Super Smaaaaaaaaaaash Naviiiiiiis!

You probably saw this coming buuut.... let's write up our navis as smash characters with any assist trophies, etc.

Navi Name: DNR

Regular Ground Attacks
A - Basic Sword Swipe with his Myocardium Scapel Sword
Up + A - Quick jab upwards (Think Link or Ike)
Down +A - Sweep Drop 360
B - Defribilator Punch
Up + B - Tries to grab upwards like a cat scratching the furniture, comically going upwards.
Down + B - Throws Lightning-covered Bandages towards the enemy that attacks twice

Regular Air Attacks
A and Up+A - Sword Swipes as above
Down + A - Butt Drop down/towards either side
B- Defribilator Punch
Up + B - Cat Grab, if an enemy is unfortunate to be grabbed by this move, they receive an explosive shock that propels the mad doctor upwards.
Down + B - Defribilator Punches the ground, sending a quick shockwave on the ground.

Regular Smash Attack(That is, Left/right + A at the same time): Reflex Hammer

Final Smash: Shot's For All! When DNR breaks the Smash ball, 6 random inocculations pop out of his coat and home in onto the opponent. Each color represents an effect:
White: "Pain Medication" - Deals a high damaged attack towards the enemy
Yellow: "Motion Sickness"- makes the opponent dizzy
Purple: "Anesthesia" - Makes the opponent sleepy
Black: "True Cure" - Removes Damage?
After they initially inject their target, they function as swords to use in fighting.

Home Stage: None So far

Assist Throphies: None
Navi Name: Shinokami

Regular Ground Attacks
A - "Dark Jab" Shinokami jabs the enemy with the base of his scythe.
Up + A - "Shadows Rise" Shinokami launches opponents into the air with the base of his scythe.
Down + A - "All Shall Fall" Shinokami spins his scythe downwards, slashing opponents.
B - "Sever The Ties" Shinokami performs a horizontal slash at opponents.
Up + B - "Rising Darkness" Shinokami flips into the air, performing an upwards slash with his scythe.
Down + B - "Crushing Defeat" Shinokami leaps up and bashes his scythe against the ground and/or opponent.

Regular Air Attacks
A and Up+A - "Air Dark Jab" This move is the same as Dark Jab.
Down + A - "Crescent Darkness" Shinokami flips over in the air, slashing enemies around him with his scythe.
B- "Nocturne" Shinokami spins around and slashes the enemy.
Up + B - "Forces That Bind" Shinokami grapples the enemy with Darkness, spins around, and throws them higher into the air.
Down + B - "Fallen Angel" Shinokami unleashes a short-range blast of Darkness at the enemy, sending them downwards.

Regular Smash Attack(That is, Left/right + A at the same time): "Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin" A flash of light fills the screen and Shinokami is behind the opponent after a quick slash attack.

Final Smash: "Memento Mori" Everything vanishes in a cloud of black shadows, obscuring all but the players to view. Shinokami cannot be seen, but dashes between the shadows and slashes enemies with his scythe as he passes, before launching them into the air for a quick combo ending with an air version of his regular smash.

Home Stage: "Zetsubou no Suugatsu" - This stage is simple. A single platform hovers in an inky vortex of shadows and dark energy. (BGM one, two and three)

Assist Throphies: Firewolf.EXE Firewolf will appear and perform a wide-spread firey punch.
The problem with Pianissimo is that he's too easy to make into a Metaknight clone.

Navi Name: Pianissimo

Regular Ground Attacks
A - Basic Sword Swipe with his katana, Sairensa
Up + A - Overhead swipe
Down +A - Weak downward cleave
B - Enjoy The Silence - Eliminates sound for a second, weakening attacks against him.
Side + B - Silencer - Dashes towards opponent and delivers a powerful slash
Up + B - Speed of Darkness - Fade into shadows and teleport.
Down + B - Cloak and Dagger - Disappear, reappear nearby and stab attack

Regular Air Attacks
A - Basic sword swipe
Up + A - Overhead swipe
Down + A - Burst of movement downwards, powerful downward swipe
B- Enjoy The Silence - Eliminates sound for a second, weakening attacks against him.
Side + B - Silencer - Air dashes towards opponent and delivers a powerful slash
Up + B - Speed of Darkness - Fade into shadows and teleport.
Down + B - Cloak and Dagger - Disappear, reappear on the ground and stab attack

Regular Smash Attack(That is, Left/right + A at the same time): Same as Silencer, only stationary

Final Smash: Dance of Death - When used, the entire screen goes dark, and a glowing orange light appears on the center of the stage. Pianissimo appears floating over that light for a second, then vanishes again and delivers three slashes to each opponent before the lights return.

Home Stage: None So far

Assist Trophies: None
Navi Name: Void

Regular Ground Attacks
A - punch forward 1,2,3
Up + A - spike shoots out of his back, going upward
Down +A - Sweep Drop 360
B - charges daggers(shiek)
Up + B - vanshies, then reappears higher up
Down + B - pulls out an imp and tosses it

Regular Air Attacks
A - mid air kick
Up+A - sweep kick up
Down + A - stretch kick
B- daggers down
Up + B - tentical spike up, can grab ledge
Down + B - throws a bomb crab down

Regular Smash Attack(That is, Left/right + A at the same time): long tentical/spike swings out

Final Smash: Acid dragon - calls up his shotgun/ringlog combo and it sprays a huge amount of acid across the stage. creates puddles that damage over time

Home Stage: Abyss - one maiin platform with a old building in the background with tones of floating rocks. the rocks move around at thier own speeds, and can crash into the stage.

