Currently I am busy on Saturday and Sunday with work and stuff. But I may occasionally be called away during any day. So I will try to mod when I have time. Hopefully, every three days at most.

Although I will try to scan all of the NETs to find people that need modding, I will sometimes miss someone doing this. Hopefully, you will send me a PM or make a note in our PiratenPad so I know who needs modding. Or if you have questions. Especially if I make a mistake in modding you and you need clarification. Although you can also go here to ask your questions. Or just ask them here.

I'm also occasionally in the Chat.

I will most likely be available afternoons PST during the weekdays.
I have been suffering a little due to mold allergies and possible flu-like symptoms, so I may be able to mod tomorrow if I am not under a massive headache. Otherwise expect it on Thursday or Friday, as I have those days off right now.
Just a reminder: I don't look at "Today's Active Topics" when I do a modding run, I go NET by NET. As such, bumping doesn't do anything in regards to notifying me that I need to mod it. And it is a pain to clean up (i.e. delete so I can see what needs to be seen). But please continue to bump if you want... just in case the other mods do look at "Today's Active Topics."
So we have made the transition to a new system and layout. And guess what I found out that means? That's right, there is now a character limit to signatures (and they don't accept anything fancy for the spoiler tags). As such I have had to simplify my signature to mostly links to threads I made in the past. So those that have not modified their signatures should do so soon. Otherwise they will balloon all over the place in out-of-control rampages and it will be hard for me to see your post.
I apologize for the delay in moderation. IRL has been really busy lately but I should be getting back into moderating every other day or so days starting with today.
Since the title of this thread was about asking you questions... I have one!

Are all those belt buckles and belt straps, functionally necessary.. or are some of them for fashion?

I assume functionality. I don't normally deal with ornamental.
Ok, so I was really busy the last two weeks. And now I am not busy. So I should be getting back to modding everyone on a near-daily basis.
Unfortunately the chat wants me to activate Java7 to view it. So I am not currently able to come onto the chat.
Ok, so the last few days have been really busy. I keep thinking that I am in the clear but then stuff starts piling up again. Back to modding.
So I keep thinking that I will be able to mod a few times a week and then responsibilities and deadlines pile up and cause me to tear out my hair.

Things are settling down this week. I should be able to get to modding tomorrow Wednesday.

For those that have been in limbo these past two weeks. I sincerely apologize for the lack of modding. I am only one guy, and it seems that without me nothing that isn't a mission gets modded.
Ack, that Server Maintenance thing cut me off for over two days. Unfortunately I have things to do today. I shall get back to modding by tomorrow.
Don't worry, it got all of us. Apparently invison had a catastrophic failure of their s10 and s6 servers, so, we were all down for that time, hehe. At least it looks like everything has been restored now. some things were missing earlier, but they seem to have come back.
Jumping in for a second to apologize for lack of modding recently. Everything is busy over on my end and I am fighting off an illness. So I should be getting back into modding either early tomorrow Sunday, or Monday.
Get well soon, Azure. I'll hold some off!
Ok, modding run done for the day.

Just so everyone is aware, dodging is basically one of the best defenses they can have in regards to avoiding damage taken. In a normal virus fight, a single dodge action taken in a turn applies to most dodgeable attacks thrown at the Navi during that turn. I have learned the hard way to throw in at least one dodge action a turn. You would be surprised at how much it helps.
So I went to the ER last night and stayed overnight treating pneumonia. So I may be scarce in the next few days as we finish up treatment at my house.
Ouch, hope ya get better man.
Sorry to hear about the pneumonia, hope we'll see you again soon.
I am already feeling loads better now, though I am still having the occasional tired and ache joints and general overall weakness. But I may be able to mod every now and again.