Well... I tried...

I really thought I was getting through to him... for a while. I just finished this conversation with Nal.

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PAMaster1000: Nal?
PAMaster1000: Nal, this is PA.
scottishkilla1: I guessed
PAMaster1000: Oh. Right. My bad. Used to my yahoo name...
PAMaster1000: About the site...
scottishkilla1: It's gone, nothing's gonna change that
PAMaster1000: If that's true, than there's very little to say. But there's still something I want to say.
scottishkilla1: Sure, go for it
PAMaster1000: Although I admit that making a separate site was a betrayal of trust...
PAMaster1000: ...and that you have every right to be angry...
scottishkilla1: Just one litte thing, so you don't think I'm just ignoring you. I'm currently panicking trying to get a LARP costume together for March
scottishkilla1: *little
PAMaster1000: No worries. I'll continue.
PAMaster1000: (continued from two posts ago)
PAMaster1000: ... the fact is that the other site was made in RECN's image in case something were to happen.
PAMaster1000: Whether that be a spammer raid, total system error, or this.
PAMaster1000: But just because they made it in RECN's image, it doesn't mean that this was meant to be a replacement for it. We all LOVED RECN.
PAMaster1000: Steve put it simply.
PAMaster1000: *finding quote*
scottishkilla1: Apparently, you didn't love me in charge, even as Official
PAMaster1000: Nal, did you not see that I was the one wanting to go busting with you? Sure, some people didn't like you, but for who on this earth isn't that TRUE?
scottishkilla1: See, that's the thing. I was an Official. Nobody liked it. People started using that other site
PAMaster1000: Nal, they made you an official for a reason.
scottishkilla1: Yeah, only because they accepted my terms to bring the site back
PAMaster1000: I've been here for six months, and I'm still a member.
PAMaster1000: You came back. You were a member.
PAMaster1000: You still had access to the Admin CP.
PAMaster1000: You could have asked to be a mod.
scottishkilla1: Yet I didn't. Well ... did. Only just a few sarcastic comments on the Admin Notepad
PAMaster1000: But what's wrong with modship?
PAMaster1000: I'd give my right side to be a mod.
PAMaster1000: But the fact is, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
PAMaster1000: Anyone in power doesn't like to be rivaled.
PAMaster1000: It's a fact of human nature.
scottishkilla1: See, Mod was more a "I can just say stuff" position. Admin was a more "I can DO stuff" position
PAMaster1000: I understand.
scottishkilla1: Even when I was a member, I kept thinking about improvements, etc
PAMaster1000: I know. I do, too.
PAMaster1000: But the difference is small between us when it comes to that.
PAMaster1000: The difference is our control panel.
PAMaster1000: We all have a voice in the community of RECN... er... HAD a voice.
PAMaster1000: A mod CAN say stuff. An Admin CAN do stuff. But it's not just them.
PAMaster1000: The Mod Cave. It's a good example.
PAMaster1000: That's a place where ideas (to my knowledge) are put forth and shared. Discussed.
PAMaster1000: Did you know that the Admins were willing to let you regain your Adminship?
PAMaster1000: The only reason... well, the reasonS that they didn't are as follows:
scottishkilla1: Yup. Yet Atrus said it was a definate no from everyone, which made me investigate
PAMaster1000: Only to jump straight to Admin.
PAMaster1000: They would have granted you modship.
scottishkilla1: Nope, on anything
PAMaster1000: Really?
scottishkilla1: Yup
PAMaster1000: Well, I'm sorry. I truly am.
PAMaster1000: I had no idea.
scottishkilla1: What, did you think he was demoted because I didn't agree with him? No, it was because he was working on his own
scottishkilla1: Then people started leaving, and it went downhill from there
PAMaster1000: But there's something you should know.
PAMaster1000: Most of those people weren't leaving for good.
scottishkilla1: Could you make it quick? I've got a shopping list to make
PAMaster1000: Sure. But hear me out.
PAMaster1000: Do you know how hard Lunar, ZS, EVERYONE WHO EVER LOVED THAT SITE HAS BEEN
PAMaster1000: Fenix LEFT!
scottishkilla1: Not my problem
PAMaster1000: Because he felt guilty thta you felt betrayed, but he still wanted to RP.
PAMaster1000: But he forgot about that, and left anyways!
PAMaster1000: Roleplaying on RECN was a big part of life for ALL of the non-lurkers.
PAMaster1000: We all gave 100% to those posts
scottishkilla1: Yeah, but ten bucks says the others thought "Meh, we've got this site"
scottishkilla1: Especially Atrus and Rapid
PAMaster1000: They knew that, would an error strike the site, they would still have everyone's stuff!
PAMaster1000: All of the data that many of them worked hard on!
scottishkilla1: Your point being?
PAMaster1000: My point being that, yes, the site existed.
PAMaster1000: But it didn't mean that RECN was going down!
scottishkilla1: No, it meant RECN was being shunned for this "newer, better site". One without the original creator of it all, too
PAMaster1000: When RECN went down, I searched for HOURS for anything that might allow me to rejoin the online group that used to be RECN.
scottishkilla1: Boo fricking hoo
PAMaster1000: We're not traitors, Nal.
PAMaster1000: Even when the site existed, I NOTICED NO CHANGE!
scottishkilla1: Oh yeah? Tell that to the facts. As soon as that site started, the traffic died down on RECN
PAMaster1000: There were still people posting, still people having fun, and still people RPing.
scottishkilla1: Strange, then, that RERN gained traffic
PAMaster1000: Because the Admins feared that once they defended their power, and gave you the same chance that all normal members have, you would do what you did.
PAMaster1000: They warned everyone, Nal.
scottishkilla1: Well, they can go have fun on their little knock-off, for all I care
PAMaster1000: Now, all that's left of RECN is a message, reading
scottishkilla1: I really don't give a shit anymore
PAMaster1000: "Fine. You think you're too good for me? Go ahead. Run your two-bit knock-off. See if I care. Just remember where you got the ideas, system, everything. Try all you want, you'll never forget. Just know one thing. If it wasn't for me, even your little "site" wouldn't exist"