Assist Throphies:

Imp cannon squad - A bunch of Imps show up with a cannon and blow away an opponent.

Meh, whatever. I'll shit something up.

Navi Name: Binary

A - Gel Punch A three-hit combo of jabbing gel punches. Mashing the A-button repeatedly results in a rapid-fire flurry of punches.
Side + A - Gel Jab A sharp, fast gel-fist reaching forward.
Up + A - Gel Uppercut A gel-fist makes an uppercutting motion.
Down +A - Gel Smash Two gel fists smash the ground directly in front of him. Somewhat more powerful than the other two directional A-attacks, but slower.
B - Gel Bell Normally a simple gelled headbutt, but in can be charged and stored. Once fully charged, Binary's head flies off, shoots straight forward, and explodes, only to regrow in a few seconds.
Side + B - Data Absorption Binary reached his tentacles in a straight line in front of him. If he hits something, he starts dealing damage, and healing himself at the same time.
Up + B - Gel Spring Binary coils up his body and springs in any direction he leans in. The shockwave can make injury, and the resulting collision.
Down + B - Firewall Binary makes a shell of ironlike data around him like armor. While like this, he moves slower, but takes next to no damage and cannot be launched. His attacks also deal more damage than usual.

Regular Air Attacks
A - Same as Ground A, only the punch flurry comes immediately and at all directions.
Side + A - Same as Ground Side + A, only with Meteor Smash qualities
Up + A - An overhead whip of a tentacle.
Down + A - A plunging downward double fist, with Meteor Smash qualities
B - Same as Ground B
Side + B - Same as Ground Side + B, only he follows the movements of the whips.
Up + B - Same as Ground Up + B
Down + B - Same as Ground Down + B, only he can use the landing impact for damage.

Regular Smash Attack - Gel Bazooka A powerful, double-handed plant, sending foes flying far and hard.

Final Smash: .DELETE: Binary completely covers the entirety of whatever platform he's on in gel. During this state, foes are slowed down to a crawl in terms of speed, while he can move as quick as he wants from place to place, his position determined by a shoal of ones and zeroes fluttering around. Pressing the attack button makes a few dozen razor-sharp tentacles spring up from where you are, dealing damage and reaching high to snag midair opponents on platforms and the like, but not launching foes thanks to the gel they're stuck in. Very useful on stages with only a few platforms or none at all, like Final Destination, Bridge of Eldin, Battlefield, Yoshi's Island, etc.


Chris and Binary's homepage. The area consists of a single long, large platform, with none others, with a black background full of ones and zeroes and other types of code flying by. However, the stage itself is completely composed of gel, like Binary, but different, so he can't go fusing with it and godmoding the stage or anything. This makes the platform springy and bouncy, making jumps higher than usual. However, if the stage takes excessive abuse from either attacks hitting it or people being repeatedly smashed into it, it will start breaking up into smaller pieces, making deep gaps in the platform.
After a while, a hailstorm of digits and code streams will start shooting into the gel platform, causing damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it's path. After a minute or so of data hailstorm, the gel platform will have enough assimilated information to morph shape, into anything really, from a rotating, treadmill-like circle, to a ship, to even a replica of some other map in terms of shape! This will continue, until the gel platform has too much data stored in it, and will shoot it all out the sides until it's empty again, completing the cycle.

Assist Trophies: Chris Lemrock.

Chris will appear in a window, and slot in a random Battlechip. The equivilant of that battlechip will appear in the player's hands in the form of an item (Heatshot = Fire Flower, Sword = Beam Sword, etc)
DNR forgot the Side B. :'D

Navi Name: Shuilong

Regular Ground Attacks
A - A punch with his dragonhead covered fist. Press A repeatedly to get up to 60 hits.
Up + A - A backflip kick upwards
Down +A - A leg sweep.
B - Frozen Breath -Breaths azure-colored flames that freeze the opponent, hold down B to keep up a constant stream, but it will get weaker if you hold it too long.
Side + B - Steam Engine -While holding B, Shuilong charges up with steam covering his body, and performs a flying spinning tackle at the opponent. The longer you charge, the farther you go. Though it does reach a max charge at a certain point.
Up + B - Steam Engine Variant - Shuilong performs a spiraling upward version of his Side + B attack.
Down + B - Jade Dragon Typhoon -Shuilong spins around rapidly, spreading water in a spiraling vortex around him to reflect attacks.

Regular Air Attacks
A - Shuilong fires a blue blast from his dragonhead buster at his opponent.
Up + A - A buster blast upward.
Down + A - Shuilong clasps both his hands into a hammer-like shape and smashes down on the opponent below him.
Side + A- Two kicks to the side he's facing.
B- Frozen Breath in midair.
Side + B - Steam Engine in midair.
Up + B - Steam Engine Variant - Propels Shuilong in the form of a spinning tackle upward as a recovery move.
Down + B - Jade Dragon Typhoon in midair.

Regular Smash Attack(That is, Left/right + A at the same time): Shuilong covers his right dragonhead fist in ice, pulls it back, and punches the opponent.
Up Smash Attack: Short burst of Frozen Breath upwards.
Down Smash Attack:A more powerful sweeping attack with his legs while including his tail to cover more range.

