Sharmandra Challenges

OKa, I'm gonna start handing ot Sharmandra tokens. What do they do, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Honestly, I don't have many uses yet, but later one I guess you can trade them in and I'll gaurantee I'll RP with you and stuff. Other prizes can be discussed later.

Challenge One: Balderdash.
Rules: Think of the best definition to the Word I give. It can be funny, serious, anything within site rules. Although typically humor gets wins, non-humorous answers can win too.
Word: Blarg.
DeadLine: Friday Night.
Prize: I Sharmandra Token.
Alien from Red VS Blue.

"Blarg" seems to be the only vocabulary his entire species speeks.

No, I don't want the actual definition. Make one up.

Blarg is a unique word, being the only word that not only means anything you want it to, or is used to show disinterest or boredom, but also is the only word that thousands upon thousands of people have claimed to have made up but has been around since man discovered they could use tools. Hobo Dave and Raymond Donn are amongst those who claim to have created the word, as well as some wierd dude called John who worked in the Games Workshop in Falkirk. I have also been known to use the word frequently in the past. I suppose, the true use of this word is to fill a gap in a sentence where appropriate. If a stoned person says "blarg", it is usually used to replace a word they cannot think of, or which they have forgotten.

*takes a bow*
((Oh man... Shury's so cool! Is it possible for me to ever be as great as him?))

Wow, funy, and crazy accurate.

Quote (Sharmandra)

Wow, funy, and crazy accurate.

No, I'm just lazy.
Blarg:a way to say that someone is about to be raped on a forum in the most humiliateing way posible, also is the name of a race of aliens in ratchet and clank:Up your arsenal and beyond.

and so darkstar throws his hat into the ring, i will NOT let shur be alowed to win without compitition.
Shur, try be creative... please?

Usually used as random word in a common sentence when the one talking does not know the correct word to say and spouts out the first thing that comes to his or her mind. What most people don't know though is that 'Blarg' officialy stands for 'Blind Ladies At Riding Guidance' which is a school made for blind women to learn how to drive a car as any normal human being.

Sounds stolen, but maybe thats just me. Cool.
BLARG: Bouncing lewdly around Rio Grande. Often used when going to a skanky night club called Rio Grande.

ex: I'mma go BLARG later tonight. Wanna come with me?
Win goes to Shur. Leon/Dark tie.

Challenge: Funny Picture!
Give me a funny picture that is PG. First come first serve. Feel free to blatantly steal someone else's photos from Random Images.
A comic I made for a contest on Dev Art.
<Blantantly steals>

Friend is gonna make a sprite comic. I'm the most comic of the relief. He's the Zero re-color.

I'm the purple Kirby

Yes, they really do exist.
*removed because it's not 'PG'*