scottishkilla1: So?
PAMaster1000: It wouldn't exist, Nal.
PAMaster1000: You're right about that.
PAMaster1000: Yes, it was a take off on RECN.
PAMaster1000: Yes, we have the same systems.
PAMaster1000: But in the transition from a bustling site to that message, we lost over 250 members.
scottishkilla1: Surprise surprise that those 250 were lurkers
PAMaster1000: not all.
scottishkilla1: So what, you want me to link to that piece of crap? No way
PAMaster1000: I don't want you to link to it.
PAMaster1000: I want you to reopen RECN.
scottishkilla1: Then what's the point of this whole rant?
scottishkilla1: Re-open? No way
PAMaster1000: The fact is that RERN is all we have left, now.
PAMaster1000: But we still want RECN.
scottishkilla1: What would that accomplish? People would just see me as a dictator. What good is that?
scottishkilla1: Hell, you already do. Why else would you make that site?
scottishkilla1: Even if I was to open it again, it'd make zero difference
PAMaster1000: If you apologized, made an announcement, about why you closed RECN, most of the members would forgive you.
scottishkilla1: Yeah, right!
PAMaster1000: Yes, Eon and Demon don't like you.
scottishkilla1: You really think things are that clear-cut?
PAMaster1000: No.
PAMaster1000: No I don't.
scottishkilla1: Exactly. There's no point
scottishkilla1: If I open it, all that's gonna happen is eventually, you'd leave for the rip-off
PAMaster1000: Do you really think that?
scottishkilla1: It's a fact. I'm an admin no-one likes, so they'd look for an alternative
PAMaster1000: People like you, Nal.
scottishkilla1: Wrong
scottishkilla1: They don't
PAMaster1000: Why did you think I offered to go busting with you before you closed the site?
scottishkilla1: For stats
PAMaster1000: Because you seemed like a decen't guy.
PAMaster1000: Gah... my bad. Decent. Not Decen't.
scottishkilla1: Pfft. Yeah, right. If I was a decent guy, wouldn't I have been returned as an admin when I asked?
scottishkilla1: Then none of this would have happened. But what did I get? Lies from Atrus
PAMaster1000: If I asked to be admin, and you were admin, would you let me?
scottishkilla1: That's the wrong context
PAMaster1000: How so?
scottishkilla1: I WAS admin, before. I simply asked to be re-instated, as I had enough time to give to the site
PAMaster1000: You left for MONTHS, Nal. Not weeks, months.
scottishkilla1: In fact, in a sense, I still WAS, Admin
PAMaster1000: True.
PAMaster1000: But if that's true, what does a gold name matter?
scottishkilla1: Simple. I get the recognition for the site
PAMaster1000: Nal, everyone knows you made the site.
scottishkilla1: Whenever people asked who started the site, was their answer "Nalerenn"? No. It was "Those three Admins"
PAMaster1000: Hell, EVERYONE will know after reading the message.
PAMaster1000: Well, that's wrong. If it's recognition you want, post something.
PAMaster1000: Don't shut down the entire site.
scottishkilla1: Look, this is all I'm gonna say. Opening the site won't change a thing. People don't want me as an admin. The only way to solve that is to ban myself, but it's never gonna happen
PAMaster1000: No, it won't happen.
scottishkilla1: Besides, what was the first thing I said on this?
PAMaster1000: But the "People" you're thinking of are the Admins.
scottishkilla1: "It's gone, nothing's gonna change that"
PAMaster1000: Is it gone, Nal?
PAMaster1000: Did you delete everything?
scottishkilla1: Locked forever. It'll stay that way
PAMaster1000: Nal, it doesn't have to.
scottishkilla1: No, it doesn't. But it will
PAMaster1000: The "people" you were thinking of were the admins.
PAMaster1000: The "people" that matter are the rest of the 300 members.
scottishkilla1: So, what, kick the Admins off their seats of power? Yeah, that's REALLY gonna make me popular =/
PAMaster1000: No.
PAMaster1000: Nal, that's not what I mean.
PAMaster1000: The fact is, you felt betrayed.
PAMaster1000: Who wouldn't?
PAMaster1000: But for every person that knew about the site, there were 5 others to take their place.
scottishkilla1: I've said it once and I'll say it again. It's gone, nothing's gonna change that
PAMaster1000: the "site" being RERN.
PAMaster1000: Why nothing, Nal?
scottishkilla1: End of discussion
PAMaster1000: No, it's not.
scottishkilla1: Anything else before I block you?
PAMaster1000: Yes. There is one other thing.
PAMaster1000: If the site stays blocked, what happens?
PAMaster1000: People go to the other site.
scottishkilla1: You all go to your pathetic little site, yeah. See if I care
PAMaster1000: It becomes more popular, they advertise on B&G, and it becomes the new RECN.
PAMaster1000: But that hasn't happened yet.
scottishkilla1: And?
scottishkilla1: I really don't give a damn
PAMaster1000: What about your recognition then?
PAMaster1000: Hm?
scottishkilla1: Better than the one I currently have, with you guys
PAMaster1000: That recognition would be the one that we'd remember you with.
PAMaster1000: But opening the site would show something else.
PAMaster1000: That you can comprimise.
PAMaster1000: I'd try to work something out with the admins.
PAMaster1000: With the mods.
scottishkilla1: And nothing I do is gonna change that. Unlocking the site? Yeah, that'll show I'm a fricking crackpot who changes his mind every day
PAMaster1000: That's not true.
PAMaster1000: Unlocking the site would show that you can be reasoned with.
scottishkilla1: I mean, the first lock. What happened there? You left and started a new site
PAMaster1000: You know why?
PAMaster1000: They didn't think you'd comprimise.
scottishkilla1: Because you didn't want me as Admin. That's why
scottishkilla1: I'm too "immature", "childish" and "abusive" to be an Admin
PAMaster1000: Compromising now, without any personal gain, would show that you're better than the person that locked it before.
scottishkilla1: I'll say it once more and that's it. It's gone, nothing's gonna change that
PAMaster1000: Immature? Childish? Abusive?
scottishkilla1 signed off at 4:20:30 PM.
PAMaster1000: Damnit, Nal...
Previous message was not received by scottishkilla1 because of error: User scottishkilla1 is not available.