Final Smash: Suiryuu Shourai: Shuilong roars loudly as a giant dragon made of water erupts from underneath him and moves toward the direction Shuilong is facing to smash into opponents and knock them off the stage.

Home Stage: Ice Dragon's Den: An icy room full of slippery ice on the ground and floating wooden boards attached to mountains of ice.

Assist Trophies: Red Riding Hood.EXE - Red appears and throws a barrage of exploding pastries at the opponent before disappearing in a red jack-out column of light. She may drop some food items when she leaves as well.
Navi Name: Machman

Regular Ground Attacks
A - "Mach Melee" Left Jab, Right Hook, Thrusters Jab target continuously.
Side + A - "Shoulder Charge" Shoulder charges enemy
Up + A - "Crescent Heel" Spinning front flip/kick.
Down +A - "Toe Crush" Stomp down.
B - "Thrust Laser" Fire chargeable laser either forward or vertical. Electric Damage
Side + B - "Pit of Blades" Wings float on ground in front of Machman, then spin upwards.
Up + B - "MachBoost" Rockets up diagonally with spinning thruster wings.
Down + B - "Thruster Trap" wings cross in front of Machman. If attacked by a physical strike, Machman warps above the opponent and strikes with an axe kick.

Regular Air Attacks
A - "Flak" Machman spins about, swinging a kick in front, above, and below in order.
Up+A - "Thruster Prod" All four wings thrust upward.
Down + A - "Crash" Machman rockets down and strikes with extended legs.
B- ""Thrust Laser" Fire chargeable laser forward. Electric Damage
Up + B - "MachBoost" Rockets up diagonally with spinning thruster wings. Fire Damage
Down + B - "Wing Drill" Wings spin downwards

Smash Attacks
Side + A: "MachBuster" Machman fires both busters forward at close range.
Down + A: "Buster Burst" Machman fires both busters into the ground and energy erupts from both sides.
Up + A: "Heat Blade" All four wings heat up and swing overhead in quick succession. Fire Damage

Final Smash: "Destabilize" Machman.EXE MkI splits from Machman's body and begins attacking opponents autonomously. Machman.EXE MkI has the same move set as Machman, but each attack has completely random additional effects (Fire, Elec, Stun, Freeze, Explosion, etc.) and has significantly greater speed and power. Machman continues to fight during this but he also receives a defensive boost similar to Metal.

Assist Trophy: "Vector.EXE" A collection of blue metal plates form into a angular navi who targets a single foe, then strikes.
Navi Name: Teethman.EXE

Ground Attacks
A - Teethman clacks his center teeth together. Press in rapid succession for more hits. Very short range, but higher damage per hit than many repeated attacks.
Smash Forward - Teethman draws back and charges, then leans in and bites. Short range.
Up + A - Teethman swipes with one of his arms in an arc that hits mostly above and a bit behind.
Smash Up - Charge version of Up + A. Attack arc increases a bit as the attack is charged.
Down +A - Short kicks. Forms a three-hit combo in succession. Down+A in the air results in simply attacking beneath with both arms at high range, but faster and with lower damage.
Down Smash - Teethman braces himself on his arms on the ground to deliver a low kick with decent range, but the attack is slow.
B - Shining Whites - Releases a teeth bit which floats behind one enemy of your choosing, attempting to track them. Holding B and releasing will cause the bits to fire at lengths and damages depending on how long the button was held. 6 bits can be released at once. With each bit released, attacks requiring Teethman's arms lose attack length. No A attacks involving them can be used when 6 are released at once. Bits can take a small amount of damage from opponent until being forced to return to Teethman.
Side + B - Twice a Day- Teethman quickly extends his arms forward for an attack, which can be directed at angles from 0-60. The extension is quite long range at max, but the longer the range, the longer it takes to draw back. Using this in mid-air will cause you to fall uncontrollably, so be careful.
Up + B - Jetpack Boost - Teethman uses his jetpack to rocket into the air. The attack carries him up and then causes him to float down at a slowed rate that's easier to control, but doesn't achieve the same height as many recoveries. Tapping B once more while floating down will cause him to thrust up a short distance more, used to vary your height angle to avoid smashes coming in. Thrusters do small fire damage to those immediately below if used as an attack.
Down + B - Plaque Guard - Teethman shields himself with his teeth bits, absorbing damage from projectiles and eating any items thrown at him. Any items eaten result in a small amount of health restored. The attack has a very small setup time and loses damage absorption potential for each bit released at activation. Character is immobile while using.

