Okay, seriously, heads shall roll

What the fuck is this?

I'm not one to get angry over coincidences, but seriously, how many Drakims on rockman.exe related roleplaying forums, who hacks, are there?

People who likes the work Dragon...And Kim.


Anyhow, this feels awkward...You suddenly come back to our site with a complaint? XD

Fu fu fu~
Yes indeed I did (actually I lurk here all the time despite not posting)

EN suggested that it might be just random luck, but reading over it, it's like....

Long brown hair? His navi uses axes?

It's so obviously somebody from here
Well...I did place an advertisement for our site on theirs. Maybe one of them was lurking around on the old navi database and thought "HMM, THIS IS A NICE IDEA. NO ONE WILL KNOW THAT I TOOK IT."

However...He does have all those sprites done and stuff, maybe it was a pure coincidence.
Go over there and curbstomp him.
^What Steve Said
Sorry, that was me.
Note that the board is also called "Chaos Network."
Also note that "Chaos Network" is a far cry from a creative name. XD

Quote (Shuryou)

Sorry, that was me.

The problem is that Shury would definitely lie about this if it wasn't him.
Drop bombs like rain on those suckas!