Second thoughts

I wanted to make a new character, play them for a while and perhaps swap back to Aida if wanted...though now I'm having second thoughts. Who should I play as?
Cappy, yarr.
As much as I want to scream "CAPUCHIN!" it's mostly because I want my monoploy again. Nymph seems cool.

Why don't you try her out for a bit, then see which you like better?
I concur with Steve's above statement.
I'd say Nymph. I like butterflies more than monkeys; more eyecatching. Plus they don't throw their own feces at people at random.

Although you gave her a standard buster, which is totally uncool. I'd say make her do something like make really bright neon lights flash from her wings or spreading pixie dust (brick'd) or something a little more original.

Either way, its really your choice.
Capuchin. She's your signiture charecter and you shouldn't abandon somthing you've had fun creating. For example, when I came to Rouge Network, I could have easaly scraped Geyser and created a new charecter, but I decided to keep him because I had fun making him and enjoyed my time using him. Maybe I'm a bit sentimental, but I don't think you should give up somthing you've had for a while just to try out somthing new that might not work as well or be as much fun.
Capuchin, I'd say, is a winner. Not because I don't know who Nymph is, but hey, do the math. Monkey + Ball + Cute Shy Net Op = Win.
Lunar, I think you already know I am going to say give the new navi a try...and also we need to crush Steve's monoploy of wood Navis... Aqua... Wait, do I even have a monoploy on that element? Well, if I do, feel free to crush that as well. But ya, give the butterfly a try.
You don't.

But even if you did, you will have NEVER had the long lasting monopoly I had. I was pretty much the ONLY active wood Navi for the greater part of a year, Until Shur did Solaria, and even then, she ony lasted a little bit before the move.

Quote (Kujajin)

Capuchin, I'd say, is a winner. Not because I don't know who Nymph is, but hey, do the math. Monkey + Staff + Cute Shy Net Op = Win.

Fixed for correctness.
Did she not balance on a giant ball?

Quote (Kujajin)

Did she not balance on a giant ball?

She changed it to a staff.
Edit: Also, Medic, my navi is aqua. You've even moded for it.
Monopoly of wood navis??? What does that have to do with Capuchin?? She's a normal type!
Errr... I think he was talking about Nymph....
ok..................we have a tie................

And cute monkeys win over faries!
Really, do what you will. If you want to keep Aida and Capu, then go ahead. If you want to try something new, then do that. Though remember, there are other ways to finish the saga of Aida and Capuchin than by RPing it.