for obvious reasons. On his upper body is a simple grey T-shit and a long flowing black trenchcoat. He wears navy blue sports pants on his lower body and dark blue Nike brand sneakers on his feet.
Personality: Serious, though he doesn't get to the point most of the time. He looks at things from every side for a reasonable conclusion. Kawazoe's words are harsh and strict at times, but he is usually telling the truth.
Role: Mysterious Enigma: Kawazoe loves playing the role of the random person who pops out of nowhere, seems to know everything, tells the protagonist and/or antagonists stuff in riddles, and vanishes mysteriously only to pop back out again to provide more information.
Serious: Kawazoe doesn't stray from the topic and keeps thinking about various ways to solve the situation.

Creepy: Due to his popping out of seemingly nowhere ability. People say that he's kind of creepy, as if he was a stalker or something.

Busy: His vanishing act is usually because he's busy with SOMETHING, people don't know what he's so busy with, but it seems really important. Or he could just be late to pick his kids up from school, if he had any.
Name: Lynwen Ghislane

Gender: Female

Age: 22

History: Lynwen was born in the eastern region of Germany, where she lived most of her life in poverty caused by heavy debts from her parents, who were addicted, chronic gamblers. Her father died before she could even speak; just a little over eight years later, her mother died. Lynwen was forced to look to petty theft as a means of survival from day to day. For her, this was a pathetic option. Lynwen had always been a very poor speaker and an even worse lier. When she was caught, it was almost always red-handed, and she was severely punished when she did. Luckily, at the age of ten, she was taken in by a generous and wealthy family looking to improve the community in which she lived. While she was thankful, Lynwen remained quiet, unable to properly express her gratitude to her adopted parents for taking her in.

As the years went on, Lynwen managed to suceed in her studies despite her lack of background, but strangely never persued college. During this time, her father thought her extremely ungrateful for failing to pursue her oppurtunities fully, and also hated her inability to communicate successfully with others in social situations, being a politician of great prestige himself. He was not abusive, but always obviously displeased when she was around, and that alone was enough to deeply hurt the young girl. Luckily, Lynwen managed to get a job at the age of 19, despite her inability to get a job that required any kind of speaking to face-to-face customers or clients. As a photographer, she took beautiful landscape shots while travelling across eastern Europe, submitting them by mail and receiving income for her service.

Recognized for her skills, Lynwen was invited to be part of a film crew doing a shoot on Sado Island. Although she dreaded the idea of having to work closely with a crew of others, she was delighted when her father finally seemed to be proud of her accomplishments, and accepted in hopes of finally repaying her adopted father and mother for their kindness to her.

Appearance: Lynwen is a reasonably cute girl. Her black hair is a little above shoulder length and is usually messy. She lacks a lot of the filling out that most women her age have already experienced, and still has a petite figure. Her preferred clothing is excessively heavy, and she often wears scarves, jackets, or mittens, even when it's not snowing. Because wearing such clothing would be suicide on a hot island such as the Sado Island, she has reverted to wearing looser, less heavy clothing, although it is still more seems to be excessive, usually. Her favorite article of clothing is a red beret, which she wears regardless of the weather or temperature. It was purchased for her by her adopted mother. She still has a few scars on her hands from the lashing punishments she received as a child for stealing.

Personality: Lynwen is always very, very quiet and slow to make friends. She sort of has it planned out in her mind that if she strategizes successfully, she can avoid contact with people. She is not at all mean, and is especially opposed to dishonesty, but she keeps to herself so much and avoids others to such an extent that she appears unfriendly, even snobbish. Lynwen prefers to be called "Lyn," but only her parents have ever really frequently spoken her name to begin with. She has thoughts of romance only casually and has never even been in a serious friendship, let alone a major relationship. She prefers to stay away from all others, but is especially uncomfortable around loud men. She also has an unnatural hatred of gamblers and high stakes games, though she rarely openly expresses this.

Role: Camerawoman.


Honest- Lynwen not only is very bad at lying, but also hates to do it. She has been very honest since her birth.


Awkward- Lynwen has never made close friends before in her life and has great difficulty in social situations. She even tends to mess up around her parents.

Transparent- Lywen's biggest weakness has always been her inability to lie, aid a lie, or even pretend to be someone or something else. She is therefore completely unable to hide her awkwardness in social situations. On a lighter note, she is also an unbelievably poor actor.
Never mind.
Name: Kyoshi Chavez
Gender: Male
Age: 32
History: Kyoshi was born and raised in America, specifically Hawaii, far from where this story is taking place. Like many other generic Americans, he went to school every day, got braces, lost braces, made friends, made enemies, learned, joined a school club, got a part time job, went to prom, graduated from High School, went to College, and fell in love.

This is where his story deviates from most normal people.

Kyoshi had always been in love with Japanese culture, and almost on a whim joined the JET program after college. He went there, and like most other JET employees, he worked at several different schools, made friends with his students, mastered his Japanese, and generally had a good time. Unlike (most) JET teachers, he met someone and feel in love.

