Banner Tiem.

Yeah. Banner contest time.


...That and because there's this handy little infinite fund of money I can conveniently reach into and pull zenny out of.


1st: 2500z and a rank 1 battlechip of your choice. [Will be awarded to one person]

2nd: 1250z and a rank 1 battlechip of your choice. [Will be awarded to two people]

3rd: 750z and a rank 1 battlechip of your choice. [Will be awarded to 3 people]

Honorary Mention: 500z [Will be awarded to six people]

Participating: Removal of your status as a lazy bastard artist.


Your banner must have one of the following 'Themes'. We will accept banners that don't fit these criteria, yes, but they'll be put under a slight bit of additional scrutiny.

-The Cybeasts (Ours, not the MMBN ones.)
-Villains of RE:RN
-Netpolice (You may mix Netmafia and Netpolice for a 'Netmafia Vs. Netpolice' banner, as well.)
-Significant (AKA: Suck-up, lol) Player Navis
-Viruses (Anthro-ized or not)
-I R DED (A collection of deceased or otherwise abandoned navis and/or operators.)
-Minibosses (Stuff like the Metool Rangers-- bosses based off of viruses.)
-Metool Rangers (...Whaaat? They deserve a banner. D:<)

Note that you may enter multiple banners, but only one for each 'theme'. The winner will not be chosen for each category individually, but will be chosen as an overall sort of deal (Mainly because we think that most of the artists will continue to be lazy and won't participate.)

Also... of course, the banner has to have 'Rockman EXE: Rogue Network' in it somewhere.

Banner dimensions are 950 (Wide) by 200 (High).

That is all.


...Well, I'll decide the deadline if we get some people that actually want to participate. That and if Eon doesn't totally murder me for this.

...But seriously, this time I'll actually be giving a crap about the banners, so this contest won't fall to crap, mmkay?

And besides, I know you're all tired of that old banner, even if it is good.


Time for Kurbees!

*Kick-starts the Kurbee-O-Matic*
Hmf. -considers doing by hand-
Meh. I'll have SOMETHING done by the end of April. :'D
That good enough?
Oh great...banners...something I can't do with my only cool editing program lost in a flash fire and broke as a joke made by Carrot Top.

I'll sit this one out.
*works on something*
*continues working*
*laughs, falling off his chair*
*can't get up*
*breaks back*

Seriously... I'm working on a banner. Not top-tier, but I'm horrible drawer so don't expect anything hand drawn.
Hrg, I think I may make one, if I stop feeling lazy.

Quote ()

-The Cybeasts (Ours, not the MMBN ones.)
-Villains of RE:RN
-Netpolice (You may mix Netmafia and Netpolice for a 'Netmafia Vs. Netpolice' banner, as well.)
-Significant (AKA: Suck-up, lol) Player Navis
-Viruses (Anthro-ized or not)
-I R DED (A collection of deceased or otherwise abandoned navis and/or operators.)
-Minibosses (Stuff like the Metool Rangers-- bosses based off of viruses.)
-Metool Rangers (...Whaaat? They deserve a banner. D:<)

I don't want to dredge through pages of ??? and I'd have no idea where to look either, so link to topics pertaining to those subjects would be nice.
Metool Rangers were posted in the Free Boss topic at one point, so here:

Quote (Skyrender)

Name: The Metool Rangers

Go, go Metool Rangers!
Your powers shine so bright!
Go, go Metool Rangers!
Let the crystals glow with might!

Your super-sentai style shows,
When you swiftly save the day,
With crystal power that endows,
Ranger power all the waaaay!

Go, go Metool Rangers!
Red, Black, Green, Pink, and Blue!
Go, go Metool Rangers!
They fight for me and you!

And when the rangers all unite
MegaMet they do release!
And they will always win the fight
For everlasting peeeeeeaaaace!

Go, go Metool Rangers!
You Mighty Sentai Metool Rangers!

Common Appearance: Five ordinary mets that, mysteriously enough, appear to be wearing bracelets on their legs that are each inlaid with a different gemstone. When transformed, their helmets become their respective color and each gains a visor that obscures their eyes, preventing any other Metools from knowing their secret identities.

Background: Seven years ago, the Legendary "Metool Hero" engaged in a fierce battle against the equally renowned Militiaman.exe. While the Hero barely escaped with his life, the grievous wounds he had incurred would ultimately play a role in his untimely deletion. Swearing revenge, five of the Metool Hero's biggest fans tracked down the enigmatic "Virus Otaku" and volunteered themselves as test experiments, hoping that the Otaku's enhancements would grant them the edge they would need in battle. They succeeded — perhaps all too well. As five of the only viruses to escape the Virus Otaku's control, they now run rampant throughout the network, challenging those who would oppress their helmeted brethren...

