RE:RN: Hard Mode

I keep seeing 'hard mode' versions of things where players impose restrictions on themselves to make a game harder, (IE: There's one Pokemon hard mode where you can only catch the first Pokemon in an area, and also have to release a Pokemon if it gets KO'd) so I decided to make one for RE:RN. Feel free to add your own bullsh*t suggestions to the list! :'D

RE:RN: Hard Mode

1: No between-battle healing of any sort.

2: You must smash or ignore any Mystery Data you come across. Real men don't need extras.

3: You can only have a maximum of 10 chips in your folder in the Normal/Rogue networks, and 20 in the Chaos Networks. Any extras must be sold off.

4: You cannot buy chips, and you can only trade for them by trading your own chips.

5: No Defense signatures. That's why we have Guard chips and HP memories, right?

6: You may not use any chips of a higher 'tier' than the network you are in. So no 2 chips if you're in Normal, and no 3 chips if you're in Rogue.

7: No escaping, via Subchip or otherwise, or jacking out between battles. When you jack in, you continue fighting until you die.


Anyone else got some suggestions?
I suggest that no one ever do this.

Additionally, who needs Undershirt, right? :'D




Quote (Corrupted Child)

I suggest that no one ever do this.

Additionally, who needs Undershirt, right? :'D

Screw that, I'm already doing something like that anyway. Well, except the "no jackout between battles" and "no undershirt"(but that's a stupid additional rule anyway so :P)...


Was what I wanted to type, but then I realized I have not posted for months. Dammit.
When you cross, you have to keep going until you get Level 5.

I think I had something else but whatever.
Cross cooldowns are extended to 5 battles.

BeastOUTs are illegal.

Upgrade prices increase by as follows:
Process Upgrade: 120 x No. Owned + 120
HP Memory: 750 x No. Owned + 1000
PowerUP: 1200 x No. Owned + 1200
Speed Upgrade: 5000 x No. Owned + 10000
Reboot: 10000

Hard Mode (Support Programs are limited to half your level, rounded up)
Killjoy Mode (Support Programs are illegal)
Custom the folder, shuffle 5 chips at th beginning of the battle and only get more chip through the same way as the game did. If the chip wasn't used, it stays with you till you use it or sacrifice it for more with am action.