Final Smash- Hell Gnashing
Teethman releases Teeth bits in a swarm that constantly fires forward six beams which connect for one larger one. The mass rotates automatically and is controlled using the buttons reserved for movement: Teethman remains in place and is invulnerable for the duration. Getting hit by any of the small beams between the large laser and the mass results in smaller damage. The bits, 10 in total, can be hit to destroy them and decrease the concentrated laser's damage and width. If all 10 are destroyed, the smash ends. Otherwise, lasts a short-to-fair duration. Laser does not clip walls, but mass itself can travel through obstacles.
>_>.....KOBO TIEM

Name: Kobozen

A - Rapirar!: Kobo stabs furiously with a rapier
Side + A - Suprise!: Kobo thrusts forward with an expanding umbrella
Up + A - Flippip: Kobo does a backflip!
Down + A - Uppercut: Kobo uppercuts an opponent.
B - Venomblast: Kobo's arm becomes a snake that fires poison at the enemy, can rapid fire up to 10 shots. If you attempt to over-shoot it, it fails and requires a cooldown.
Side + B - Cornshot: Kobo uses a cornshot chip
Up + B - Whee!: Kobo flaps his arms and somehow launches himself up into the air with an explosion
Down + B - Airquake: Kobo hits the ground and shockwaves of wind travel across the ground in both directions

A - AAmelee!: Kobo makes a diagonal kick and that smack an airborn foe to the ground
Side + A - Surprise!: Kobo thrusts foward with an expanding umbrella, and then floats for a few seconds before losing grip of his umbrella
Up + A - Spinin: Kobo does a spinning backflip
Down + A - Microburst: Kobo fires a cannon chip directly upwards, propelling him to the ground. Can be shot at 90 degree angles.
B - Venomburst: Kobo's venom blast is combined into one burst
Side + B - Cornshot: Kobo fires a cornshot chip
Up + B - Whee!: Kobo flaps his arms and somehow launches himself up into the air with an explosion
Down + B - Airshock: the area around Kobo surges with electricity Electrical damage

Up + Down + A - Confetti Burst!: Confetti bursts from Kobo's armor.
AIR Up + Side + A - Windsteam: If kobo is on theground, he launches himself into the air. Kobo flaps his wings creating a diagonal air attack that curves to go along the ground

Final Smash - Divine Summoning: Commondragon breaks the fourth wall. 2 random characters appear.
Riser: Swordsman attacks with a thunderblade, stunning one enemy /w damage
Morty Milson: Druid heals Kobo
Taragon/Salanil: Ice dragon freezes an opponent, and rider attacks a separate opponent.
Smushish: tank armor'd navi makes a huge sweeping attack in front of Kobo.
Commondragon: throws chunks of the 4th wall at opponents. Can be used as weapons.
Trifang: Makes all opponents fall asleep
(1% chance, counts as both) General Korden/Commandr Lanue: Commondragon general and human commander attack two opponents for MASSIVE DAMAGE

Homestage - Alamander.Net: A multicultural netarea. Random objects are thrown in and explode at random intervals.
Navi Name: Raiden.EXE (Raiden 3 — the new version that will come out after my subplot is finished.)

A — An open-palmed strike.
Dash + A — Raiden throws himself into a running slide that takes the feet out from opponents.
Up + A — Raiden plants one hand on the ground and does a backflip, in which he kicks at the target above him.
Down + A — Raiden slams his hands into the ground, sending out shockwaves of electricity that travel a short distance.
B — An electrically-charged punch that damages and stuns the target.
B Hold — Builds up the amount of charge in the B punch, increasing the damage and duration of the stun.
Side + B — Sends a burst of electromagnetic waves radiating outwards in a cone shape.
Up + B — Raiden glitches up a portion of the battlefield, until he has created a set of corrupted stairs. He runs up these steps and kicks off the top; as soon as he has left the top of the steps, they vanish.
Down + B — Creates a clone of Raiden, in one of a variety of moods. This duplicate fights alongside Raiden for a set period of time before it vanishes.

A — A sweeping midair kick.
Down + A — A blast of lightning, aimed downwards.
Up + A — A blast of lightning, aimed upwards.
Side + A — Raiden slips off his coat and smacks the enemy with it before pulling it back on.
B - An electrically-charged punch that damages and stuns the target.
Up + B - Raiden glitches up a portion of the battlefield, until he has created a set of corrupted stairs. He runs up these steps and kicks off the top; as soon as he has left the top of the steps, they vanish.
Down + B -

Left/Right Smash: Raiden charges a massive bolt of lightning and throws it at the target. Reaches a moderate distance.
Final Smash: "100%". A massive lightning bolt strikes Raiden, damaging anything in its path. The lightning strike accelerates Raiden's decompresssion until he is in his final form — a blade-winged beast with better launching power, a higher weight, and the ability to fly for short periods of time.

Home Stage: "NNDC Server". The ruins of the rather generic server that once housed the four CTRLs. In the background, three capsules that once held the CTRLs in stasis are visible. The rest of the server is dark, brooding, and in pieces; bits occasionally fall out from beneath battlers' feet.

Assist Trophies: Fujin, Memory, and Thought. Fujin flies across the screen, leaving tornadoes in his wake. Memory chases down opponents and slashes at them with her punching chainsaws. Thought fires icy blasts that freeze opponents.