Note that the combination techniques all can only be used once per battle.

Name: Metool Ranger Red
"You think *you're* a hero?!"
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Personality: An idealistic hero who views the wanton slaughter of Mets as the most important issue of modern net-society. He possesses a commanding voice and a sharp tactical mind, but is very prone to long-winded speeches and self-righteousness.
Custom Weapon: Pickaxe Sword — Red's pickaxe blade folds upward and sharpens to a razor edge, creating a long curved blade. Though the sword is disproportionately large for Red's diminutive frame he wields it with such grace and agility one would think it were weightless.
Pickaxe Sword — Acrobatic movements and maneuvers strike for 20 damage per hit
Crimson Charge — Red channels energy into his Pickaxe Sword, causing it to glow a brilliant shade of crimson. (Adds +20 to any attacks made next turn, each attack reduces the accuracy of its target by 1 rank. 3TC)
Stroke of Brilliance — Red draws his blade, faces an opponent and leaps forward, disappearing in a flash of red light and reappearing behind his target. A split second later, several sparks inexplicably explode from the target, showering the battlefield in light. (60 damage, dodges 1 attack, reduces accuracy of all opponents. 5TC)
Combination Attacks:
Red and Black - Shining Bullet: Charges one of Black's bullets with the light of justice, blinding its target for two turns.
Red and Green — Falling Star: Green creates an updraft, sending Red spiraling into the air and crashing down on an opponent. The impact of the blade creates shockwaves that can damage nearby opponents: (100 damage to one, 50 to any nearby the impact point.)
Red and Blue — Spiral Toss: Blue grabs Red's legs and spins them around quickly. Red's blade is outstretched during this time as to damage all surrounding opponents. After one pass, Blue hurls Red toward one opponent at a high speed. (40 damage in a radius plus knockback effect, then 80 damage to one opponent)
Red and Pink — Light of Justice: Pink channels the strength of a healing or support chip into Red's Pickaxe Sword, causing it to refract in a prism-like form and affect all of the Metool Rangers. (Any one chip used by Metool Pink now affects all members of the Metool Rangers)
Battlechips: InfinitexGuard, 2xNorthwind

Name: Metool Ranger Black
"Why do I have the gun? Is it because I'm black?"
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Personality: Sarcastic, sardonic, and quick to criticize, Black is the resident cynic of the Metool Rangers. He'll be the first to criticize Red's idealism, but he'll also be the first to support him in battle. Fiercely loyal and determined, the Black Metool Ranger is not to be taken lightly.
Custom Weapon: Pickaxe Cannon — The blade of Black's pickaxe dulls and folds upward at a 45 degree angle, creating the stock for a rifle-like weapon. The shaft of the pickaxe becomes the barrel of the gun.
Pickaxe Cannon — Shots deal 15 damage per strike and can hit up to 2 opponents.
Rapid Fire — Multiple rounds are fired from Black's cannon. (Deals 15x5 damage, 4TC)
Sniper Strike — Fires a piercing round into the leg of an opponent, reducing mobility. (40 damage, -2 actions next turn. 5TC)
Combination Attacks:
Black and Green: Sky Snipe — Green launches Black into the air with a powerful gust of wind. Black becomes invincible next turn and cannot be targeted. However, he cannot use any combination attacks while in the air.
Black and Blue: Find Cover! — Blue ducks into his shell and Black dives behind it, using it for defense. For the next turn, Blue becomes invincible and Black can only be targeted as a secondary target.
Black and Pink: Toxic Bullet — Pink tosses a vial to Black, who promptly loads it into his Pickaxe gun and fires it at an opponent. A poisoned opponent loses the ability to effectively participate in combat. (Disables target opponents' signature attacks for three turns and deals 30 damage per turn)
Battlechips: InfinitexGuard, 2xShotgun

