RE:RN 12.3 Tourney

As I've already passed around the chat, we're planning to have a Touhou Hisoutensoku (12.3) tournament here at RE:RN. While Aim and I tried to reach everyone we thought would be interested, please let us know if we missed you so we can add you to the lineup. Information on 12.3 can be found here (Until February 1st).

The format will work on a points system. Everyone fights everyone, and you can schedule your match whenever you wish. The current roster, in diagram format:

1. Aim
2. Heat
3. Shuryou
4. Knight
5. DNR
6. Von Dare
7. Rai
8. Geki
9. Asator

The winner of a match is the one with a O in his row.

Each person fights other person, so that 1 fights 2-9. The format is best 2 out of 3, so each combatant has matches with his opponent until one of them has won 2. The one who wins 2 will have earn a point. Obviously, this means the maximum any one contender can earn is 8. The winner of the tournament is the one who gathers the most points. Any ties will be broken by matches between the tied contenders, unless one forfeits the position without a match.

NOTE: A MATCH IS NOT A TOURNEY MATCH UNLESS BOTH CONTENDERS CONFIRM SO BEFOREHAND. This is to allow casual gameplay to continue in the midst of the tournament. Make sure both players are clearly aware and have consented to the tourney match before beginning.

When a best 2-out-of-3 winner is determined between two opponents, they should inform Aim or me of the results so we can update the current rankings. It would be appreciated by me if you would also include which characters you used (you don't have to know the names, if you say "vampire" or "samurai" I'll get who you mean). If you don't, that's not going to be a problem.

You may choose any character you wish and can change between matches with the same opponent or between opponents. Basically, free selection.

We're planning to use Hamachi to connect, although I know that's not possible for everyone. If Hamachi gives you problems, let us know so we can try and troubleshoot or see if ComodoVPN might solve your problems. Please don't throw your match because of connection issues before you see us.

One other thing. We can't really offer much of a reward for this, obviously not an in-RP one because this in no way relates to the RP. I had figured we might end up making this completely casual, but just to make things a bit more interesting, I'll offer something up. The winner can request a drawing from me of any particular Touhou character they wish (need not be from 12.3). If you have no interest in Touhou (or my drawings ;_; ), you can defer it to someone else or pass, at which point the offer will be handed down to the next runner up.

Any questions? Catch me in the chat, PM me, or simply post here.

Edit: Agreement rules added.
Edit: Last standings 3/5.
*dedicates his life to mastering TH12.3*
*does the same, for the sake of a CAPTAIN MURASA drawing*
(Hey look, double posting.)

Also, since it seems to elude so many people, A TUTORIAL FOR GETTING SCARLET WEATHER RHAPSODY CHARACTERS IN HISOUTENSOKU. I even provided pictures.

This assumes you have both Touhou Hisoutensoku and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. If you don't have them, you can get them on doujinstyle (or ask one of us for a direct link). DO NOT INSTALL THEM IN THE SAME FOLDER. I don't remember exactly what happens, but it renders SWR virtually, if not completely unplayable. (Of course, if you're only in it for the vs on Hisoutensoku that's not a problem, but still. It's a good game.)

Anyway, I'd do a step by step process, but since it's essentially just one big step there's no point. What you have to do is find a file called configex123.ini in your Hisoutensoku folder and open it.

You should see something like this:
Yeah, it's just coincidence that the arrow's pointing to the blocked out part, the circle's what's important. The rest of the file doesn't matter. You need to change that path to the folder where Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is on your computer.

By the way, since it can be a bit fussy (and Windows 7 doesn't show directories in the traditional format), there's an easy way to get this:
As you can see, I'm still learning how to use the Windows 7 version of paint properly. Whatever.
Anyway, see the location there? You can copypaste it. Let's give Microsoft a hand for doing something right for once.
Its, er, "Von Dare", please. It's not much but i'd appreciate it. ('_' )b

Also, the results have only changed by one match yesterday, so I'm not putting a new chart up today. Remember to send me a message or let Aim or I know on the chat any tournament results, and to please keep track of the characters used in your tourney matches.
Updated to the latest standings.

