Navi Battling themesongs

Uh yeah. I haven't seen a topic that says this. So right! Virus Busting or Netbattling themesongs. Any?

Validus's themesong would be Brave new World (Namco x Capcom soundtrack, sung by Yuzo Koshiro, flair)
I wouldn't say its his theme, but I listen to the Protomen a lot when I write battle posts. Though, any heavy rock songs will do. As for a theme...I'll think about it and let you know.

Quote (Aurion)

I wouldn't say its his theme, but I listen to the Protomen a lot when I write battle posts. Though, any heavy rock songs will do. As for a theme...I'll think about it and let you know.

Hehe, they're always good for a laugh.

Uh, as for Enigma, listening to any sort of prog will do when I'm writing, but that doesn't apply to just him. Themesong-wise, Pendulum works well, and I'm thinking about using a few heavier power metal songs in the future. Really, it all depends on what he's doing.
Well, Nitro's out of battle theme would be Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee), and his in-battle theme... probably Mute City by Powerglove.
I recently used this song for a battle post. I like to think of this song when it comes to a main theme for Djinni.
Let's see... I love having some sort of battle theme, so I've compiled a few:
Mach's Theme
Aera's Theme
MachFighter's Theme
Machman XIIICross's Theme
MachFighter XIIICross's Theme
Since these always seem applicable, a few I've thought up. Also, yes, quite a few of these are navis I've made, to which end, I've clarified their general nature. And yes, every song on here is by Metallica. Bleegh to anyone who bleegh's at it.

Nuke (Uses attacks that utilize atomic energy) - Fight Fire With Fire
Magma (Normalnavi fused with Volcanest virus) - Battery
Metman (Normalnavi with Met pickaxe, summons mets to fight for him) - Disposable Heroes
Reaper (Normalnavi fused with Shadow virus) - For Whom The Bell Tolls (DISCLAIMER: NOT NAMED AFTER GRIM. LAWSUITS ARE NOT PENDING.)
The Boss (Final boss of my subplot) - Damage Inc.

and finally, the ones I've had the most fun identifying...

MENTAL.EXE - Welcome Home, Master of Puppets
SQUALO - The Thing That Should Not Be
I bleegh at you because you chose good songs except Damage, Inc.

...Well, this one should be obvious.

Power Of Sound.
rydell's theme proper
rydell is a guy from a place he plays an instrument
he enjoys many things, all the time

impact's theme
impact is a robot he has howitzers coming out of his shoulders
he shoots many things, all the time

the "rydell and kinsley make themselves useful" theme
I don't have one for kinsley up yet
I'll work on that
Wow, talk about the one topic I'm gonna revel in. I love finding music pieces to fit characters and special situations. I feel it brings more to the table in terms of setting the mood for the reader's imagination. It also helps me write. Odd little note, but I do find myself occasionally writing my character's actions to play out in time with the song (I did this when I was modding with NPC's, too).


Broadside's Character Theme (C&C Generals: USA Battle Theme)

That's what I was listening to (while pounding the crap out of the GLA) when the idea for him originally popped into my head several years ago. It's a theme that encompasses both of his forms; the smaller guard Navi at first and the hulking mountain of weapons that is his mecha form in the latter half. It's not a battle theme (for him), but more of a showcase-ing tune. It's got the right tone and matches his pace. For better or worse, this is his theme.

As for battle themes, I find myself using a pool of music tracks. I end up picking a track based on who is out in the fray on my side, who my opponent is, and the battle situation. Themes I have used (or at least associate with my posts) in the past include:

---Mecha Broadside---
Smoke And Bullet Rain (Gundam-W: Endless Waltz) [Note: Battle theme ends at 1:47.]
Swinging Target (Gundam-W: Operation 2)
D.F.A. (MechWarrior4)

---White Guard---
Vitriolic A Stroke (Baten Kaitos)
Mission Accomplished (Gundam-W: Operation 1) (Haven't used this yet.)
MGS: Duel (Metal Gear Solid) (Haven't used this yet.)

I plan to use quite a number more in the future. As for NPC themes, you'll discover those as the NPCs appear. :'D
When I'm RPing in any role-play I listen to His World by Zebra-head, usually the remix.

I listen to others too but I can't remember the titles off the top of my head...
I listen to alot of Motley Crue and Metallica when I make my posts, haven't listened to Iron Maiden in awhile. So anything Heavy Metal and such will inspire me for my posts.
Since I'm still entirely new to the boards and haven't engaged in various different kinds of situations yet, so the only song that can fit as Rhea's battle theme for now is ...


Rhea doesn't deserve anything super awesome yet. XD; *runs off*