That someone was a teacher at one of his schools, Ms. Hiromi Takeda. Although it was socially awkward, as Takeda was a Sempai, and Kyoshi was a Kohai, (Meaning Takeda had seniority of Kyoshi in the workplace, although it is more complicated than that), the relationship budded, and three years later, near the end of Kyoshi's JET career and after almost three seasons worth of sitcom Romantic Comedy later, they got married.

Kyoshi became a Japanese citizen, and about three months after marriage, Hiromi became pregnant. Both parties were deleriously happy. After Kyoshi's JET career ended, he got a job at a regular school, and everything was swell. They had a two-bedroom apartment, they were both swell, everything was perfect.

Until the accident.

Kyoshi and Hiromi were walking home from her baby shower one winter evening, arm in arm, when all of a sudden, Hiromi ran forward, through a park. Kyoshi followed her, wondering what was up. When they got to the frozen lake in the center of the park, Hiromi stopped and embraced her husband.

"I love you so much." She said.

"I love you too." Kyoshi replied, warm in her embrace. And for that moment, everything was perfect.

And then the ice broke.

Kyoshi was able to pull himself and his wife from the freezing water, but by the time the ambulance got there, his wife was beyond help. Only the baby could be saved, and even she would come out near death.

The baby spent two months in the hospital before she could come out, hooked up to machines for that entire time to keep her alive. When she finally became healthy and was able to be released, she was handed to a still-greiving husband.

"What is her name?" The doctor asked, looking into his eyes.

A long pause. And then, the name..

"Her name is Tomoko."

Seven years have passed since then. Tomoko goes to school, like any other girl her age, and even though she has never had a mother, Kyoshi does his best to treat and raise her well. When he saw a large paying role for an translator who spoke English perfectly, he leapt at the opportunity, even if it meant leaving Tomoko with a friend, Yukino, until he returned. He got the part almost too easily, and it has left him questioning those who hired him. However, the money was too much needed, especially with expensive hospital bills to pay and being an only parent.

And so, with a heavy heart, Kyoshi left his only daughter in his best friend's hands, and cast his fate with this group, never realizing what the hell he wasgetting himself into...

Appearance: Kyoshi is five feet and seven inches tall, with black hair like a Beetle. Although it has become more pale from his life in Japan, his skin is still a very light brown. He has an okay complexion, with wider eyes and a large nose, with straight teeth and regular ears. He shaves regularly, although recently a bit of stubble has begun to grow on his face from the stress of caring for his only daughter alone. Medium build, with broad shoulders.

Personality: Despite the stress of balancing career, his daughter, and his family, Kyoshi is still a very pleasant gentleman. He opens doors for women, speaks with tact and dignity, and understands the subtility of Japanese Ettiquite. After all, he has been here for a while. He speaks fondly of his daughter, and tries to avoid the topic of his late wife.

Role: Translator: Translating the movie to ENGLISH. On-set. Huh?


Responsible: As a decent, hard-working gentleman, Kyoshi is responsible for every aspect of both his and his child's life.


Traumatized: Hey, if YOUR wife lay dying in your arms and you were helpless to save her...

Unlucky: Kyoshi does his best to stack his odds; his luck has never been very good, so he does his best to lower the amount of things left to chance to up his probabilities.
Name: Niles Crenshaw

Gender: Male

Age: 25

History: Niles moved to Sado Island and accepted his incredibly minor role in this production as a part-time job to keep him afloat while looking for other work. He'd lived on another island nearby his entire life, enduring a number of hardships. When he was first born, Niles lived a happy life, supported by a large, well-off family. As time progressed, however, his generation (of which he was the youngest of the family) began to seek opportunities elsewhere in larger economies, Niles was left with the already remains of his family's wealth. The parents had become old and unable to take care of themselves, and the money they might have used as self-support had gone into the education of their children. Niles resented having to work multiple day-jobs to take care of his parents, but he didn't blame them: the hatred he harbored was for his family that had so callously left him to clean up after them. Despite his best caretaking, four years ago his parents died. Meanwhile, Niles had not been able to finish his education, and was forced into an extra two years just to meet necessity for basic jobs. Finally finding himself able to work, Niles left his hometown in an attempt to leave his bad memories behind him and start anew.

Appearance: Niles stands at about 5" 10', with a thin build and pale skin (he exercises, but not regularly). His thick hair is a dirty, dark brown and is simply cut whenever it is, normally running to the back of his neck with clumps covering his sideburns. His eyes are thin, but can become popped when surprised, and dull green in color. Perpetual bags seem to hang above his cheeks. His jaw has a surprisingly elegant slope in comparison with the rest of his face, but is disrupted by a dark goatee that always seems to be in a state of stubble. His normal dress is a three-buttoned shirt of a bland pattern, often checkers, with blue jeans that have become rugged through wear and tear, not intentionally faded. He wears a leather-strapped watch on his left arm, but it appears to have taken damage from exposure to water and no longer ticks. His feet are covered by low socks and black sneakers. When acting, he straightens up, but normally his posture is somewhat slouching and his expression nonchalant. He normally bears a frown, not of particular discontent, but still perpetually frozen on his face when observed at rest.