Ground Moves

A -- a simple punch/attack, depending on what form he's in
A + Left/Right -- an increased-power attack, depending on what form he's in
A + Down -- some energy phases out to deal damage/low attack
A + Up -- some energy phases upwards to deal damage/high attack
B -- a barrel or some other destructible object takes his place for about five seconds; can be used once every minute or so to prevent spamming
B + Left/Right -- energy projectile/lunge
B + Down -- transform! Enigma changes into one of ten weapons. (i.e. sword, stabs/slices/throws itself)
B+Up -- teleport upwards
Grab -- enemy is sucked inwards, and damage is 'leeched' or traded

Air Moves
A + Down -- a downwards strike, obviously, except it continues (like a repeated slice, etc)

FINAL SMASH -- Enigma clones himself, and his clone survives for thirty seconds or so, becoming another AI that doesn't flinch and can't die. Run. (won't fall off edge)


Yeah, Enigma would kind of suck to play. No real physical moves.
CYCLOOONE! (I am copying EN's setup, yus. )

A — Typical Punch and Kick
Dash + A — Cyclone propels himself forward at a high speed.
Up + A — A wind enhanced uppercut.
Down + A — Cyclone crouches and spins around, releasing a burst of wind from his finger as he does so.
B — A small tornado (About half height) that travels along the ground, launching the first opponent it hits vertically.
B Hold — Tornado travels farther and launches opponents higher
Side + B — Cyclone tosses a propellerang, which travels like half of an infinity sign.
Up + B — Cyclone uses the propeller on his back to fly very high, but does no damage.
Down + B — Creates a whirlwind around Cyclone that damages surrounding opponents.

A — A good side kick.
Down + A — Cyclone descends at a sharp angle, kick first.
Up + A — Two high kicks.
Side + A — A wind-powers two-handed smash.
B - A small tornado that travels in a straight line from where it was fired. It launches opponents vertically.
Up + B - Cyclone uses the propeller on his back to fly very high, but does no damage.
Down + B - Cyclone makes a whirlwind appear on the ground below him, trapping and damaging opponents for a moment.

Left/Right Smash: Cyclone points at the ground and charges up a tornado that launches nearby enemies skyward. Lingers for a moment after discharge.

Final Smash: "Hurricane" Cyclone shouts, and creates a large, swirling tornado round him. It reaches the way from the top of the stage to the bottom, and sacrifices high damage for a pulling effect on opponents.

Home Stage: "PlaneComp" A typical stage, with a base ground, one jump-through platform above the main one, and two vertically moving platforms on the sides. There are two flagpoles with broad, red flags on them. When the wind begins to blow, players begin to get moved with it. Small planes will also fly through the sky, damaging anyone that hits them. (The main platform is quite long)

Assist Trophies: None

-High initial jump
-Stronger arial attacks
-'A' attacks have slight pushing effect.

-Takes 1.2x damage from attacks.
-Low weight allows him to also be knocked about easily.
Comment to Zero...
Cyclone is too uber.
Huge jumps, more flinch from attacks, AND stronger aerial attacks?
Okai. I changed it so he himself has really low defense. Happeh?

(Hm, maybe we could do a Flash project on this.
It'd be really complicated XD)
((Eh, dunno about Brawl, so I'll use what little I know of it and mix in some Melee.))

Navi Name: Broadside

--White Guard (Starting form. Selectable.)--

Grapple: No. (Not strong enough to grapple with 1 arm.)

-- N/A (If you can't Grapple an opponent, you can't throw them.)

Regular Ground Attacks
A and (A) > A - Rifle Bash
Side + A and Side + (A) > A - Walking Roundhouse Kick
Dash + A - Bayonet Impaler (Elec)
Up + A - Bayonet Crescent (Elec)
Down + A - Bayonet Sweep (Elec)

B (+ Hold (+ Direction Aim)) - G-Rifle Burst (Elec)
Towards + B - Powered Boost (Elec)
Up + B - Powered Boost (Elec)
Down + B - Booster Flash (Fire)

Ground Smash Attacks
Side Smash + A - Gigas Fist (Elec)
Up Smash + A - Booster Crescent Kick (Fire)
Down Smash + A - Gaia Fist (Elec)

Side Smash + Tap B - Crash Boost (Elec)
Up Smash + Tap B - Crash Boost (Elec)
Down Smash + B - Booster Flare (Fire)

Regular Air Attacks
A - Armor Shock (Elec)
Side + A — Flying Side-Kick
Up + A - Over-head Rifle Bash
Down + A - Windmill Sweep

B (+ Hold (+ Direction Aim)) - Hover G-Rifle Burst
Side + B - Powered Boost (Elec)
Up + B - Powered Boost (Elec)
Down + B - Powered Boost (Elec)

Air Smash Attacks
Side Smash + A — Flare Kick (Elec)
Up Smash + A - Turbine Crescent Kick (Fire)
Down Smash + A - Boosted Flip-n-Drop Kick (Fire)

Side Smash + B - Crash Boost (Elec)
Up Smash + B - Crash Boost (Elec)
Down Smash + B - Meteor Impact (Fire)

Final Smash: Core Cross (Elec) (Transformation.)
-- Broadside holsters his Guard Rifle, and draws out a glowing blue cylinder from his backpack. A hole appears in his chest, which the cylinder is promptly inserted into, and locked into place. The handle retracts to form Broadside's Navi Emblem a moment before his entire form glows, loses resolution, and detonates in a spherical explosion of pure energy that deals continuous damage to anything caught in the blast radius. The sphere of energy then contracts and assumes the shape of Broadside's Assault Mech form. A sonic shockwave pushes nearby enemies away as Broadside completes the transformation. Combat resumes at this point.

--Assault Mech (Transformation. Not selectable.)--

Grapple: Yes (And Carry.)

