The Best Story Ever

This story is called The Ugly Barnacle,made by Patrick Star.
Once there was an Ugly Barnacle. He was so ugly,that everyone died. The End.

That story was pure epic win.
Discussion Questions:

1. What was the author trying to convey about society's views toward beauty in this piece?

2. What did the author meant when he referred to the 'ugliness' of ocean creatures as the cause for the downfall of the world's ecosystems?
Are talking regular or half life barnacle here?
What did the barnacle experience when everyone died because of him?
The barnacle is still alive, so does this leave room for a sequel?
Maybe the barnacle is a metaphor? Perhaps this work is, in fact, a subtle 'take that' to the entertainment industry's growing reliance on sex appeal?
The Barnacle's ugliness is representative of our current culture's tendency towards hypocrisy. Saying,"Be yourself!" and yet trying to fit. The Barnacle is a non-hypocrite because it's ugly. It's the anti-hero to this tale, if you will.
Clearly, this article illustrates a desperate sexual shortcoming of the author. You can see that this stems from an early childhood abandonment, most likely from one or both parents. The resentment the author feels from his lost parent, compounded by the innate need to bond socially, has formed an intrinsic distrust for society as a whole. This distrust is the seed sown, and pure rage towards those around him is the crop reaped. The rage is a pockmark on the authors otherwise idealistic life, and, hence, the barnacle. This flaw leads into a twirling maelstrom of fear and resentment towards the perceived perfection that everyone but the author has attained. In a desperate bid to achieve normalcy, the author attempts to destroy everything around him, yet is unable, due not only to his own shortcoming, but his own twisted, tortured conscience. Though this, we can deduce three things:

1.) That the human condition is ruled by society's perceived expectations on the individual, along with the declining moral condition and devolution of man.

2.) That he who smelt it dealt it.

3.) That our actions, in the end, will either fail or be forgotten. Unless, of course, your RP is epic.