Also, I understand that a lot of people are getting their practice in or are busy, but I'm still a bit concerned that some people still have only one match or no matches completed. Right now it's not a problem, but keep in mind I don't want this to drag on forever (plus, it'll be a bit alarming if two people have had like two months of practice when some people had their matches at the start). I'm not doing anything about it now, but some people have pointed it out and I may take some measures towards a closing time if it becomes an issue.
Seeing as I haven't even heard anyone mention the 12.3 tournament in a little while, without anyone to tell me different I'm assuming people are forgetting about it. With that said, I think I'm going to go ahead and slap a two-week deadline on it, ending it 12:00 AM Eastern Time, February 25th. If anyone DOES have a problem with this, talk to me about it.

Any matches that are not conducted and reported within this time will result in a loss for both competitors. If you have any complaints in this regard (for instance, you're not able to find your opponent online for a whole week, or your opponent is repeatedly refusing you when both of you have time), talk to me about it.

Also, for the record, Geki won versus DNR. I typically don't update the chart for one match, but I'm mentioning in case anyone involved was wondering where that was recorded.
Looks like AIM swept the tournament.
Standings updated.

So, as a reminder, we are now just roughly 3 days before the close of the tournament. I'm going to make this explicit and cover what matches still need to happen:

Aim vs.:

Heat vs.:
-Von Dare

Shuryou vs.:
Everyone but Heat... (7 matches)

Knight vs.:
Everyone but Heat and Aim... (6 matches)

DNR vs.:
-Von Dare

Von Dare vs.:
Everyone but Aim... (7 matches)

Rai vs.:
-Von Dare

Geki vs.:
-Von Dare

Asator vs.:
-Von Dare

You should look at your matches and think very carefully about when you're going to have time to take care of them. Aggressively seeking your partner is suggested, as the time for training is now past and just 2 matches of 12.3 shouldn't be a time burden on much of anybody. Now would also be a good time to start thinking about getting in touch with me about other players that have been denying your repeated challenges so I can work out who to count as the forfeit, or if you simply couldn't meet with the person you were supposed to face. Note: If I have seen you around, the fact that you will be busy in these last few days is not a good excuse, as I announced this deadline 2 weeks in advance.

Good luck with all your final matches, everyone.

1st Place: Aim
2nd Place: Knight
3rd Place: Heat

Thanks to all who participated. Going to rush this final post cause I don't know how long I have to write it.

First off, I currently have up a final score for each competitor with a plus/minus system for showing the results of matches that didn't happen. According to the forfeit rules I have set earlier, if anyone cares about how their scores look and was offended that they didn't get to have their matches, send me a PM while I'm gone and when I get back, if nobody contested that they tried to fight you in return I'll count that match as your win by forfeit.

Secondly, I do have character matchup data and will present that later as i have time to record it.

Third off: I decided everyone who participated gets a sketch, at least. After all, there's only 8 of you and I draw Touhou all the time anyway. Just post here who you'd like me to sketch (or PM if you want for some reason), give me some guidelines. Just a couple of rules:
1) Please try not to make these too complicated, or I'll probably get lazy and not finish them. XD
2) TOUHOU CHARACTERS ONLY, as per what I said when I announced it. Not interested in drawing anything RE:RN related in response to the 12.3 tourney.
Relative priority will be determined by your rank in the tournament.

Final comments: Thanks to everyone who participated! I know it's kind of a hassle to get together and try something like this over the internet where our timezones are all different and our connections are weird. I appreciate all the effort people made to get those matches in. Remember, even though the tournaments over, 12.3 matches certainly aren't. If you were in the tournament, if you weren't, or even if you never played, come into the chat and ask around if you're interested in playing.
Thanks for organising this tournament. It was really a lot of fun. We should do more things like this in the future. I'm thinking DotA or one of those new clones.

And congrats to the winners! (^.^ )b

As for a picture.... If it's alright, i'd like to see Remilia and Suika giving the One-Fingered-Salute. : D
Thanks for putting this together guys. Twas much fun. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like a sketch of Youmu attacking with SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. Thanks again.
Was fun, even though I lost everything. Would like a picture of CAPTAIN MURASA. Pose doesn't really matter, but if possible I'd like one of her throwing her anchor at the screen.
Hey, Heat.

What do you want drawn? : D
Heat loves images of Patchouli.