NP/NM Emblem

I had the idea of adding emblems for each of the NetPolice's Departments and the NetMafia's Families. A navi joining into a department/family would be allowed place the sprited emblem next to the navi's name to show where they belong...

Now, that's just an idea. I have no idea what type of design each emblem would be and I would need everyone's help in order to get this thing going. Please check out the Faction Information for details about each department/family and post any ideas in here!

Department of Internal Affairs:
Department of Technology
Department of Justice:
Department of Public Safety:
Department of Navi Prosecutions:
Department of Investigations:

Head Family:
Techari Family:
Bloodhound Family:
Teksqp Family:
Vivarte Family:
Creel Family:
Personally, I think the Netpolice should have some sort of "Futuristic, Sci-Fi sleekness" theme for their emblems, whereas the Netpolice uses noir-styled mobster with card motif designs for the families.

Just sayin'. I'll see what I can cook up.

: D
lol Shur

Dept. of Tech could be a computer monitor or a bunch of 1's and 0's
Dept. of Justice could be a set of scales
Dept. of Investigations could be an eye or magnifying glass.
Dept. of Public Safety could be a shield.
Drawing a blank with Internal Affairs and Navi Prosecution.
And they'd be blue and white, both to match the police part and to contrast the Netmafia's (read: Fera's) logos
My opinion: Everything Link said, except for Tech, an atom (ubiquitous SCIENCE AT WORK symbol).
Prosecutions, a gavel.
Internal Affairs, a blank figure pointing at something, as it is Human Resources/Navi Resources.