Signature Attack Brainstorming

Wasn't this, like, one of the longest threads on the board? Why did it fall into disfavor and disappear?

Obviously I'm reposting this because I have some of my own hypothetical signature attacks to talk about. I'll leave them out of the first post, though.

This thread is used for discussing hypothetical signature attacks, either for advice on how to make them better, or just to explore fun possibilities.

One thing about this thread-- It is preferred that you do not dump a massive 4-page list of hypothetical sigattacks. We all want feedback, and it's kind of hard when person after person makes massive posts without commenting much on other people's work.
I was kinda thinking of something for Nitro. A nitroglycerine healing bomb, based off the heart medication. (Side note: The explosive and the medication are the same thing.) It would heal Nitro/teammates if it hit them, lightly smack enemies, or create a temporary Holy Panel if it hit the ground. Thoughts?
Um well, seeing as Holy Panels are BANNED, I don't think that part would go well. Maybe a Lava Panel?

Right, we also don't have like, multi-use signatures. You can't do Heal this guy, or Damage this guy in the same signature attack.

So I'd really just stick with Healing, and CREATING LAVA PANELS. You can do both. (Is this contradictory? WHATEVER) : D

Um, so I'd think...

Nitroglycerine <insert random word here>:
Description: Nito fires a bomb at himself or an ally, healing him/them and creating a small area of lava panels.
Effects: Heal 60 (80) + Small Lava Terrain Change (10) = 90
Cooldown: 3 turns.

Nitro isn't fire element so lava panels wouldn't work well with him. If you really wanted to incorporate the heart medication thing, you could call it "Nitrostat Rush" or something, have it heal your navi and give him a tactical movement and deal damage and knockback to an enemy.

heal 30 (40) + tactical movement (20) + X damage (X) + knockback (10)

If it was only 10 damage, this sig would have a 2 turn cooldown.
Hm. I would do something like this, if you were meaning for it to "explode". Note that I'm too lazy to check what your sig caps are~ Also I'm not entirely sure if it would be legal... but it sounds cool right :D?

50 Damage to main target.
Heal 30 in Blast 2, centered on target.

Or just cut out the damage, since you'll only be hitting them for 20 in the end. Yeah, actually I'd just have it be an aoe heal if anything.
I'd go for the reverse. Heal an AOE, damage a larger AOE. With careful manipulation, I think you'd be allowed to have the areas not overlap.

As for my own ideas, I was thinking of different things while creating them. I wanted teamwork as a theme, and I wanted to stack different status effects that work well together. I was also thinking of fencing. A lot.

Titania and Oberon will have sigattacks like this:

Take Aim
Sacrifice 15

Take Aim
Drain 15

Followed by a Strengthen 120, or Stun x4 attack. So, the first hit is a preparation for the big nasty one.

Quote (RevivedSin)

Um well, seeing as Holy Panels are BANNED, I don't think that part would go well.

Alright, thanks for the heads-up on that. Been a while since I checked the rules.
Wow, Kaz. Nasty sigs. Plus, chain all three of them and you'd be... eh... a killer.

A new possible sig, and some advice on... well, nomenclature.

First off, I'm thinking of a sig for Voltman that would include a dodge, RP'ed as disappearing in a bolt of lightning, before reappearing along with three decoys that surround the enemies.


Name: ___________
Description: Voltman disappears in a bolt of lightning to dodge one attack, before creating several dopplegangers to confuse his enemies.
Effect: Dodge, Decoy x__(I'm thinking 2 or 3), Tac Movement if I really need it.

One question: Is there any way to trigger that sig if I would be hit? Like, Autododge?

And secondly, I'm thinking of renaming...
Well, every sig apart from Electric Blaze, if the right suggestions come along.
The Tactical Movement doesn't seem needed but I guess it could be fun.

A NAME....

<much later>

Blitz Brethren. Because you're dodging like lightning and creating afterimage/clone things or whatever. :/

Quote (P.A. Master)

Name: ___________
Description: Voltman disappears in a bolt of lightning to dodge one attack, before creating several dopplegangers to confuse his enemies.
Effect: Dodge, Decoy x__(I'm thinking 2 or 3), Tac Movement if I really need it.

