Kingdom Hearts

So I just got to what is, beyond a doubt, the most awesome part of KH2 yet, albeit with a few minor frustrations. In the span of twenty minutes, I met Cloud for the first time since the first KH, then Yuna and company, X-II style, then Tifa (I was yelling "JOIN MY PARTY GODDAMMIT at the screen for the entire time she was there), and then got sucked into the world of Tron.

KH2 just got a good deal more awesome. I always liked Kingdom Hearts, and with the content thrown into KH2, I find that I love it endlessly, despite the fact that my friends tease me when I play. What do all of you think of KH2 and the others?
I have to say this...You got it now? *ADMIN-SLAPPED!!*

It was one of the best Action RPG next to Dark Cloud 2 XD. And there's a rumor going on that the secret video in the end of KHII and FM+ isn't KH3 and more like a side story movie XD
Look...I played kingdom hearts. I even owned the first game at one point. I played it through till you had to battle Riku. I couldn't handle it any longer.

The story plot and characters didn't appeal to me so much. The art was great don't get me wrong and the idea was good....but I got fustrated with the game. The characters were such a common thing and they pissed me off.

Im sick and tired of people saying to me "You gotta give it a chance!" I DID GIVE IT A FRIKIN CHANCE!

"You should play teh 2nd game! It was better!" I DID! AND I WAS BORED TO TEARS!

Agreed, Alice is not a damn princess.
*Looks at his KH2 game case and KH2 Player's Guide* *Slowly slinks away*

Alice is a queen, however, that's only in "Through the Looking Glass," the second part of the story. Now that I think about it, that point's irrelevent since the Disney movie only covers "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

I really love the way that the game incorporates Disney characters so successfully. Not so keen on the way they're creating the whole emo "Nobody" scene, although I was touched at times here and there. Also not keen on the DA yaoi craze they've created, although granted, there was nothing they could do about that, and not everybody dislikes yaoi. Additionally not so keen on their neglect of older FF games (pre-7). Setzer's in there, but for how long? Like... one cutscene in a minor battle which actually never even takes place, if I remember correctly.
Kingdom Hearts are those games with Daffy and Goofy and all the Disney characters, right?
Yeah, those are the ones.

Eh. I've often lamented the Disney portions of the games, and while it's true that they interrupt whatever atmosphere they're trying for at that point, and I still believe they could have done better had they made their own worlds, they actually manage to integrate them really well as-is.

But my one major pet peeve of KH2; the worlds are so friggin' tiny. They've sort of taken the LoZ-esque exploration out of things and made it into a linear series of battles. The battle system is good and all, but the good folks at Squeenix have engineered the system so that not too far into the game you can just walk up to an enemy and press X rapidfire. Not too fun. The flashy stuff makes me "Ooh" and "Aah" all the same, but you have to back that up with some fun gameplay.

The Gummi system... I have no complaints there. It's vastly improved in every way. It's at a faster pace, there are enough enemies to actually keep you occupied, some original touches that keep it interesting (like the pirate ship and those wheel 'bots,) and a great prize/ranking system. Oh, and the customization's better too, even though I only ever recolored the ships black and blue and named them "King." Hey, what does that remind you of? Last summer I was one little thief, ah?

One major weakpoint, though, is the difficulty. I did it on "Normal" mode. Little did I know it was normal only for toddlers and those without prehensile thumbs. You can almost cruise through the game with no trouble. Proud mode is pretty good, I hear, but I've sort of put the game down since I last played. Might as well get started again; that secret video's not gonna discover itself.
Ah yes, the difficulty of the game. Though it wasn't THAT difficult, I find myself cursing the name Xaldin. And with the FInal mix . . . . welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Lets just say that me disliking Xaldin just went to a new high @_@; I do have to admit that the worlds are a bit too short, at least the Disney worlds.
It was appealing, until I beat the shit out of everything and got full completion.
Then bashing the shit out of the final battle didn't appeal to me anymore.
Note: Sephiroth is a bitch. Highly advise leveling up all the forms and at least be level 80 before trying to kick his bishounen ass.
I don't like KH, but I'm on a Rp board about it. So all I did was create a Human!
I got stuck on the Giant Ursala form in the first game, and haven't played it since. I own the game, just never really had to time to finish it.
My advice is to whack the crap out of her head.
I have a tendency to over level all the RP I play >______>

Quote (RevivedSin)

My advice is to whack the crap out of her head.

Doesn't work unless you're over-leveled. That boss took me forever because I couldn't figure out how to dodge her lightning attack.

I should just start over and play Proud mode ><

Quote (SpaceMonkeySteve)

I got stuck on the Giant Ursala form in the first game, and haven't played it since. I own the game, just never really had to time to finish it.

unintentionally revived...

if you have ten minutes and feel like wasteing time
here's what you do,

get donald and ariel on your team and get 2 mp rages, mp haste, and second chance(or the one that stops damage at 1 hp) on donald, and any mp regenerating abilities on ariel. in the battle, swim in and hit her head once and swim away...

what this does is makes your teammates start wailing on her, and ursala only tries to attack you,(aside from the lightning around her head bit) all you have to do is swim around in wide circles, and tap the swim faster button when she fires he lazer breath or tries to suck you up...

and thats it, just make sure your at full health when she runs out of hp, cause you need to swim in yourself and get the last hit. and don't worry about your teammates, cause they heal eachother, and with the mp boosts, everytime they get hit the get enough back to heal themselves...
Apparetly, recent screenshots show a 3D DS game based on Orginization XIII.
Yes, the game Birth By Sleep which is said to be played on the PSP, and the other based on Roxas within the Organization XIII called 358/2 days I think.

*Huggles the Reviver Niax, because I'm a major KH fan*
*accepts hug* yeah, this was noticed by accident, I was looking for an old list of other rp's that is back on page 6/7...

if you are fan of KH, the thread I was looking for has a KH RP in it...

you want sauce?
My only complaint about the whole of the KH series? Freaking undead pirates! Those guys were more anoying than Darkrai's fan fiction! They were just so bad. It made me sad that that was the world with Sparow on it.