The Act of Boredom: A Soradox

Ok, so I'm sitting here... at work... bored.... Then I had a thought.

I've done work with theming on forums before. So I thought... hey! why not make a RERN based theme.

So what I'd like to know is the preferred color scheme people would like for RERN. I know that, like me, there are a few people who would prefer a darker color scheme.

so! lets get down to business. What colors would you like to see?

for background? font? posts?

would you like a change in the icons used for the threads/posts/boards?

I would like to know.
Background: Dark
Font: Don't care, just make it light.
Posts. Dark background, light letters.

No red. Red is over-rated.
I don't like dark forums. Neutral colors like this are nice, because that way, most font colors work well with it (except yellow).

In all honesty, I'm perfectly fine with this because everything else gets really busy and overcomplicated.

However, perhaps a darker blue for the outlines and then increasingly lighter blues as it gets to the post box?
I honestly think we should just leave it as-is and make ourselves some more nifty buttons to match it.
I think it's time for a change. We've been using roughly the same colors for two years. It wasn't that good looking then, and honestly, it still isn't good looking now.

Anyways, there are plenty of fine dark forums that have most reasonable colors work fine on them.
My firebrick and slateblue wouldn't show up well at all. -__-;;
I guess some nice green and blue would be a good color combination. I would try using something like royal blue and hunter or emerald green. Much darker, but still colorful. Just my two cents.

Seriously though... I'm fine with anything as long as I can type with my usual font color. And remember that members use colors in their RP post. So don't pick colors that will prevent them from doing this.
I like your idea, Grim, but I'd have to change my fonts. :'D
A dark color is fine, but nothing completely black >_>

Dark and smooth, dark blue color goes well~~, but like shur said, we should also think about the font color and stuff. (we should add more color option in the list...too frustrating to search and find the color code...just my thought)
Unfortuntly Goroke, adding more colors to that list require access to files that invisionfree doesnt allow normal access to, as far as i know anyway.
I used to have a list of all of them, but most of 'em are pretty obvious to be honest.
etc etc
This =/= This
I... like the way it is. It's easy on the eyes and looks... professional? I dunno, it's just betterthan most dark background sites I know XD
alright from what i can figure out... the recommended color setup would be like...

the background behind posts (example be the grey surrounding the posts in a thread) would be a dark color, though not black or grey, like for an example a dark blue or green. Or have a background image.

the colors in the posts would be black or a really dark grey, with white being the base font color. this would allow for colored fonts to work perfectly fine.

I do have a few tricks up my sleeves to give a unique appearance, professionally that is.

so the possible colors for me to look into for the behind posts background, top borders, and what not, should be whites/lightgreys, blues, purples, greens, yellows, or oranges.

i'm partially inclined to use a simple background image as mentioned up above, maybe give a little texture to the surrounding areas of the posts as well...

Now I know some of you have mentioned that the current theme is perfectly fine. This is not what the thread is about, its more about alternative theming, as in change.

with that said... what are your thoughts on my listed ideas?

edit: also I had a idea after posting this, I thought about putting a border around the avatars.
I guess I should elaborate. I think the background for the text itself should remain the same, but work in royal blue and emerald green in the borders, bars, etc. I think we can all agree the "text area" color can stay the way it is.
I think there's an option that allows change in theme, so people could use the older theme or the newer ones...or does that require something Super crazy >___>
Actually I'm all for making the text area darker. I hate having a light background and dark text, because, quite frankly, a computer monitor is not a piece of paper and produces way too much eye strain when people try to make it behave as such.
Maybe.. you could make the text are "Browser grey" or some such >.>

It'd be... interesting.