Up - Orbital Launch (Elec)
Down - Megaton Face-Plant
Forward — Fed-Hex (Elec)
Backward — Shieldapult
Hit-A - Knee Smash
Hit-B - Armor Shock (Elec)

Regular Ground Attacks
A - Gigas Jab (Elec)
Side + A - Gigas Punch (Elec)
Side + Hold A - Trample
Dash + A - Shield Bash
Dash + Hold A - Steamroll
Up + A - Hammer Spin (Elec)
Down + A - Stomp
Down + (A) > A - Pile Driver (Elec)

Tap B [Charge] (+ B [Fire]) - Missile Barrage (Elec)
Towards + B - Frag-Shot Buster
Up + B - Cluster Bomb Mortar (Elec)
Down + B - Bunker Buster Howitzer (Elec)

Ground Smash Attacks
Side Smash + A - (Elec)
Up Smash + A - Detonator (Fire)
Down Smash + A - Fault Line (Elec)

Side Smash + B - Linear-Driver Cannon (Elec)
Up Smash + B - Steel Rain (Elec)
Down Smash + B (+ Direction Aim) - Concussion Blast (Fire)

Regular Air Attacks
A - Tornado Shield Bash
Side + A — Great Cleave (Elec)
Up + A - Crescent Slash (Elec)
Down + A - Jet Blast (Fire)

Tap B [Charge] (+ B [Fire]) - Missile Barrage (Elec)
Towards + B - Frag-Shot Buster
Up + B - Cluster Bomb Mortar (Elec)
Down + B - Bunker Buster Howitzer (Elec)

Air Smash Attacks
Side Smash + A - Great Cleave (Elec)
Up Smash + A - Booster Punch (Fire)
Down Smash + A - Crater-Maker

Side Smash + B - Linear-Driver Cannon (Elec)
Up Smash + B - Steel Rain (Elec)
Down Smash + B (+ Direction Aim) - Concussion Blast (Fire)

Final Smash: Deletion Cannon (Elec) (Transformation.)
-- Time stops, a red cross-hair appears, and a 3 second timer starts. During this 3-second period, the cross-hair can be moved in any direction desired, dictating the direction the cannon will fire in. When the timer reaches zero, Broadside will land, anchor himself to the ground, then aim his weapon arm wherever the cross-hair was located. The arm will split, separate vertically, then extend the guide barrel while various panels, pylons, and locking mechanisms deploy. The cannon then charges, eventually creating a dense glowing mass of anti-matter between the two halves of the split-barrel. A moment after the weapon reaches its peak charge level, the cannon fires a powerful anti-matter beam, dealing devastating damage to absolutely everything in it's path, as well as damaging or erasing portions of the stage and background (temporarily). When the beam expires, Broadside reverts back to White Guard form, and removes the no-longer glowing cylinder from his chest, replaces it in his backpack, and draws his Guard Rifle once again. Combat resumes at this point.

Assist Throphies: Hunter / Killer
White Guard -- Summons 6 H/K's to unload their arsenal upon the target.
Assault Mech -- Summons 12 H/K's to unload their arsenal upon the target.

((I actually wrote descriptions for every attack, but I didn't add them because it'd end up WoT-ish, and no-one would read any of it. Instead, if anything you see interests you, ask about it, and I'll post the description.))
I'll play!

Navi: Nitro

Side note: Nearly every one of Nitro's attacks has some sort of explosion, unless otherwise stated. It's mainly fluff for the regular A attacks.

Regular Ground Attacks
A - "Kick" Simply kicks the enemy. No explosion.
Side + A - "Exploding Elbow" Hits the enemy with his elbow, with small bomb hidden in crook. Small explosion.
Up + A - "Force Bomb" Punches into the air while holding a bomb. Small explosion.
Down +A - "Big Boot" Raises foot into the air and stomps down. His foot grows slightly.
B - "Nitro Bomb" Nitro throws one of his own bombs a few feet in front of him. Nitro's bombs are remote activated, so they will not explode unless the player presses the B button again. However, they can be picked up by an opponent and thrown at others. They cannot be set off when held. Some bombs, however, simply explode into confetti
Side + B - "Bomb" Simmilar to Snake, Nitro throws a bomb. However, this could be any kind of bomb in the game, including Character Specific bombs like Links' bombs or Snake's gernades. Smart bombs are more likely to be duds.
Up + B - "Bomb Tower" A plunger box appears in front of Nitro and he pushes down on it. A giant dynamite stick juts out of the ground beneath him, launching him upwards. This dynamite stick is unlit, but can be lit by any fire-based or exploding attack. When it explodes, it has a simmilar effect to a Smart bomb. However, it dosen't deal as much damage.
Down + B - "Bomb Barrage" Nitro leaps into the air and throws a few bombs down, which explode upon impact. Some bombs, however, simply explode into confetti.

Regular Air Attacks
A - "Thrash" Nitro randomly punches and kicks in the air in all directions. Gets wilder as Nitro takes more damage. No explosion.
Up+A - "Force Bomb" Same as on ground, but Nitro goes upward a little.
Down + A - "Big Boot Bomber" Nitro forces one foot down and speeds toward the ground, with a small bomb under his heel. Small explosion.
B- "Nitro Bomb" Same as on ground.
Side + B - "Bomb" Same as on ground.
Up + B - "Bomb Tower" Same as on ground, but dynamite stick juts out of bottom of screen (unless over land) and always goes high enough to meet him. Also, the dynamite is already lit.
Down + B - "Bomb Barrage" Same as on ground, but Nitro doesn't jump any higher.

