Chardes' Sketches Dump

I am not taking requests in this thread at the moment, thank you.

Just a random dump of my scanned sketchbook. Have fun.
Sketchbook 1
Sketchbook 2
Sketchbook 3
Sketchbook 4
Sketchbook 5
Sketchbook 6
Sketchbook 7
Sketchbook 8
Sketchbook 9
Sketchbook 10
Sketchbook 11
Sketchbook 12
These are fine collections o- JEALOUSYYYYYYY
Hi u draw very gud, can u draw my navi for me plz?withribbons:V

Little bit of geographical(?) practice:

The blue one looks like an Orbital Frame from Zone of Enders.
I wish, Azure. XD
This post is dedicated to showcasing Chardes' completed challenge works. Links will be added as they are finished, and new entries will be added as new challenges are accepted.

Challenge #1 [Character in Garments & Soft Shading]
Challenge #2 (Est. Progress: 40%) [Dynamic Posing & Scenery]
Challenge #3 [Character in Armor & Hard Shading]
Challenge #4 (New) [Mechanical Drawing & Design]
Challenge #5 (New) [Scene featuring a large cast]
Fantastic work, Chardes. You're getting better too fast to keep up with. :'D

Also, what's this about challenges? Something from another site or RL?
They're Paladin designed challenges.
That 'Character in Armor and Hard Shading' is awesome.

I want a SINNBAD picture in similar style.
How about you don't ask until she's done with everything? =___=
I'm willing to wait. She has no reason to stop everything on my account, or to even do my request.
Charades, the first shading is so soft I can't really see the shading, it looks mostly flat to me. You can have soft edges and still use strong colors to do your blending and shading with. Push the colors a bit more.

On the second one, I think the strongest section of shading that you have is the boot. It best matches the way that metal is lit. Metal will have a clear reflection of the light source on the shape as you have done, but it won't be that spread out across the surfaces, also, with where you lights are hitting, each piece of armor looks to be lit from completely different light sources. Most of the armor is really good, but the two big ones in the center throw me for a loop so hard. Overall, really nice though, Metal is a bit fickle though.
Rini, Ixbalanque, Shisho from Canticlei, an original story

Looks like what would happen if we aged the characters a couple years or so.

*Goes to find the Master Sword and the Ocarina of Time.*
Actually, the only one who has aged is supposed to be Rini. D: My bad.
I guess there's something to see here.

Looks good.
Konstantina and Gemeinschaft.