Xenolo's Artwork

I figure I might as well throw my stuff into the mix.

This little guy's name is Tod. If you know some German, then you'll realize that I was pretty unoriginal with the name...but then again, I'm a pretty unoriginal guy, so it works out :).

Next we have a Navi I did a long time ago, though I can't remember his name. Chefman seems to fit, but for some reason I feel as though it were something...better.

Next is Blademan (Can'tcha just taste the time and creative reasoning I put in these guy's names?). Yeah... I used to draw a lot of Megaman-eqsue characters last year...

To wrap things up for now, I submit for your criticism another one of my older drawings. I dunno what I was thinking with him...

So, yeah... Any comments or criticisms?
They all look wicked. I think you should name the bottom one " Brokenman" Or "Messedupman" Or "ElementalMan" Because he looks like it.
There was already a BreakMan and an ElementMan. XD

I am seriously impressed by your stuff, Xenolo. You have a style not many people around the board seem to carry. Your design for BladeMan looks really spiffy, but it reminds me a lot of SlashMan.

Keep it up. You have some good stuff here...
Yeah but his are better.
If you knew all of the comments about the second navi...or even the planned personality......you would most likely have nightmares....I think it wants to eat my soul still....*shivers*..... Also, Ozho was drawn by him.....
It's I'MMA-GONNA-EAT'CHA-MAN! His/her/it's triumphant return!
Also, didn't we liken it to that fat chef thing in FF9 at some point?
Well, that cat's outta the bag... Then again, what else could I expect with the posting of stuff I did on RE:CN :P.

Aye, 'tis Raigingekiexcel, all new and improved-like! So... that's what we called the chef dude. I knew it was cooler than Chefman.

On a side note to Kujajin: That last guy wasn't really a Megaman thing. It was more of a "Let's split open my head and let my imagination throw up on the page!" kinda thing.

Oh, and before I forget, grats to EN and Paladin on the trainee mod status!
Ah, all the name segessions for it, good times good times. And yes, we did like it to the fat cheif from ff9. Also, wasn't one of the name ideas "Fat girl named tiffany" or something like that......also, do you still have that picture of delectius or however you spell it.
Deleterious? Which one?
I think the one that the higher up kind of wanted to be a mod I think, or something like that.
What, you mean him?

Yeah, I (obviously) still have it, though seeing it now makes me want to change it and make it better...

Man, he's an old one... What brought that up?
I kind of forgot what he looked liked........and I wanted to see the insane part of del
Just going through my sketchbook recently and thought I'd share some more.

It's your friendly neighborhood Zombie-man!

A little broken boy. How sad, yet creepy...

Something else I drew while going through my... phase. This one, coupled with the last one, made my mom wonder if I needed to see a psychologist. I think she was over reacting. Just a bit.

Stitches the bunny!

Rodger, boy with a bat and a handful of floating heads. I tend to drag my hand over where I've already drawn, hence the smudges.

Two more, then I swear I'm done.

This came to me in a dream. Or an acid trip. I forget which.

Trojan Horse... of the future! Yeah, I suck at backgrounds. Aside from that, though, I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out.
I like yer zombie obsession. That one page of sketch artwork of that Roger fellow is great stuff. Inventive expressions you got there.

Yup. You're one crazy dude. XD

*puts up a quarantine sign*

Nothing personal.

*puts up a few more*

Zombies just get to be a problem in rural areas.
Zombies a problem? Never... They're just misunderstood. Like Murlocs.

Anyway, thanks for the positive remarks.
So I was thinking to myself, "If I'm gonna use I'ma-gonna-eat'chaMan in my subplot, I might as well see if I can make him somewhat more... menacing."

Here's the first redux. I'm more likely than not going to go through multiple stages of development, including different poses and tweaks with the features. The only thing I'm happy with on this one is the face... the less seems kinda lacking.

.......I just pray I don't get draged into your subplot........It just......scares me........
Ooh... Grotesque.
I move to name Xenolo Master of the Macabre.
Anyone care to second it? I don't care. It's passed anyway.
Autocracy rules!
An overall idea of what Ergo's first GMO will be once I get around to participating in one of them thar things ya haf'ta do ta get one. (And all of a sudden I'm southern?). Anyway, Combat.GMO for your critiquing pleasure.

Oh, and ignore the badly done loose ends of his hand/leg wraps. I need to work on those...