Smash Attacks
Side + A: "Bomb Punch" Nitro punches while holding a bomb.
Down + A: "Rictor Bomb" Nitro throws a bomb at the ground and makes an explosion about the size of a Bob-omb's. Causes the ground to shake a little.
Up + A: "Force Bomb" Same as regular ground, except explosion is bigger.

Final Smash: "Destruction Dance" Heavy bass music plays, and Nitro starts doing a jumping sort of dance around the stage, causing a major explosion every time he comes in contact with the ground. This move can be guided left and right, and the explosions can be made bigger with well-timed button presses. At the end, Nitro leaps high into the air and lands, causing an explosion 3 times as big as him and 5 times as powerful as the other explosions.
Name: Kitsune

A — Attacks with tails
Dash + A — Dashing bite
Up + A — "Tail uppercut": does a backflip upwards, hitting enemies with tails
Down + A — Slower, but more powerful, tail attack. Stabs tails over his head and into the ground.
B — spins around, whipping with tails. Charges to make a fiery tornado around him.
Left/right + B — teleports two body lengths in that direction, then attacks with burning tails.
Up + B — teleport up, then "tail uppercut"
Down + B — Spirit Armor: cuts damage to ¼ to ½, and when the attack impacts, anyone around him in the radius will get knocked away.

A — attacks with tails
Down + A — Attacks downwards with tails
Up + A — "spinning tail uppercut": Same as "tail uppercut" but spins faster and more times, and goes up higher.
Left/right + A — Spirit Dash: dashes as if running on the ground, and hits the enemy from beneath, knocking the enemy in the opposite direction (behind Kitsune).
B — Same as ground B. Left/Right with B makes him head in that direction with that attack.
Up + B — turns into a fireball, and dashes straight up
Down + B - Torpedoes down, head-first


Left/Right Smash - Slashes with a Sword as his left arm
Up Smash - Stabs his tails up, spread out for greater range but less power than usual smashes.
Down Smash - Turns himself into a fireball for a few seconds. Basically, turns himself into a multi-hitting, stationary attack.

Final Smash — Triple Assault: Kitsune splits into three — one humanoid Kitsune with a sword arm and 7 tails, one savage-looking Kitsune with 5 tails, and one golden Kitsune with 9 tails. The 5-tailed roars, causing the screen to shake, stunning anyone on the ground at that time. The 7-tailed then dashes across the screen with one slash, damaging anyone it hits. Since it travels along the ground, it can be dodged quite easily, unless you were on the ground when the roar happened. The 9-tailed is now the one you play as, rather than attacking. He has more speed and multi-jump ability, and tail attacks now have more range due to having more tails.

The three Kitsune's of the Final Smash are Dark Mode( the 5-tailed Kitsune), Light Mode (the 7-tailed Kitsune) and Wisdom Mode(the 9-tailed Kitsune)
Navi Name: Resonance.EXE

A — Single vertical swing of tuning fork (medium to fast speed)
AAA - Basic combo of Vertical/Horizontal/Vertical of fork swings (medium to fast)
Side + A - Wider & narrower vertical fork swing, slightly longer range (medium)
Dash + A — Plants fork into ground and launches forwards with a flying kick.(Fast)
Up + A — Shoulder speakers point upward and release a short burst of sound. (Fast with minor recoil)
Down + A — Slams fork down in front and drags in circle along the ground around himself, striking the front twice and behind once. (medium)
B: "Feedback Grenade" — Lobs small bomb of compressed sound from shoulder speakers a short distance ahead. Arc can be minimally controlled. (Medium to fast) Elec Damage
B (charged): "Feedback Grenade" — Speakers extend forward and Resonance leans back. Sound repeats between the speakers. Large bomb of compressed sound launched from shoulder speakers a short distance ahead. Arc can be minimally controlled.(Medium to fast) Elec Damage
Side + B "Tuned Strike" — Taps fork to ground and swings horizontally. Minimal damage if just beyond fork range. Max damage if struck & 1 second stun. (Medium to fast) Elec Damage
Up + B: "Rising Cacaphony"— Fires a large sound burst against the ground, launching himself in a somersault. (Fast, helpless after used until struck or landing)
Down + B: "Ambient Noise" — Faces screen and leans on fork as soothing sounds pour out from his shoulder speakers in all directions. Nearby enemies fall asleep. (vulnerable to ranged attack, no damage)

A — A diagonal downward kick. No change in jump trajectory. (Fast)
Down + A — Triple stomp downward. Ends any upward acceleration. (Medium to fast)
Up + A — Overhead swipe of fork. No change in jump trajectory. (Medium)
Side + A — Holds fork out at arms length and spins horizontally. Barely slows descent speed while spinning. (Medium)
B: "Feedback Grenade" — Lobs small bomb of compressed sound from shoulder speakers a distance ahead. Arc can be minimally controlled. (Medium to fast) Elec Damage
B (charged): "Feedback Grenade" — Speakers extend forward and Resonance leans back. Sound repeats between the speakers. Large bomb of compressed sound launched from shoulder speakers a distance ahead. Arc can be minimally controlled.(Medium to fast) Elec Damage
Side + B "Tuned Strike" — Taps fork with fist and swings diagonally downwards. Minimal damage if just beyond fork range. Max damage if struck & 1 second stun. (Medium to fast) Elec Damage
Up + B: "Rising Cacaphony"— Fires a large sound burst downwards, launching himself in a somersault. (Fast, helpless after used until struck or landing)
Down + B: "Ambient Noise" — Faces screen and leans on fork as soothing sounds pour out from his shoulder speakers in all directions. Nearby enemies fall asleep. (vulnerable to ranged attack, no damage, slows descent)

