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I was watching Avatar the other day and I had an idea for an Avatar RP. I took a look around the Net and the only ones that I could find were pure RP sites without stats or battlemods or anything like that. I had the idea of creating my own and did a little write up to see what people thought. So, any comments, ideas, whatever on what I have here would be appreciated. Now, this is all pretty rough, I just wrote it up ten minutes ago, so most everything is subjective to change.

Basic Premise: This RPG takes place one hundred years after the crowning of Fire Lord Zuko and the end of the war between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdoms. Players can create a character of any of the four Bending styles or even a Non-Bender of various persuasions. Player characters can wander the world of Avatar, fighting battles and making friends and basically just involving themselves in the events of the world. Characters earn experience through various means and level up, increasing stats and abilities.

Site: Don't have one yet. I'll have to make it, though I don't have any experience with anything of that sort. Bah.

Storyline: I'm not sure yet, though I would rather not have any canonical characters. I figure the plot would be best left until after the stats and what not are worked out.

Stats: All characters start with these basic stats; however, you have 10 points with which to customize your character to your liking. At each level, characters gain one additional stat point to use, while every fifth level nets you two points instead of one.

HP: 10 (1 point = 10 HP)
SP: 10 (1 Point = 10 SP)
Regen: 10 (1 Point = 5 Regen)
Attack: 5 (1 Point = 5 attack)
Speed: 3 (Non-customizable except through special means)

HP, or hit points, is the amount of health a character has. HP is decreased when hit with attacks or through other special means (Poison, bleeding, etc). When HP drops to 0, the character is defeated and considered unconscious.

SP, or spirit points, is the amount of energy available to a character for use in Bending or martial skills. SP can be applied to an attack to increase its DMG or grant an effect. SP can only be used up to your max, although some abilities allow a character to go beyond these limits. SP regenerates naturally each turn; however, this amount is limited to your Regen stat.

Regen, or spirit regeneration, is the amount by which your character's SP restores each round of combat. This stat regulates how fast you recover from using powerful Bending techniques of martial skills.

Attack is your basic damage stat. It determines how much damage you deal with each regular strike.

Speed is the stat that regulates how often you can move in battle. As a skilled warrior or bender, all characters start off with a speed of three, meaning you can make three actions each turn. This stat cannot be increased through use of points and requires special training to level. This stat maxes at six regardless of level.

Specials: I plan on possibly creating a Special Attack system that allows characters to utilize more powerful techniques. I think that characters to use one special attack per round and they'll have some effect on the SP meter.
I knew this was coming. Moment the series ended I knew something like this would pop up. Silly silly Zan, that is the most rediculous idea i've ever seen. ...I like it.

I've always liked lightning, so fire nation'd be kool, but I have a hard on for earthbenders. Haha! Pun.
I was thinking that you'd start basic with bending and at a certain lvl (Prolly 15 or so), you could train to learn more advanced bending. For example, an EarthBender could learn MetalBending and Fire could learn Lightning and so on and so forth.

Also, end of series is the best time to make RPs because you don't have to really worry about anything canon popping up to screw with you.

But like I said, I have no skills when it comes to site creation. I am more of an idea man. As such, I'd appreciate it if anyone wants to help me build the site.
I dunno about metalbending. That seems like something reserved for only toph, like blue fire for Azula. Also, what'd be kool to consider is martial arts style. If you notice, there are variations in the various bendings, Like how toph uses... I think southern mantis style. Or how they mention 3 kinds of waterbending, north, south, swamo style. Might be good to consider.
Seem's alright.

I mean, I haven't followed the show at all since the first season, so I have no idea who anybody is. (except Toph)

But I may join this if it comes out.
Huh...I might join this should you figure everything out for the RP.
I'm not into Avatar, but I was never into MMBN, either. XD
I think I might help with R&D, but making the forum...
Oh god, fine I think I'll do it... next next week? I'll draw a flowchart to place forums and stuff here and there.
Here's an idea. Every style gets a special move they can only use like, once every three adventures. Example, waterbenders get insanely powerful on a full moon, every three quests, BAM! Full moon, you're allowed to use the special move. We can prolly think of something special for the others as well.
Pssh, thats a video game, not an rp. Fooey on you shu...ey.
*sees "Avatar"*
*walks out again*
Anyone still interested in this? Cause I sure is and i'd like to help make it happen.
Expect a forum by the end of Sunday, Pacific Time
Hoo RAH! Kickass work there RS. I'm looking forward to making a capoera-style firebender. I gotta wonder if ANYONE is gonna take airbender. Hell, it's gonna be the wood element of the avatar board. Fire, water, earth, air. That's my estimated popularity ranking.
Hey, is this still alive? Maybe a link or something to the site?

I watched the entire series in the last couple of days and I wrote up a rough draft of a story/system for it if anyone is interested.

Well, with Makai back, I've spent a lot of time working on systems over there so things at the Avatar site have kind of slown down to a crawl. I have no issues if you want to help out. Ask Shin to set you up.

Quote (raikotsu)

Hoo RAH! Kickass work there RS. I'm looking forward to making a capoera-style firebender. I gotta wonder if ANYONE is gonna take airbender. Hell, it's gonna be the wood element of the avatar board. Fire, water, earth, air. That's my estimated popularity ranking.


I'm gonna be Air. D:

Just because there's only one Airbender in the series doesn't mean that nobody'll choose 'em...
Avatar Aang dedicated most of his life to spread Air Nomad culture across the world.