And that's the whole chat.
He does know that this site started more than 4 months ago, right?

There was no dropoff in traffic, as far as I can see. It was always meant as a backup in case something happened to RECN.

Someone needs to make it clear to him. Why would we want to start a new forum? I can say that I put a great deal of my life into making RECN successful and a fun place to stay--and I'm sure the other staff members did so as well.
I don't know what he's thinking...

but after this chat I have a warn level of 100% for him and this empty feeling in my stomach...
I honstely don't even want to try to get through to him. He shut down the site, cut out so much information and time posted by over 250 other people, because HE didn't get what he wanted. He knocked down everything else that people had done and thought of, for what HE didn't get. A gold name. Whoo.

I just want Bard.EXE and her operator's info. I forgot to back that up and Syriene won't get off my back. He is really dreading retyping it all. Bah. Anyways, I would even worry with getting through to him anymore. He lost over 250 people who he could chat and talk with everyday. He will get loney in due time.

I just want Nal to realize his mistake, open the board, and let anyone who wants to come back come back.

I think he suffers from chronic depression.

Also, I just want to start RPing and forget RECN ever existed now...
What'd I tell ya? I told you he wouldn't listen! That's what!

But, good try. A+ for effort.

PAMaster1000: If you apologized, made an announcement, about why you closed RECN, most of the members would forgive you.

scottishkilla1: Yeah, right!

