Idea Request

As some of you may know, I have yet to use Runeknight's Lvl 0 GMO. I say some because I doubt most of you really care. However, now is your chance to care! The reason I haven't used it yet is because I am having trouble coming up with a design. I want it to be a NetPolice.GMO of some sort, but I don't want him to just look like a regular old NetPolice Navi. I've been thinking about some sort of cool futuristic cop outfit like the Holy Members in S-Cry-Ed or something, but I just can't seem to come up with a good idea. This, my friends, is where you come in. Give me an idea! Written descriptions, reference pics, original artwork, whatever! I just need something to jump start my muse on this matter.



Does any of those help?

Seriously, though, I have an idea.

Just not yellow. Maybe gold.
nuff said
So the ideas so far are:

Three weirdos
An old, but classic cartoon
A Power Ranger
And a SWAT explosives expert...

All very interesting. Thank you for those who have answered my call. This does give me something to think about. Anyone else have any suggestions?
Red skinsuit, visor turns to a more rectangular shape, armor becomes like a... black, sleeveless jacket with a high collar. The gauntlets pump out smoke whenever he attacks. >: D

... Only kidding, of course.

I think personally that something with a javelin would be awesome. Maybe a .GMO where he throws javelins at the opponent, perhaps helmetless and with lighter armor? Hrmmm...
Wait, I got an idea.

Disco_Cop.GMO. Nuff said.


What? I like Kamen Rider Kabuto.
Well, Kamen Rider is cool...

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Well, Kamen Rider is cool...

555 > Every Kamen Rider

I have some ideas for my GMO, something that contradicts your navi's original theme. (For example, my navi is partly a gentleman. I'm gonna make a GMO that's gonna make him the Down town street person :D)

So...A peasant? XD jkjk

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Wait, I got an idea.

Disco_Cop.GMO. Nuff said.

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I'll draw a pic for ya if ya want.
Sure? That would be cool.