Question to all of you!!

Are you guys interested in Ryuusei in anyways?? It feels like no one is Q_Q.

PS: The main character's name is "Geo Stelar" now...Yea, hurray for C®apcom America.
Well I'm willing to try it and since fire is my favorite i'll have to go with Leo
I'm getting the dragon one, if for no other reason than to see how badly they ripped off Drauchen.

Oh yeah, I said it.
I'm looking forward to it. That's about it; I've not been following it, because I always get overzealous and spoil the plot for myself.

I think I'll go with Pegasus, though, because that nets you the blue Tracer.
Good, good...Now I have someone to brother with now XD.

Leo's transformation...Blmeh, so-so compare to the other two. So I pick Dragon :3
So is it like transformation like the cyberbeasts?
Yea, you can say that XD. Depending on each ver. Megaman gets a different transformation and stuff :3
Eh, I might try it. I have other interests right now(PokemonD&P, YGO: WC2007, and actually getting around to the Xbox360, for various reasons). If I did get it, I'd have to go with pegasus to honor Saint Seiya.
Alright then I'll enjoy it....Geo.... huh?
Eh, Capcom has become notoriously bad at naming, translation, and the like. I just shut down the part of my brain that can say "alright, who's hiring eight-year-olds to write their game dialogue?" whenever I play. =3
And you were refering to Star force right?

Quote (KyuubiForte)

And you were refering to Star force right?

Meh, I don't really like them there games.
Lacking a DS. ;~;
Pegasus for me. Leo's just weird, and Dragon looks weird. Plus, Dragon's green. No green for me.
I went with LEO. Hopefully it's obvious why LEOn would go for LEO.
Pegasus. As Forte said, Saint Seiya... He's the man. And I like the transformation the most.
I vote Dragon. Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and go well with ketcup.
I saw Green Dragon in action in a screen shot. I'm not sure if it was it's charge shot or anything but it shoots feather lookin things
Yesterday I watched the nine episodes Youtube had subbed of Rockman no Ryuusei on Youtube and I must say, it looks like they took Battle Network, removed two thirds of the stuff that made sense, and then replaced it with skewed physics. By no stretch of the imagination does most of this stuff make sense to me logically. However, dispite all this, I'll buy at least one of the versions, that being Pegasus most likely. Though I would like an opinion on something: does anyone else find it a load of crock that Capcom's putting out three separate versions? Had it been only two, I probably would have bought both but paying $30-40 bucks and playing through virtually the same game thrice seems a bit much to me.

Anyway, picking Pegasus at the moment just on a whim. A lion doesn't sound all that cool and wanting a dragon sounds kind of cliche. Still, I should probably look up the specific differences between each game before coming up with a final answer....