Personality: Niles often keeps to himself, looking especially sulky in large groups. Despite this, he seems to care somewhat for his reputation, and always volunteers for tedious, thankless tasks others are willing to dump on him. He stays as friendly as he can in conversation, but tries to avoid it when possible. His thoughts are always geared on his work until it becomes too depressing, at which point he shifts to whatever mindless entertainment he can think of. Enjoys trying new things when he can, but doesn't really go out of his way to make creative hobbies. His major hobbies as of now are reading and exercising. He tends to be slow to catch on, but is willing to admit his mistakes and tends to be fairly bright once he learns what to do.

Role: Plays the role a man behind a counter, whose purpose is to deliver one-liners occasionally while speaking to the character in a monotone voice.

Hard Working- Niles endures thankless, necessary tasks without complaining and with greater ease than complex problems.

Distant- While not unfriendly, Niles is often preoccupied. Minds his own business and has no problem with others doing the same.
Unlucky- Niles always seems to be in trouble that's generally beyond his control.
Name: Claire Nichols

Gender: Female

Age: 22

History: Claire has never had continuity in her life. Almost every element has always been on the move; her parents, friends, finances and jobs have always rotated in and out of her sphere of existence, seemingly at random. Born to a typical middle-class family on the East Coast, Claire attended university (as her parents were fortunate enough to be able to send her), majoring in accounting and minoring in the dramatic arts. Ever since, Claire has drifted between acting gigs as a part-time hobby to give her something to do outside of her various clerical positions. She has a moderate talent for drama, but never enough to give her a chance for a serious breakthrough into the elite of the acting world.

Claire has gone through several boyfriends, but all of them either vanished with a shroud of lame excuses or turned out to be lusty two-timers that didn't really care much for anything past her female parts. Her friends, some of them once very close to her, have all married and gone off to work in wonderful foreign places at wonderful well-paying jobs. At the age of eighteen, when her father died, she and her mother each recieved a large amount of money in his will; however, the government caught up with the family with a cry of tax evasion, and revoked the inheritances in order to pay off the debts that Claire's father owed.

Naturally quiet and reserved, it was always difficult for Claire to secure a job. Every time she was hired, be it for a secretary or a minute-taker for various large firms, something always came up--be it a staff cutback or the streamlining of the administration system after a takeover by a rival company--to put her back on the unemployment line again. (Claire has managed to make ends meet, although doing so required careful thrift. Even after recieving a large amount of money to act in the movie being shot on the Japanese island, she still spends carefully and reluctantly.) Even in her dramatic life, she made a few callbacks, but was never selected for the final roster.

Claire was eventually chosen to play the lesser love interest in the movie being shot on Sado Island. One of the producers had been watching her during an audition for a stage production, and had identified her with the character that she is to play.

Appearance: Claire is very average. Her hair is a rather fake-looking red, worn short, and is always shooting off in the directions that she doesn't want it to go in. She comes in at five feet two inches, and has a light build unsuited for athleticism. She is of European heritage, which explains her white skin, pale blue eyes, and moderate British accent.

Claire's clothes never seem to match, and what she chooses to wear never quite fully compliments her modest figure. More often than not, they are badly creased from lack of ironing, and sometimes stained in areas that Claire hopes they won't be noticed. This lack of fashion can be attributed to how carefully Claire had to balance her books due to the lack of a steady job. Her account often didn't allow for luxuries such as new clothes.

Personality: As nothing ever seems to be steady in her life, Claire has given up trying to hold on to anything. All of the failure that she has experienced has given her a slight buffer against the dark feelings that come with rejection. At least, that's what she believes; the lack of stability in her life has led her to fall into mild depression, managed by medications that have irritating side effects ranging from insomnia to massive appetite. She has always been quiet and unsociable, preferring to keep out of the midst of the conversation or the party. If something does go her way, she often becomes apprehensive of it, positive that it will quickly disintegrate.

Role: The best friend of the main love interest, supplying information about the love interest to the main character. Later, Claire's character becomes the new love interest herself.

Honest. (Even though it might break someone's heart, Claire always tells them exactly what she thinks of whatever they want her opinion on, almost always regardless of the circumstances.)

Depressed. (Claire's instability has led her to believe that she isn't quite good enough to deserve anything, and that has given her a light case of depression.)
Unkempt. (Claire has learned that even presenting herself the best she can isn't good enough to secure much good luck for herself, and has given up trying to put her best foot forward.)
Timid. (Claire has been a very quiet and unauthoratative person from birth.)
Unlucky. (Nothing ever seems to go Claire's way for long. If something good does enter her life, it tends to disappear again just as she settles in with it.)