Name: Metool Ranger Green
"The sky's the limit! Watch how we soar!"
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Wind
Personality: The youngest and most spirited of the Metool Rangers is a peppy little thing that tries her hardest at everything she does. Even the most mundane tasks are framed as simple games, allowing her to complete them with energy and cheerfulness. While Black believes she harbors a crush on Red, she vehemently denies anything of the sort.
Custom Weapon: Pickaxe Bow — the shaft of Green's pickaxe shortens and rotates, becoming a handle for a makeshift bow. The string is strung between the edges of the pickaxe and a small quiver of green arrows appears on Green's back.
Bow shot — Each arrow deals 10 damage. Up to 2 can be fired in one action.
Tornado Trap — Creates a wall of high-velocity wind that swirls around an opponent, preventing them from moving or participating in battle. (Target cannot move or use melee attacks. Sharply reduces all projectile attacks made by, or targeting the victim. 1 turn duration, 3TC)
Gust Defense — Creates a strong gust of wind that decreases target opponent's accuracy by two ranks. Once per turn.
Combination attacks:
Green and Blue: Dust Tornado — Green whips up a whirlwind while Blue smashes the ground, sending debris into the whirlwind. The resulting tornado spreads the debris across the battlefield in a rain of sharp hard objects. Naturally, the Mets are protected by their hard-hats. (60 damage to all opponents, reduce accuracy of all)
Green and Pink: White Wind — By dispensing a healing agent into the air, Pink enables Green to heal all five Metool Rangers by 25% of their maximum health.
Battlechips: InfinitexGuard, 7xAirshot

Name: Metool Ranger Blue
"I won't let you hurt my friends!"
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Break
Personality: Slow, dumb, and happy. Blue doesn't speak much, and when he does, it seems like a labored endeavor. Blue is easily the strongest of the Metool rangers and will constantly go out of his way to protect the others.
Custom Weapon: Pickaxe Staff — The blades on Blue's pickaxe fall off, essentially making his weapon a giant pole. Go figure.
Staff strike — Each hit deals 30 damage
Counter Strike — Swings his staff like a baseball bat, reflecting any projectile attack and adding 10 to the final damage.
Giant Helmet — Creates a giant Met-hat that covers himself and one ally for one turn. Hat cannot be overturned or pierced by any means. (Prevents all damage to both for one turn, 4TC)
Combination Attacks:
Blue and Pink: Absolute Defense — A GIGANTIC Met Hat crashes down onto the field, covering all five Metool Rangers and protecting them for one turn. During this time, each recovers 10% of their total HP.
Battlechips: InfinitexGuard, 3xRockcube

Name: Metool Ranger Pink
"I swear, I'm NOT the gay one!"
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Recovery
Personality: Very sensitive and self-conscious about his color, Pink will often carry the belief that everyone is judging him based on his appearance. Though he tends to worry a lot, he is likely the most level-headed member of the team when things take a turn for the worst — of course, that may also be attributed to the fact that he carries an obscene number of recovery battlechips around with him. Will often hide under his Met-hat until the others require healing.
Custom Weapon: Pickaxe Daggers — Pink's pickaxe splits in two and reforms, its blades becoming a pair of small daggers.
Dagger Slash — Each hit deals 10 damage. Rarely used.
Revival Flash — Pink charges up his daggers with healing energies and plunges them into his nearest fallen comrade. The powerful restoration energies reactivate the viral signatures in the target, allowing them to return to battle once again. (Revives one Metool Ranger to 50% health, 5TC)
Battlechips: InfinitexGuard, 10xBarrier, 4xLeafshield, 10xRecover80, 20xRecover50, 2xRecover150, 1x LifeAura

Netmafia and Netpolice goonies don't actually *have* a static uniform just yet, so feel free to take artistic liberties there.

As far as Netpolice and Netmafia bosses go, I can't give you any details as those are classified. Best you'll get is looking in the event topics.

With Minibosses, I'll make a list of all the ones I can think of:

-The Spikey Horde (In this case, picture a pack of about 40 spikeys.)
-Metzilla (Giant Metool with purple glitchiness.)
-The Roaming Swordsmet (I think that's his name, ask RS)
-Bladia (Technically a virus, but eh)

There's others, but those are all the ones I can think of.

I can't list player characters who the moderation staff consider as 'significant' right now because in most cases they're only significant because they'll be useful for plot devices later on-- just go with who you think is significant, here.

As for the I R DED people...

Meh, too lazy.

*Wanders off*


(PS: There's a topic I think near the Battle Chip List that shows pictures of the viruses.)
For minibosses, don't forget the virus riders!
(Heelnavis on viruses, but hey, if you can think of anything cooler to do with them, feel free.)

Quote (Twi)

-The Roaming Swordsmet (I think that's his name, ask RS)

The NAMELESS Swordsmet actually. Also a Free Villianer.