One question: Is there any way to trigger that sig if I would be hit? Like, Autododge?

because they're like afterimages except... electric. Also, I know it's an earthquake term but I like the sound of it.

There should be no way to trigger a sig if you would be hit. That would be considered metagaming.
Nice defensive sig. I'm working on making effects stack nicely with mine.


"Mirror Storm"

I'm actually looking for names for my sigattacks too. Basically I have some attacks that are meant to be used as "preparations..."

Quote ()

10 damage, Slow, Take Aim, Strenghten 20
80 points, 2TCDs

Teleport, Take Aim, Strengthen 20
80 points, 2TCD

... that set me up for a really big hit.

Quote ()

Strengthen 120, Buster Crash 60
60 points, 3TCD

4x Stun, Self Slow 40
80 points, 3TCD
I'd say the attack should be called "flash imprint", since the name for the effect that keeps lightning in your vision is caused by the increase in light on your retina, which is basically "imprinting" it...

or "flash clone", sound more like some think you could shout out in a fight...

I was thinking of making a sig attack that is an object that actually keeps a person locked up inside of it...

Quote ()

Name: Iron Maiden
Description: Void opens a hole in the ground that summons a metal container(description varies based on target) immediately behind the target. The container opens and captures the target, keeping it locked up till it can break out, although the inside is filled with spikes that cause damage as time wears on, anyone foolish enough to try and break their teammate out will damage the creature inside as well...
stats: Object - 50 Hp, passive damage 10(30) = 80

although I'm not sure how the "inside of an object" would work...

edit:also, I'd call this one "archllies heel", since it seems like you injured the back of the person's leg, causing them to slow down and prep your next shot

the strengthen one "last resort", since it seems like he's screwing himself up by pushing himself too far, and the stun one "battle cry" since he'd have to wind up to yell, which would slow him down but stun people...("You can take away my battlechips, but you can't take away my freedom!!!"*bandicoon gets looked at funny by the 3 other viruses*)
I do think Flash Imprint is an awesome name aswell, just saying.

What do people think about a sig attack that stacks effects to be added to later attacks. They would ride 'on top of' later attacks, encasing them in a red energy. Right now I can only think of microburst and disarm to add, but hold might be interesting aswell. Anyone else have ideas for effects that would be caused by raw force?
stun - blunt trauma to the head
slow/hold - I'm sorry, was that your leg?
Silence - and here I thought that a jaw breaker was a candy...
blind - *makes 3 stooges noises*

at least if I understand your question, the whole "glowing red energy" thing throws me. you just are asking if there are viable ways for status effects while beating someone with your own arm, right?

Also, I needed a place to post an idea I just had, and this seemed logical.

Dud Dummy (title a w.i.p.)
Nitro throws a smoke bomb down at his feet. When the smoke clears, the enemy sees two Nitros. But, from Nitro's and any ally's perspective, there's one Nitro, and one cardboard box with a crudely drawn crayon picture of Nitro (with the words "This is so totally Nitro" written on the back), filled to the brim with dynamite. When the fake Nitro is attacked, the box tips over, spilling the now-lit dynamite at the attackers feet. You can probably guess the rest.
Points: 70 (20: Decoy, 50: Null Damage)

Thoughts? Title ideas?

At any rate, maybe Dud Double might be a better title, or Explosive Clone, who knows.


Blast Test Dummy
Three things:
1) I just realised that I couldn't make this next level as-is, due to sig point/level caps. Consider the damage 40.
2) I really like the title "Blast Test Dummy". Thanks Pocket!
3) I could find nothing written in the rules saying that trap sigs weren't allowed. I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that this is not the case.
Data Relocation

Enigma disappears into thin air and immediately replaces himself with a decoy, standing smugly with its arms crossed as Enigma usually does. Meanwhile, Enigma teleports to a location of his choice, giving him a strategic advantage and a small amount of energy to infuse into an attack.

Teleport (50)
Decoy (20)
Strengthen (10)

Total: 80
Cooldown: 2

Seem like a good idea? Any ideas for names other than this? I sort of like this one, but suggestions are welcome. I'm also open to other ideas for the last 30 points, but keeping it in the 80-point range is nice.
Shadow Copy
Incomplete Copy
Illusionary Divide