Initial Grab: Thrusts fork forward and captures opponent wedged between prongs. (around neck for large opponents, shoulders for medium to small)
Forward Throw: Yanks fork-held opponent towards himself and plants a boot into their midsection, ejecting them from between the prongs.
Backward Throw: Over the shoulder, fork-driven, piledriver. Opponent bounces free after striking ground.
Upward Throw: Whirls fork & held opponent around himself dragging them along the ground and finally flings them from the fork straight upwards.
Downward Throw: Slams fork ends into ground beside him, oppponent strikes the ground. Pins opponent beneath his boot while removing fork from opponent. Ends throw with launching opponent forward with fork "croquet-style".
Held Attack: Strikes between prongs with fist causing damaging vibrations to opponent.

Up Smash: Flip-tosses his fork above his head, catching it upon return. Charge increases height of toss.
Down Smash: Slams fork into ground beside himself releasing jets of dust and ground particles on both sides.
Air + Down Smash: Straight downward thrust of fork. Increased downward speed. (cannot be charged)
Side Smash: Launches up to five short bursts of sound directly in front of himself.
Final Smash: "Threshold of Pain" Resonance places his fork on his backside and spins it around, the speakers on his shoulders grow to massive size. A large sound blast is launched out of the speakers, sending any in the direct path flying while others who glance the blow are left stunned from the deafening sound. Resonance experiences a severe recoil, but is the first to recover from the incredible blast. (Though those knocked off before hand will have the advantage for vengence kills.)

Granted that this more technical in its description, I hope everyone gets the idea.
Mid weight, Mid Speed, Mid Strength (Balanced)

B: Soul Finger Shot: Charge up all fingers one by one, then fire a laser forward a few yards
B^: Miyu Cross (cause it'll happen eventually): Grows wings and flies upwards, forming dark claws to perform a deadly uppercut (counts as a third jump)
B>: CapuCross Pole Dance: Materializes a red pole vertically, swings around on it to build up power, then launches self to the side (counts as a third jump)
Bv: Sexy Wink: Pulls off his shades and winks stun foes directly in front of him, only a few feet in range

A: Slaps foes three times, then goes into rapid slapping action
A^: Punches directly above him
A>: Pulls out some varitails, which he uses to tickle the opponent, small damage but mulitple hits
Av:Crouches down and spins on one foot, sticking out the other to trip up opponents
A+running: Leaps forward and slides into opponents

A^charged: Soul Flash: Builds up power in his chest, then aims his emblem upwards to fire out a blast a light, charge time builds up range (2 inches to 1 foot)
A>Charged: Pulls out a large hammer and brings it crashing down in front of him, electric attribute
AvCharged: NikkoCross: Pulls out cat claw guantlets, crouches down and slashes around his feet

A in Air: Spins around, slapping those immediately beside with his hair
A^ in Air: Slips upside down and sends a kick above him
A forward in Air: Snaps neck forward and slaps those in front with hair
A Backwards in Air: Smoothly sticks a hand, one finger extended, behind him, the finger charged with energy, can be a meteor smash
Av in Air: Flips upside down and slams his palm below him

Grab: Red Cross: Controls the air to hold an opponent still, slaps for damage
Throw^: Brings opponent just above him, then he slams his fingers, charged with energy, into their stomach
Throw Forward: Uses the wind to push the opponent away
Throw Back: Uses the wind to toss an opponent behind him, they dont go as far but it deals a bit more damage
ThrowV: Dashes behind opponet quick and delivers a wedgie, which forces them to the ground

Final Smash: Sexy Party: Junior says, "Please forgive me for this." and then launches into his technique. Him (and any allies, if on a team) are stripped to undergarments, which serve as armor. They have a total of 100%, which is split amoung the users. Once the armor is broken, the user is then naked, covered by nothing but a censor bar. This gives opponents nose bleeds, the propulsion from which makes them easier to launch. The censor bar state lasts for 8 seconds.

Taunt Up: Covers his mouth with one hand in surprise and says, "Gah! Navi-san! I didn't hurt you, did I?"
Taunt Side: Adjusts his glasses with one hand, looks down and sighs, then says, "I hate it when he makes me go overboard."
Taunt Down: Looks at the screen, takes off his shades and winks, saying, "Try not to move around too much, okay?"

Stage: Requiem Homepage: Small, grassy stage. Two tombstones lie in the middle and far to the right is a tree, which serves as a barrier. The tree can be smashed down. The tombstones can also be broken, but with consequences. The one with a human shape on it causes the opponent to be knocked back and take 30%. The one with the hammer causes a lightning bolt to zap the offender and take 50%. All three objects regenerate after a certain period of time.

Assist Trophy: Wes: A screen appears with Wes's face on it. He says, "Well this looks problematic.... seems you could use some help." He then turns the field underneath to ice. A mistconv hand pops up and freezes any opponents touched, then a Thunder1 rolls into one target and paralyzes him. FInally, some bamboo reeds pop up, shattering the ice and taking advantage of opponents in an incapacitated state to launch them upwards. Wes finishes by saying, "Its all in the strategy." before disappearing.