Quote (Skyrender)

Name:  The Nameless Swordsmet
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance:  Appears like a standard Metool with a straw hat instead of the usual construction helmet.  Carries a simple but sharp metal blade with him at all times.

Background:  A Wandering Metool whose life has been dedicated to understanding the "Way of the Swordy" — an ambiguous set of paradigms detailing discipline, honor, and self-improvement.  While he never expects to attain true mastery, however, he is cognizant of the widely-held ideology that the journey is more important than the end itself.  The end result of this, however, is that he is never able to fully explain why he is wandering in the first place.  His peerless technique, however, needs no explanation, and he seems to indiscriminately attack navis and viruses alike in his self-given quest.
Personality:  Philosophical and aloof, but not to the point of arrogance.  Nameless will often respond to questions with other questions, and justify everything he does by simply saying that it "is the way of the swordy." 
Custom Weapon:  Sacred Sword Metamune — A blade that Nameless claims was constructed by the legendary viral swordsmith Metamune Okazaki back in the early days of the internet.  Curiously enough, no record of such a swordsmith exists.
Normal attacks do anywhere between 30 and 50 damage.  Be creative with sword attacks.
Way of the Swordy — Nameless' ability in close-quarters is unparalleled, and will parry blows with uncanny speed and technique. (Passive, Nameless gains 2 free dodges per turn and has his accuracy boosted when fighting in "close quarters")
Spirit of Swordy — Nameless' legendary blade will never dull, due to superb construction, care, and an unknown force of some sort.  (Passive, Nameless' swords cannot be broken)
Sakura Matsuri — Cherry Blossom Festival: A gust of wind blows in several cherry blossoms from an unknown source toward an opponent or group of opponents.  Unsheathing Metamune in a flash of silvery light, Nameless dashes forward and slices through the blossoms in a whirlwind of deadly grace and agility.  (Deals 15 hits of 5 damage, distributed any way among a small group, 3TC)
Densetsu no Kusanagi — Legendary Grasscutter Sword:  Metamune glows a bright green color as Nameless plunges it into the ground.  Instantly, tall grass covers the entire battlefield.  Then, in a swift motion befitting of the legendary grasscutter name, he slices a clean arc through the grass, eliminating all of it in the immediate area.  Finally, Nameless sets fire to the grassy field which continues to burn for another 4 turns.  (Creates grass field and deals 50 damage to all in melee range.  Each turn afterwards for the next 4 turns, any opponent not within melee range takes 100 Fire Damage. OPB)

Well, this is a general concept, I've actually worked this into three, lesser versions which appear randomly. All of these attacks don't necessarily coincide with the current Nameless' ability.

I can't shop or sprite, don't expect a banner from me.
Eon hasn't totally murdered Twi, but requests his chatroom presence. He has also reduced the rewards from their incredibly imbalanced state, seeing as how there are several several categories.
But Eon, the prizes are awarded over all, not to many winners from the different categories. Out of all participants, there is only one 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.
If THAT'S all I'm getting, I won't bother.
Translated: I won't win anything, so I'm not going to try.

Secondly, rewards have been enlarged for a larger amount of people, for the crappy other banners that may come in besides the works of art from the incredibly lazy artist people laying abouts.
I'd do it, but I lack any sort of banner making ability. My computer knowledge does not extend to artistic areas aside from writing.

I would like another BigHammer1 or a Magnum though...Sigh...
God. I really don't want to seem like one of the cr... other banner makers that Eon mentioned, but the prizes... But my skill level...

That's it. I've decided. One hard-worked, looked over banner coming up.
I promise that I'll just MSPaint it, though, not like the Frag drawing... (and those who saw how it turned out know what I'm talking about.)

Quote (Harbin)

Translated: I won't win anything, so I'm not going to try.

Wow, you really are a prick.

No, what I was saying was, for 1000z and a chip at best, I wasn't going to bother considering my schedule is pretty screwed up right now.

You wouldn't say that sort of thing to me in person, so don't here.

Quote (Hiko)

You wouldn't say that sort of thing to me in person, so don't here.

He probably would, honestly.

But think about it Hiko. Your choice of a tier one chip. That's actually quite a bit of leeway.
Ehehe. I might. If I have like three hours to do nothing in, I'll start doodling.
I don't really have any good MSPaint skills, though, and my mouse is complete crap.
I suck with it anyways because I'm lefty and I'm used to righty mouse. n_n
Might get a tablet soon though.
Heheh. With the competition dwindling, this'll be an easy kill.