The last straw in the convo. He didn't take P.A.'s advice.
I'm surprised you people still think you can get through his thick skull...

Quote (Nal)

scottishkilla1: Even when I was a member, I kept thinking about improvements, etc

You need to be an Admin or Mod for suggestions?

Quote (Nal)

scottishkilla1: Oh yeah? Tell that to the facts. As soon as that site started, the traffic died down on RECN

...Really? o.o

Quote (Nal)

scottishkilla1: What would that accomplish? People would just see me as a dictator. What good is that?

No, we'd see you as a person who could shut down the site when he's on PMS again.

I'm not even going to comment on other lines... He's hopeless.
.... 0~0

This is a sad, sad day in the history of the Rockman.exe RPing forums....

One of the creators has closed one of the sites, forcing people to move here, as if a bomb shelter was placed next to a hospital. But thanks for giving it your all, PA. I just wish some one culd contact him through real life, so that we could really talk to him better.
Wow, what a dick. I hope he chokes on a turkey leg.

Not die, of course, but chokes for a good minute. Of course that won't help anything, but I'd feel just a slight pang less angry towards him.

I'll say what I said in the mod forums here. He's unstable, and it was only a matter of time.

Something else... You can't get through to him because he doesn't want to hear it. He'll realize his faults only when A. He ends up alone and B. He finally realizes that he's the problem, not the 250 other people.
He's not unstable, he's just being arrogant and ignorant of the fact it's really just his fault. The sooner he realizes that, the better.
Im so sorry PA. He doesnt leisten as it seems. He did the same to me. I wish he would listen.
Meh, I thought about trying to get a hold of him, but I won't bother.

I'll just try to teach my dog to do long division, that'd probly be easier.

SMS makes me giggle.
No, Nal is unstable. The fact that in over a year of close friendship he's many times decided to suddenly hate me for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON then try to twist it and say it was my fault shows that. This is shown furthermore by the fact he tries to act like it never happened when he decides to start talking to me again.

And don't bother trying to reason with him. He runs away from any confrontation. He tries to solve all his problems by ignoring them rather than facing them head on. That's why he locked the boards. That's why he blocks people, runs away when they start trying to reason with him.

At the first sign of trouble, he'll block someone. He'd rather get rid of a problem rather than solve it. Rather than try and earn back some respect in order to be promoted, he makes loads of ludicrous demands and ORDERS that he be made an Official. He wants to do things with minimal or no effort.

He's childish, and he's a coward. He runs away from problems rather than facing them.

I don't know why people seem so desperate to get RE:CN back. Begging for it to be reopened is like crying to Nal telling him that he's won. Stop dwelling on it. The mass email was sent. Most people will get here eventually, we just need to give it some time.
I'm not saying this because I want RECN back up but I feel bad for P.A. and Lunarlion. They tried to reason with Nal and were shot down very badly. I just want to say thanks for your efforts at trying to reconcile with him, even if it was a lost cause. I doubt the rest of us have the compassion or humility to even try that at this point.

Anyways, that having been said, Nal is a jerk and I cease all talk of him starting now.
Take it from me, P.A. Master, Lunar Lion; I know Nal better than anyone. You CAN NOT reason with him. If you try, he'll just block you, and when others ask, he'll tell a pack of lies (haha, wolf-related pun) to make out that you deserved it and that he was completely in the right and had done no wrong whatsoever.

Nice pun.

And to Pocket and Rapid both... thanks. I'm coming to the conclusion that Nal is a bit of a larger childish asshole than I originally thought...

But about the mass e-mail...

I didn't get it...

I had to beg everyone on ToNE for the link. BlazerMan had it. BM=GOD now.
Yeah, the email went into my spam box. I had to ask Majin what was going on (who also provided me with a link).
Good try, P.A.

I would normally not mind this, but Nal has taken both my stats (MY FIREBLADE) AND EVERYTHING IN MY VIRAL MUSEUM, WHICH TOOK FOREVER TRYING TO FIND

So I'm not gonna say anymore on it.

Oh, and thanks to EN for giving me the link to RERN.
He's going to get lonely, And when he comes looking for apologies. I know what I'm going to say. You don't accept ours, were not taking yours.

During that whole chat, I thought to myself. I want to talk to him, I see things that I could say to him. I need an instant messager.

If he comes back looking for apologies. Don't give him none, don't let him come. He's going to be lurking, I know his kind.

We were afraid he would do something like that. That is why we didn't give him his power. And what does he do, prove our point for not making him an administrator or Official.