Well, I passed them, sort off.
I missed 0.2 points on Physics, just because I didnt use one page in our book
So I have to redo physics, but I am almost certain it will work out.

So, how did your exams go?
Well, let's see:

*counts fingers* College boy, broken leg, all examination is practical...


Nah, I don't get tests, all my work is handed in via assignments. Speaking of which, I've got one still outstanding...

Of course, being Australian, it's only gonna be winter break for me. <_<
I'm not finishing school. I'm switching studies. I'm gonna study some delicious Game Design.


Mine are next week.

Math is going to chew the gristle out of me, spit me out, stomp on me and pitch me into the nearest trash can.

Otherwise, I'm gonna be okay. : D

Science is really the only other moderate challenge I'll have (and I can just wing that one without studying and pull an 85-90% on it, because I'm that awesome) because I really don't have a Tech exam and English is a laugher.

But Math is really gonna crack me. Nervous breakdown this weekend. DX<
i've already gotten through all my exams, not too hard, my baking final was hard though......only got a C on it......but other than that, it was VERY smooth sailing for me, today is my last day, and it's a half day, hopefuly i can find a job dureing summer, but my parents need to help me out first, anyways, ya.......
All A's on my finals.

Final grades: 6 A's and a B. The B was history. My worst subject. And even THAT was an 88%
Meow, no exams here. I'm only Grade 7!

Well, as far as marks go, I'm tops in the entire school in LA (Reading, Writing, etc), I'm an A student in Arithmetic, an A-Plus in Science, and a B-Plus in Social Studies.

Unfortunately, I'm only a B-student in Fine Arts (saxophone's fine, but my artwork sucks concentrated ass), and a C-Plus student in Fizz Ed, thanks to a bad case of osgood-schlatter syndrome in my knees.

Yeah, I'm a good student, and among the 'Honors with Distinction' group, but I'm still nerdy enough to hang out on boards like this. <.<
meh, i'm mainly a B-average student, though i get a few A's here and there, which is 20 bucks for my A's and 10 for my B's, ya, i get paid for my grades.
Exams are the pits...

Thank god I don't have to take them anymore.
They were ok...
Anyway, I predict 80s and 90s, as usual.

PA, I don't know what kind of narfed-up school you go to, but here, eighties are equal to A's. Nineties are...A-plusplusplus sort of thing.

I'm expecting a good 90% or so in Science, probably 85% overall in Tech, 90 to 95% in English, but...I'm locking in for a good solid 60% in Math.

I need to have no marks under 66% in order to make honor roll.

Paid for your grades? RUBBISH! I never got paid--I just got my ass kicked when I got B minuses! D:<

Okay, maybe that's exaggerating a little...I only got my ass kicked when I dipped into the C's.
i DO get paid for my grades, lets just say before that.......i got bad grades......mainly because i didn't give a shit about school and i had JUST moved too. i wanted to mainly play videogames, it was before i found the forums.