Matt Wilson & Condor.EXE

Hello, I am new here. Here is my Net op and Netnavi.

Name: Matt Wilson
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'10'', Blue hair that looks like it's been ruffed up, Blue eyes, Brown pants with blue lines on them, Cyan shirt under an orange and blue hoodie, Boots, Wears a condor shaped pendent around his neck, with his family crest on the back of the hoddie, Biking Gloves and a belt with a PET clip.

Personality: Cool and calm, but rarely talks. His dad works in the Yoka zoo most of the time, and his mother died in a lion attack 5 years ago, so he usually only has Condor .EXE at home. He is used to the Internet and wild animals, due to his father. He treats Condor .EXE as a brother. He isn't overconfident, due to his mother dying by the lions.
PET Modifications: His PET has a Wireless Jack In port and a Brown colouring with a blue trim.

Name: Condor .EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind
Appearance: Cyber height is 5'6''. Colour is brown, with cyan mixed in. Clawed feet, connected to armoured legs, Body is slender, with an armoured chest with turbines for shoulders. His wings are connected to his back, and are each 2'9''. His head is shaped like an condor's, with a helmet fitting around his head, leaving his face exposed. His right wing has a large scar on it, disabling it.
Personality: He rarely talks, but will converse. He sees Matt as a brother as well. An expert flyer, and master of Wood, he has used his skills to win the Yearly Yoka Zoo Net battle tournament 3 times. He can be overconfident, but if faced with a challenge, he will focus. He can't fly, due to his bad wing. Also, he has 2 big fans on his shoulders
Custom Weapon: Condor Buster.
Signature Attack: Wood Wing. 40 damage. Condor charges up to his foe, and smacks his foe with his good wing. 1TCD.

Starter Pack:

2 x MiniEnergy


Navi Cust

HP +50

I hope it is ok.

Edit: Changed the height, and the netnavi's name, element(main and sub), and Custom Weapon. Apparently 102cm translates to 40 inches. 0_o Also he can't fly,
changed the MaruBlaster1 chip for RollingLog1. Added 1TCD.

Edit 2: I now have a Signature Attack. Thanks Sage!
Edit 3: Changed Subtype, and changed his shoulders.
Hey there! No problems per se, but two minor things that may help you out a touch:

First off, The basic buster mechanics for navis got an overhaul a while back, and they actual output a mildly useful amount of damage now, and can become fairly useful indeed with some tlc. there's a post about it in the rules section, but the short version is this: A basic buster shot deals damage equal to (Attack + Rapid) x 5, so initially, one a 1/1/1 buster, that would be a flat 10 points. A half-charge shot, which can be used after storing one buster charge (it consumes said charge), is calculated as (Attack + Charge) x 10, which would be 20 on a basic buster, and a full charge shot, consuming two stored charges, is (Attack + Charge) x 20, thus 40 damage on a basic 1/1/1 buster. The basic shot, with no charge remains null, but the half charge and full charge shots automatically take on the element of your navi, if they have one.

So, unless you're making a deliberate specification that it is intentionally crippled to only deal 1 damage, then it'll do a bit better than that if you have to fall back on it. (You might, of course, be limiting it deliberately; one of my navis has a few self-imposed RP limiters that handicap her effectiveness: her buster is melee only and she doesn't get to use chips. If it's a deliberate restriction, ignore this, hehe)

Secondly, you do begin, even at the registration point here, with a small pool of points to make up your first basic signature(s) with, and if you put the up here, that will save you having to make a separate registration thread for them elsewhere, and you won't be without for your first outing. Have a squizz at the signature registration rules and guides, if you want, and don't hesitate to swing by the chat if you have any questions about it. (you don't have to register any, of course, but I'm just making sure you know you do have a small pool of starter points to draw from on creation)

One other last thing... Your navi is a flier, and that's perfectly cool, but keep in mind that free flight is accounted for in the game mechanics, so that will be something that you'll need to put upgrades towards before he's actually able to do so, from a purely game-mechanical point of view.

At any rate, welcome, and I hope that's helpful, hehe. As I mentioned before, if you've any questions or the like, swing by the chat and ask away. I remember gleefully pestering people with inane intricacies night and day when I first signed on here... we enjoy it.

Actually, there is a problem. Storm Eagle's a Maverick from Mega Man X, and you can't use any characters from a copyrighted work. So if nothing else, you've got some serious changes to make to that Navi.

...Also, those are some tiny characters. 15 years old and 40 inches tall? I'd hate to be that guy in school.
@Magic Cereal: Ok. I did not know that. Thank you for telling me. I will do some editing.

@Rogan: I did not know about the buster overhaul. And I will remove his flying.
Oh man, I can't change the topic title! I need it changed.
Ah, I didn't know that, MC. There's my lack of familiarity with the established lore shining through again.... oops.

You don't need to remove the flight, from a character perspective, if you don't wish to, but you just won't be able to rely on it practically in combat until you've picked up the upgrades that allow for it, that's all.
Thanks. I am going to enable flight, but I have to reach level 5 first.

And thanks for changing the topic title!

Quote (Storm Luxray)

And thanks for changing the topic title!
No problem. Few things though:

You've stated Condor's height as 4'18", which doesn't really make sense (12 inches = 1 foot). You can use metric if it makes more sense to you.

When it comes to flight, that isn't truly achieved until you obtain the Omnishoes NaviCust part. You can have your Navi move around by flapping his wings, but he can still get hit by ground attacks, hostile terrain, etc. Once you get Omnishoes, your Navi can fly around freely, crossing over dangerous/missing terrain easily and avoiding ground attacks.

Also, you do have 60 sig points to use for your signature attack, your current sig only costs 40 points. (40dmg [40pts] Wood [free for Wood Navis] + 1TCD) You can use all 60 if you want, but if you're fine with your sig as it is now, let us know.
I really don't get height.

Omnishoes? Interesting.

I am fine with my signature attack. It is mainly a bunny virus smasher. It also has Cursor. (SHHHHHHH!)

And is there anything else wrong?
Just change the height to 5'6" (4 feet, 18 inches = 5 feet, 6 inches). Also, cursor isn't a signature attack effect. The cursor subtype boosts accuracy to shot type attacks, but you've described your "Wood Wing" sig to be a melee-type attack.

Quote (Storm Luxray)

Condor charges up to his foe, and smacks his foe with his good wing
I will change that.

By the way, what does the Summon Subtype do?
Remove the Cursor from your sig attack, and you're all set.


GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, RollingLog1
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP+50
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2

Post your NetOp and Navi in the Information Database and take a look at the posting/battling rules if you haven't already.
Thank you.
Hey. Can I please change Condor's second element from Cursor to Wind?

This is to make more sense. #SenseMakePlz

Oh, I have also changed his shoulder design.
You can, yes. Normally that's done in the Profile Edits/Appearance Changes registration area, but for sake of ease I'll approve it here.

All I need is the "new" description, then I can review it for approval.